Three Rivers
History From America's Most Famous Valleys

The Campaign of Lieut. Gen. John Burgoyne
and The Expedition of Lieut. Col. Barry St. Leger.
by William L. Stone.
Albany, NY, Joel Munsell. 1877.

Itinerary of Gen. Burgoyne


Burgoyne arrives at Quebec, ------ 6th May, 1777.
Receives the command of the Army from Gen. Carleton, at Quebec, ------- 10 May
Montreal, ------------ 12th May
Three Rirers, ----------15th May-7th June.
Fort Chambly, --------- 1oth June-l4th June
Isle Au Noix, ---------- 15th June
Cumberland Head, -------- l7th-20th June.
River Bouquet, --------- 21st-28th June.
Crown Point, --------- 29th - 30th June
Four Mile Point, ---------1st July.
Ticonderoga,------------- 1st-6th July.
Skenesborough (Whitehall), ------ 7th-23d July.
Fort Anne, --------- 25th-28th July
Pitch-Pine Plains, --------- 29th July.
Fort Edward, --------------30th July-13th Aug..
Duer's House (Fort Miller)--------14th Aug-10th Sept..
Batten kil,---------------------11th to 13th Sept.
Schuyler's House (Saratoga),------------13th-15th Sept.
Dovegat, --------------------------16th Sept.
Sword's House, ---------17th - 18th Sept.
Freeman's House, on the Field of Battle, - l9th Sept.
Freeman's House, --------- 20th.
Camp on Freeman's Farm, ----------21st Sept.- 7th Oct.

Wilbur's Basin, near the Redoubts at the River, 8th Oct.
Dovegat, ----------- 9th - 10th Oct.
Saratoga, -------10th -17th Oct.
Half Moon,---------18 Oct.
Albany, ------ 18th-20th Oct.
Worcester, Mass.,---------4th Nov.
Marlborough,------5th Nov.
Cambridge, ---------7th Nov.
Embarks for England, 15th April, 1778
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