Three Rivers
History From America's Most Famous Valleys

The Orderly Book of Sir John Johnson
During the Oriskany Campaign
Annotated by Wm. L. Stone
With an Historical Introduction illustrating the Life of Johnson by J. Watts De Peyster, and Some Tracings from the Foot-Prints of the Tories, or Loyalists in America by T. R. Myers.
Joel Munsell, 1882

Only 250 copies of this book were printed! Many thanks to Pam Wozniak and David Collins for loaning this rare book for us to read!



Life and Misfortunes of Sir John Johnson

The Johnson Family, Genealogy

Historical Introduction

The American Loyalists

Sir John Johnson, Knight and Baronet

Battle of Oriskany

Introduction to the Battle of Oriskany

The Ambuscade on the Oriskany and Sortie from Fort Stanwix

Battle of Klock's Field



Introduction to Orderly Book

Orderly Book, 1776 thru Feb 1777.

Orderly Book, March 1777 thru June 1777.

Orderly Book, July 1777

Col. Barry St. Leger


View of Fort Johnson drawn by Guy Johnson

Sir William Johnson, Bart, Major General of the English Forces in North America.

Copy of a Proclamation of George III.

Rev. Marinus Willet

Gen. Marinus Willet

Oriskany from a British Standpoint

Sir Darby Monaghan

Jane Wemple Starin

Addenda consisting of additional notes

To The Reader

The Tories or Loyalists in the Revolution

Facsimilie of a document signed by Johnson, Herckmer, Schuyler and others.

Joseph Brant Thayendanegea, The Great Captain of The Six Nations.

Letter from George Washington

Declaration of Independence

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