Three Rivers
History From America's Most Famous Valleys

The Young (Jung) Families of the Mohawk Valley
Compiled by Clifford M. Young & Published by
The Fort Plain Standard, Fort Plain, NY 1947
Donated by Bruce Hargrove.

Thanks to Judy Dolanski for typing these records.


Volume 1
Page 40
Infant-Hendrick; B.-May 25, 1752; Parents-Niclass Eeker, Jr. and wife, Dorothea Elisabeth; Sponsors-Hendrick Young and wife, Margaretha.

Page 49
Infant-Geertruid; B.-May 13, 1755; Parents-Niclass Eeker and wife, Geertruid; Sponsors-Adam Dietz and wife, Geertruid.

Page 54
Infant-Catrina; B.-July 1, 1758; Bp.-July 30, 1758; Parents-Nicolass Ecker, Jr. and wife, Gertruyd Jung; Sponsors-Nicolas Eker and Catrina Eker.

Page 70
Infant-Adam Dietz; B.-September 3, 1768; Parents-Johannes Eeker and wife, Catharina Jung; Sponsors-Adam Dietz and wife, Gurtruid.

Page 81
Infant-Niclass; B.-April 8, 1771; Parents-Phillip Kerker and wife, Anna Maria; Sponsors-Christina Jung and Niclass Rikkert.

Page 83
Infant-Johannes; B.-January 27, 1772; Parents-Johannes Loeb and wife, Elisabeth; Sponsors-Piter Jung and wife, Margaret.

[Page 284 of the book]
Page 91
Infant-Catharine; B.-September 10, 1773; Parents-Philips Kercher and wife, Anna Maria; Sponsors-Willem Yongh and Catharina Engel.

Page 103
Infant-Elisabeth; B.-November 19, 1776; Parents-Petrus Maky and Annatje Dieffenpoort; Sponsors-Peter Jong and wife, Elisabeth.

Page 104
Infant-George Willem; B.-June 10, 1776; Parents-Mathees Broun and Gurtruid Heeger; Sponsors-Jeremias Jung and Elisabeth Engel.

Page 109
Infant-Catharin; B.-September 28, 1777; Parents-Jacob Jong and wife, Rachel; Sponsors-Willem Man and wife, Catharina.

Page 114
Infant-Gertrauda; B.-July 28, 1779; Parents-Johannes Ecker and Catharina Jung; Sponsors-Gertruda Jung.

Page 133
Infant-Anna; B.-June 11, 1787; Bp.-July 19, 1787; Parents-Jeremias Junck and Maria Strobeck; Sponsors-Jacob Strobeck and Margaretha Strobeck.

Page 154
Infant-Catharine; B.-May 7, 1791; Parents-Henrich Appel and Maria; Sponsors-David Joung and Merilis. (Probably baptized on trip along the Susquehanna.)

Page 171
Infant-George; B.-February 1800; Parents-Peter Roehrig and Catharina Jungs; Sponsors-George Mann and Emmetchen Jungs.

Page 178
Infant-Henrich; B.-December 3, 1801; Parents-Peter Rohrig and Caty Jongs; Sponsors-Henrich Schoeneman and Caty Deackon.

Page 181
Infant-Andrew; B.-March 2, 1802; Parents-Jonathan Jung and wife, Nancy; Sponsors-Parents.

Volume 1--Part 2

Page 236
Infant-Christian; B.-September 19, 1809; Parents-Elias Jung and wife, Elisabeth; Sponsors-Christian Jung and wife, Christine.

Page 237
Infant-David; B.-February 28, 1810; Parents-Peter Jung and Elisabeth; Sponsors-Parents.

Page 252
Infant-Nancy Eliza; B.-July 28, 1812; Parents-John O'Brien and wife, Maria; Sponsors-Peter Young and Elisabeth.

Infant-Abraham; B.-August 19, 1812; Parents-Abraham Osterhout and Elisabeth Waggoner; Sponsors-Jeremie Young and Elisabeth.

Page 257
Infant-Caty; B.-June 29, 1813; Parents-Peter Joung and wife, Elisabeth; Sponsors-Parents.

Page 261
Infant-Margaretha; B.-November 11, 1813; Parents-Christian Young and wife, Lena; Sponsors-Jacob Strobeck and wife, Margaretha.


Page 289 Johannes Rickkert, legitimate son of Coenraat Rickkert and Margaretha Catharina Jung--daughter of Hendrick Jung, born at Schoharie, registered for marriage June 14, 1748.

[Page 285 of the book]
Page 289 Piter Jung (son of Hendrick Jung) and Maritie Anderson, daughter of Johannes Anderson born at Hackensack, registered for marriage June 14, 1748.
Page 305 Johannes Loeb, son of Jurrie Loeb and Elisabeth Jung, daughter of Piter Jung of Schoharie, married August 10, 1771 (Jurrie Loeb born in Schoffhausen, Canton.)
Page 311 William Jung, son of Piter Jung, born in West Camp, and Rosina Myniker, daughter of Christopher, born in Philadelphia, married May 5, 1776.
Page 313 Henrich Schneider, son of Philip Schneider from Schoharie and Margaretha Jung, daughter of Peter Jung, Cobleskill, married July 10, 1785.


Page 340 Christina Jung, April 1768; Jacob Jong, March 6, 1769; Willum Jongh, March 6, 1769.
Page 342 Jeremias Jung, April 1, 1774.
Page 356 Leisabeth Jung, October 10, 1813; Lena Joung, October 10, 1813.
Page 357 Margaretha Youngs, October 6, 1816.

Volume 2
Page 6 Jeremiah Young, Jr. and Elizabeth (his wife) son Sylvanus born June 6, 1817.
Page 11 Solomon Young and wife, Anna, daughter Christina born July 6, 1818.


Page 97 Peter Youngs to Cornelia Wood, both of Schoharie, September 15, 1857. NOTE: Mrs. Julia A. Youngs joined church March 1, 1862. Lost track of her in 1888 records.
Page 71 Benj. Youngs of Carlisle married to Widow Hannah Rider of Schoharie, March 18, 1830.
Page 106 Peter Spatholts to Ann Youngs, February 14, 1869, both of Schoharie.
Page 110 J. Newton Young of Pittsfield, N. H. to Ida Agnes Vedder of Schoharie, October 31, 1872.

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