Three Rivers
History From America's Most Famous Valleys

The Young (Jung) Families of the Mohawk Valley
Compiled by Clifford M. Young & Published by
The Fort Plain Standard, Fort Plain, NY 1947
Donated by Bruce Hargrove.

Thanks to Judy Dolanski for typing these records.

(1728 to 1838)

Volume 1
Page 10
Infant-Elisabet; B.-May 29, 1748; Bp.-May 30, 1748; Parents-Jurgen Forster and wife, Maria Catharina; Sponsors-Peter Jung and Margaretha Freymauer.

Page 11
Infant-Elisabet; B.-May 5, 1749; Bp.-May 7, 1749; Parents-Peter Jung and wife, Margaretha Freymauer; Sponsors-Michel Freymauer and wife.

Page 21
Infant-Johannes; B.-May 28, 1754; Bp.-May 30, 1754; Parents-Peter Jung and wife, Margaretha Freymauer; Sponsors-Johannes Freymauer and his wife.

Page 23
Infant-Peter; B.-March 20, 1755; Bp.-March 24, 1755; Parents-Michael Hilsinger and wife, Agnes; Sponsors-Peter Jung and his wife.

Page 27
Infant-Eva; B.-October 11, 1756; Parents-Peter Jung and wife, Margaretha; Sponsors-Henrich Schafer and his wife.

Page 36
Infant-Catharina; B.-November 19, 1758; Parents-Peter Jung and wife, Margaretha; Sponsors-Adam Braun and Catharina Ingold.

Page 46
Infant-Peter; B.-August 8, 1761; Parents-Peter Jung and wife, Margaretha; Sponsors-Johannes Ingold and Magdalena Braun.

Page 55
Infant-Abraham; Bp.-at Hosek, June 4, 1763; Parents-Abraham Leek and wife, Rachel; Sponsors-Henrich Jung and his wife.

Page 57
Infant-Johann Nicolas; B.-in Albany, October 3, 1763; Parents-Heinrich Jung and wife, Magdalena; Sponsors-Johan Nicholas Hafner and his wife, Elisabeth.

Page 65
Infant-Annaje; B.-October 28, 1764; Parents-Peter Jung and Margaretha; Sponsors-Henrich Borst and his wife.

Page 66
Infant-Frederich; B.-at Hoseck, November 15, 1764; Parents-Henrich Jung and wife, Catharina; Sponsors-Johannes Richert and his wife.

[Page 281 of the book]
Page 68
Infant-Christian; B.-February 24, 1764; Bp.-May 5, 1764; Parents-Peter Junck and wife, Elisabeth; Sponsors-Christian Braun and his wife, Elisabeth.

Page 69
Infant-Jacob; Bp.-in Albany, June 2, 1765; Parents-Henrich Jung and wife, Magdalena; Sponsors-Jacob Martin and Christina Fretz.

Infant-Rasman; B.-in Albany, April 19, 1765; Parents-D. Thomas Young and wife, Marja; Sponsors-Joseph Benner and wife, Justina.

Page 75
Infant-Jannetje; B.-at Hoseck, February 1, 1766; Parents-Benjamin David and wife, Rahel; Sponsors-Henrich Jung and his wife.

Page 76
Infant-Isac; B.-at Hoseck, January 1766; Parents-Dirch Wed and wife, Rebecca; Sponsors-Henrich Jung and his wife.

Page 85
Infant-Johannes; B.-August 9, 1767; Parents-Peter Jung and wife, Margaretha; Sponsors-Rev. Peter Nicolas Sommers and wife. (On page 235 is noted the death of "A little boy of Peter Jung, October, 1760." It is probable that this was the first Johannes, born in 1754.)

Page 92
Infant-Christina; B.-January 24, 1769; Parents-Antreas Fischter and wife, Margareta; Sponsors-Jacob Junck and Christina Junck.

Page 97
Infant-Wilhelm; B.-December 8, 1769; Parents-Antreau Laux and wife, Catharina; Sponsors-Wilhelm Laux and Christinah Junck.

Page 119
Infant-Christina; B.-March 26, 1774; Parents-Johann Misselis and Elisabeth; Sponsors-William Sommer and Christina Junck.

Page 121
Infant-Peter; B.-June 6, 1774; Parents-Mathes Braun and wife, Gertrant; Sponsors-Peter Junck and his wife.

Page 142
Infant-Peter; B.-at Rhinebeck December 23, 1778; Parents-Philip Kerchen and Anna Maria; Sponsors-Pitter Jung and wife.

Page 143
Infant-Cornelius; B.-April 28, 1779; Parents-Jacob Jung and Rachel; Sponsors-Cornelius Ecker and Engel Ecker.

Infant-Wilhelm; B.-May 25, 1779; Parents-Johannes Kunrath and wife, Barbara; Sponsors-Wilhelm Engel and Christina Jung.

Page 150
Infant-Catharina; B.-January 15, 1780; Parents-Wilhelm Jung and wife, Rosina; Sponsors-Christian Meynert and the widow Meynert.

Page 163
Infant-Sohvia; B.-October 12, 1781; Parents-Heinrich Buntze and wife, Engel; Sponsors-Pitter Jung, Jr. and Sohvia Casselmann.

Page 194
Infant-Margaretha; B.-April 3, 1785; Parents-Adam Lehninger and Anna; Sponsors-Peter Jung and his wife.

Page 196
Infant-Lena; B.-May 2, 1785; Parents-Johannes Conrath and Anna Barbara; Sponsors-Christian Jung and his wife.

[Page 282 of the book]
Page 197
Infant-Maria; B.-June 28, 1785; Parents-Wilhelm Nellis and Catharina; Sponsors-Jeremias Jung and his wife.

Page 198
Infant-Christian; B.-October 21, 1785; Parents-Jeremias Jung and wife, Maria; Sponsors-Christian Jung and Elisabeth Fichter.

Page 206
Peter Jung and Margaretha Freymauer married August 2, 1748.

Page 250
Baptized Elisabeth Jung, 15th Sunday after Trinity, 1767.
Eva Jung at Beaver Dam, Holy Communion, 1799. (Admitted to church.)

Page 262
Infant-Johan Christoph; B.-at Cani-Scohare August 12, 1744; Bp.-August 21, 1744; Parents-Henrich Eckler and Margareta Eckler; Sponsors-----Jung and his wife, Margaretha Jung.

Page 264
Infant-Johan Nicolas; B.-June 17, 1750; Parents-Adam Jung and [no name]; Sponsors-[no names].

Volume 2
Page 2
Infant-Henrich; B.-October 6, 1786; Parents-Wilhelm Jung and Rosina; Sponsors-Henrich Fichter and Christina Jung.

Page 29
Infant-Margaretha; B.-January 20, 1793; Bp.-January 21, 1793; Parents-Peter Jung, Jr. and Elisabeth; Sponsors-Peter Jung and wife. "This child died a quarter of an hour after Holy Baptism."

Page 29
Infant-Elisabeth; B.-January 7, 1793; Bp.-March 3, 1793; Parents-Jeremias Jung and Maria; Sponsors-Frederich Strobeck and Anna Elisabeth Strobeck.

Page 34
Infant-Margarethgen; B.-September 19, 1793; Bp.-October 27, 1793; Parents-Wilhelm Jung and Rosina; Sponsors-Christian Meyner and his wife, Margareth.

Page 35
Infant-Wilhelm; B.-January 4, 1794; Bp.-February 9, 1794; Parents-Wilhelm Bernard and wife, Johanna Yungs; Sponsors-William Bauch and wife, Catharina.

Page 48
Infant-Jacob; B.-November 1, 1797; Bp.-December 6, 1797; Parents-Johannes Jongh and Susanna Jung; Sponsors-Jacob Tox and Anna Snyder.

Page 58
Infant-Johannes; B.-January 23, 1801; Bp-March 1, 1801; Parents-Jeremias Yung and Elisabeth; Sponsors-Johannes Engel and Catharina.


Page 118 Johannes Yung and Susanna Fuchs, October 26, 1790.

Page 119 Peter Jung, Jr. and Elisabeth Dausend, September 13, 1791.

Page 119 Thomas Jung and Sophia Plug (Pflug), March 9, 1792.

Page 122 Becky Jung and John Schneider, witnesses, Jonathan Jung and Jonathan Sheren.

Page 131 David Young, Jr. and Lucy Snyder, July 4, 1815.

Page 132 Emmertge Jung, first Holy Communion, October 1787

Volume 3
Page 73
Infant-Catharine; B.-October 24, 1828; Parents-John Young and Margaret; Sponsors-Mother.

[Page 283 of the book]
Page 76
Infant-William; B.-July 28, 1832; Parents-John Young and Margaret; Sponsors-Mother.

Page 84
Infant-Alexima; B.-April 28, 1833; Parents-John Young and Margaret; Sponsors-Mother.

Page 92
Infant-George; B.-September 5, 1834; Parents-John Young and Margaret; Sponsors-Mother.

Page 95
Infant-John; B.-December 29, 1836; Parents-John Young and Margaret; Sponsors-Mother.

Page 101
Infant-Josephus; B.-October 19, 1840; Parents-John Young and Margaret; Sponsors-Mother.


Page 139 Josiah Young and Lena Borst married May 12, 1827, Cobleskill.

Page 141 Ira Young and Betsy Brown married March 16, 1829, witnesses Henry and George Schafer.

Page 142 Barent Youngs of Carlisle and Rebecca Shafer of Cobleskill married October 2, 1830, witnesses David Schneck and Henry Frautz.

Page 142 Smith Young married Magdalena Mann December 28, 1830, George Mann and wife witnesses.

Page 152 Daniel Young and Eliza Barton married April 11, 1842, Jacob J. Barton and wife witnesses.

Page 156 Sally Young and Joseph Stillwell married November 6, 1847, witnesses William Young and Robert Campbell.

Page 157 Mary Young and George Groverner married September 4, 1850, witnesses Peter Osterhout and wife.

Page 164 Christina Youngs and Gideon V. Griggs married December 18, 1861, witnesses Hiram Griggs and Maria Youngs.

Page 169 Nancy Young and Clayton Winters, both of Carlisle, married January 29, 1868.

Page 169 John H. Young and Emma Aurelia Weaver married November 21, 1867, witnesses Rev. George Young and wife Emma.

Page 173 Eunice Young and John Sidney, both of Schoharie, married February 15, 1871, witnesses Smith Youngs and Paul Dietz.

Page 174 Daniel D. Youngs and Romelia S. Lendrum, Schoharie, married March 19, 1872, witnesses H. V. Sanford and Nannie Landrum.

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