First Generation

1. Maria Elizabeth SCHAFFER-2263 was born about 1664 in , , , Germany. She died 28 Mar 1749 in Schoharie, Schoharie Co., NY.

DEATH: Recorded: St. Paul's Lutheran Church, Schoharie, Schoharie Co., NY. "Aged 85"

Maria married (MRIN:1207) Johannes SCHAFFER-2262. Johannes was born about 1664 in, Germany. He died about 1710.

HENRY Z. JONES: Letter dated 23 October 1992 to Herman W. Witthoft, Sr., 141 Hudson Ave., Chatham, NY 12037, from Henry Z. Jones, Jr., Fellow, American Society of Genealogists, P.O. Box 261388, San Diego, CA 92196-1388. He states: "I do think that Johannes Schaffer (#627) and Maria Elisabetha Schafferin (#637) probably were husband and wife. Carla (his German researcher) has searched for 23 years for them overseas, but no match yet with known U.S. data. As you know, the surname is extremely common, as it derives from an occupation. As of this writing, I am too busy with my new take any client work, sorry to say........ Thanks for understanding." Johannes Schaffer (Hunter Lists #627) "Johannes Schaffer made his first appearance on the Hunter Lists 4 Oct 1710 with 5 pers. over 10 yrs. and 2 under 10 yrs. of age. As Johannes shows up relatively late in Oct 1710 on the Hunter Rolls, perhaps his family initially was represented on the Hunter Lists by #637 Maria Elizabeth Schafferin, whose last entry on these lists was 4 Aug 1710 with 5 pers. over 10 and 3 pers. under 10 yrs. (HJ). Johannes Schaffer then was recorded with 5 over 10 and 1 under 10 yrs. of age on 31 Dec 1710; the entry for 24 June 1712 with the same numbers reads Johannes Schaffer's wid. Johannes Schaffer sp. Henrich Meyer in late 1711 (West Camp Luth. Chbk.)." (Above numbers, Johannes (#627), page 816, and Maria Elisabetha Schafferin (#637), page 836, are references in Henry Jones' book, THE PALATINE FAMILIES OF NEW YORK 1710, Vol. II, 1985.)

DEATH: Probably died about 1710 at sea enroute to America.

Johannes and Maria had the following children:

+ 2 M i. Johannes SCHAEFFER-2235 was born about 1690 and died 15 May 1777.

+ 3 M ii. Heinrich (Schaster) SCHAFFER-2266 was born about 1698 and died 29 Aug 1776.

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