Three Rivers
History From America's Most Famous Valleys

Early Eighteenth Century Palatine Emigration
A British Government Redemptioner Project to Manufacture Naval Stores
by Walter Allen Knittle, Ph.D.
Department of History
College of the City of New York
Published Philadelphia, 1937

The Board of Trade List of First Party of Palatines in London, May 3, 1709
Note: In one place this list is referred to as May 6, 1709 and in another place May 3, 1709. ajberry

This list is the first of four lists of Palatines compiled up to June 16, 1709 by Reverend John Tribbeko and Reverend George Andrew Rupterti. The four lists include only the first 6,000 of the Germans to arrive in that year. The lists which contain information on the age and occupation of the head of the family, numbers and age of the members of the family and religion, may be found in the Public Record Office, C. O. 388/76, 56 ii, 64, and 68-70. They have been published without change in the New York Genealogical and Biographical Records (New York, 1909 and 1910), XL, 49-54, 93-100, 160-167, 241-248; XLI, 10-19. They are also published in L. D. MacWethy, The Book of Names especially Relating to the Early Palatines and the First Settlers in the Mohawk Valley (St. Johnsville, New York, 1933) in an alphabetical order and an abridged form. In the latter version there are errors, which are excusable because of the nature of the material but the bad alphabetizing of the names is not to be regarded so lightly.

Only the first of the four Board of Trade Lists (that of May 6, 1709) is included here because that group of 825 persons is unmentioned in the Embarkation Lists from Holland, which are here given in Appendix C. They were sent, as related in Chapter III, before the arrangement, by which the British government financed their passage to London, was well worked out. This first Board of Trade List given below has been carefully alphabetized, but the information given as to occupation, religion and age has not bee included here for a number of reasons: 1) it is accessible elsewhere, 2) it would crowd an already lengthy Appendix, 3) it would not conform to the Embarkation Lists which it is intended to supplement here. The abbreviation w. denotes the presence of the wife.

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