Three Rivers
History From America's Most Famous Valleys

The Young (Jung) Families of the Mohawk Valley
Compiled by Clifford M. Young & Published by
The Fort Plain Standard, Fort Plain, NY 1947
Donated by Bruce Hargrove.

Thanks to Judy Dolanski for typing these records.

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Vosburgh Translation

Volume1--Part 1

"Johannes Hess has married Anna Margaretha Jung November 10, 1743, and in such wedlock begotten." (Translated from German.)

Infant-Catharina; B.-July 16, 1744; Parents-Johannes Hess and wife, Margaretha Jung; Sponsors-Johannes Hess, Sr. and wife, Catharina Lilofin of Curring?.

Page 2
Infant-John Frederick; B.-May 10, 1751; Parents-John Hess and wife, Anna Margaretha; Sponsors-John Frederick Jung and Anna Margaretha Nellis.

Page 3
Infant-Maria Catharina; B.-August 18, 1752; Parents-Peter Wagener and wife, Anna Margaretha; Sponsors-Maria Catharina Jung and Jerg Ecker.

Page 7
Infant-Bernhard; B.-March 12, 1753; Parents-Michael Kaiser and wife, Dorothea Elisabeth born Jung; Sponsors-Christina Kaiser and Hendrick Frey.

Page 8
Infant-Debalt; B.-September 22, 1753; Parents-Hannes Hess and wife, Anna Margaretha; Sponsors-Debalt Jung and wife, Catharina.

Page 11
Infant-Anna; B.-January 1755; Parents-Andreas Hering and wife, Barbara Vaterlin; Sponsors-Anna Jungin and Gottfried Rathenauer.

Page 21
Infant-Anna Margaretha; B.-January 21, 1757; Parents-Gabriel Sperbeck and wife, Margaretha; Sponsors-Johannes Jung and wife, Margaretha.

Page 27
Infant-Cunrad; B.-May 16, 1769; Parents-Cunrad Hahn and wife, Anna Elizabeth; Sponsors-Cunrad Miller and Catharina Windecker. (The above item is inserted here because Conrad Hahn (Hawn), Jr. married Catharine Young, sister of David Young of Freysbush, son of Jacob Young, Jr. The elder Conrad Hahn was killed in the battle of Oriskany.)

Infant-Elizabeth; B.-June 12, 1769; Parents-Jost Haus and wife, Elizabeth; Sponsors-Adam Jung and wife.

Page 30
Infant-Elizabetha; B.-January 15, 1770; Parents-Henrich Young and wife, Magdalena; Sponsors-Nicholaus Haffner and wife, Elisabeth.

Page 33
Infant-Dewald; B.-August 27, 1770; Parents-Dewald Jung and wife, Margaretha; Sponsors-Dewald Hess and Elisabetha Schremling.

Page 34
Infant-Daniel; B.-November 18, 1770; Parents-Johannes Jung and wife, Catharina; Sponsors-Daniel Jung and Elisabeth Mattesin.

Infant-Margareth; B.-February 11, 1771; Parents-Harmanus Haus and wife, Margaretha; Sponsors-Adam Jung and wife.

[Page 291 of the book]
Page 35
Infant-John Jacob; B.-September 17, 1770; Parents-Peter Lambert (wife not given); Sponsors-Jacob Seber and Margaretha Jung.

Page 37
Infant-Johannes George Adam; B.-May 5, 1771; Parents-Jacob Deg and wife, Margaretha; Sponsors-Adam Jung and wife, and George Majer and wife.

Page 38
Infant-William; B.-September 2, 1771; Parents-Gerhard Wallrad and wife, Anna; Sponsors-William Wallrad and Margaretha, Jacob Jung's fil.

Page 41
Infant-John Wilhelm; B.-November 26, 1771; Parents-Franz Freis and wife, Elis. ux [?]; Sponsors-Wilhelm Emge, Jr.and Maria Jungin.

Page 42
Infant-Magdalena; B.-March 31, 1772; Parents-Geo. Mich. Wolff and wife, Elisabetha; Sponsors-Peter Jung and wife.

Page 59
Infant-Margaretha; B.-January 29, 1780; Bp.-February 2, 1780; Parents-Dieterich Jung and wife, Christina; Sponsors-John Koch and Magdalena.

Page 61
Infant-Anna; B.-November 22, 1783; Parents-Henry Zollinger and wife, Anna; Sponsors-John Jung and Elisabeth Bruckman.

Page 72
Infant-James; B.-August 11, 1790; Parents-John Jung and wife, Elisabeth; Sponsors-[No names].

Infant-Margaret; B.-August 3, 1792; Parents-Barent Jung and wife, Elisabet; Sponsors-[No names].

Page 84
Infant-Maria; B.-June 12, 1794; Parents-Michel Jung and wife, Anna (Eker); Sponsors-Peter Suz and Magdalena.

Page 100
Infant-Philip; B.-September 15, 1797; Parents-Dieterich Jung and wife, Christina; Sponsors-Philip Dehas and Anna Eva.

Page 103
Infant-Anna; B.-March 3, 1798; Parents-Michael Jung and Anna; Sponsors-Jerg Suz and Anna.

Page 115
Infant-Maria; B.-March 30, 1799; Parents-Jacob Jung and wife, Elisabeth; Sponsors-Ludwig Jung and Anna.

Page 124
Infant-Daniel; B.-April 11, 1800; Parents-Ludwig Jung and wife, Anna; Sponsors-Jacob Walrat and Maria.

Page 131
Infant-Margaret; B.-March 27, 1801; Parents-Jerg Getman and wife, Delia; Sponsors-Dieterich Jung and Christina.

Page 136
Infant-Dieterich; B.-January 22, 1802; Parents-Michel Jung and wife, Anna; Sponsors-Dieterich Suz and Catharina Dillenback.

Page 148
Infant-Michael; B.-October 14, 1803; Parents-Michel Jung and wife, Anna; Sponsors-Jerg Saltzman and Anna Koch.

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Page 153
Infant-Catarina; B.-February 15, 1804; Parents-Severinus Casselman and [no name]; Sponsors-Wilhelm Casselman and Maria Jung.

Volume 1--Part 2
Page 223
Infant-Benjamin; B.-August 16, 1812; Parents-Peter Jung and wife, Pally; Sponsors-Hannes Schnell and Maria.

Page 249
Infant-Else; B.-May 21, 1814; Parents-Johann Loucks and wife, Gertrant; Sponsors-Jonas Grunfiel and Elisabeth Jung.

Page 252
Infant-Alexander; B.-July 16, 1814; Parents-Jacob Paris Jung and wife, Eva; Sponsors-Geo. Henrich Jung and Catharina Getman.

Page 255
Infant-Marianna; B.-July 25, 1814; Parents-John Hart and wife, Margaret; Sponsors-Johannes Young and wife, Maria.

Page 261
Infant-Ruben; B.-June 3, 1815; Parents-Johann Jung and wife, Maria; Sponsors-Jacob Hart and Sally Young.

Infant-Lucinde; B.-December 30, 1814; Parents-Johann Petrie and wife, Anna; Sponsors-Jacob Hart and Sally Jung.

Page 269
Infant-Johann; B.-February 2, 1815; Parents-Jacob Christmann and wife, Maria; Sponsors-Jacob Jung and Maria Christmann.

Page 291 Peter R. Jung, son of Dieterich Jung, and Polly Johl married January 5, 1812.

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