Three Rivers
History From America's Most Famous Valleys

The Young (Jung) Families of the Mohawk Valley
Compiled by Clifford M. Young & Published by
The Fort Plain Standard, Fort Plain, NY 1947
Donated by Bruce Hargrove.

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From Old Ulster, Saugerties Print

Volume 7
Page 115
Infant-Catharina; Baptized-May 9, 1736; Parents-Johannes Shafer and Elizabeth Jonk; Sponsors-Johann Peter Oberbach and Catharina Elisabeth Jonk.

Page 186
Infant-[No name]; Baptized-December 26, 1738; Parents-Abraham Springstien and Antje Smith; Sponsors-Mathus Jong and Catharina Diederich.

Page 187
Infant-Petrus; Baptized-August 18, 1740; Parents-Frederick Diederich and Eva Groat; Sponsors-John Mathus Jong and Catharina Diederich.

Page 188
Infant-Annatje; Baptized-January 5, 1741; Parents-Jurg Wilhelm Diederich and Catharina Elisabeth Jong; Sponsors-Johannes Diederich and Catharina Diederich.

Page 217
Infant-Marietje; Baptized-September 27, 1744; Parents-Jury William Diederich and Catharina Jong; Sponsors-William Brown and wife, Elisabeth Jong.

Page 218
Infant-Matheus; Baptized-June 4, 1745; Parents-Jurian Jong and Maritje Emerich; Sponsors-Mathies Jong and wife, Catharina Diederich.

Page 219
Infant-Matheus; Baptized-June 4, 1745; Parents-William Brown and Elisabeth Jong; Sponsors-Matheis Jong and wife, Catharina Diederich.

Page 221
Infant-Jacob; Baptized-December 26, 1746; Parents-Pieter Jong and wife, Elizabeth Moschier; Sponsors-John Matheis Jong and wife, Catharina Diederich.

Page 248
Infant-Margriet; Baptized-April 11, 1748; Parents-Jurg William Diederich and Catharina Jonk; Sponsors-Frederich Diederich and wife, Eva Groat.

Infant-Christina; Baptized-September 4, 1748; Parents-Peter Jong and Lisabeth Jong; Sponsors-Jurg Muschier and Christina Muschier.

Page 251
Infant-Elisabeth; Baptized-April 16, 1750; Parents-Jurian Jonk and Marietje Emmerich; Sponsors-Pieter Jonk and wife, Elisabeth Moschier.

Page 252
Infant-Elisabeth; Baptized-October 8, 1750; Parents-Johannes Falk and Maria Spikkerman; Sponsors-Pieter Jonk and wife, Elisabeth Moschier.

Page 253
Infant-Zacharias; Baptized-April 21, 1751; Parents-Jurg William Diederich and Catharina E. Jong; Sponsors-Wilem Diederich and Sarah Diederich.

Infant-Catharina; Baptized-December 27, 1752; Parents-Jurg William Diederich and Catharina Elisabeth Jong; Sponsors-Pieter Jong and Elisabeth Moschier.

Page 275
Infant-Jeremia; Baptized-September 8, 1753; Parents-Pieter Jong and Elisabeth Moschier; Sponsors-Jacob Moschier and Catharina Moschier.

Page 277
Infant-Valetin; Baptized-October 5, 1754; Parents-Henrich Frierer and Geertje Mejer; Sponsors-Johannes Jonk and wife, Annatje Diederich.

[Page 277 of the book]
Page 281
Infant-Zacharias; Baptized-July 3, 1756; Parents-Pieter Jonk and Elisabeth Muschier; Sponsors-Johannes Muschier and wife, Geertury Jonk.

Page 282
Infant-Christian; Baptized-December 26, 1756; Parents-Johannes Jonk and Annaatje Diederick; Sponsors-Johannes Diederich and wife, Annaatje Dewit.

Page 283
Infant-Eva; Baptized-May 5, 1757; Parents-Jurg Willem Diederich and Catharina Jong; Sponsors-Johannes Jong and Annaatje Diederich.

Page 312
Infant-Benjamin; Baptized-June 5, 1759; Parents-Johannes Junk and Annaatje Diederich; Sponsors-Willem Diederich and Jannetje Persen.

Page 313
Infant-Catharina; Baptized-February 12, 1760; Parents-Peter Junk and Elisabeth Muschier; Sponsors-Willem Diederich and Susanna Muschier.

Page 316
Infant-Margriet; Baptized-July 4, 1761; Parents-Conrad Engel and Eva Maria Junk; Sponsors-Mathies Diederich and wife, Maria Emerich.

Page 319
Infant-Catharina; Baptized-July 3, 1762; Parents-[No name] and Maria Diederich; Sponsors-Jurg Willem Diederich and wife, Catharina Junk.

Page 349
Infant-Gideon; Baptized-October 29, 1765; Parents-Johannes Junck and Annatien Diederich; Sponsors-Meinert Diederich and wife, Elisabeth Scherp.

Page 375
Infant-Willem; Baptized-April 21, 1767; Parents-Johannes Schoonmaker and Catharina Dubois; Sponsors-Juree Willem Diederich and Catharina Jong.

Infant-Jonathan; Baptized-August 17, 1767; Parents-Johannes Joung and Annatien Diederich; Sponsors-Henrieus Diederich and Elisabeth Richtmejar.

Volume 8
Page 62
Infant-George Wilhelm; Baptized-January 14, 1774; Parents-Matheus Diederich and Maria Emmerich; Sponsors-George Wilhelm Diederick and wife, Cath. Elis. Junck.

Page 93
Infant-Annaatje; Baptized-May 28, 1777; Parents-Wilhelm Falk and Anna Maria Ingel; Sponsors-Hans Jong and Annatje Diederick.

Page 118
Infant-Zacharias; Baptized-August 24, 1777; Parents-Petrus Backer and Margreta Britt; Sponsors-Zacharias Bakker and wife, Rachel Jongh.

Page 121
Infant-Maria; Baptized-January 9, 1779; Parents-Petrus Becker and Elisabeth Jong; Sponsors-Jerian Jong and Mareitje Jong.

Page 155
Infant-Catharina; Baptized-November 11, 1781; Parents-Jeremia Jong and Annatie Winne; Sponsors-Petrus Bekker and Elisabet Jong.

Page 184
Infant-Janny; Baptized-August 3, 1783; Parents-Petrus Emrik and Marytie Jong; Sponsors-Jeremia Jong and wife, Annatie Winne.

Page 187
Infant-Pieter; Baptized-January 18, 1784; Parents-Jeremia Jong and Annatie Winne; Sponsors-Abram Jong and Catharina Jong.

[Page 278 of the book]
Page 217
Infant-John; Baptized-September 25, 1785; Parents-Jeremia Jong and Annatie Winne; Sponsors-Laurens Winne and Catharina Bakker.

Infant-Annatje; Baptized-October 2, 1785; Parents-Hendrick Jong and Maria Smit; Sponsors-Jeremia Jong and Annatje Winne.

Page 281
Infant-Catharina; Baptized-June 20, 1789; Parents-Pieter Winne and Elisabeth Simon; Sponsors-Abram Joung and Annatje Winne.

Page 305
Infant-Jerijan; Baptized-January 8, 1791; Parents-Petrus Jong and Maria Winne; Sponsors-Jerijan Jong and Mareitje Emerick.

Page 374
Infant-Johannes; Baptized-July 19, 1795; Parents-Petrus Jong and Marie Winne; Sponsors-Johannes Joungh and Catharina Joungh.

Volume 9
Page 94
Infant-Maria; Baptized-February 22, 1801; Parents-Lucas Osterhout and Jacomina Jong; Sponsors-Parents.


Page 120 Jurian Jong and Maritje Emmerich, March 26, 1744. Both residing in the County of Albany.

Page 120 Willem Broun, widower of Christina Mejer of Kingston, and Elisabeth Jong of Albany, September 10, 1744.

Page 121 Johannes Jonk and Annatje Diederich, October 4, 1754. Both of Albany.

Page 153 Petrus Emerich of Ulster County and Marytje Jong of Albany County, September 29, 1782.

Page 189 Stoffel Wintermoed and Gertje Joungh, May 24, 1798. Both from Blue Mountain.

Page 220 Lucas Oosterhout and Jacomina Jongh, August 21, 1800. Both of Blue Mountain.

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