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Mystery Photos

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Can anyone identify these people?  Submitted by Jane Trilling.

George E Camm, Sr. (1844-1919), who emigrated from Canada, settled in the Johnstown area,
opened a jewelry store in 1868 and married Dorothy Nellis (1843-1927) in 1870.   Photo submitted by: Jane Trilling


The woman on the left is Lila Jane Sturdevant Camm, wife of George E Camm, Jr. 
Does anyone know who the other woman is?  Submitted by: Jane Trilling

This photograph was taken at the George E Camm, Jr. home on W. Main Street, Johnstown, NY.
The couple on the right are James Beals Sturdevant (1862-1935) and Minnie Yeisley Sturdevant (1865-1932),
parents of George Camm's wife, Jane. It was probably early 1900's.  
Does anyone know who the other 3 people are?  Submitted by: Jane Trilling  

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