Three Rivers
History From America's Most Famous Valleys

The Orderly Book of Sir John Johnson
During the Oriskany Campaign
Annotated by Wm. L. Stone
With an Historical Introduction illustrating the Life of Johnson by J. Watts De Peyster, and Some Tracings from the Foot-Prints of the Tories, or Loyalists in America by T. R. Myers.
Joel Munsell, 1882


The following letter from Col. Guy Johnson to his uncle, is also found in Dr. Emmett's collection. It gives some particulars illustrative of the surroundings of both.
N. YORK, Feby. 10, 1773.
I have just now had the pleasure of receiving your very kind letter of the 3d inst., with one from Dr. Dease*, another from Brother Claus, for which I am much obliged to them. It has vexed me a good deal to hear that your Votes did not go up early. They went by John Glen, and Gaine+ - assures me he has forwarded a sett since. As the titles of several bills are altered in the Committees, it may be necessary to acquaint you that the Road bill and money bill for building a Ct. House, &c., are passed through every form and the Tavern Bill, Swine Bill, Wolf Bill and Ferry Bill, will be in a very few days. You will find me voting on a side that some people might not expect. It will all be accounted for in due time, but is chiefly owing to certain difficulties imposed on the Governor. The other day they were for saddling a -£50 per annum Salary, on the Judges of Circuit, to be paid out of our County, but after much difficulty, I got it laid general on the Province, Major Skene++ is just going for Ireland. He has the other day got his place established as the County town. The Pacquet is arrived. All Peace at home. The General has got the King's leave to go to England, and will sail in June with his family. Haldemand§ comes to take the command; and Governor Tryon (it is said) will have the vacant Red Ribband. He has taken much pains about the Indian matters, Banyar** advises to get an Act for Fairs and Markets in lieu of the Ordinance, but the Governor choses the latter. In the Charter for the Church a description of the Glebe is absolutely necessary and how the right presentation should go. I hope you

* Dr. John Dease was an Executor and Trustee under Sir William's will.
+ Hugh Gallic, editor of the New York Mercury, printed in Hanover Square, established in 1752.
++Col. Philip Skenc was settled at Skenesborough (now Whitehall), and was actively employed by Burgoyne in his invasion.
§ Gen. Gage came in lieu of Haldimand.
** Goldsboro Banyar.

will continue your Parental attention to Polly and the little ones, she is I believe surprised I stay so long and I eagerly wish to return. The girls are well and much esteemed. The like may be said with great truth of Sir John. He will return with me and doubtless lay before you, the final determination of the Family here, respecting his union which I see nothing to prevent. The lady* is a fine Genteel Girl, much esteemed as well on acco't of the goodness of her Temper, as of her uncommon abilities, and she is ready to follow him anywhere.

The man calls for my Letter, so that I can only beg a continuance of your correspondence, which yields me much real pleasure, and assure you once more of the Cordial Wishes I offer for your Health and happiness, and the true Affection with which I subscribe myself,
My dear Sir,
Your dutiful son and faithful servant,
Sir Wm. Johnson, Bt.

* Miss Mary Watts, daughter of John Watts, Esq., of New York, to whom Sir John wwas mairried on the 29th of June following.;
+ Col. Guy Johnson was then a new Member of the Colonial Assembly. See Stone's " Sir William Johnson," vol. 2, page 359.

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