Fort Klock Historic Restoration
& Indian Castle Church

The Young (Jung) Families of the Mohawk Valley
Compiled by Clifford M. Young & Published by
The Fort Plain Standard, Fort Plain, NY 1947
Donated by Bruce Hargrove.


1. Hendrick Young and Anna Margaretha (probably Timmerman) arrived in America with the Palatines in 1710 and went to the Camps on the Hudson. He was one of the Palatine volunteers in Col. Nicholson's expedition against the French in 1711, which apparently amounted to only a long march to the Canadian border and return. The records show that Hendrick and family migrated to Schoharie with that large group settling there about 1712. He and Theobald Young (probably brothers) are the only ones of record (Immigrants) bearing the name "Jung", who went to Schoharie. Their further migration to the Mohawk Valley is discussed elsewhere in this record. It is regretted that the parentage of Hendrick Jung and the maiden name of Anna Margaretha were not given in any of the early records.

JACOB YOUNG was undoubtedly their first born (1710). Perhaps he was born on the high seas or in England before they sailed that year, as church records do not show his birth, except that at the time of his death the records of the Dutch Reformed Church of Sand Hill (Fort Plain) say he was born in 1710.

MARIA CATHARINE was born to Hendrick and Margaretha October 28, 1711 (Kocherthal Record).

JOHN HENDRICK and ANNA MARGARETHA (twins) were born to this couple in Schoharie January 24, 1716. (Kocherthal Record). It should be noted that the Simmendinger Register of 1717 slates that Hendrick Jung and Anna Margaretha had four children up to this time, which accounts for Jacob's birth in 1710, which was not recorded.

PETER, birth date not recorded, was born to this couple probably after 1719, when Rev. Kocherthal had died.

JOHN FREDERICK, birth date not found, was born to Hendrick and Anna Margaretha Young. It is probable that both Peter and Johann Frederick were born after the twins, during that period immediately following the death of Rev. Joshua. Kocherthal, when records were not so well kept; or they may have been born in the Mohawk Country and their births recorded in the early churches of either Stone Arabia or German Flats. These churches were destroyed and most of their records lost, so that few baptismal records of that period exist.


(Hendrick Young and Anna Margaretha, parents)

2-1 Jacob Young, born in 1710, married Dorothy (probably Reichert). They lived at Sand Hill (Fort Plain, then Canajoharie, Albany County, later town of Minden, Montgomery County) where he purchased several lots in the Bleecker Patent. Jacob died January 12, 1794, aged 84 years, and doubtless was buried in the Sand Hill cemetery. His will is quoted elsewhere; and church records indicate that Dorothy was still living in 1803. She might have been several years younger than Jacob or lived to a very old age. Record of her birth has not been found but it is probable that she was a daughter of Conrad Reichert.

2-2 Maria Catharine, born October 28, 1711, registered for matrimony to Johannes Reichert, son of Conradt Reichert, June 14, 1748. (Schoharie Dutch Reformed Church record, pg. 289 of translation).

2-3 John Hendrick, born January 24, 1716, married Catharine Landrum or Lantman, January 24, 1744.

2-4 Anna Margaretha, born January 24, 1716 (Kocherthal Record,) married Johannes Hess, Jr. Nov. 10, 1743 (Stone Arabia L. C.) Confusion has arisen among certain genealogists with regard to the parentage of this Anna Margaretha Young, some claiming she might have been a daughter of Theobald Jung; and others believing that Frederick Young was her father. The only Anna Margaretha Young of that early date, of which we have found any record, was recorded as a daughter of Hendrick and Anna Margaretha Young.

When David Hess was born to the said John Hess, Jr. and wife Anna Margaretha, it is true that the elder Theobald Young and wife Catharine were sponsors at the baptism. The records indicate that Hendrick Young and some of the family had returned to Schoharie in 1732 and therefore were not readily available to act as sponsors when their grandson David was baptized. The close relationship between the two Young families readily accounts for the presence of Theobald and wife to act as sponsors.

As previously indicated, it is probable that Hendrick and Theobald were brothers, and these two families moved from Schoharie to the Mohawk Valley in about 1722. Frederick was a son of Theobald Young and of the same generation as Margaretha Young Hess, and apparently they must have been cousins. No Frederick Jung appears in the records of Palatine Immigrants arriving in 1710. The "father" theory with regard to Frederick appears to have grown out of the fact that Anna Margaretha Hess purchased from Frederick Young a lot in the Philip Livingston patent, bearing date of March 22, 1768, to which her son David fell heir. David sold the lot to one Jacob Ratnauer of Freysbush June 6, 1788, and in the description of the land as appears in this deed it is claimed that Frederick Young was mentioned as the father of the said Anna Margaretha Young Hess. A careful reading of the deed as recorded in Deed Book 8, in the Montgomery County Clerk's office at Fonda, shows that nothing in the deed tends to indicate that Frederick Young was the father of the said Anna Margaretha. As a matter of fact, no record has been found to show that Frederick Young ever married, but he owned considerable property in the Livingston patent and had otherwise received from the Crown a large land grant near Sharon.

2-5 Peter, birth not found, according to the Schoharie church record, registered for matrimony to Maritje Anderson June 14, 1748. There is no record showing That they ever did marry, and it is probable That the Peter Young noted in the Schoharie German Lutheran Church record as having married Margaretha Freymauer August 2, 1748, was this same Peter whose name appears in the record as the son of Hendrick Jung. No other Peter Jung is recorded in Schoharie that early. Further evidence that this is the same Peter is the fact that lie registered for matrimony on the same date as his sister Maria Catharine, who married Johannes Reichert. There is some evidence elsewhere stated, which tends to indicate that Hendrick and some of his family returned from the Mohawk Valley to Schoharie or vicinity, as will be observed by the church record of marriages and births of his grand children; also the fact that when Hendrick sold his land in the Palatine district the deed states as a reason "he moving." (See copy of deed dated 1732)

2-6 Johan Frederick, birth date not found, was probably born in the Mohawks country after 1722. He married Catharine Schumacher widow of Melchoir Bell, March 18, 1762. They had Dorothy, horn January 26, 1764. It is possible that this might have been a second marriage for both. It also seems quite probable that Dorothy was named for her Aunt Dorothy, wife of Jacob Young, Sr., of Fort Plain, Johan Frederick Jung was sponsor for John Frederick Hess, born May 10, 1731 to Johann Hess and Anna Margaretha (Young) Hess, his sister.


2-1 Jacob Young, born in 1710, married Dorothy Reichert.

Third Generation

3-1 Jacob Young, Jr. (Revolutionary soldier, 2nd Regiment, Tryon County Militia), horn January 4, 1754, married Maria (Mary) -----------. He died December 29, 1795, aged 42 years, and is recorded in the Sand Hill Dutch Reformed Church lists as a "highly respected elder of the church." Unfortunately the parentage, birth, marriage, and death dates of Maria cannot be stated. The minister at that time stated in several instances in the record of deaths "The widow Young died," giving the date but omitting the name of the husband and the given name of the widow. The church record states that Jacob and Maria had three sons and two daughters. They apparently lived in Freysbush, near Fort Clyde and their children were Jacob (3), Frederick, David, Nancy and Catharine.

3-2(a) Peter Young, Esq. (birth date not found), justice of Tryon County, Captain of Cavalry, lived in Fort Plain (see Simms "Frontiersmen"). Peter married Maria Elisabeth Seever (Seeber) 1st; Betsy Diefendorf, 2nd; and Gertrude Dygert Hess, widow of Abram Hess, 3rd, Jan. 1, 1818. Mary Elisabeth Seeber was a daughter of Lieutenant Colonel William Seeber and Elisabeth Schnerr, and was horn December 2, 1739 and died April 29, 1811, aged 73 years. (The latter dates are subject to some doubt because of inadequacy of records). Children of record by the first marriage were William, Abram, Peggy, Polly, Elisabeth, Jacob P., Nancy Maria and Caty.

3-2 (b) Peter Young, Esq. married, second, Betsey Diefendorf and they had David, born June 2, 1814. She died May 13, 1817, aged 39 years, 9 months and 17 days. Peter Young then married the widow of Abram Hess (Gertrude) January 1, 1818.

3-3 Catharine. No record. (The church records destroyed in Brant's raid would probably have provided the birth dates of these persons).

3-4 Elisabeth. No record.

See accompanying will of Jacob Young, Sr. 2-1.

3-5 Hendrick. No record.

3-6 Margaret. No record.

The Johnstown Free School record of that early period gives the names of Peter and Hendrick Young, probably the sons of Jacob Young, Sr.


2-2 Maria Catharine Young, born Oct. 28, 1711, married Johannes Reichert June 14, 1748, (Schoharie Dutch Reformed Church record). He was a son of Conrad and Elisabeth Reichert, born May 19, 1728. The children of Johannes and Maria Catharina were Hendrick, born Sept. 23, 1749; Marcus, born Nov. 21, 1758; John Hendrick, born July 17,-1760; Elisabeth, born Feb. 5, 1762; and Catharina, born June 5. 1764.


2-3 John Hendrick Young, Jr., born Jan. 24, 1716, married Catharine Landman (Lantman).

Third Generation

3-1 Pieter, born November 23, 1746 (died).

3-2 Pieter, born December 4, 1748.

3-3 Elisabeth, born April 28, 1751.

3-4 Johannes, born May 30, 1753.

3-5 Catharina, born April 6, 1755.

3-6 Stephen, born October 23, 1757.

3-7 Jacob, born February 17, 1760.

3-8 Abram, born October 29, 1762.

3-9 Fredench, born November 5, 1764; Johannes Reichert and wife Maria Catharine Young, sponsors.

Note: This family apparently lived in the vicinity of Hoosick (Hooseck), then Albany county, and the family record was found in Albany "Dutch Settlers," Schoharie churches and New York. Peter Landmann, who was probably the father of our Catharine, was a son of Peter of Stockheim in the Sovereignty of Isenburg, Budingen who married Elisabetha, daughter of Johann Planck of Dansenan in the Sovereignty of Nassau. Some writers claim that the name Landman was in some instances changed to Countryman. This author has been unable to locate any further trace of thid large family. They may have moved to Canada.


2-4 Anna Margaretha Young, born Jan. 24, 1716, married Nov. 10, 1743 Johannes Hess, Jr, bom May 5, 1721. Children:

Third Generation

3-1 Catherine, born July 16, 1744, died Nov. 22, 1821; married Jacob Weaver (1st); Christopher Fox (2nd).

3-2 Johannes born Oct. 27, 1745; married Anna Fox, Feb. 23, 1768. She was a daughter of Johann William Fox.

3-3 Elizabeth, born Aug. 12, 1747, died Jan. 5, 1823; married Major Christ. William Fox (brother of Anna Fox).

3-4 Anna, born Mar. 25, 1749; married Jacob Klock, Sept. 27, 1770.

3-5 Johan Frederick, born May 10, 1751, died in 1806; married Anna Catherine Nellis.

3-6 Dewalt (David), bom Sept. 22, 1753, died in 1841; married Marjorie ---

3-7 Daniel, born Mar. 16, 1756, died April 11, 1758.

3-8 Daniel, born Nov. 13, 1758, died Nov. 2, 1842; married Maria Fox. They had a son John D. Hess, who married (1801) Mary Young, born in 1779 and died Oct. 2, 1813.


2-5 Peter Young married Margaretha Freymauer (Fremire) August 2, 1748.

Third Generation

3-1 Elisabeth, born May 5, 1749.

3-2 Johannes, born May 28, 1754, died in 1760.

3-3 Eva, born October 11, 1756.

3-4 Catharine, born November 19, 1758.

3-5 Peter, born August 8, 1761. (Schoharie Record)

3-6 Anna, born October 28, 1764.

3-7 Johannes, born August 9, 1767.


2-6 Johann Frederick Young married Catharine Schumacher (widow) March 18, 1762. (Probably a second marriage by both). Child:

Third Generation

3-1 Dorothy, born January 26, 1764.



3-1 Jacob Young, Jr., born Jan. 4, 1754 (Revolutionary soldier) ; married Maria ----. They lived in Freysbush and he died December 29, 1795.

Fourth Generation

4-1 Jacob (3rd), born February 19, 1780, died April 7, 1863. He married Elisabeth (Betsy) Cummings (Cummins) born June 2, 1788, died April 27, 1862. They were married December 15, 1810. Their children were Lucinda, born Jan. 1, 1812, and Peggy, born Mar. 20, 1817.

4-2 Frederick, born ....?; married Elisabeth Younglove, born February 11, 1782, near Schaghticoke. She was a daughter of Dr. David Younglove and Anna Failing, daughter of Nicholas Failing. Dr. David Younglove was a brother of Dr. Moses Younglove of Oriskany fame, sons of Isaiah Younglove and Mary Lucas. Both were Revolutionary soldiers. Moses and wife Polly Patterson are buried in the old part of the cemetery at Hudson, N. Y. Unfortunately, nothing on his grave stone indicates that he was a Revolutionary soldier and no historical marker or emblem has been provided (1944). The children of Frederick and Elisabeth were Jacob F., Daniel V., Maria and Nancy.

4-3 David, born in 1783, died June 4, 1851 "in the 68th year of his life" and is buried in the Freysbush cemetery, on north side of main drive, about 100 feet from the Methodist Church. He married Christina Van Deusen February 2, 1806, Rev. John J. Wack (Wock) minister of the Fort Plain Dutch Reformed Church officiating. Christina died in 1829 but her burial place is unknown. She was a sister of Barent (Barney) Van Deusen,-tollgate keeper in Valley Brook, near Fort Plain. His bible, in possession of Dewitt and Abby Wiles, gives the death year of Christina, and the dates of death of his parents, but he failed to mention their names, and no record has come to light which would reveal the secret. They probably lived in East Greenbush, Rensselaer county. This David Young and Christina are the great-grandparents of Clifford M. Young.

Christina Van Deusen Young had also brothers Martin and George Van Deusen, and sisters Giddy Plank, Lydia Van Deusen, Maria Kramer, wife of Joseph Kramer (Cramer), and Catharine Wagner. These are mentioned in the will of Martin Van Deusen, also nieces Maria Plank and Catharine Young and nephews Peter, Daniel and Jay Young. His will was dated February 7, 1834. The children of David and Christina were Peter, Daniel, Abram, Catlierine and Jay Jacob Young.

4-4 Nancy, birth date not found, married Lawrence Gros, Jr. of Fort Plain, his father, Lawrence, Sr. having been a Revolutionary soldier and a nephew of Rev. John Daniel Gros.

4-5 Catliarine, birth date not found, married Conrad Hawn, Jr. in 1796, son of Conrad, Sr.. killed in the Battle of Oriskany. Conrad and Catharine lived for a time in the town of Sullivan, Madison county, N. Y., and probably were buried there. Their children were Elizabeth, Jacob, David, Albert, Frederick, George, Daniel, Catherine, Maria, and Sophia.


3-2 Peter Young, birth date not found, married Maria Elisabeth Seeber (1st) wife) and their children were as follows:

Fourth Generation

4-1 William, no record other than Simms' Frontiersmen.

4-2 Abram, no record.

4-3 Margaret, married Lyman Howard May 23, 1813. They had a child who died in infancy, and Catharine Elisa, born Dec. 18, 1814, sponsors, William Young and Caty Effner.

4-4 Polly, born 1783, burned to death October 21, 1801, buried in Sand Hill cemetery.

4-5 Elisabeth, born March 7, 1782, sponsors Jacob Young and Dorothy.

4-6 Jacob P., horn March 9, 1790, Jacob Young and wife Maria, sponsors; died October 19, 1864. He married Maria Elisabeth Kilts or Lipe who died November, 1864, aged 63 yrs. 7 mos and 14 days. Buried in Fort Plain cemetery. Their children were:

5-1 Catharine, born June 14, 1820.

5-2 Maria Elisabeth, born August 27, 1822.

5-3 Susan, born August 26, 1824.

5-4 David Henry, born March 26, 1927.

4-7 Nancy Maria, (birth date not found, as the record of all these children was probably destroyed when the Sand Hill church was burned) married John Charlesworth, son of John Miles Charlesworth (1760-1815) and Margaret Lipe (1765-1837). John was born June 27, 1789, and while the marriage date could not be found, the children of John and Nancy Maria were:

5-1 Horatio Young Miles Charlesworth, born Jan. 10, 1812.

5-2 Charles Augustus Wack Charlesworth, born May 10, 1815.

5-3 Josiah, born May, 1816.

5-4 Susan Maria, born Sept. 20, 1819.

5-5 Harriet, born June 16, 1823.

5-6 John Charlesworth, born March 21, 1828.

This family moved from Fort Plain to Avoca, Steuben county but thereafter all traces of them have been lost.

Note: The Charlesworth's came from England. John Miles Charlesworth and wife Margaret Lipe (daughter of John Lipe) had the following children:

Mary, born May 7, 1784,
Elizabeth, born Aug. 24. 1786,
John, born Tune 27, 1789,
Daniel, born Dec. 10, 1790,
Margaret, born Mar. 23. 1794,
Catharine, born April 12, 1800,
David, born Feb. 7, 1803.
Sally, born March 4, 1810.

Daniel Charlesworth married Elisabeth Diefendorf and later moved St. Lawrence county. Eva Charlesworth Leneker (Mrs. J. Harvey Leneker, of Canastota (to whom this writer is indebted for the foregoing authentic information) descends from Daniel, brother of John who married Nancy Maria Young, daughter of Peter Young.

4-8 Catharine (Caty) birth date not found, married Andrew Coppernoll and had three children.


5 - 1 Maria Elisabeth, baptized Aug. 17, 1806,

5-2 Andreas, baptized Jan. 5, 1809,

5-3 Catharine (Caty) baptized Oct. 6, 1811.

4-9 David, born June 2, 1814. (Parents, Peter Young and Betsy, his 2nd wife), who died May 13, 1817, aged 39 yrs. 9 mos. and 17 days.



(Son of Jacob, Jr.)

4-1 Jacob Young (3), born February 19, 1780, married Elisabeth (Betsy) Cumins or Cummings, December 15, 1810. Their children of record were:

Fifth Generation

5-1 Lucinda, born January 1, 1812.

5-2 Peggy, born March 20, 1817.

There may have been other children, but no further record of this family has been found.


4-2 Frederick Young and Elisabeth Younglove, parents.

5-1 Jacob F. Young, bom in 1815, died in 1891. He married Nancy Maria Diefendorf, born 1815, died 1901. (Tombstone record, Freysbush cemetery). They had two daughters, Mary, born 1840, died in 1910, married Benjamin Button of Buel; and Annie E., born 1858, died 1864.

5-2 Daniel F. Young, born in Freysbush, March 16, 1817, died August 18, 1892 in Jasper, Steuben county, N. Y. At an advanced age he married Anna Miller, his niece. There were no children. He is buried on the Young-Timerman lot in the Jasper cemetery.

Because of the prominence of Daniel F. Young, his biography and photograph are submitted-courtesy of "Hakes Landmarks of Steuben County."

Daniel F. Young, son of Frederick

"Daniel F. Young was the youngest of four children of Frederick Young and Elisabeth (Younglove) Young, who lived and died in Freysbush, Montgomery County, N. Y.

He was born February 16, 1817 (sponsors at baptism, Daniel Gros and Maria Dygert), reared on a farm and was a self-made and self-educated man. He taught school for a time and was trained as a carpenter. In 1845 he was offered and accepted the editorialship of the Montgomery Phoenix, then the only paper published in Fort Plain. He studied law with Wagner & Webster, attorneys and councellors, but followed editorial work on the Phoenix for 13 years. In 1848 he was appointed deputy post master at Fort Plain under Henry C. Adams and shortly thereafter resigned to accept the post of clerk to William Dale, division superintendent of the Erie canal. A little later he became a clerk in the Fort Plain Bank and was subsequently made its cashier, a position he held until after the close of the Civil War when he resigned on account of ill health.

He then retired from active business, devoting the remainder of his life to the care of his property and family and to literary pursuits. He died in Jasper August 18, 1892. He was a Republican and the leading journals of his party often bristled with political and other articles from his able and versatile pen. The files of the Mohawk Valley Register, the New York Mail, the Express and many Steuben county papers contained the products of his fertile brain. Gifted alike in prose and poetry, he was a strong defender of right and justice, of temperance legislation, and of the principles of Republicanism. He was opposed to the saloon and also to all other party movements and always had the courage of his convictions and the honesty to boldly express his views espoused.

He was an excellent writer, clear, concise, logical and witty, a close thinker, tenacious in belief, possessed of the qualities of a strong character, a highly cultivated mind, and therefore fond of grappling with metaphysical subtleties. On the question of the Freedom of the Will, in which he was profoundly interested and on which he wrote much and published little, he belonged to the school of Jonathan Edwards.

In metrical composition he had abilities of a no mean order. He wrote a number of poems which clearly indicated his high intellectual and beautiful thoughts that filled his mind. During his latter years he was in the habit of writing a poem on each occurrence of his natal which the final two are as follows:

I keep my frail bark near the shore,
And smile to see my fellows strive;
With feebleness I ply the oar--
The pulse runs low at seventy-five.

But still God's wonderous world is fair,
He scatters mercies large and free;
He plans his beauties everywhere,
And life is still a joy to me.

In the spring of 1885 Mr. Young settled in the village of Jasper where he bought a handsome residence which was burned September 12, 1891. Hither he had brought from the Mohawk Valley his large and valuable library and literary treasures, which were totally destroyed. He felt this loss keenly, largely from the fact that age prevented him from making another collection of those "silent" and ever available "friends", for he prized them as only a true booklover prizes books.

He was held in high esteem and retained the confidence of all who knew him. On July 14, 1883, Mr. Young, while residing temporarily at Painted Post, was married by Rev. Joseph H. Young, rector of St. Joseph's Episcopal Church, Dansville, to Miss Anna Rust Miller, daughter of Dr. William and Mary (Seeber) Miller, natives respectively of Johnstown and Canajoharie, N. Y. She survived him and in 1894 married F. S. Viall, formerly a business man of Canastota and now a merchant in Jasper, where Mrs. Miller also resides. Dr. Miller lived and died in Johnstown, Fulton County. His father. Dr. James W. Miller, prominent in early history of that place, married Sarah, daughter Amaziah Rust of Revolutionary fame."

On August 13, 1941, the writer visited Jasper Cemetery and observed the Young-Timerman (spelled with one "m") lot. There a monument containing the name "Y O U N G" and a grave marker bearing the inscription "Daniel F. Young-1817 - 1892." On the opposite side of the lot are the Timerman graves, all well marked. (Maria Young Timerman was a sister of Daniel F. Young). There is also Stone on which is inscribed "Margaret Pletts, wife of Peter Pletts, died April 5, 1878, aged 92 years, 9 mos. and 12 days." She was Margaret Younglove, sister of Elisabeth, wife of Frederick Young; in other words Margaret was an aunt of Daniel F. Young and Maria (Young) Timerman.

5-3 Maria Young, born Jan. 1, 1815, died Nov. 19, 1869. She married John a Timerman of Freysbush, born January 1, 1811, died September 19, 1866. He was a son of John Timerman of Freysbush. In 1848 John I. and Maria moved to Jasper, Steuben county, and are buried on the Young-Timerman lot in the Jasper cemetery. John I. was a fanningmill maker and some of his machines are still in use throughout the State.

The Timerman gravestones read as follows:

Jonas Timerman died Feb. 11, 1866 aged 53 yrs. 9 mos. & 14 days.

Catharine his wife died July 25, 1868, aged 53 yrs. 10 mos. & 5 days.

Nancy M. daughter of Jonas and Catharine died Nov. 26, 1852, aged 1 yr.

John I. Timerman died Sept. 19, 1866, aged 55 yrs. 8 mo, & 9 days.

Maria (Young) his wife died Nov. 19, 1869 aged 54 yrs. & 10 mos.

Milton Timerman 1834 - 1911 (son of John I. and Maria).

Elnora Failing Timerman his wife 1835 - 1920.

Delevan W. Timerman 1858 - 1932 (son of Milton).

Anna, wife of Delevan 1861 - 1912.

Besides Milton, the other children of John I. and Maria Timerman were Augustus, Melissa, Ann and Eugene.

Milton Timerman was born in Freysbush May 3, 1834. He married Elenora, daughter of Benjamin Failing, who came to Jasper about 1840.

The children of Milton and Eleanora were Delevan W., Arthur E., Maria of Catonsville, Md., Fred B., Wellsburg, N. Y., and Charles (Timerman) of Long Beach, California. Milton was at one time Town Clerk of Jasper and a Class Leader in the Methodist Church.

5-4 Nancy Young married Abram Seeber, son of Adolphus. Their children were Sarah, Christopher, Yates, Mary, Ann, Jacob, Elisabeth, Elsonia and Sheldon Seeber.

Unfortunately the dates of birth and death of Frederick Young and burial place of both himself and wife, Elisabeth Younglove, have not been located. They lived on what became the George Nellis farm, near Fort Clyde in Freysbush.

Fifth Generation (Continued)


4-3 David Young and Christina Van Deusen Parents.

5-1 Peter. No record except he is mentioned in the will of his mother's brother, Martin Van Deusen (1834).

5-2 Daniel, born September 2, 1814, baptized October 26, 1814 (Geisenberg record) ; married Sally Diefendorf, daughter of Captain George Diefendorf, Sept. 26, 1839. Sally was born Jan. 5, 1816 and died March 8, 1887. Daniel Young was a farmer and mechanic and resided on the farm in Freysbush, formerly owned by his father-in-law, George Diefendorf. Daniel died suddenly in the barn Dec. 8, 1881. Both are buried on the YOUNG - MOYER lot in Freysbush cemetery.

Daniel and Sally (Diefendorf) Young

5-3 Abram, born October 4, 5816, baptized January 16, 1817; sponsors William H. Seeber and wife Elisabeth Failing. (Dutch Reformed Church, Fort Plain). It is probable that Abram died young as no further record concerning him is available. When he died or where he was buried is unknown.

5-4 Catharine Young, born February 1, 1819, sponsors Joseph Cramer and wife Maria (Van Deusen). All traces of this Catharine appear to have been lost. She was apparently living at the time Martin Van Deusen made his will in 1834, in which her name is mentioned.

5-5 Jay Jacob Young, born in 1822, died December 10, 1893. He never married but lived with his brother Daniel, and later with his niece, Minerva (Young) Moyer, daughter of Daniel. He is buried on the family lot in Freysbush cemetery. No photograph of him has been found, but the writer remembers him as being tall, slender, with full gray beard, good natured and always busy.

4-4 Nancy Young, daughter of Jacob Young, Jr. married Lawrence Gross, Jr., who was later in the mercantile business with John Warner in Fort Plain.

(Daughter of Jacob Young, Jr.)

4-5 Catharine Young, birth date not found, married in 1796 Conrad Hawn, Jr. born May 16, 1769, died Nov. 4. 1850. He was a son of Conrad Hawn (1699) who was killed in the Battle of Oriskany Aug. 6, 1777. Conrad, Sr. married Ann Elisabeth Windecker, their eldest son being Conrad Hawn, Jr. (Hahn). The D. A. R. records indicate that the elder Conrad Hawn married, second Elisabeth Bell. Conrad Hawn, Jr. and Catharine (Young) Hawn had ten children of record, as follows:

5-1 Elisabeth, born October 17, 1797, married Rev. Benjamin Diefendorf, Feb. 4, 1816 and they had twelve children.

5-2 Jacob, born in 1800, died in 1884.

5-3 David, born in 1804, died in 1891.

5-4 Albert, born June 18, 1807, at Sullivan, N. Y.

5-5 Frederick, born June 15, 1810, died in 1898.

5-6 George, born in 1812, died in 1882.

5-7 Daniel, born in 1814.

5-8 Catharine, born September 1, 1816, married Charles Lintner, and they had Mary Elizabeth who married William H. Nicholls.

5-9 Maria, born in 1817.

5 -10 Sophia, born December 4, 1819.


5 --2 Daniel Young, son of David and Christina Van Deusen Young, married Sally Diefendorf, daughter of Capt. George Diefendorf and Catharine Bell. George was a son of Sgt. John Jacob Diefendorf and Kathrine Windecker, granddaughter of Hartman Windecker, the early Captain of Palatines. The children of Daniel and Sally were:

Sixth Generation

Hendrick, Jacob, Sr., Jacob, Jr., David, Daniel

6-1 Levi, born at Middlefield, N. Y., Sept. 28, 1840, died October 28, 1842.

6-2 Marvin, born at Middlefield, November 8, 1841, married Irene Lasher, daughter of Samuel Lasher, October 22, 1874. They had three children: Sarah, Samuel L. and Clifford M. Marvin Young died July 1, 1916 and Irene died January 7, 1928, aged ninety (see Lasher chapter). They are buried in the Freysbush cemetery.

Marvin and Irene (Lasher) Young

Marvin Young and Irene at time of Marriage--1874.

6-3 Minerva, born at Middlefield December 10, 1843, died April 8, 1921. She married Nathan Moyer December 29', 1864. He died December 7, 1921. Nathan was a son of John F. Moyer and Nancy Young, daughter of Garret, son of Godfrey Young (see Hans Christian Young chapter).

Nathan and Minerva had two sons, Franklin (Frankie), born Dec. 29, 1865, died March 18, 1874; and Arthur, born July 2, 1878, died Dec. 15, 1899. Arthur Moyer was a brilliant young man, county court stenographer and lawyer, just having been admitted to the bar at the age of 21 when he was stricken with typhoid fever.

Nathan and Minerva (Young) Moyer/Arthur Moyer

At the time of his death, the lawyers and law students of Fort Plain passed the following resolutions:

At a meeting of the lawyers and law students of Fort Plain, N. Y.; held at the office of Hon. J, D. Wendell, December 16, 1899, and attended by Hon. J. D. Wendell, D. C. Shults, H. M. Eldredge. E. S. Van Deusen, L. M. Weller, J. L. Moore, F. F. Wendell, G. E. Phillips, Irving Moyer, Fox Sponable, Samuel L. Young and Harry D. Walts, to take action upon the death of Arthur Moyer, the following proceedings were had:

Hon. J. D. Wendell was elected Chairman and J. L. Moore, Secretary. Those present then spoke with deep feeling and sincerity of the life and character of Mr. Moyer, and upon motion, a committee was appointed who drafted and submitted the following resolutions which were unanimously adopted:

"Arthur Moyer, age twenty-one years, is dead, and we, the lawyers of Fort Plain, record this fact with deepest sorrow."

We have watched the career of this young man with more than usual interest. He has been a source of pride to us. His faithful devotion to his studies, his upright character, his blameless course of life, marked him as one destined to honor a noble calling and one in which these qualities and traits are of such great value.

"He labored beyond his strength and died in winning a place in the ranks of the profession he loved. Deep as our grief is we cannot say that his labors have been in vain, and

"Whereas, we feel that it is appropriate that we should give formal expression to our sorrow, and his fellow students in Fort Plain joining in this tribute, therefore be it

"RESOLVED: That we extend to his family and to all others he held most dear, our deepest sympathy, feeling that it will be, through all the years to come, a pleasure to them to know that his companions in the legal profession, and in the preparation of it, were all his friends, and all honored and respected him; and that each of us consider his death as a personal loss and the memory of his exemplary life as an inspiration; and further, be it

"Resolved, that a copy of these resolutions be engrossed and presented to his parents, and that they be published in the village papers.
Signed - Henry M. Eldredge,
Frank G. Kelsey,
Joseph L. Moore,

The family is buried on the Young-Moyer lot in the Freysbush Cemetery.

6-4 Katharine, born in Freysbush February 28, 1846, died May 6, 1920. She married Irving Hess, born April 10, 1846, died June 21, 1881. They had two children : Howard L., born Feb. 23, 1873, died March 9, 1874; and Minerva (Mina) born Feb. 22, 1875, married Harry F. Smith at Yonkers. They reside in East Orange, N. J. (1945). There were no children.

6-5 Marietta, born in Freysbush, August 12, 1849, died May 18, 1895. She married John J. Lambert of F'reysbush, son of Moyer Lambert. They had one daughter. Nellie, born May 16, 1875, died August 16, 1919. She married Stanley P. Bowers of Freysbush. No issue.

6-6 George Ervin, born July 26, 1852, died August 14, 1852.


7-1 Sarah Young, born Sept. 12, 1875, married (1st) Marshall Jay Andrews of Pattens Mills, N. Y., Nov. 25, 1903. He died July 1, 1917. They had two sons-Kenneth S. and Harry I. Andrews. Sarah married (2nd) Elmer J. West of Glens Falls, March 6, 1919: he died Dec. 18, 1940. Sarah, (widow) resides in Glens Falls (1946). Her children were:

Marshall J. and Sarah (Young) Andrews, Kenneth S. Andrews

Eighth Generation


8-1 Kenneth S., born Sept. 1, 1904, married Marjorie Harr June 11, 1930. They lived in Glens Falls and had one child who died in infancy. Kenneth died Dec. 15, 1941.

8-2 Harry J. born May 18, 1913, married Harriet Wakely of Glens Falls June 21, 1937. One son, Harrison, died in infancy. Harry was with the 90th Division, 357th Infantry, Company B in the Normandy invasion, where he was wounded in action and later returned to the States and assigned to duty at Holleran Hospital on Staten Island, and honorably discharged.

7-2 Samuel L. Young, born May 27, 1877, married Sarah Hartranft of Liepsic, Del. He has been for many years an attorney in the Income Tax Dept. of the U. S. Treasury, Washington, D. C. where he now resides (1946).

Harry J. and Harriet (Wakely) Andrews

Samuel L. and Sarah (Hartranft) Young


(Hendrick - Jacob, Sr. - Jacob, Jr. - David - Daniel - Marvin)

7-3 Clifford Marvin Young, born in Frevsbush, N. Y. Oct. 23, 1878, married June 15, 1905, Anna May Dillenback, born Sept. 21, 1878.

After graduation from the Gloversville Business School he entered the State Service, May 14, 1903 as a stenographer at the Matteawan State Hospital. Thereafter he held the position of stenographer in the Dept. of State Engineer & Surveyor, and the State Agricultural Department. In 1908 he was transferred to the State Commission of Prisons as Inspector of Penal Institutions, later promoted to Chief Inspector and finally to Assistant Secretary of the State Commission of Correction which superseded the old Prison Commission. He retired Sept. 30, 1944, after completing more than 41 years in the State Service. The Commission gave a testimonial dinner in his honor at the Fifth Avenue Hotel, New York City Sept. 14, 1944. The officers and employees of the Department of Correction presented him with a fine gold watch.

Clifford M. and Anna M. (Dillenback) Young

Clifford and Anna have two sons as follows:

8-1 Arthur D. Young, born in Albany March 24, 1906, married Oct. 10, 1935 Evelyn Burt of Hornell, N. Y. They met while students in Syracuse University from which he graduated with a degree of Bachelor of Fine Arts. They were married by the Rev. Charles A. Buttrick at the Madison Avenue Presbyterian Church in New York, N. Y. Arthur is a parole officer in the Division of Parole of the State, and Evelyn is a Reviewer in the Motion Picture Division of the State Education Department, both having headquarters in the State Office Building an New York. They have one daughter, Margolyn.

Arthur D. and Evelyn (Burt) Young and daughter, Margolyn Burt Young

8-2 Harvey C. Young, born in Albany October 15, 1911, married, July 20, 1940, Muriel Elinor Sawyer (born Feb. 27, 1914) of Warner, N. H. They were married by Rev. Alexander L. Chandler at the Congregational Church in Warner. They have one son David.

Harvey is a graduate of the Albany High school and Business College and is in the insurance business in Catskill, N. Y. He was a Sergeant in Battery A, 148th Battalion, Field Artillery, serving in the Pacific war area. He was wounded while on duty in the Philippines March 29, 1945. He was flown back to the States, and after a period in government hospitals, was honorably discharged. Muriel is a graduate of Boston University College of Music.


8-1 Arthur D. Young married Evelyn Burt Oct. 10, 1935. They have one daughter:

9-1 Margolyn Burt Young, born in New York, N. Y., October 20, 1941.


8-2 Harvey C. Young married July 20, 1940, Muriel E. Sawyer, daughter of Benjamin F. and Hilma L. (Perkins) Sawyer. They have one son:

9-1 David Sawyer Young, born in Catskill, N. Y., December 14, 1942.

End of lineage of Jacob Young, Jr.

Returning to Descendants of Peter Young, brother of Jacob, Jr.:

4-6 Jacob P. Young (son of Peter and Maria Elisabeth Seeber Young) baptized March 9, 1790, died October 19, 1864. He married Maria Elisabeth ---- who died November, 1864, aged 63 years. The records are not clear as to whether she was a Lipe or Kilts. They are buried in the older part of the Fort Plain cemetery. Their children were as follows:

5-1 Catherine, born June 14, 1820, married Peter John Sillenbeck in Fort Plain in 1838 (No relation to Dillenbecks.) He was born in 1817. They had three children, two of whom died young and are buried on the Sillenbeck lot in the Fort Plain cemetery. The survivor was Clayton Gilbert Sillenbeck, born June 21, 1845 at Fort Plain-died in Rome, N. Y. in November, 1925. On February 1, 1882 he married Cora Emily Groves, born February 3, 1859 at Somerset, Mass. She died in Rome November, 1905. They had one child-John Groves Sillenbeck, born August 5, 1884 at Rome; married at Syracuse February 26, 1907 Inez Harriet Young,* daughter of David Alonzo Young, born April 30, 1842 at Clay, Onondaga County, N. Y., and Harriet Ver Plank, born May 9, 1850 in Fort Plain.


8-1 Katherine Inez Sillenbeck,-born on Staten Island, July 27, 1913, married John A. Schlauch, September 6, 1939. They have one child-Paul John, born October 3, 1942.

8-2 Janet Aileen Sillenbeck, born at Queens Village, L. I., November 9, 1914, married Allan J. Heinson September 8, 1934. They have one child-Peter Allan Heinson, born May 5, 1942. (Family records of John G. Sillenbeck of Queens Village.)

5-2 Maria Elisabeth, born August 27, 1822, sponsors John D. Lipe and Maria Young. (No further record.)

5-3 Susan, born August 26, 1824, was the second wife of William Herdman of Cherry Valley. They were married at Fonda March 3, 1857, Susan was the nurse in our home when the writer's sister and brother were born. The Herdmans were members of the Fort Plain Methodist Church and are buried in the local cemetery. There were no children.

5-4 David Henry, born March 26, 1827 (painter) Lived in Fort Plain and there were two children of record: Annie B. died Oct. 1850, aged 1 yr. 10 mos. and 12 days.: James D. (wife Ann--) died Feb., 1877, aged 24. (No further record).

* Inez H. Young, wife of John G. Sillenbeck, descends from the Johan Mattheus Jung line, and Mr. Sillenbeck on the maternal side from Hendrick Jung line. The Sillenbecks reside at 207-18 1110th Ave., Queens Village, N. Y. (194B).

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