Centennial Notes from
The 150th Anniversary
of the Organization of
St. John's Reformed Church
Saint Johnsville, NY November 7-11, 1920

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The Women's Part

The Part Played by The Women

The Committee on Church Furniture in 1848.

Woman's part in church work is perhaps not as fully appreciated as it should be. Of course the time honored insitituion of the little prayer at mother's knee will never be surrendered and it would be a sorry world without the little prayer at mother's knee, but in the matter of the church it is too often the case that hasty credit is given to the men. In the matter of remodeling St. John's Reformed Church in 1848 we find the women working as hard and diligently as the men who fortunatley there is a record left whereby we may know just who they were.

While the sterner sex were concerned with the exterior work and the building thereof the women were forming themselves into a committee to purchase the furniture. The list of those who contributed to the furniture fund follows:

Subscribers to the Bible Fund 1848

Pews Rented June 15, 1804

Joseph G.Klock

Herny Bellinger

Fred L. Bellinger

Andrew Shaver

Wm. I. Walrath

Andrew Zabriskie

George C. Klock

Jacob G. Klock

Michael U. Porter

Benjamin Lyon

Conrad Hellicose

Frederick Bellinger

Jacob J. Failing

Thomas Scott

John T. Failing

Christen Groff

Jacob Flander

Peter H. Nellis

Peter Kels

John Kring Jur

Henry M. Smith

Henry Falnder

Jacob Fox

Christopher Fox

Frederick Getman

Jacob Zimmerman

Jacob H. Failing

Henry J. Zimmerman

John L. Bellinger

Henry Beekman

Adam A. Walrath

John J. Klock

John D. Failing

Peter Storms

John C. House

Henry Hase

Frederick H. Bellinger

Henry Bellinger

Joseph Klock Jun

Michael Keller

Henry Hart

John Cole

Samuel Scott

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