Three Rivers
History From America's Most Famous Valleys

The Young (Jung) Families of the Mohawk Valley
Compiled by Clifford M. Young & Published by
The Fort Plain Standard, Fort Plain, NY 1947
Donated by Bruce Hargrove.


Johann Mattheus and Anna Veronica (Mancken) Jung. (First generation of this branch in America (1) (1) JOHANN MATTHEUS JUNG, son of Jerg (George) Hans Jung of Gernheim, Commune Stromberg, Palatinate (Germany), born about 1691, and Anna Veronica Mancken, daughter of Master Jacob Mancken (Manch?) of Urbach, Commune Neuwied, (Germany), born about 1692 were married Sept. 28, 1714, by Rev. Joshua Kocherthal at West Camp on the Hudson River, N. Y.

John and Anna appear to have come to this country in the Palatine immigration of 1710. Kocherthal's record of their marriage on Sept. 28, 1714, indicates that they were then at West Camp or its vicinity. Judging from the location of the birth records of their children, they lived in that locality for at least the greater part of their lives. It is recorded that his son Peter (born 1725) left West Camp for New Rhinebeck (Carlisle) as late as 1760; and there are indications that others in the family were living in, or in the vicinity of, the "Camps" for some considerable time. Issue. (Children of Johann Mattheus and Anna Veronica Jung)

Second Generation (2)

2-1 Catherine Elisabeth, born Sept. 2, 1715; baptized Sept. 9, (Simmendinger Register) Sponsors Christopher Maul, Elisabeth Jung (probably Jerg Hans' widow), and Eva Catharine Mancken (probably a sister of Anna Veronica) Catherine Elisabeth married Jerg (George) Wilhelm Diederich, May 20, 1735. She died Oct. 20, 1776.

2-2 Elisabeth, born 1717; baptized July 15, 1,722, Sponsors Elisabeth Jong (probably Jerg Hans' widow) and David Kieselaar. (Old Dutch Church, Kingston.) Elisabeth married, first, Johannes Schaefer; second, William Broun (Brown), widower from Kingston, Sept. 10, 1744. She died about 1747. She was the mother of the John M. Brown who wrote the historical sketch of Schoharie's early times for Gov. Clinton, and who said in it that he was born "at the Blue Mountain, Ulster county, Nov. 5, 1745, old style," and lost his mother when he was 18 months old, and then went to live with his grandfather, Matthes Junck (Johann Mattheus Jung) at West Camp. (See Brown's historical sketch). (The birth and baptism dates of Elisabeth are unusually far apart. There is a possibility that one by that name born in 1717 died in infancy and another daughter, born in 1722, was given the same name, which was often done under such circumstances.)

2-3 Eva Maria, born April 8, 1718; baptized April 13; sponsors Andreas Ellich, Anna Maria DeMuth and Maria Christina Oberach. (Kocherthal record). Eva Maria married Conrad Engel June 21, 1745 "both of Albany county" (marriage record from Old Dutch Church, Kingston).

2-4 Jurrian, (George), said to have been born in 1720, married Maritje (Maria) Emerich, March 26, 1744.

2-5 Anna Margaretha, born March 6, 1721, at New Town, then Albany county; baptized March 15, Sponsors Heironymus Kleyn and Anna Margaretha Mancken, (probably the mother of Anna Veronica Mancken). (This record from the New York Lutheran church). No record of her marriage has been found. She may have been the "Anna Maria" who is said to have married John Philip Kerger (Karker). However, inasmuch as the record of Jurrian's birth has not been found it is possible that there was an Anna Maria born about this time, as indicated. We note that an Anna Maria DeMuth was a sponsor at the baptism of Eva Maria in 1718, and it is quite possible that an Anna Maria Jung was named after her. There was a period of three or four years between Elisabeth and Anna Margaretha until the birth of Peter in which we have found no records of births.

<-Peter Young-Revolutionary Tablet Carlisle, N. Y.

2-6 Peter, born 1725; baptized Feb. 14, 1725. (Old Dutch Church, Kingston) married Elisabeth Moschier (Muschier, Mosier, Mosser); etc.) Dec. 20, 1745. (Old Dutch Church, Kingston). Roscoe, in his history of Schoharie county, indicates that he died in 1800. The Lawyersville Reformed Church records- Sharon and New Rhinebeck-give "Pieter Junk died June 28, 1799." He is buried on his old farm in "New Rhinebeck" or "New Dorlach" as they called" it-and pronounced New Turlach or New Dorloo- (the Rock district of Carlisle) Schoharie county, N. Y.) The Compendium of American Genealogy,-First Families of America-gives us (Page 375) "Lieut. Peter Young, 1725-1800, removed from West Camp on the Hudson to New Rhinebeck in 1760. Was active in enlisting men during the American Revolution".

2-7 Gertrude, born Feb. 23, 1726; baptized May 9 at New Town, sponsors Elisabeth Klein, Wilhelm Schmid and Gertrude Falconburg. Gertrude married Johannes Musher (Muschier) brother of Peter Young's wife, Elisabeth Moschier. (Kocherthal record.)

2-8 Jacobus (Jacob), baptized Feb. 7, 1727. Sponsors not named. (Zion Lutheran Church, Athens) Beers Greene County History says he was baptized at Kiskelamlsy, July 7, 1727.

2-9 Johannes, born Jan. 10, 1729; baptized at Kingston March 11. Sponsors Johannes Scheffer and Maria Elisabeth Schmidt. Johannes married Annatje (Anna) Diederich Oct. 4, 1754; she was a daughter of Christian Diederich and Margaretha. There is a discrepancy as to dates in this birth and baptism. A photostat copy of the Athens record in the State Library in Albany, reads: "1730 ibid. Johannes gebooren den 13 Januar, de vader Johan Matthias Junge, de Moder Anna Veronica. John Scheffer and Maria Elisabeth Schmidt" (sponsors). This indicates the frequent error of a year. Beers, Greene County indicates there was another child not named born at Klaverack Feb. 2, 1730. Johannes died August 1, 1800.

Note: Apparently Anna Veronica did not live long after Johannes was born. Johann Matthens Jung married Catherine Diederich for his second wife October 14, 1731. (Dutch Reformed church record, New York City). They are recorded as sponsors in several baptisms. Apparently they had no children.


2 - 1 Catherine Elisabeth Jung, born Sept. 2, 1715, died Oct. 29, 1776; married Jerg (George) Wilhelm Diederich May 20, 1735 (Athens Record). Jerg Wilhelm Diederick was born at West Camp, N. Y. Dec. 5, 1711, (Kocherthal record) and died Dec. 13, 1786 at the same place. He was a son of Johan Wilhelm (John William) Diederich and wife, Anna Margaretha ----. George William Diederich's will was dated Nov. 11, 1786, and probated Jan. 31, 1787. Catherine Elisabeth Jung and Jerg Wilhelm Diederich were the parents of the following children:

Issue. (3) (Third Generation)


3-1 Wilhelm Diederich, born Feb. 11, 1735 (Athens record). He married Christiana, daughter of Hermanns Behr, died in 1800.

3-2 Mattheus, born Feb. 14, 1737 -(Athens record).

3-3 Jacobus, born Feb. 26, 1739 (Athens record).

3-4 Annatje, baptized Jan. S, 1741. Sponsors Johannes Diederich and Catherine. (Katsbaan record).

3-5 Marietje, baptized Sept. 27, 1744. Sponsors William Broun (Brown) and Elisabeth Jung (parents of John M. Brown, Schoharie judge and historian). (Katsbaan record).

3-6 Marytje, baptized April 5, 1746. No sponsors named. (Athens record).

3-7 Margriet, baptized April 11, 1748. Sponsors Frederick Diederick and wife, Eva Groot. (Athens record).

3-8 Elisabeth, baptized Oct. 2?, 1749. No sponsors. (Athens record).

3-9 Zacharias, born 1751.
3 - 10 Catliarina, baptized Dec. 27, 1752. Sponsors' Peter Jung and Elisabeth
Moschier. (Atliens record).

3-11 Sarah, born 1754.

3-12 Eva, baptized May 5, 1757. Sponsors Johannes Jung and Arinatje Diederich. (Katsbaan record).

Tradition has it that two Diederichs, Jerg Wilhelm and Johann Wilhelm, half brothers, came to New York. One settled in West Camp and the other in East Camp. Johann Wilhelm Diederich, a Palatine born in Wurtemburg, and wife Anna Margaretha or Maria were the parents of three children: (Athens record)

1. Frederick, married Eva Groat (or Graat), died 1764.

2. Maria Catharine, married at Catskill, 1734, Henricb, son of Hannes Groat.

3. Jerg (Jnrry, Yurry, George) Wilhelm, born at West Camp Dec. 5, 1711, married May 20, 1735 to Katharine Elisabeth Jong. He died Dec. 13, 1786. She died Oct. 20, 1776, "aged 61 years, 1 month, 27 days."


2-2 Elisabeth Jung, born 1717; baptized July 15, 1722. Married, first, Johannes Schefer; second, William Broun (Brown). Issue. (3)

Third Generation

3-1 (First marriage) Catherine Schefer, baptized May 9, 1736.

3-2 (Second marriage) John Mattheus Broun (Brown), born Nov. 5, 1745, "old style" "at the Blue Mountain, Ulster county" N. Y. (Brown's own statement in his historical sketch of Schoharie's early times). He was baptized Nov. 18, 1745. This John M. Brown wrote the above mentioned historical sketch for Governor Clinton in 1816. He was also a soldier in the Revolutionary war, and later a county (Schoharie) judge.

3-3 Christian Broun (Brown) (Simms Schoharie and Border Wars says Christian Brown was a brother of the late Judge Brown. It is possible that they were half brothers.)


2-3 Eva Maria Jung, born April 8, 1718. She married Conrad Engle. Old Dutch Church of Kingston, under Marriages, gives the following: "Eva Maria Jong and Conrad Engel, both of Albany, June 21, 1745." Eva Maria's daughter (probably her name was Elisabeth, but written Angel Engel in Roscoe, the historian's original notes) married a Jeremiah Young (evidently a son of Jacob Young and Maria Petrie) and had 22 children". (Roscoe's Hist. of Schoharie County). On page 412 Roscoe also gives the following as the children of Eva Maria Jung and Johan Conrad Engle:

(Third generation)

3-1 Anna, (Mrs. Hoffman, who was killed with her husband, Michael Hoffman, in Turlah (Derlach, Dorloo, etc.) by the Indians on the 10th day of July, 1780).

3-2 Mathias.

3-3 Anna Caroline.

3-4 Kathrina, (Mrs. Tunis Kneiskern).

3-5 John William.

3-6 Eva.

3-7 John.

3-8 Elizabeth (probably the one who married Jeremiah Young).

3-9 Jergen.

3-10 Margaret (Mrs. Jacob Strobeck).


2 - 4 Jurrian (George) Jung, said to have been born in 1720. Married Marytje (Maria) Emerich, March 26, 1744.

The late Charlotte Taylor Luckhurst, genealogist of Albany, N. Y., gives us the following information: "Their home was also in the vicinity of West Camp, Athens, Catskill-as all of the children were baptized in the vicinity. Records of marriages and other baptisms may have been recorded in the first volume of the Lutheran church of Albany, to which we have references as early as 1714. It is known to have been in existence within the last 100 years, but disappeared many years ago. It is hoped that it may still be preserved and brought to light. The second volume of the records begins about 1780."

Issue. (3) (Third generation)

3-1 Mattheus, (evidently the first child) named after his grandfather, Johann Mattheus Jung. Baptized June 4, 1745. Sponsors "(Johann) Mattheus Jong and his wife, Catherina Diederich" (Johann Mattheus' second wife). (Katsbaan record). Mattheus is said to have married Catharine Dingman. He died June 17, 1827 (tombstone record).

3-2 Johannes, baptized Aug. 21, 1748. Sponsors Henrich Bauer "en sen frau". (and his wife). (Old Catskill record). No marriage record of Johannes has been found, and he probably died young.

3-3 Elisabeth, baptized April 16, 1750. Sponsors Peter Jonk and his wife Elisabeth Moesher. (Katsbaan record). She married Petrus Becker. A daughter born to this pair, Maria Becker, was baptized Jan. 9, 1779. Sponsors Jerian Jong and Maritje (Emerich).

3-4 Margaretha, baptized Oct. 13, 1751. Sponsors Wilhelmus and Margaretha Emerick. (Katsbaan record). She married Leendert Scherp.

3-5 Johannes, baptized Oct. 18, 1753. Sponsors Johannes Jongh and Annatje Diederich. (Old Catskill record).

3-6 Jeremiah, baptized Oct. 2, 1755. Sponsors Johannes and Gertrude Moescher. (Old Catskill record). Probably married Annetje Winne, baptized Oct. 21, 1762.

We have the records of three children: Catharina, baptized Nov. 11, 1781; Pieter, Jan. 18, 1784 (Sponsors Abram Jong and Catharina Jong), and John, Sept. 25, 1785 (sponsors Lauwrens Winne and Catharina Bakker, (Records from Winne family by Elizabeth Winne Tompkins).

3-7 Maria, baptized Jan. 1, 1758. Sponsors Matheus Diederick and Marye Immerich. (Old Catskill record).

3-8 Annatje, baptized April 29, 1760. Sponsors Conrad and Marytje Engel. (Old Catskill record).

3-9 Abraham and Catharine (twins), baptized May 8, 1763. Sponsors Johangh and Annatje Jongh, Jurre (George) Wilhelm Diederich and Catharine. (Old Catskill record). No records of marriage of these twins have been found.

3-10 Christina, baptized Aug. 1, 1765. Sponsors Frederick and Christina Schram. (Old Catskill record). Probably married Arent Winne, Jr. Jan. 6, 1788. Arent Winne, Jr. was horn May 13, 1756, a son of Arent Winne and Annetje Langendyk. (From Winne family in Boston Transcript, by Elizabeth Winne Tompkins).

3-11 Petrus, baptized Jan. 23, 1768. Sponsors Jacob and Margaretha Diederick. (Old Catskill record).


2-5 Anna Margaretha Jung, born March 6, 1721; baptized March 15th. No further records. (She may possible have been the "Anna Maria" who married John Philip Kerger (Karker).


2-6 Peter Jung, born 1725-baptized Feb. 14, 1725. (Old Dutch Church record, Kingston). The birth record reads: (1725) "Mathys Jong and Anna Fronik" (Mattheus Jung and Anna Veronica) "Petrus, Feb. 14, Spons. Joh. Pieter Overpag & Annatjan Zarrejis". Peter married Elisabeth Moschier (Musher, Mosier, Mosser, etc.) on Dec. 20, 1745. (also Old Dutch Church, Kingston). The record reads-under marriages: "Dec. 20, 1745, Petrus Jong, born under jurisdiction of Albany county, and Elisabeth Mosier, born in Dutchess county; both residing in Albany county."

The will of Elisabeth's father has been found in the old Court building in Albany. In it he mentions his "daughter, Elisabeth, wife of Peter Young" and several, if not all, of his children whom we have noted as sponsors and otherwise. He also refers to his wife but does not give her name. The Compendium of American Genealogy-First Families of America-says, page 375: "Lieut. Peter Young, 1725-1800, removed from West Camp on the Hudson to New Rhinebeck in 1760. Was active in enlisting men during the American Revolution." A Lawyersville Reformed Church record reads: "Pieter Junk died June 28, 1799."

This New Rhinebeck to which Peter Young removed in 1760, was the Carlisle settlement known as "the Rock District", and was in the original New Dorlach (Pronounced New Turlah) patent of 1730. Later it was in the Borst patent. Roscoc, the historian, appears to have resided in this neighborhood. Here is what his History of Schoharie county has to say:

"The first settlers of Carlisle, Schoharie county, were John Philip Kerger" (Karker) "and Peter Young. The father of the later" (Johann Mattheus Jung) "came from Germany at an early date, and settled upon the Hudson, near the Camps, and was related to the Kergers. John Philip landed at Philadelphia, and came to the Hudson to visit relatives, and then return to his native land; but failing to get a passage at the desired time, he concluded that fate decreed him to remain. He married a daughter of Young," (of Johann Mattheus-her name in doubt) "and in company with his brother-in-law" (Peter) "concluded to settle among the Schoharie Hills-the German 'Eldorado' of those early times-by the 'good account of ye fertilete of ye soile.' They settled upon lands owned by a Young, (said to have been Jurrian)" (Karker taking three hundred acres) and built a house. The first land cleared in the town (Carlisle) was north of the 'Rock School-house' in 1760. ******

A few years after the settlement of Karker and Young, several families moved here from Rhinebeck on the Hudson, and the settlement was known as New Rhinebeck. Other families soon followed from Schoharie and Middleburgh. At the commencement of the Revolution quite a number of families could be found in this neighborhood. Prominent actors in the struggle were the Karkers, Young, Brown, Fichter, Borntheit, Kneiskern, Loucks and Manch." (Manchen or Mancken).

In Lineal Ancestors of Rufus Rennington Young and Jane Vosburgh we find the following amplification:

"In the spring of 1760 there came to Schoharie county, N. Y. a number of families from Rhinebeck, now Redhook-a few miles north of the present Rhinebeck-to a place near the present Lawyersville, which they named New Rhinebeck. They settled in the north and northwest of Lawyersville, taking up lands then owned by Jurrian Young, a resident of Albany county. One of these first settlers, Peter Young, is said to have been a cousin of Johannes and probably a brother of Jurrian". (He was a brother of both Johannes and Jurrian). "Both went there from Ulster county. Both Peter and Johannes were elders in the church of New Rhinebeck."

Roscoe says "the Reformed Church in the Town of Cobleskill was founded in New Rhinebeck in 1788. Upon the records we find, in German:

'In the year of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, 1788, was by the Grace of God here at Dorlach and Rhinebeck, found a high German .Reformed Church by the Reverend F.C.L. Droffel (Broeffle) of Schoharie. The following officers were ordained:

Peter Young
Philip Karker
Abraham Mareness
Martinus Vrooman
Conrad Eker
William Heintz (Hynds)
Johannes Engle
Hendrick Adams'

"The settlers of Rhinebeck belonged to this society, worshiped in the present" (1882) "Rhinebeck church with the Lutherans, until an edifice was built at this place in 1800 which stood a few rods to the south."

Roscoe's account of the hiding of Peter Young's crippled wife Elisabeth Moschier) during the Revolution is as follows:

"In 1778, when the Indians began their depredations in the Schoharie settlements, the patriots of New Rhinebeck made the home of Peter Young their rendezvous. Being but few in numbers, and the Tory Neighbors becoming more venomous as their allies began to make their raids, this little company concluded to leave their homes and seek safety in the forts. A band of Indians assembled at a Tory's house in the neighborhood to capture them, upon which Peter Young started to take his wife, who was a cripple, to the Camps for safety; but fearing he would be unable to do so, she was taken to a small cave at the foot of the mountain and left there alone. Being supplied with provisions, she remained for several days in that place without being discovered by the Tories whose houses were very near.

"The walls of this 'rock house', as it has since been called, for many years plainly showed the marks of the fires she built late at night, when all was quiet and danger of being seen had passed.

"After the Indians had passed off to other fields for murder and devastation, her husband returned and carried her to the Camps, where she remained until the close of the war." (It is quite probable that Peter's original house was built of logs, and that it was burned during this period).

<- Rock Cave, Carlisle. Hiding place of wife of Peter Young during Tory and Indian Raid.

Peter is buried (with others in his family) on what used to be his old farm in Carlisle. There is a Revolutionary war marker on his grave.

John M. Brown, the man who wrote the sketch of Schoharie's early history, was a nephew of Peter Young. His old farm apparently adjoins that of Peter. Brown came to New Rhinebeck in 1771. During the "Tory war" of 1784, Governor Clinton "called upon Brown for his opinion, knowing he was located in the border settlement, in which the element was better known. As there were those who had not been 'offensive' but who sided with the crown through fear, and believing they would make good, law-abiding citizens, Brown favored their right as voters, which was effected by Schuyler and Hamilton in 1787. This expression led many of the over-patriotic to cast the epithet of "Tory" upon Brown, which was unjust." The foregoing is also quoted from Roscoe's History of Schoharie County.

From the fact that Gov. Clinton apparently singled out Brown to Write the sketch of Schoharie's early history; that he asked his opinion about his Toryish neighbors' right to vote; and that Brown was eventually appointed Associate Judge in 1795, upon the formation of the county of Schoharie (from Albany county) ; indicates that Brown did at least have a way of currying favor with the Governor (who was probably English). The feeling against him seems to he supported by the following, which is also found in Roscoe's History of Schoharie: "On the 4th of July, 1879, the remains of Judge Brown and wives were re-interred in the Carlisle cemetery with imposing ceremonies. An euolgium was delivered upon the lives and characters of Brown and his associates, the Karkers and Young, whose remains it was also expected to have placed beside him, but the relatives withheld their consent." There may have been other considerations envolved, but it is quite possible that the later generations had reason to remember;-or thought they had.

We return to the CHILDREN OF PETER JUNG.
Issue. (3) (Third Generation)

3-1 Jacob, baptized Dec. 26, 1746. Sponsors Johan Matteis Jonk and wife, Catherine Diedrick (his second wife). (Katshaan Church record-Old Ulster) Jacob married Maritje (Maria Petrie.) (Linlithgo Dutch Reformed Church record-Vosburgh translation, State Library, Albany.) Records of the births of six children to Jacob Jung and Maria have been found: Conrad, 1773; Elias, 1777: Jeremias, 1780; Maria, 1781; John Coenraad, 1783 (or 1785) ; and Daniel, 1784. There may have been others.

3-2 Christina, baptised Sept. 4, 1748. Sponsors Jurg Muschier and Christina Muschier. (Katsbaan Church record-Old Ulster). She married Andreas Pitcher.

3-3 Jeremy (Jeremias, Jeremiah), born Aug. 21, 1753-54(?); probably at or near West Camp on the Hudson. The first five of these children must have been born there-and that indicates the reason why the Moschiers were sponsors at the baptisms of all but the first one (where the grandfather took over), up to the time Peter left West Camp for New Rhinebeck, and not thereafter. The Moschiers were, geographically, not in a position to do so. They evidently stayed around West Camp. The Katsbaan Church record says Jeremiah was baptized Sept. 8, 1753, a year earlier than the historically conceded date and that established by his death date and age as given on his gravestone in Lawyersville cemetery. The sponsors at his baptism were Jacob Moschier and Catherina Moschier But the mistake of a year is not unusual in relation to old records. Jeremiah married Maria (Mary) Salome Strobeck (who was born Oct. 7, 1760, and died Jan. 20, 1817) on Dec. 6, 1783. (Lutheran Church record, made by Rev. Peter Nicolas Sommer, at Schoharie.) Jeremiah died March 29, 1845. His children were: Peter, first child, and incidentally the first person buried in Pine Plains cemetery, Clay, Onondaga county, N. Y.

The old-timers in the town used to say that it was so healthy there that they had to kill a man to start a cemetery. (Peter was killed by a failing tree). Jeremiah's second child was John J.; then followed Christian I., Anna, Abraham I., Jacob I., Elizabeth, Mathinas (Mathias), Lana (Helena), Cornelius, Adam, and Mary. Jeremiah was a soldier in the Revolutionary war. Mary Strobeck, his wife was a sister of John Adam Strobeck who was also in the service. (See Simms' Schoharie and Border Wars, Page 458) Jeremiah and his wife are buried in the Lawyersville cemetery in Schoharie county. The gravestone inscriptions are as follows:

JEREMIAH YOUNG--------------- MARY, wife of
Died March 29, 1845 Aged-------- Jeremiah Young
90 years, 7 mos. and 8 days --------Died Jan, 20, 1817
He was a Revolutionary Soldier.--Aged 56 yrs., 3 mos. and 13 days.

Foot Note-It will be noticed that the first two of the children Peter and John, were born, respectively, In 1781 or 1782, according to the Linlithgo record, and early in 1784; and that Jeremiah and Mary were married Dec. 6, 1783. (Dominie Sommers may have made this record from memory and erred in the year. If these records are all correct, we may well justify their being born out of wedlock by realizing that Jeremiah was probably in the service in the Mohawk Valley until the close of the war, and that they were married at the first opportunity after he was released. We find the baptism of the first child, Peter, recorded in Columbia county).

The following historical items relate to Jeremiah's war service:
Bruce's Onondaga Centennial, Vol. 2, page 132, says "Jeremiah Young, Revolutionary Soldier, was grandfather of Peter I. Young". ("Little Pete") son of Jacob I. Young and Isabell McNaughton.

The D. A. R. Lineage Book for 1908 says:
"Jeremiah Young-1753-1844-served as ensign in the First Regiment Tryon County, N. Y. Militia under Col. Samuel Campbell. 1778."
(Same regiment as his brother, Jacob).

Second edition of "New York" mentions "Ensign Jeremiah Young, Militia, Tryon County."

Calendar of Historical Manuscript relating to the war of the Revolution, Vol. I, page 30, says "Jeremiah Young signed the Association papers at Kingston, Ulster county. May and June 1775."

Compendium of American Genealogy, First Families of America, Vol. 5, page 375: "Ensign Jeremiah Young, born 1754, died 1845, operated ferries on both the Mohawk and Hudson rivers for the military forces. Married Mary Strobeck (born 1760 died 1817), a sister of John Adam Strobeck."

The History of Montgomery county, under date of 1786, Oct. 2, gives the following: "The regiment of militia lately commanded by Col. Frederick Fisher is divided into two reg'ts; the militia on the north side of the Mohawk to be one reg't, and those on the south side one reg't. The whole of the militia in the county is arranged in one brigade, Frederick Fisher brigadier general.

"Mathew Brown, captain, No. 2
Jeremiah Young, lieutenant, No. 2
John Reddington, ensign, No. 2."

The above Mathew Brown was doubtless the John M. Brown who wrote the historical sketch of early days in Schoharie; next-door neighbor of the Youngs, in "New Rhinebeck".

Peter Young's next child was Zacharias.
3-4 Zacharias, baptized July 3, 1756. Sponsors Johannes Muschier and Gertrude

Junk (evidently the sister of the child's father, Peter). (Record from Frank D. Deuel, St. Johnsville Enterprise). Zacharias married Margaretha Fichter March 8, 1790. (Lawyersville record: "Zacharias Jung, legitimate son of Peter Junk, married with Margaretta Fichter, legitimate daughter of John Andrew Fichter, March 8, 1790." (A Lawyersville Reformed church record shows Zacharias Junk and Margaretha (Fichter) as sponsors at the baptism of a son of Jeremiah Junk and Maria (Strobeck). Jacob, March 20, 1791. This child was Jacob I. Young, ("Little Pete's" father.) It should be noted that Zachariah was 34 years old when he married Margaretha Fichter. She may have been his second wife. A Linlinthgo, Livingston, record indicates Zacliariah Jung married Elizabeth Petrie.

3-5 Catharina, baptized Feb. 12, 1759, (Katsbaan church record, Old Ulster) sponsors Wullem Diederich and Susanna Muschier. Susanna Muschier was a sister of Peter Young's wife, Elisabeth. Note that Catharina was born just prior to the time Peter left West Camp for New Rhinebeck, 1760. Roscoe did not give this Catharina in his list of the children of Peter Young. She may have died in infancy. The record definitely states she was born to "Peter Jonk and Elisabeth Muschier".

3-6 Mathias, born Jan. 20, 1763. First white child born in New Rhinebeck-Carlisle. (Roscoe's History of Schoharie County). Married Helena (Lana, Lany) Petrie. He died May 21, 1822. The children of Matliias and Helena were: Benjamin, Richard, Solomon, Margaret, Elizabeth and Lana (Mrs. Nicholas Osterhout). (Children from Roscoe's History of Schoharie County). Jacob Strobeck and wife, Margaretha were sponsors at the baptism of Margaret.

From Wilbur Young, a descendant of Peter now (1942) living on the John M. Brown old farm with his son-in-law, Verne Dietz, we learn that Benjamin and Richard Young used to live on the farm across the road from the "Rock House" roadside marker. These were doubtless the sons of Mathias. Probably Mathias also lived there, before them. The present owner or tenant on this farm did not know about the Youngs but says that an Osterhout used to live there. This was probably Nicholas Osterhout, son-in-law of Mathias.

3-7 William, (birth date not found) married Rejina Myniker, May 5, 1776. She was born in Philadelphia, and was a daughter of Christopher Myniker- Schoharie Reformed Church record.

On page 311 of these transcribed records in the State Library at Albany appears "William Jung, son of Piter Jung born at West Camp and Rosina Myniker, daughter of Christopher born in Philadelphia, married May 5, 1776." Of their children we find only "Zacharias, born Dec. 14, 1782; sponsors Elisabeth Petre and Zacharias Young;" (Linhthgo Dutch Reformed church, Livingston) and Mattheus, born Feb. 21, 1790, sponsors Mattheus Junk and Elizabeth (Lawyersville Reformed church record). There must have been other children. William is apparently buried in the same old farm burial plot with his father, Peter; and like him, his original grave marker was a rough slab of field stone; but the Schoharie County Board of Supervisors has now placed a war memorial stone at his grave, reading "William Young, War of 1812."

3-8 Christian (Chris John), born Fell. 24, 1764, baptized May 5, 1764; sponsors Christian Broun (Brown) (brother or half-brother of John M. Brown) and wife Elisabeth Heager * (Schoharie Lutheran Church record). Christian Young married Christina Fichter Feb. 10, 1795-Lawyersville Reformed church record, pg. 91, which reads: "Christian Junk, son of Peter Junk and Christina Fichter, daughter of Andreas Fichter, married Feb. 10, 1795," as translated. The original in German is: "Christian Junk, elihcliter sohn von Pieter Junk" (married) "mit Christina Fichter." They were the parents of Nicholas, born May 5, 1800-sponsors Philip Kercher (Karker) and Catherine Fichter and of Michael, May 13, 1805, (Lawyersville Reformed Church Record.)

* The Reformed Dutch Church records of Breakbeen show Christian Brown married Elisabeth Heager of Breakabeen. March 25, 1760. They were married by Dominie Johannes Mauritius Goetschius. Georgee W. Bellinger, in his introductory statement for John M. Brown's Historical Sketch of Schoharie County, says that Christian Brown lived on the James Becker place 1 1/2 miles northeast of Cobleskill, on the Barnerville road.

born Feb. 23, 1726; baptized May 9th; sponsors Elisabeth Klein (Kline), Wilhelm Schmid (William Smith) and Gertrude Falconburg. Gertrude married Johannes Musher (Moschier). Johannes was a brother of Peter Young's wife, Elisabeth Moschier. The above is a Kocherthal record.


2-8 Jacobus (Jacob) Jung, baptized Feb. 7, 1727. No sponsors named. (Zion Lutheran church, Athens). No further record.


3-1 Mattheus (Mathew, Matthew) Jung, baptized June 4, 1745; sponsors
(Johann) Mattheus Jung and his wife, Catherina Diederich, Johann Mattheus' second wife. (Katsbaan record). Mattheus is said to have married Catharine Dingman. Died June 17, 1827, in his 83rd year. (Tombstone record.)

The following information and records are contributed by a descendant, Arta Bradt Flood (Mrs. Walter M.) of Box 265, Auburn, Cal.:

"It is probable that Mattheus Jung, or Matthew Young as he signed his will, served in the Revolutionary War. The name "Matthew Yong" appears on a list of men who served either in the Line or Levies under the Land Bounty Rights (Roberts: New York in the Revolution as Colony and State. V. 1, p. 96). As Matthew's name is spelled "Yong" in the baptismal records of all his children and as he was the only Matthew Yong, Young, in the state of an age eligible for service, it would seem this record must be his.

The U. S. Census of 1790 shows him living at Coxsackie with three sons and four daughters. He called himself of the town of Bethlehem when he made his will the 7th of January, 1819. The original will is in the possession of Mrs. Grant Warner, Voorheesville, N. Y. (Mrs. Warner is a granddaughter of Joel Young, Matthew's youngest child.) The will was probated in Albany County, N. Y. August 18, 1827. In it he mentions his "beloved wife Catharine Young"; his sons, Samuel, Wilhelmus, and Joel ; his son-in-law, John Reed; his daughters, Hannah, Polly, Sarah, and Caty-to whom he bequeaths "that farm on which she now lives laying in the County of Schoherry, town of Carlile." Both Matthew and Catharine, his wife, as well as other members of the family, are buried in the little cemetery on the farm on which they lived in the town of Guilderland, Albany County. (It is about three miles from Voorheesville and is now (1940) owned by Henry F. Boyle of New Salem). Catliarine, wife of Matthew Young, died July 12, 1836, aged 87 years, 10 months and 14 days-making her birth date August 29, 1748. (Tombstone record)."

Issue. (4) (Fourth Generation)

4-1 Samuel, baptized Sept. 8, 1774, "the son of Matthew" Yong and Catharine. Sponsors Jurrian and Martha Jongh." (Old Catskill record). He married Magdalena Dingman, and died Jan. 12, 1854, aged 84 yrs. She died Oct. 5, 1853, aged 77 years. Both are buried on the old Young farm.

4-2 Catharine, baptized April 7, 1776, "daughter of Mattheus Yong and Catharine. Sponsors Johannes Houw, Jr. (only)". She married Adrien Bradt Feb. 13, 1802. (The Bradt Family Bible-that of William, son of Adrien and Catharine Young Bradt-says she was born March 26, 1776, and died Feb. 8, 1863, aged 86 years, 10 mos. and 13 days. She is buried in the Adrien Bradt cemetery on their farm in Carlisle, Schoharie County.)

4-3 Wilhelmus, baptized April 19, 1778 "son of Mattheus Young and Catharine. Sponsors Hendrick Young and his wife." Wilhelmus married Mary Schafer and they lived at or near New Scotland, Albany County, N. Y. He died June 12, 1864, aged 86 years. She died April 14, 1858, aged 73 years. Both are buried in Mount Pleasant cemetery, New Salem, N. Y. They had at least one son:

5-1 Henry Young, who married Mary Hendrickson, died March 5, 1883, aged 80 years. Mary died August 19, 1877, aged 75 years. They are buried in Mount Pleasant cemetery. They had the following children:

6-1 William M. Young married Mary Magdalene Ogsbury.
6-2 Jacob married Mary Eliza Mann.
6-3 Maria married William Arnold of Glens Falls, N. Y.
6-4 Catherine married Elias Mathias of Amsterdam, N. Y. and New Salem, March 30, 1847,
6-5 Adalane, married David McMillen.
6-6 Hannali, married -------- Taylor.
6-7 Alida, married Hugh Brockway.


6-1 William M. Young, son of Henry Young, was born in 1824. He married Mary Magdalene Ogsbury; died May 2, 1898, aged 74 years and is buried in Mt. Pleasant cemetery. They had ten children as follows:

7-1 David, married his cousin Emma Mann, and their children were Clara, who married John Brehm, and Abram who married Gertrude France of New Salem, N. Y.

7-2 Fanny, married Michael Keenholts and their children were William, not married, two daughters-Lillian and Mabel, who ,'' married respectively Mr. Weingard and Mr. Winters.

7-3 Winfield, married, first, Anna Van O'linda, second, Fanny Earl, and by the second marriage they had Clinton and Annabelle. Clinton married Mildred Horth.

7-4 Ida, married Robert Irwin, daughter Dorothy (Irwin) Rock.

7-5 Margaret, unmarried.

7-6 Lena, married Willard J. Gallup. They had a son Clyde.

7-7 Virginia, married Dr. Israel Slingerland. They had two daughters: Virginia, who married Mr. Crawfoot and Ethel, who married Mr. Brady.

7-8 Clarence, died in infancy.

7-9 Ada, died in infancy.

6-10 Alida, married William Adrian Winnie. They had a daughter May who married Walter J. Hotaling. The latter reside in Delmar, N. Y. (1946) and the foregoing record of descendants of William M. Young was furnished by Mrs. Hotaling who stated that the old Bible, containing the family record, is missing.

Through the courtesy of Mr. Harry E. Boardman of Pattersonville, N. Y., we are able to submit additional records of Catherine Young (6-3) daughter of Henry Young. She married Elias Mathias March 30, 1847 and they had a daughter Maria Louise Mathias, who married Frederick Henry Boardman May 23, 1866. He was born at Hartford, Conn. Dec. 18, 1843. These were the parents of Harry Elias Boardman, born April 2, 1880. Catherine Young was born Feb. 27, 1829, at New Salem or New Scotland, N. Y., died at Amsterdam, N. Y., April 15, 1875. Elias Mathias was born Sept. 28, 1823, at New Salem and died at Amsterdam Oct. 19, 1919. Both are buried in Green Hill Cemetery.

About 1846-47 Elias Mathias and wife Catherine emigrated to Ohio in a covered wagon train and settled near Sandusky, where one, if not two, children were born. Margaret Anna was born Dec. 1, 1847 and Maria Louise on December 18, 1848. The family evidently returned to New Salem as both of these children were baptized in the Reformed Church at that place on September 6, 1849.

Further records in the Mathias and Boardman families are in possession of Mr. Harry E. Boardman of Pattersonville, N. Y.

4-4 Palli (Polly), baptized April 9, 1780, "daughter of Matthew and Catharine Yong. Sponsors Guysbert and Margaretha Schorp." (Old Catskill record).

4-5 Jan, baptized Sept. 11, 1782. "of Matthew and Catharine Yong. Sponsors Jacob Lement and Maria Rouw." (Old Catskill record).

4-6 Annatje, baptized Sept. 12, 1784, "of Matthew and Catharine Yong. Sponsors Peter Becker an szyn vrou." (Old Catskill record).

4-7 Sara, baptized July 25, 1787, "of Matthew and Catharine Yong. Sponsors Jeremiah Jongh and Annatje Jongh." (Old Catskill record).

4-8 Joel, baptized Feb. 16, 1791, "of Matthew Yong and Catharine." No Sponsors mentioned (Old Catskill record). Joel Young died Oct. 6, 1868. His wife was Eliza McChesney. She died June 9, 1869, aged 81 years, 4 months and 5 days. They are both buried on the Yong farm. (Mrs. Grant Warner of Voorheesville, N. Y. says Joel Yong married Eliza McChesney and had the following children:

a-Jane, who married Abram Mann, had six children: Mary Eliza, Joel, Rufus, Emma,-who married her cousin David Young-Hannah-who married James Houck who kept the Globe Hotel in Albany-and Aldan.
b-Mary, who never married. (She was the one who said her grandmother's maiden name was Dingman.)
c-Matthew, (who married Delia Wright) had two children: Roy, and a daughter who married a Mr. Hollenbeck.
d-Hannah (who married John Bloomingdale). Their son, Joel Bloomingdale, married Margaret Osborn and had six children: Hannah, Joel, James, Jane, Robert, and Effie.
e-James (who married Jane Fox) had one daughter, Amy. She married Grant Warner. Grant Warner and Amy Young had two sons: James and Floyd.


4-2 Catherine Young, born March 26 and baptized April 7, 1776, a daughter of Mattheus Yong and Catharine Dingman?. Catharine was also known as as Caty. She married Adrian (Adrion) Bradt (Bratt)-Pieter 5, Jan 4, Pieter 3, Jan 2, Albert Andriesse 1 on Feb. 13, 1802. The record in the New Salem Church, Albany County, says he was the son of Pieter Bradt and she the daughter of Matthew Young. The same date, Feb. 13, 1802, is recorded in the family Bible. In his will, Adrian's father Pieter Bradt, called himself "of the Town of Bethelhem"; as evidently Adrian and Caty grew up as neighbors. Just when they went to Schoharie county is not known. They were residents there in 1807. Under date of August 19, 1818, "Adrian Bradt of the town of Carlisle in the County of Schoharie" purchased land from Philip Henry Livingstone and his wife Maria. (Recorded in Schoharie County Book of Deeds No. 1, at page 171 on April 7, 1827.)

Adrian Bradt, who was born Oct. 4, 1780, died Nov. 13, 1860 and was buried in the family cemetery on the farm. His grandson, Gurdon Emerson Bradt (son of William) said he well remembered the day of Adrian's funeral. He was considered too small to attend, so was sent to play with a little neighbor boy, John Burhans. From a vantage point on the hill in the woods they watched all the folk of the countryside coming to attend the services; driving up and hitching their horses, assembling at the house, and later following the casket up the hill to the "burying ground." Caty Young Bradt, his wife, died Feb. 8, 1863, and is also buried in the farm cemetery, as are others of the family. Their children were as follows:

Issue. (5) (Fifth Generation)


5-1 John, born Nov. 8, 1802, baptized Dec. 5. (New Salem Church record). John married on Dec. 31, 1823, Hannah Burhans, daughter of Peter and Anna (Hummel) Burhans, born Oct. 8, 1804; died Nov. 15, 1877. John died Feb. 11, 1843. (Burhans Genealogy.)

5-2 Hannah, born July 30, 1804. (New Salem Church Record) Hannah married on Feb. 1, 1824, Levi Safford. She died Feb. 22, 1836.

5-3 Eliza, (Elizabeth) born Aug. 5, 1807, baptized Sept. 7, 1807; Sponsors Gideon Young and Elizabeth Young. (Lawyersville Church.) Elizabeth married on April 27, 1827, William Borst.

5-4 Lidia, born May 14, 1809. (New Salem Church.)

5-5 Peter, born Oct. 30, 1810, baptized Dec. 2. (Lawyersville Church.) He may have died in infancy as nothing further is known of him. Is not entered in either William or Andrew Bradt Bibles.

5-6 William, born Feb. 2, 1812, baptized Feb. 16. (Lawyersville Church Record). William married (1) on July 2, 1834, Harriet Angelica Boughton, daughter of James and Charlotte (Locke, Loque) Boughton, born Oct. 3, 1816; died Nov. 9, 1871. William married (2) on Aug. 7, 1873, Mrs. Jennie Mead. He died Nov. 13, 1875.

5-7 Andrew, born Nov. 12, 1815 (Family Bible record). Andrew married on July 30, 1860, Nancy Sharp, born in 1843; died Mar. 22, 1922. Andrew died Aug. 19, 1882.

5-8 Sally Ann, baptized April 1, 1818. (Schoharie Dutch Reformed Church record.) Nothing further known.

5-9 Catharine, born Nov. 25, 1819. (Family Bible record.) Catharine married on Jan. 1, 1845, Jeremiah McCulloch.

5-10 David, born Oct. 21, 1823. (Family Bible record.). David married on July 2, 1846, Hannah Taylor.

(Further Bradt records in possession of Arta Bradt Flood (Mrs. Walter M. Flood) Box 265, Auburn, California. She is a daughter of Gurdon Bradt, son of William, son of Catharine Young Bradt.)


2-9 Johannes Jung, born Jan. 10, (or 13th), 1729. Baptized at Kingston, N. Y., March 11. Sponsors Johannes Scheffer and Maria Elisabeth Schmidt. (Kocherthal record.) Johannes married Annatje (Anna or Hannah) Diederich Oct. 4, 1754. Johannes died Aug. 1, 1800. He is buried in Lawyersville, Schoharie County, N. Y., and the English translation of the German inscription on his gravestone in the old burial place reads as follows: "Died Aug. 1, 1800, Johannes Jung; buried Aug. 3, fifteen days after he had justly retired as Elder of our church officers; his age 79 years." (Figuring from his birth date, it should be 71.)

Issue. (3) (Third Generation)

3-1 Margaret, born May 17, 1755. Married Abraham Teter --- 1775. She died Nov. 26, 1827.

3-2 Christian, born Dec. 11, 1756; baptized Dec. 26th. Sponsors James Diederick and wife Annatje Dewit. (Katsbaan church record.) Annatje Dewit was born May 23, 1736. Christian died when two years old.

3-3 Benjamin ("Uncle Ben"), born May 5, 1759; baptized June 5th. Sponsors William Diederick and Jannette Persen. (Katsbaan church record). Benjamin married Lena (Lucy?) Hofman. "Uncle Ben" kept a tavern in Lawyersville. (See Roscoe's History of Schoharie county.) Benjamin died Jan. 27, 1847.

3-4 Ephraim, born August 16, 1762. Married Elizabeth Coustehoudt (Osterhout). Ephraim died May 8, 1850.

3-5 Gideon, born Oct. 17, 1765; baptized Oct. 27, 1765. Sponsors Minard Diederick and wife, Elizabeth Scherp. (Katsbaan church record.) Gideon married Elizabeth Proper on September 30, 1788. Elizabeth Proper was born Sept. 10, 1771; died Oct. 9, 1862; aged 94 years, 10 months and 26 days. (Lawyersville gravestone record). Gideon died Nov. 4, 1816. (Lawyersville gravestone record).

3-6 Jonathan, born July 15, 1767 baptized August 17, 1767. Sponsors Henricus Diederick and Elizabeth Rightmyer. (Katsbaan church record). Married twice; first, Nancy (Egnes) Beck; second Emma Becker, Oct. 4, 1795. Jonathan died May 14, 1855. (This statement of the second marriage may be an error. We find Nancy Beck as sponsor Mar. 3, 1796.)

3-7 Elias, born August 15, 1769. Married Catherine Best Nov. 7, 1793.

3-8 David, born Sept. 12, 1771. Married Elizabeth Levy Feb. 1, 1801. David died Oct. 2, 1838.

(Except where otherwise stated the above records are from Lineal descendants of Rufus Rennington-Young and Jane Vosburgh.)


3-5 Gideon Young, born Oct. 17, 1765; baptized Oct. 29; married Elizabeth Proper Sept. 30, 1788. Elisabeth died Oct. 9, 1862. Gideon died Nov. 4 (14th-24) 1816.

Issue. (4) (Fourth Generation)

Except where otherwise mentioned the following records are from Lineal Ancestors of Rufus Rennington Young and Jane Vosburgh, and are said to be "as listed in the family bible".

4-1 Catherine, born Nov. 12, 1789; died at Grosvenor Corners, Schoharie
County, N. Y. Jan. 18, 1880.

4-2 John Gideon, born Oct. 16, 1791; baptized June 16, 1792. Said to have married twice; first, to his cousin, Sally Young. Also said to have been a member of the New York State legislature at one time. We find the record (Lawyersville Reformed church) of a daughter Sally Maria, born to John G. Young and Sally, Sept. 22, 1825. The Lawyersville Reformed Church marriage record reads: "John G. Young, born Oct. 16, 1791, and Sarah Young, born Dec. 13, 1808, married July 12, 1848; witnesses her sister, Mrs. Richtmeyer and family." The Lawyersville grave stone record reads: "John G. Young died Aug. 27, 1880; aged 88 years, 10 mos. and 11 days", and "Sally, wife of John G. Young, died Feb. 17, 1834; aged 45 years." The daughter, Sally Maria, probably married Alexander Young, Jan. 3, 1858. (Lawyersville Reformed church record.)

4-3 Jacob, (first), born Dec. 10, 1793; died in infancy.

4-4 Andreas (Andrew), born (or baptized) March 3, 1796 (or 97); Sponsors Jonathon Young and Nancy (Beck). (Lawyersville Reformed church record). Andreas is said to have had a son Edwin.

4-5 Jacob, (2nd), born March 19, 1798. (Geisenberg Church record, Town of Minden, Montgomery county). Jacob married Mary Mosher (Moschier- Mosser).

4-6 Jonas (Jonah), born Oct. 17, 1800. Sponsors Elias Young, Jr. and Catherine. (Best). (Cobleskill Lutheran record); Jonas is said to have died in Ohio in 1889.

4-7 David, born Feb. 22, 1803; baptized Feb. 6, 1805. Married Betty Makley. He died in 1889.

4-8 Isaac, born Jan. 21, 1805. Sponsors Martinus Tippel and wife Margarit. (Lawyersville Reformed church record). Isaac married Edith G. Dey. Died in Birdsall, N. Y., June 29, 1883.

4-9 Ephraim, born April 17, 1808. No sponsors mentioned. (Lawyersville Reformed church record). Married twice; first, Elmira Durand; second, Mary A. Tryon. Ephraim died in Weyauwega, Wis. Nov. 24, 1896.

4-10 Sylvanus, born July 17, 1810; baptized July 19th. Sponsors not mentioned. (Lawyersville Reformed church record.) Married Eunice G. Preston. He died in Almond, N. Y. March 2, 1897.

4-11 Rufus Rennington (with Charles, twins), born Sept. 16, 1814; married Jane Vosburgh in 1836. He died Sept. 20, 1895. Jane died May 1, 1896. (See Lineal Descendants of Rufus Rennington Young and Jane Vosburgh.)

4-12 Charles (with Rufus R., twins), born Sept. 16, 1814. Married Eliza Schermerhorn. Charles died in Albany, N. Y. in September, 1841.

4-13 Gideon, born March 25, 1817; baptized March 10, 1818. Married Margaret Burhans. He died in Cobleskill, N. Y., May 16, 1909.

Continued The Johann Mattheus Line, Part Two

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