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The Young (Jung) Families of the Mohawk Valley
Compiled by Clifford M. Young & Published by
The Fort Plain Standard, Fort Plain, NY 1947
Donated by Bruce Hargrove.


Clifford M. Young married Anna May Dillenback, who descends from Martin Dillenback (Martinus Dallenbach), who arrived in America, with his mother in the Palatine immigration of 1710.

Martin was born about 1690 in Lauperswil, Switzerland. His parents were Nicholas Dallenbach and Anna Barbara. No definite record has been found of Nicholas, but a property transfer indicates that he died prior to 1698. His widow and son Martin arrived in the Camps on the Hudson (see N. Y. Subsistence List) but there is no record of Anna Barbara, his wife, after 1712 and it is probable that she did not survive the privation and hardship of crude camp life in the forests in the Hudson Valley.

"The Dallenbachs in America" by Rev. Andrew L. Dillenbeck of Johnstown, N. Y. is available and gives complete genealogical information concerning this large family. It is the purpose here to show only that portion of a particular line extending down to where it unites with the Young's.

Martin Dillenback married, first, Sarah Catherine Baumann, probably shortly after arrival. In 1711 he enlisted in the Col. Nicholson expedition against the French in Canada, which did not materialize except for a long march to the Canadian Border and return to the Camps. His first child was born August 1, 1712; his wife died and he married, second, Anna Elisabeth Castelmann (Casselman) February 24, 1713, Rev. Joshua Kocherthal officiating. She was a daughter of Johann Dieterich Castelmann. By his first wife he had Anna Margaretha, born August 1, 1712. By his second wife he had ten children as follows: Johannes, Henrich, Christian, Anna Maria, Wilhelm, Elisabetha, Martinus, John Diederich, John Baltasar and John David.

There is no evidence that Martin Dillenback accompanied the large group of Palatines to the "Promised Land" of Schoharie in 1712. It is the opinion of this writer that he and others, on leaving the Hudson Valley, went to Schenectady and there hit the Mohawk Valley trail to what became Palatine Bridge, where they met the Hendrick Fri (Fry, Frey) family which had settled there many years previous to the coming of the Palatines. The Frey group were Germans and the only settlers of record in the "Mohawks Country", and this doubtless influenced the new arrivals to squat on land nearby, which was destined in a few years thereafter to become the Stone Arabia patent, the first patent of record to have been granted to Palatines.

Hendrick Dillenback (son of Martin) is the ancestor of the second generation in this country in the particular line being traced here. He married Anna Margaretha Wagner March 19, 1735. She was born April 15, 1712. He died in 1795. They had nine children as follows:

Anna Margaretha, born December 22, 1735

Andrew, born December 29, 1736 (Captain killed in Battle of Oriskany)

Anna Maria, born December 7, 1738

Elisabetha, born April 4, 1740

Henrich, born March 29, 1741

Catherina born December 26, 1743

Johannes, born January 13, 1747, died in 1823

Magdalena born October 5, 1749

Barbara Elisabeth, born June 22, 1752.

Johannes is the ancestor next in this line. He married Maria Eva Sprecher (Spraker) Nov. 7, 1769. They had fifteen children of which Conrad was the second child, born April 16, 1772 and died October 20, 1849 in the town of Minden.

Conrad married Margaret Wohlgcmuth, probably in 1795. They had eleven children, the fifth child being William born August 14, 1803, died June 9, 1875.

William married Catharine Casler December 24, 1820. They had twelve children, of which James, the second child, was born January 12, 1823, died May 23, 1904.

James married Maria Elisabeth Hess June 16, 1842, and they had seven children, of which William was the fifth child, born October 21, 1854, died August 6, 1931.

James Dillenback -- William Dillenback

William married Ida E. Brookman January 26, 1876. She was born June 12, 1856 and died July 23, 1914. They had six children as follows:

J. Eugene, born October 16, 1876

Anna May, born Sept. 21, 1878

Jennie Elisabeth, born January 19, 1880

Sherman and Grant (twins) born April 25, 1885

Rufus, born July 14, 1892.

Anna married Clifford M. Young June 15, 1905

J. Eugene Ditienback married Lulu Brookman November 22, 1899. She was born March 28, 1880. They had one child, Irene, born August 26, 1901, married Ray Smith, born December 25, 1904. Died November 15, 1943 as a result of an automobile accident.

Children (Smith):

Doris May, born September 30, 1927.

Eugene Lincoln, born February 12, 1929.

June Irene, born June 30, 1930.

Glenn Wilbur, born May 6, 1932, Died.

Donald Hubert, born April 21, 1934.

Janet Lorraine, born November 20, 1935.

Betty Jane, born August 11, 1937.

Leonard Ray, born April 6, 1939.

Barnard Leon, born February 23, 1940, Died May 8, 1940.

Rose Marie, born September 14, 1941.

Veronica Lou, born September 14, 1942.

Gilbert W., born November 10, 1943.

Anna May Dillenback Young (See Young genealogy)

Jennie Elisabeth, married William Augustus Hudson June 6, 1900. He was born June 3, 1878. Their children were:


Ethel Mildred, born March 20, 1903, married Henry J. Wagner, born January 23, 1903. They have a son, Robert Neil Wagner, born March 11, 1929; and a daughter, Alice Madolin, born January 14, 1942.

Madolin Ida, born June 12, 1908, died January 11, 1921.

William Dillenback Hudson, born July 10, 1910, married Gertrude Ritter July 13, 1935. Gertrude was born May 2, 1909.

Sherman and Grant Dilienback, (twins) born April 25, 1885. Sherman married Mary Minster June 16, 1917. She was born December 7, 1887.

Rufus Dillenback, born July 14, 1892, married (first) Nettie Smith of Rensselaer, Dec. 9, 1914. She was born June 5, 1883 and died February 18, 1937.

They had two children:

Francis S. Dillenback, born October 22, 1915, married Gladys Wilson May 26, 1940 and they have a daughter Lynda Louise, born January 28, 1943. Francis is in the armed forces overseas (1945).

William Dillenback, born March 3, 1920.

Rufus Dillenback married (second) Julia O'Brien of Troy, June 1, 1938.

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