The Descendants of Johann Conrad Kilts
Emigrant to America
Genealogy of the Kilts Family

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4. Johann Dieh1(3) KILTZ <See pg. 2> (Johann 2 , Hanss(1)) was born 1686 in Henau, Germany, and was christened 13 Jan 1688 in Henau, son of Johann Nickel KILTZ and Barbara ENGEL.

NOTES for Johann: DOCUMENTATION: MORE PALATINE FAMILIES, Henry Jones, states 1686 - sp: Conrad Diehl Spreuer - Gemeinsmann at Henau.

NOTE: From: HENAU GESCHICHTE EINES HUNSRUCKDORFES, von Walter 1987, page 39-40: "In 1743, payment to castle in Gemunden made by Johan Thiel Kultz, Adam Kultz and Adam Kultz der junger (father and son?)"From Martha (Witthoft) Kopra, 20 January 1996)

He married __________WIFE. She was born about 1696 in Germany.

Known child of Johann Diehl KILTZ and________________WIFE is:

+ 12. m i . Jacob's Ancestor KILTZ, born about 1730 <See pg. 6>.

5. Johann Conrad 3 KILTS <See pg. 2> (Johann(2), Hanss (1)) in Henau, Germany, and was christened in Henau, son of Johann Nickel KILTZ and Barbara ENGEL. Johann died in NY, and was buried about 1772 in NY.

NOTES for Johann:

DOCUMENTATION: MORE PALATINE FAMILES, Henry Jones, states as "Johann Conrad Kiltz from Henau." Conrad Kultz/Kilts md. Before 1722 Susanna Margaretha Moor. Susanna Margaretha, d/o Hanss Georg Moor, was conf. Easter 1710. Johann Georg Mohr was noted as a church elder and Gemeinsman at Kellenbach with his wife Anna Elisabetha in 1689. Conrad Kultz was called Gemeinsman at Henau 1722-1737.

DOCUMENTATION: From Werner Hacker, EMIGRATION FROM THE RHEINLAND-PALATINATE AND THE SAARLAND IN THE 18TH CENTURY, 1987, Stuttgart, Konrad Theiss Publisher; letter from Alfred Bauer: Under #7630 there is mentioned a Konrad Kultz from "Haina" = Henau near Kirchberg; he emigrated to America (New England)on the 23rd of August 1738 with his wife and four children. (The notation) "Mm" stands for Manumission, which means the purchase of oneself to be free from serfdom. The price for his freedom was 273 florins (=gulden) and 6 albus.

7630 Kultz Konrad, Haina/Kirchbg, mit Fr, 4 Ki, netto 273 fl 6 alb; Mmnach Neu-England; "Amt uberstetz". - GLA 61/33..., nr 7.

The reference "GLA 61/33, No. 7" is to the location. What is meant is document number 7 in Collection 61 of the General land Archive in Karlsruhe. The address is: Generallandesarchiv Karlsruhe, Nordliche Hildapromenade 2, 7500 Karlsruhe 1, Germany. (This is an old postal zip code. Probably has a new one.)

He married Susanna Margaretha MOOR before 1725. She was born about 1700 in Henau, Germany, and was christened in Henau, Germany. She was the daughter of Hans Georg (Mohr) MOOR and Anna Elisabeth [____?_____]. Susanna died after 1761 in NY and was buried in NY.

Known children of Johann Conrad Kilts and Susanna Margaretha MOOR are:

+ 13. M i. Johann Peter Kilts, born 6 Apr 1722, died 1784/1786. <see pg. 6.>

14. M ii. Johann Adam Kilts, born 23 Mar 1725 in Henau, Germany, died about 1725.

Documentation: More Palatine Families, Henry Jones: Johann Adam, b 23 Mar 1725, sp Joh. Adam Kultz, Joh. Peter Munsteiner at Henau, and Anna Elisabetha Moohr here Kellenbach Chbk.) This child probably d.

Page 4.

+ 15. m iii. Johannes KILTS, born 28 Mar 1726, <see pg. 7>.

16. m iv. "A son" KILTS, born 7 Aug 1728 Germany, died 22 Feb 1732.

DOCUMENTATION: MORE PALATINE FAMILIES, Henry Jones: "A son, died 22 February 1732 at Henau aged 3 1/2 years 2 weeks, 1 day (Kellenbch Chbk.) (Date of birth computed by PAF - HWW)

+ 17. m v. Johann Adam KILTS, born 2 7 Aug 1730, died after 1810 <see pg. 8>

+ 18. M vi. Johann Nickel KILTS, born 30 May 1732, died 15 Dec. 1808 <see pg. 11> <See pg. 11>.

19. f vii. Maria Margaretha KILTS, born 28 April 1737 in Henau, Hunsruck, Germany, christened 1 Ma;y 1737 in Kellenbach, Germany.

BAPTISM: MORE PALATINE FAMILIES, Henry Jones, Jr. Sponsors: Anna Margaretha, d/o Gabriel Grohn at Henau, Maria Elisabetha, d/o John. Adam Heip at Henau and Paul Scherer, Gemeinsmann here, Kellenbach Chbk.

+ 20. m viii. Philip KILTS, born 1740, died 5 Jan 1827 <see pg. 13>

+ 21. f ix. Anna Maria [______?______], born about 1741 <see page 14>.

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