Three Rivers
History From America's Most Famous Valleys

Synopsis Book Two
In Her Time

The on going story of the Feeders in the 18th and 21st centuries.  While Hope and TJ are in the time slip, they argue and TJ is dropped.  Where, Hope doesn’t care, she returns to her time to pout.  TJ never was in the Battle of Oriskany originally, but he gets a chance to fight in it.  Hope is in no hurry to come and retrieve TJ, she plans to wait until he cools off.  In the meantime, she visits the War of 1812, the Battle of Sackett’s Harbor.

Hope knew she dropped TJ in the midst of a battle but she was not sure which one so she goes to the siege of Fort Stanwix, but TJ is not there.  Reluctantly she decided she should go to the Battle of Oriskany, but she hates to drop down in the middle of a lot of muskets shooting at her.  She finds TJ and after the battle they go to Fort Dayton where she receives the brunt of TJ’s ire.  Kat visits TJ and tells him he is the one out of line and he better consider his many sins.

Some of the family from the 21st century visit, one young, beautiful granddaughter visits but leaves behind a disastrous situation, one that will cause bloodshed and eventually murder.  An evil man misinterprets her direct look as a sexual challenge and demands the young lady be turned over to him.  One by one the brothers come after the Feeders and try to kill them.  Even Jost, TJ's business partner gets caught in the fight and admits the men are part of his family.

Illness enters the family, heart trouble for Betts and TJ. Winter is diagnosed with cancer. 

Kat and John complete their medical training and set up a clinic.  To the joy of TJ and Hope, a son is born to them, John Jr. or JJ.  He is the apple of his great-grandparent’s eye.

Lynn decides to live in the 18th century, her marriage is over.  But her ex will not let her go easily and beats her until she is left for dead.  She marries her 18th century love but when she tried to return to the 21st century she was not allowed to go any further, she was told that the body was no longer alive.  Her ex did more injury to Lynn, he also cut her silver cord so she can’t return to the 21st century.  This distressed her body and she called to her mother in the night.  Hope hurried from the 21st century back to help her daughter.  She found her in the snow, barefoot and unconscious.  Hope was angry and discovered what happened by going back to the time before she figured it happened, and she notified the authorities as to when they should appear for a break in of her house.

The story includes more about the family who is close to them, Jost and Mariah Brown with their children.  Catherine and Adam Snell are close to the Feeders also.  In the past Catherine married a man who didn’t like women, but Hope advised her to go her own way as soon as possible because he would never change.  Later she married Adam Snell and they had two sons.

Another hired man and his wife did not get along and Casper Cook takes his lady friend to his bed and into his life.  They have a child with a hole in her heart and she dies.  But they have a son later who is healthy.  The Feeders both say that people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.  Though they have never told their story, they know their past is much the same as Casper’s.

They see the coming of the Dominie Dysslin to Klock’s Church. 

Their annual work bees are an event the community looks forward to each year, with a barn dance. 

Woven through the story are the historical events, places and people pertinent to this time.

The book is over 252,000 words in length and covers the history of the mid-Mohawk Valley during the Revolutionary War and immediately after. In the future, there may be more added to the story.

AJ Berry is the author of previous books about the valley during this time and has heavily researched the subject and lives in the valley.

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