Three Rivers
History From America's Most Famous Valleys

The Young (Jung) Families of the Mohawk Valley
Compiled by Clifford M. Young & Published by
The Fort Plain Standard, Fort Plain, NY 1947
Donated by Bruce Hargrove.

Thanks to Judy Dolanski for typing these records.


Page 8
Infant-Thomas; B.-May 13, 1788; Bp.-January 17, 1789; Parents-John Fravel and Anna; Sponsors-Thomas Young and Maria Lise.

Page 10
Infant-Anna; B.-[no date]; Bp.-February 22, 1789; Parents-John Young (Cannajoharie) and Margaretha Young; Sponsors-Jacob Cordimann and Anna.

Infant-Margaretha; B.-January 25, 1789; Bp.-January 25, 1789; Parents-Dieterich Young and Christina; Sponsors-Mrs. Margaretha Paris and Paul Hochstrasser.

Page 12
Infant-Margaretha; B.-[no date]; Bp.-March 15, 1789; Parents-Levi Odell (von Oswego) and Elisabeth; Sponsors-George Young and Margaretha Walrath.

Page 22
Infant-George; B.-December 18, 1789; Bp.-January 24, 1790; Parents-Jacob Young and Eva Young, geb. Knieskern; Sponsors-George Young and Eva Knieskern.

[Page 308 of the book]
Page 24
Infant-Jacob P.; B.-[no date]; Bp.-March 9, 1790; Parents-Peter Young (from Fort Plain) and Elisabeth Sever; Sponsors-Jacob Young and Maria.

Page 28
Infant-Peter Alexander; B.-[no date]; Bp.-June 9, 1790; Parents-Carl Alexander Werner and wife, Christina Crembs; Sponsors-Peter Young and Maria Elisabeth Young.

Page 33
Infant-Jacob; B.-[no date]; Bp.-September 12, 1790; Parents-Leonhard Eggler and Catharina (Canajoharie); Sponsors-Jacob Young and Eva.

Page 43
Infant-Jacob; B.-[no date]; Bp.-June 12, 1791; Parents-Christian Boss and Elisabeth (Canajoharie); Sponsors-Jacob Young and Eva.

Page 53
Infant-Johannes; B.-[no date]; Bp.-February 5, 1792; Parents-Jacob Young and Eva (Canajoharie); Sponsors-Eva Young and Johannes Knieskern.

Page 55
Infant-Catharina; B.-[no date]; Bp.-February 26, 1792; Parents-John Kreninger and Gnelia (Canajoharie Castle); Sponsors-John Young and Catharina Young.

Page 68
Infant-Elisabeth; B.-[no date]; Bp.-December 16, 1792; Parents-Philip Heelmer and wife, Margaretha (Palatine); Sponsors-Peter Young and Maria Elisabeth.

Page 77
Infant-Johann George; B.-[no date]; Bp.-June 23, 1793; Parents-John Young and Margaretha; Sponsors-George Dumm and wife.

Page 80
Infant-Elisabeth; B.-[no date]; Bp.-August 25, 1793; Parents-John Cunningham and Rebecca (Canajoharie); Sponsors-Thomas Young and Elisabeth.


Book 2
Page 5 Joseph Hart and Sally Young married May 3, 1816, of Manheim.
Page 11 Jabes Lewis and Betsy Young married June 27, 1824, of Oppenheim.
Page 12 Hiram Ward and Maria Young married September 4, 1826, of Minden.
Page 20 William Petrie of Little Falls and Eva Young of German Flats, married September 22, 1839.
Page 30 Elisha Sperry and Mary Elisabeth Young married May 24, 1849, married at house of Gen. L. Averill, St. Johnsville.
Page 36 Benj. Holloway and Julia A. Young married June 5, 1853, married at Parsonage, St. Johnsville.
Page 41 William B. Young and Nancy Littlebrand married December 31, 1859.

Page 54
Infant-Jerome; B.-May 14, 1816; Bp.-[no date]; Parents-Gideon Green and Elizabeth Youngs; Sponsors-[no names].

Page 59
Infant-William; B.-September 6, 1817; Bp.-[no date]; Parents-Thomas Clark and Lena Young; Sponsors-Christian Supperman and Caty Barns.

Page 73
Infant-Benjamin; B.-November 24, 1821; Bp.-[no date]; Parents-William J. Young and Rachael Oxburg; Sponsors-[no names].

Page 85
Infant-Charles Nellis; B.-November 24, 1824; Bp.-January 29, 1825; Parents-Jabis Lewis and Elisabeth Young; Sponsors-[no names].

Page 93
Infant-[no name]; B.-[no date]; Bp.-January 1, 1819; Parents-John Young and Mary Hart; Sponsors-"Did not get child recorded".

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