Three Rivers
History From America's Most Famous Valleys

The Young (Jung) Families of the Mohawk Valley
Compiled by Clifford M. Young & Published by
The Fort Plain Standard, Fort Plain, NY 1947
Donated by Bruce Hargrove.

Thanks to Judy Dolanski for typing these records.


Page 4
Infant-Christina; Bp.-March 16, 1796; Parents-Jacob Jungk and Magdalena Jungk; Sponsors-Andries Fichter and Christina Jungk.

Page 6
Infant-Margaretha; Bp.-October 23, 1796; Parents-Mattheys Jong and Helena Jong; Sponsors-Jacob Strobeck and Margaretha Strobeck.

Page 8
Infant-Hellen; B.-July 20, 1797; Parents-Jeremiah Jongh and Maria Jongh; Sponsors-Cornelius Strobeck and Helena Ortman.

Page 10
Infant-Elisabeth; B.-September 1, 1799; Parents-Jonathan Young and Nancy Beck; Sponsors-No sponsors.

Infant-Benjamin; B.-October 20, 1800; Parents-Mattheus Young and Lena Petri; Sponsors-No sponsors.

Page 11
Infant-Annatgen; B.-October 4, 1799; Parents-Ephraim Jung and Elisabeth; Sponsors-Elias Jung and Catharina.

Infant-Annatgen; B.-March 20, 1800; Parents-Solomon Ostrander and Hanna; Sponsors-John Jungs and Margaretha.

Infant-Maria; B.-April 14, 1800; Parents-Martinus Sippel and Margaretha; Sponsors-Ephraim Jung and Elizabeth.

Infant-Nicholaus; B.-May 5, 1800; Parents-Christian Jung and Christina; Sponsors-Phillip Kercher and Catharina Fichter.

Infant-Jonas; B.-October 17, 1800; Parents-Gideon Jung and Elisabeth; Sponsors-Elias Jung, Jr. and Catharine.

Page 13
Infant-Abraham; B.-November 30, 1800; Parents-Peter Jung and Catharina; Sponsors-Abraham Dether and Margaretha Jung.

Page 14
Infant-Sophia; B.-October 19, 1801; Parents-David Jung and Elisabeth; Sponsors-Parents.

Infant-Annatgen; B.-November 8, 1801; Parents-Elias Young and Catharina; Sponsors-Parents.

Page 17
Infant-Mary; B.-March 23, 1805; Parents-Jeremiah Young and Elisabeth; Sponsors-Jacob Strobeck and Mary.

Page 29
Infant-Peter; B.-January 25, 1813; Parents-Peter Young and Catharine; Sponsors-Martin Shafer and Annatje Lawyer.

[Page 323 of the book]
Page 40
Infant-Rufus Henry; B.-June 11, 1818; Parents-William Butler and Sophia Young; Sponsors-Mother.

Infant-Lusanna Maria; B.-January 23, 1819; Parents-John L. Snyder and Elizabeth Youngs; Sponsors-Parents.

Page 54
Infant-Herman; B.-May 26, 1830; Parents-Samuel Youngs and Maria; Sponsors-Mother.

Infant-Huldah Sophia; B.-April 26, 1831; Parents-Barent Young and Rebecca; Sponsors-Peter H. Schafer and Sophia.

Page 55
Infant-Anna; B.-May 4, 1832; Parents-Ira Youngs and wife, Betsy; Sponsors-Parents.

Page 59
Infant-Peter William; B.-February 3, 1833; Parents-Barney Youngs and Rebecca; Sponsors-Parents.

Page 60
Infant-George; B.-February 18, 1834; Parents-Ira Youngs and Betsy; Sponsors-Parents.

Infant-Johnathan; B.-October 13, 1834; Parents-David D. Youngs and wife, Polly; Sponsors-Parents.

Page 62
Infant-Abraham; B.-June 19, 1836; Parents-Ira Youngs and Betsy; Sponsors-Parents.

Page 63
Infant-Peter Brown; B.-December 10, 1838; Parents-Ira Youngs and Betsy; Sponsors-Parents.

Page 66
Infant-Lany Maria; B.-December 14, 1841; Parents-Nicktos Youngnes and Catharine; Sponsors-Parents.

Infant-Elithebeth; B.-December 20, 1837; Parents-David D. Youngnes and wife, Mary; Sponsors-Parents.

Page 68
Infant-Robert William; B.-February 12, 1840; Parents-Nickolos Youngnes and wife, Catharine; Sponsors-Parents.

Page 70
Infant-Sarah Maria and Margaret Elizabeth; B.-April 13, 1840; Parents-Benjamin M. Yonges and wife, Lany; Sponsors-Parents.

Infant-Ortian; B.-November 11, 1841; Parents-Michael Yongue and wife, Delia; Sponsors-Parents.


Page 80 William Butler married Miss Sophia Young, daughter of David Young and wife, Elisabeth, November 6, 1817.
Page 87 William Colebrugh married Miss Elvina Young of Carlisle, January 21, 1863. Helen Nisbett and Mary Young, witnesses.
Page 169 Andrew Kilmer married Elizabeth Youngs, October 8, 1855.

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