Three Rivers
History From America's Most Famous Valleys

The Young (Jung) Families of the Mohawk Valley
Compiled by Clifford M. Young & Published by
The Fort Plain Standard, Fort Plain, NY 1947
Donated by Bruce Hargrove

The Johann Mattheus Line Part Two.


3-6 Jonathon Young, born July 15, 1767. Married twice: first, Nancy Egnes Beck; second, Emma Becker, Oct. 4, 1797. (This second marriage is from Lineal Descendants of Rufus Rennington Young and Jane Vosburgh, and does not agree with birth dates of children recorded to Jonathon and Egnes and (or) Nancy. It may be due to confusion of names-both Emma and Becker.)

Issue. (4) (Fourth Generation)

4-1 Petrus, born Sept. 24, 1797. No sponsors mentioned. (Lawyersville Reformed church record.) No marriage or death dates found.

4-2 Elizabeth, born Sept. 1, 1799. No sponsors mentioned. (Lawyersville Reformed Church record.) No marriage or death dates found.

4-3 Abram Teter, born May 10, 1806. No sponsors mentioned. (Lawyersville Reformed Church record.) No marriage or death dates found.

It might be thought that this name should be Abram Peter, but Johannes Jung's first child, Margaret, appears to have married a man named Abraham Teter; so this child was probably named after him.


3-7 Elias Young, born August 15, 1769. Married Catherine Best Nov. 7, 1793.

Issue. (4) (Fourth Generation)

4-1 Johannes, born July 8, 1792.(?) Sponsors Johannes Jung and Annatje Diederick. (Linlithgo--Livingston-Lutheran Church record). No marriage or death dates found.

4-2 Henry, born March 18, 1795. Sponsors Benjamin Young and Lena Hofman. (Lawyersville Reformed church record.) No marriage or death dates found.

4-3 Elizabeth, born March 19, 1797. Sponsors Marcus Plattner and Elizabeth, wife. (Lawyersville Reformed Church record.) No marriage or death dates found.

4-4 George, born May 28, 1799. Sponsors Geo. Best and Myrtle Messick. (Lawyersville Reformed Church record). This is probably the Dr. George Young who married Ester Hilton March 21, 1838. (Lawyersville Reformed Church record.) Ester Hilton was probably a daughter of Peter B. Hilton, who is recorded as a witness.

4-5 Anna, born Nov. 8, 1801. No sponsors mentioned. (Cobleskill Lutheran Church record.) No marriage or death dates found.

4-6 Catherine, born Sept. 4, 1804. No sponsors mentioned. (Lawyersville Reformed Church record.) Catherine probably married William Grosphint, Nov. 1, 1831. Witnesses Henry and Abram Kerger (Karker).

4-7 Sally, born May 29, 1807. No sponsors mentioned. (Lawyersville Reformed Church record.) No marriage or death dates found.

4-8 Nancy, born Jan. 24, 1809. No sponsors mentioned. (Lawyersville Reformed Church record.) Nancy married John Hager December 8, 1825. We find the records of the following children born to John and Nancy: Abram Teter, born Oct. 26, 1826; Catherine, born Oct. 29, 1828: and Martin, born June 7, 1831. No sponsors mentioned. (All Lawyersville Reformed Church records).


3-1 Jacob Jung, baptized Dec. 26, 1746. Sponsors Johan Mateis Jonk and wife, Catharine Diederich (his second wife.) (Katsbaan church record-Old Ulster.) Jacob married Maritje (Maria) Petrie. Marriage in the Linlithgo Dutch Reformed church transcribed records, book 2, page 113, State Library in Albany, N. Y.

Issue. (4) (Fourth Generation)

4-1 Conrad, born July 3, 1773, to "Jacob Jung and Maria". Sponsors Conrad Petrie and Anna. (Claverack Lutheran Church record-Columbia county.) Marriage and death dates of Conrad not found.

4-2 Elias, born Sept. 21, 1777. Sponsors Jacob Petrie and Catherine (Jung?), probably a sister of the child's father, Jacob. (Linlithgo record). Elias married Elizabeth Sommers, a granddaughter of Rev. Peter Nicholas Sommer, Lutheran minister of Schoharie, on her 20th birthday-March 18, 1806. (Lawyersville Reformed Church record). Elizabeth Sommers was born March 18, 1786. (Transcribed Lutheran records, Schoharie-Old Stone Fort.) Elias Young died near North Syracuse, Onondaga county, N. Y. about July, 1825.

4-3 Jeremias (Jeremiah), born April 3, 1780; Sponsors Jeremias Young (doubtless the Revolutionary war soldier-not yet married to Mary Strobeck) and Catharine Petrie. (Dutch Reformed Church record, Livingston-Linlithgo). This son, Jeremias married a daughter of Conrad Engel and had 22 children according to Roscoe's History of Schoharie county.

4-4 Maria, born Nov. 7, 1781. (German Flats Reformed Church Record). No record of marriage and death dates have been found.

4-5 Daniel, born Feb. 22, 1784. (German F'lats Reformed Church Record). It is noteworthy that there were a Maria and a Daniel in the family of Elias Young, the next generation. Daniel's marriage and death dates have not been found.

4-Christina Young. (Dutch Reformed church record, Livingston-Linlithgo). It will be noted that the first three of these children appear to have been born at, or in the vicinity of West Camp: then apparently Jacob and Maria lived at German Flats-maybe because Jacob was in the war service in that locality-Maria and Daniel's birth records being found there. From the fact that the birth of the last child, John Coenraad is again found in the vicinity of West Camp it would appear that Jacob and his family may have returned to that locality at the close of the war. It will also be noted that there appears to have been no baptisms for the two children born at German Flats; and that, with the exception of Jeremias where the Revolutionary soldier, Jeremiah, officiated, the other sponsors all were Petries. The Petries were plentiful in both the German Flats and Hudson valley district. John Coenraad's marriage and death dates have not been found. There may have been other children.


3-2 Christina Jung, baptized Sept. 4, 1748. Sponsors Jurg Muschier and Christina Muschier. (Deuel in St. Johnsville Enterprise and News). Married Andreas (Andrew) Fichter.

In the old Fichter farm cemetery, on or adjoining the old Peter Young farm in "New Rhinebeck", we find the gravestone records of a "Christiney", "wife of Mathias Knieskern, died July 2, 1844, aged 46 years, 6 months and 15 days", (evidently born Dec. 17, 1797,) and of "Andrew Fichter, died Feb. 24, 1821, aged 27 years, 4 months and 7 days", (evidently born Oct. 17, 1793). These are believed to have been children of Christina Jung and Andreas Fichter, whose graves may be among those near by, marked by rough slabs of field stone. She doubtless had other children, born earlier, who, because of marriages, may be buried elsewhere. Christiney's own stone was probably erected by the Kneiskern children on their grandfather Fichter's burial plot. Andreas Fichter and Christina Jungk are recorded in the Cobleskill, N. Y. Lutheran Church records as sponsors at the baptism of "Christina", a child of Jacob Jungk and Magdalena Jungk on "Mertz" (March) 16, 1796. (Recorded on page 4) It is probable that this is Magdalena Dynhart. Roscoe says Andrew (Andreas) Fichter had two sons-Henry and Andrew.


3-3 Jeremy (Jeremiah) Jung, born Aug. 21, 1753 or 1754. Married Maria (Mary) Salome Strobeck Dec. 6, 1783, died March 29, 1845.

Issue. (4) (Fourth Generation)

4-1 Peter, born Dec. 23, 1781. (According to the list of birth dates of this family found among the effects of Melvin Young after his death in "Dutch Settlement," town of Clay, Onondaga county, N. Y.) The Linlithgo, Columbia county Reformed church record gives, on page 130, "Jeremias Young and Maria Strobeck, son Peter, born Dec. 23, 1782. Sponsors Peter Young and Elisabeth Musher." (Here we have Peter, his parents and grandparents-with a difference of a year in the date, which, however, is nothing very unusual with old records). It is not known who this Peter married. It has been said that her name was Mary Brown. It is uncertain but quite possible; the Browns and Youngs were neighbors in Carlisle, (New Rhinebeck). She may have been a granddaughter of John M. Brown, the judge and historian.

Peter came to Onondaga county from Schoharie county in 1810, with his two brothers, Christian I. and John J. Young, and John Sommers. He was killed April 9, 1812 by a falling tree, which apparently he was cutting down. He is said to have been tile first person buried in Pine Plains cemetery, Clay, Onondaga county, N. Y. The gravestone record says he was 30 years, 3 months old.

4-2 John J., born April 4, 1784. (From Melvin Young's family record). He married Lana Carncross, who was born July 7, 1786. (Record from Sarah (Strobeck) Young-Elmer Young's wife-a great granddaughter of John J.) John's wife's name was probably Lana Elizabeth, and maybe tiring of that name she became known as Elizabeth, and finally just Lana. In the Lawyersville Reformed church marriage records, under date of March 8, 1807-just prior to John J. and the others coming to Onondaga county-we find "John Young to Elizabeth Kerngross."

John J. died June 22, 1854, at the age of 70. "Fell in barn". Lana died when she was 53, Sept. 29, 1839. "Fell in fire". Of a son, Jeremiah, who died when he was 11 1/2 years old", the record says "drowned". Surely a laconic tale of woe. (From the Pine Plains cemetery records, town of Clay, Onondaga County, N. Y.) There were other children.

It appears that John and Lana lived in Dutch Settlement's traditional "spook house". Most of the settlement's old women, and evidently some of the men, believed in spooks and witches, like their Schoharie forebears. The lurking Indian and other perils of the wilderness, real and imaginary, no doubt contributed toward this delusion. When we consider the hardships endured by these women-the number of children they bore-we do not wonder that their nerves were overwrought and their minds in a credulous condition. Lambert Weller says that "a woman going to market always carried a coin in her basket to pay off a witch, should one appear. Little girls carried charms, and even the horses were decorated with witch-resisting tokens." Truly "we have nothing to fear but fear" (apprehension). We are told that John's wife was subject to fits. She evidently fell into the fireplace and burned to death. She may have died from natural causes or the effects of the fall. A present day "old woman" says of her death: "The old woman was ironing late at night." (doubtless heating the flatiron on a trivet over the coals in the fireplace), "The old man finally went to bed after telling her she had better do the same. But she wanted to finish it, and kept on with her ironing." As the tale goes, "the old man woke up a couple of times, evidently partly aroused by something, but fell asleep again. Finally waking again some time later, and realizing that the room was unusually light, got up and found the old woman had fallen into the fireplace on her face, and burned to death. She was not an old woman. The record, is noted, says she was 53 years old.

Continuing with the children of Jeremiah Young:

<- Christian I. Young and Robert N. Weller.

4-3 Christian I. (Chris John), born Oct. 21, 1785, in the Town of Cobolskill (Cobleskill), Schoharie county, N. Y. Married Lany (Lana) Becker, born in the "Town of Ston Rahia" Feb. 9, 1788. They were "married Dec. 21, 1806, by Rev. Mr. Mills, at Sharon." (These records from an old "Family Register" in possession of Mrs. Charles Taylor of Evansville, Wis.-a granddaughter of Abraham, a son of Christian I.) Christian I. Young is said to have originally owned 300 acres of land in the Dutch Settlement, He lived there on what has since been known as the Merritt Crane place. His first house was probably of logs, and may possibly have been the one in which his daughter Mary, who married Isaac Young, began housekeeping. At any rate, Christian gave the couple the 15 acres of land on which their log house later stood. He also evidently gave lands to some of his other children. Christian's second house, still standing (1942) on the Crane place, is said to be the oldest frame house in the settlement; probably built about 1825. He came to Onondaga county, from Schoharie county in 1810, with two brothers, Peter and John J. Young, and John Sommers. Mrs. Effie (Weller) Showers, a daughter of Jeremiah Weller, says Christian (they called him Chris John then) spent his last days in the home of his daughter, Julia Ann, who married Peter Young, Jr. ("Squire Pete"). She did not say as to that, but his wife Lana must have lived there also. They had eleven children. Christian died at Squire Pete's farm about a mile, "as the crow flies," southwest of Clay station in the town of Clay, Aug. 13, 1860. Lana died in the town of Clay, probably at Squire Pete's, Sept. 10, 1870. Both are buried in Pine Plains. The cemetery record says he died of consumption, and was 74 years, 3 months old.

From a genealogical sketch of the Becker family on file at the old Stone Fort in Schoharie we learn that Lana Becker (Magdalena) was a daughter of Capt. Storm Becker (Revolution), who was a son of Storm Becker, Sr., and Gertrude Kleyn. Capt. Storm Becker married Cornelia Becker-a daughter of David Becker and Gertrude Zielie. These Beckers are descended from Jan Jurriansen Becker. (Jurriansen probably signifies a son of Jurrian or George Becker) The record states: "Jan Jurriansen Becker of New Amsterdam" (New York to you) "and Albany, came to America from Holland in 1657. Married Marie Adriaens." Kocherthal recorded five Beckers who apparently all came from Germany.

4-4 Anna, born June 11, 1787. (From Melvin Young's list). (Also Reformed Dutch Schoharie records, Vol. 1-sponsors Jacob Strobeck and Margaretha). Anna is said to have married Adam Becker. No further records found.

4-5 Abraham I., born March 19, 1789. (From Melvin Young's list). Married Christina Ottman. (These were Zenia Belle Young's grandparents).

Abraham is said to have built the first saw and cider-mill in Onondaga county. It was on "Young's Creek," on his old farm in Dutch Settlement, where Melvin, his grandson, died. It was operated by an undershot water wheel, but it was said to have been a crude affair, and that there was a lack of sufficient water to run it except in the fall and spring of the year. Lambert Weller, a grandson of the pioneer Robert and "old Aunt Mary Weller Young (Abraham's sister) says: "For years, however, the mill was the focal point of the section and it drew its grist from the surrounding forest." (There can be little doubt that it also did the neighborhood grinding). "Today all that is left is a trace of the dam and a few stout beams which formed the frame." Lambert also says that several stout log houses were the original homes of the Young families.

Abraham, as well as Christian, is believed to have had 300 acres originally. Apparently lie came to the settlement about 1820. We find his name on the records of the old school meeting there in 1823. He died in 1857. The cemetery record book (Pine Plains) says Christina Ottman, his wife (born 1799) died in 1845, aged 46.

It is probable that at least the rough lumber for the first frame houses in the settlement was the "first fruits" of this old saw-mill. Barn frames long continued to be hand-hewn timbers, but the siding, some of which still adheres (1942) shows the long straight rakes of the teeth of the old time vertical saw. Some of these old boards are nearly two-feet wide.

4-6 Jacob I., born March 20, 1791. (Melvin Young's list-Rev. Peter Nicolas. Sommer's record at Schoharie has it March 20, 1790). (It is also a Lawyersville Reformed church record-1791-sponsors Zachariar Junk and Margaretha). The 1855 census record says he was born in Hinesville, Schoharie Co., N. Y. The gravestone in Pine Plains cemetery indicates, more specifically that he came from "Seward, N. Y." He married Isabella McNaughton, whom the census record says was born in Montgomery Co. (July 12, 1790-Melvin's list). The gravestone says "Broad Albin, N. Y." She died Feb. 27, 1897.

Jacob I. Young

Jacob I. came to Onondaga county in the spring of 1812. He was apparently a somewhat dominant personality among those early settlers; a public spirited citizen and soldier. A photograph of the old man fully confirms what is said of him. Emblematic of his sturdy character, there is standing in the dooryard of his old farm in Dutch Settlement, Clay, a gigantic elm tree, with a body six feet or more in diameter, that he pulled up as a sapling in his cornfield, and transplanted there the day before he left for Oswego to fight the British in 1812. He built and maintained a cidermill on his farm for many years. In his declining years it was operated by his son, Peter J. (Little Pete), who lived with him and remained on the old place after his lather's death. By the younger generation Jacob I. became familiarly known as "Uncle Jake".

"He was a church man, and violently opposed to dancing or levity of any kind." However, it seemed that Jake liked to see the boys jig a little now and then, in private; and it is said that Lambert Weller, a neighbor, used to do the "buck and wing" for him in the privacy of Uncle Jake's front room.

Jacob I. gave the community the bell for the old Dutch Settlement church. The old church was demolished some years ago, but the bell is still doing duty in the present church at Clay. Jacob I. Young was the grandfather of the late Dr. Augustus A. Young, dean of the Wayne county Medical Society. Jacob I. died March 11, 1881.

4-7 Elizabeth, born Jan. 7, 1793. (Melvin Young's record). In the list of members of the Lutheran Trinity Church at Schoharie we find: "Elizabeth Jung, Oct. 10, 181.3." Apparently she did not marry. She died March 16, 1878; and is buried in the Lawyersville cemetery. The gravestone record reads: "Elizabeth Young Died Mar. 16. 1878; aged 85 years 2 mos 9 days."

4-8 Mathinas (Mathias), born May 27, 1795. (Melvin Young's record). He married a "Mrs. W. Warner" in the then town of Cicero-later Clay, Onondaga Co. N. Y. "Feb. 13, 1824." (Old Lutheran Church records at Clay).

No record of any children. He died May 29, 1838; and is buried in Pine Plains, on the George Warner lot. (Probably namesake of the one mentioned by Simms). The gravestone record reads: "Mathias Young, died May 29, 1838; aged 41 years." If Melvin's record of his birth is correct, this would make him 43 years and 2 days old. They probably knew when his birthday was but were not so sure of the year, or his actual age. On the same burial plot is a stone marked "Relephe O'Dwinnell, relict (widow) of Mathias Young, died Feb. 27, 1870; aged 77 years, 6 months." Relephe O'Dwinnell must have been her maiden name before she became Mrs. W. Warner, widow; (twice bereaved). This Schoharie Warner family is well represented in Pine Plains cemetery; one Cyrus Warner, was born as early as 1761.

4-9 Lana (Christenden Helena), born July 20, 1797. (Melvin Young's records). She married Jared Mogg who was born in 1791 and died June 9, 1868, aged 76 years, 10 months-Tine Plains gravestone record. There were several children born to Lana and Jared: John, Peter, Aaron, Cornelius, Sarah, Catherine, Philena, Mary, Emily, Maria, Eli, Moses, Isaac and Jeremiah. Lana died Oct. 31, 1876. Along with Elisabeth Jung we find a Lena Joung listed as joining the Lutheran Trinity Church at Schoharie on the same date-Oct. 10, 1813. Lana's (Helena's birth or baptism record is found in the Cobleskill, N. Y., Lutheran church. It reads: "July 20, 1797, Jeremias Jongh and Maria, Helena. Sponsors Cornelius Strobeck and Helena Ortman."

4-10 Cornelius, born Aug. 2, 1799. (Melvin Young's record) (also Lawyersville Reformed church). Sponsors Jacob Christman and wife Catharine. He married twice. First, Baliche Kerger (Karker) ; second, Anna Hoffman, widow. He died Jan. 12, 1832 and is buried in the Lawyersville cemetery, Schoharie county, N. Y.

4-11 Adam, born Sept. 20, 1801. (Melvin Young's record). Married twice. First, Lena (Lana) Ottman; second, Maria -------. Adam died Nov. 2, 1881, aged 80 years, 1 mo., 12 days. (Lawyersville cemetery record).

4-12 Mary, born April 19, 1805. (Melvin Young's list-record of baptism April 16, 1805, also in Lawyersville Reformed Church; sponsors Jacob G. Diefendorf and Susannah). Mary married Robert N. Weller the pioneer Rob, who came to Onondaga county sometime between 1812 and 1822). The younger generation knew her as "Aunt Mary Weller"and she was said to have been a very blunt, plain-spoken woman. She and Rob also lived in Dutch Settlement-neighbors of the Youngs, Schells, etc. They had the following children: Jeremiah, (Effie Weller's father), Mathias, Robert A., (Lambert Weller's father), Diana Catherine, (born Aug. 24, 1830), Charity, Nancy C. (Hiram Young's wife), Sylvester, Mary, Peter, (was in the Civil War), Amus A., (Mrs. Wood's father), and Ellen Jeremiah Weller married Lydia Ann Lynn, born 1830, died 1898. Jeremiah died in 1901.


4-1 Peter Young, born December 23, 1781. (Melvin Young's family list.) Born probably at West Camp or vicinity, as we find Dec. 23, 1782 given apparently as his baptism date in the Linlithgo, Columbia county Reformed Church records. He is said to have married a Mary Brown. (Quite probable but uncertain). He was killed by a falling tree in the town of Cicero (later Clay), Onondaga Co., April 9, 1812. (Pine Plains gravestone record.) He was the first person buried there.

Issue. (5) (Fifth Generation)

5-1 Peter, Jr. ("Squire Pete"), born in the town of Cicero Feb. 14, 1813. (Record from Mrs. Julia Richmond Ranford, a granddaughter). He married twice; first Elizabeth Brown, a daughter of David and Elisabeth Brown, a daughter Emmer, who married "Teff" Wetsel. Elizabeth died Dec. 31, 1845, aged 29 years, 11 months and 11 days. Peter's second wife was Julia Ann Young, a daughter of Christian I. and Lana (Becker) Young. Julia Ann took care of his first wife during her illness, afterward marrying Squire Pete. Julia Ann and Peter had a daughter, Elizabeth, and a son who died in infancy. Julia Ann died Nov. 8, 1882, aged 68 years, 5 months. They are all buried in Pine Plains. A gravestone there says: "Infant son of Peter and Julia, aged 30 days"; no date. Squire Pete died April 8, 1887 (He is said to have had another child by his first wife-a William Henry who married and had a daughter Susie.)


4-2 John J. Young, born April 4, 1784. (Melvin Young's record) married Lana Carncross born July 7, 1786. (Family records of Sarah (Strobeck) Young, a descendant). The Lawyersville Reformed church records (page 88 of transcription in State Library at Albany) show John Young married Elizabeth Kerngross March 8, 1807." Probably her name was Lana Elizabeth. Elmer Young's wife. Sarah Strobeck gives it as Lana. However, this marriage took place about the time John's brother, Christian I. married Lana Becker. Peter's marriage record has not been found; at least one agreeing; with the tradition that he married a Mary Brown. But the same Lawyersville records show a Peter Young married Catharine Kunce May 23, 1806; and another Peter Young married Hilletje Burnhans Sept. 26th of that same year-incidentally the same year that Christian was married. It will be noted, too, that these dates are shortly before these three brothers came to Onondaga county-1810. There is little doubt that this Elisabeth Kerngross was "Lana," as John's wife was later called. She died Sept. 29, 1839. John J. died June 22, 1834.

Issue. (5) (Fifth Generation)

5-1 Anna, born Sept. 14, 1809. (Probably in Schoharie county). (Record from Sarah Strobeck, a granddaughter of Esther Young and Abraham Strobeck.) No further records.

5-2 Joseph, born June 1, 1811. (Probably he and all the later children were born in Dutch Settlement, Onondaga county). Married Betsey Klock (Eliza E.). They are said to have had nine children, Joseph died Aug. 22, 1853. Eliza E. Young died Nov. 5, 1886, aged 70 yrs., 9 mo., 21 days. (Pine Plains gravestone records).

5-3 Jeremiah, born Dec. 20, 1813. No further records.

5-4 Mary, born Dec. 20. 1814. Married John Foller. The old Lutheran church record at Clay, under marriages, gives: "John Foller-Mary Young, Dec. 5, 1833, Clay. John Young and wife, parents." John Foller's name is followed by "Germany," indicating that he had just come over. No further records.

5-5 Eve, born Nov. 11, 1816. Sarah Strobeck thought Eve married a Becker, but the old Lutheran church records at Clay give us, under marriages: "Eve Young-Toshua Empie. July 28, 1833, Clay. John Young and wife, parents." No further records.

5-6 Ester, born Nov. 26, 1818. Married Abram Strobeck. No further records.

5-7 Cornelia, born Jan. 17, 1821. No further records.

5-8 Cornelius Jonah, born Sept. 28, 1824. No record of any marriage. He died June 4, 1853.

5-9 Louisa, born Aug. 20, 1828. Said to have married several times. No records.


5-2 Joseph Young, born June 1, 1811. Married Betsey Klock (Eliza E.). Said to have had nine children. Betsey died Nov. 5, 1886. Joseph died Aug.-22, 1853.

Issue. (6) (Sixth Generation)

6-1 David Alonzo, (birth date not found). Married Hattie VerPlanck. They had seven children. No further record.

6-2 John J., (birth date not found). Married Viola Young, a daughter of Norman Young. (See children of Viola Young, 7- 4).

6-3 Alice, birth date not found. No further record.

6-4 Ella. No further record.

6-5 "Tan" (Christina), born July 8, 1840, died Feb. 2, 1893. She married Hiram G. Taber born May 2, 1829, died Aug. 10, 1911. They lived in Phoenix, and apparently their children were as follows: Clarence A. Taber, born July 1, 1861, died Dec. 24, 1862. Edna Knapp Taber, born 1868, died 1898." Ernest Taber, born Oct. 9, 1870, died Feb. 21, 1888. (Gravestones in Pine Plains.) Joseph and Betsey are said to have had four other children, but no records have been found.


6-1 David Alonzo ("Lon"). Birth date not found; married Hattie VerPlanck. They had seven children. No further records.

7-1 Luella. No record.

7-2 William, married Effie M. Walker, born in 1878 and died in 1918. William lives near Pine Plains cemetery. No further record.

7-3 Clarence. No record.

7-4 Guy. Lives near Warners, N. Y. He is said to have married and has children. No further record.

7-5 Lena, (and Rena-twins). Lena married Leon D. Strobeck. They had two children-Harriet and Marie.

7-6 Rena (and Lena-twins). She married Victor Loomis, and she lives in Chicago, Ill. No further record.

7-7 Inez, born March 23, 1887. Married John G. Sillenbeck who was born Aug. 5, 1884-a descendant of a Sillenheck who fought in the Battle of Oriskany. They have two children, Katherine Inez, born July 27, 1913, and Janet Aileen, horn Nov. 9, 1914. Katherine Inez married John A. Schlauch Sept. 6, 1939. Janet Aileen married Alien J. Heinson Sept. 8, 1934. They have one child, Peter Allan Heinson, born May 5, 1942. Mr. and Mrs. John G. Sillenbeck live in Queens Village, N. Y. Mrs. Sillenbeck says the Ver Plancks came over in 1636, and were part of Dutch New York. The Sillenbecks came from Fort Plain, N. Y. Her husband's great-grand-mother was Catherine Young, daughter of Jacob P. Young, son of Peter Young, Esq., of Fort Plain. Further information in regard to this family will be found in Part I of this book. Mrs. Sillenbeck said she had in her possession a "home-work" book bearing the name Jacob P. Young, in which had been written Sept. 4, 1815.


5-6 Esther Young, born Nov. 26, 1818; married Abram Strobeck.

6-1 Lana Ann Strobeck, married Ezekel Sweet. They had four daughters: Alice, Cora, Mary and Libbie.

6-2 Melissa, married several times. Three husbands of record were Ruben Weller, Edgar Pomeroy and William Fancher. There were no children. She died in her 84th year.

6-3 David Alonzo. Died Feb. 2, 1936, in his 88th year. No further record.

6-4 Frank B. Married Martha Worden. They had two children: James, who died at the age of 12, and Rose. No further record.

The above records were obtained from Sarah Strobeck Young, a daughter of David Alonzo Strobeck. She says "Uncle Frank was quite a character. They nicknamed him 'Doc'. He made a patent medicine called 'Tree of Life'. No other person could get the formula from him. When he died the Tree of Life went with him. He lived in Jordan, N. Y. for twenty years or more before his death."

Apparently he was no doctor, but his "bitters" must have been pretty good-or harmless-if he took it himself, as he lived to be nearly 88. Maybe he didn't!


4 -3 Christian I. Young, born Oct. 21, 1785, in the town of Cobleskill, Schoharie county, N. Y. Married Lana (Magdalena) Becker from Stone Arabia. Christian died in the town of Clay, Onondaga county, N. Y., Aug. 13, 1860.

One may wonder where the "I" as middle letter in the names of so many of Jeremiah's children suddenly came from. It has been thought that it was purely euphonistic. Again, that it was actually "J" for Jeremiah, instead of "I", for which there appears to have been no ancestral name, however remote. The script capitals J and I, in the old handwriting, have caused a great deal of confusion, both having been made exactly alike, and both placed on the line, instead of the J being partly below it. But the gravestones in Pine Plains, and a careful scrutiny of the old Dutch Settlement school meeting records (there being a couple of the numerous clerks who wrote their capital Js and Is correctly) confirms it as I, and not J. Unable to discern any other logical reason we are constrained to believe that it actually stood for their hard-earned Independence. We find it introduced only after the war had been won; given to three sons in succession, and ending with Christian's first child, Mary. It is also noteworthy that the Hon. Owen D. Young's great-great-grandfather, Jacob A. Young, who was also in the Revolution, named his son, born July 23, 1784, Jacob I. (Incidentally this Jacob I. has been confused with our Jeremiah's Jacob I. in some instances.) .

Reverting to the children of Christian I. Young:
Issue. (5) (Fifth Generation)

5-1 Mary I., born in Sharon, Schoharie county, N. Y., May 9, 1808; married Isaac Young, a son of Elias, at Clay, Onondaga county, N. Y. March 27, 1828. The Rev. Mr. Senderling (Jacob) officiated. Isaac and Mary had ten children. (See Isaac Young-5-1 in the "Jacob Jung Branch.") Mary died in the town of Clay, April 11, 1881.

5-2 Jeremiah, born in Sharon, Schoharie county, N. Y., March 29, 1810, just before his father, Christian, came to Onondaga county. He died in the town of Cicero (Clay), Onondaga county, N. Y., Aug. 6, 1812. (Two years old, and too many hardships-no doubt.)

5-3 Margaret (Margaretha), born in the town of Cicero, Onondaga county, N. Y., Nov. 11, 1812. (This record is also found in the Reformed Dutch church of Schoharie. Jacob Strobeck and wife, Margaretha, sponsors.) She married Hiram Shafer at Clay Feb. 12, 1834. The ceremony performed by Rev. Ottman. (Record from an old "Family Register" in possession of Mrs. Charles Taylor of Evansville, Wis.) The Dutch Settlement Lutheran church records at Clay have the marriage date Feb. 19, 1834. From the fact that there is a notation "Michigan" following her name, it is believed that Hiram and Margaret went to Michigan.

5-4 Sarah, born in the town of Cicero, Onondaga Co. N. Y., Nov. 23, 1814. Died young, in the same place, April 21, 1826.

5-5 Elizabeth, born in the town of Cicero, Onondaga county, N. Y., April 17, 1817. Married George Weller. They lived in Coldwater, Mich. She died in 1887. George Weller's father was an older brother of Robert N. Weller, the pioneer "Rob."

5-6 Jacob C., born in the town of Cicero, Onondaga Co., N. Y., June 19, 1819, died May 31, 1899. He married Catherine Liddle who was born Nov. 1, 1818 and died March 21, 1898. They went to West Bend, Wis. with his brother, Abraham, in the early 1850's. There were five children.

5-7 Abraham, born in the town of Cicero, Onondaga county, N. Y. Nov. 18, 1821. His first wife was a Lynn : probably from the family of Lynns living in Clay in those early days. Mrs. Taylor's records say he was married in Clay Feb. 15, 1846, by Mr. Warner, Esq. (probably a Justice of the Peace) but there is no mention of his wife's name. We however, learn from a descendant, Mr. Edgar A. McCarty, R. D. 1, Plainwell, Mich., that she was a Lynn. Abraham had one child by his first wife. His second wife was Nancy Schafer, by whom he had two more. He died in Trenton, Wis. Sept 22, 1882.

5-8 Julia Ann, born in the town of Cicero, Onondaga Co. N. Y., June 6, 1824. Married Peter Young, Jr, ("Squire Pete") at Clay, Jan. 14, 1847; Rev. Delano officiating. She had two children. Died at Clay, Nov. 8, 1882.

5-9 Martha, born in the town of Clay, Onondaga Co. N. Y. Oct. 21, 1826. Married Henry Nash "at Hastings," (presumably Oswego county, N. Y.) Dec. 30, 1861. She died of smallpox at Clay, April 4, 1852. There were no children.

5-10 William H. ("Blivens"), born in the town of Clay, Onondaga county N. Y. July 21, 1829. Married Barbara Van Auken. They had two children. No further record.

5-11 Henryet, born in the town of Clay, Onondaga Co. N. Y., July 17, 1833. She died in infancy at Clay, Aug. 1, 1833. (two weeks old). Note: All of the above birth records were obtained from an old "Family Register", the blank printed by Currier-later Currier and Ives, in the possession of Mrs. Charles Taylor of Evanston, Wis., who was a. granddaughter of Abraham Young, son of Christian I. Young.


4-5 Abraham I. Young, born March 19, 1789. (Melvin Young's records.) The 1855 census records give his birthplace as "Schoharie" probably in the town of Cobleskil), Schoharie county, N. Y. He married Christina Ottman. Died in 1857.

<- Melvin D. Young

Issue. (5) (Fifth Generation)

5-1 John Gilbert, born in 1828; married Eleanor Maria Schell, a daughter of Peter F. Schell. (William Young, Edward J. and John Gilbert, brothers, married three Schell sisters). John Gilbert ("Gill") and "Maria" lived on his father's old farm in Dutch Settlement. Apparently they had only two children-a daughter who died young, and a son, Melvin D., who never married. John Gilbert died in 1909. Eleanor Maria was born in 1834 and died in 1908. Melvin D. Young, born in 1852 died in 1935.

5-2 Josiah, born in Schoharie county, N. Y. in 1819. (Census of 1855.) He married Mary M. ----- who was born in 1820. They, too, eventually came to Onondaga county with the others. At the time the 1855 census was taken they had five children.

5-3 Edward J., born Oct. 12, 1830; married Samantha Elizabeth Schell, a daughter of Peter F. Schell. Edward J. and Samantha E. lived on a small place on the north side of the road to Clay station, just east of Mud Creek at Euclid, Onondaga county, N. Y. He ran a saw-grist-and cider-mill there for many years. It was run by steam, the engine being an old type, low pressure affair, with an enormous belt wheel; and the saw was the early upright kind, possibly the same one his father, Abraham I., had used in the waterpower mill in Dutch Settlement. Edward J. and Samantha had six children. Samantha E. Schell was born Aug. 4, 1836 and died July 7, 1889. Edward J. died April 2, 1901.

5-4 David, born (or baptized) Dec. 12, 1824. (Dutch Settlement Lutheran records at Clay). He married twice: first, Betsey M. Righter; second, Sarah Ette McCaskey, born 1842, died 1914. There were two children by his first wife-Mary A. and Ora. Ora married Amos A. Weller (parents of Mrs. Nina Wood). Mary A., born 1860, died 1862. David died Jan. 22, 1918. Betsey M. Righter was born in 1814 and died in 1861.

5-5 William A., born in 1836; married Delilah E. Schell, a daughter of Peter F. Schell. They had four children-Nora, Asa, Wallace and Henry. Gravestone records in Pine Plains give: "Wallace S. Young 1856-1867, and Asa D. A. Young 1881-1894." Nora died ---. They all lived in Dutch Settlement near the others. Delilah E. Schell was born in 1839 and died in 1908. (Gravestone record.) William A. died in 1924.

5-6 Mary, born in 1823; married Henry Somers. Gravestone records in Pine Plains give: "Henry Sommer" (the old spelling) "died April 9, 1886, aged 71 years. Mary A. Sommer, wife of Henry Sommer, died March 12, 1909, aged 86." They probably had children but no records have been found.

5-7 Elizabeth, born in 1817; married John Swain. The Pine Plains cemetery records say she died in 1863, aged 46. No further records.

5-8 Elvira, (birth record not found) married Norman Young, a son of Isaac and Mary I. Young. Norman and Elvira lived on a farm near the "gravel bed," not far from Oak Orchard on the Oneida River. They had several children: Warren, Elmer, Mervin, Emma and Viola. The Pine Plains cemetery records say Alvira C. Young, wife of Norman Young, died Dec. 27, 1887, aged 55 years. (See Norman Young, 6-1, in the Jacob Jung branch).


5-2 Josiah Young, born in Schoharie county, N. Y. in 1819. Married Mary M. -----. They had five children according to the census records of 1855.

Issue. (6) (Sixth Generation)

6-l Alexander P., born about 1843.

6-2 Letitia E., born about 1846.

6-3 Melville, born about 1849.

6-4 Leroy, born about 1851.

6-5 Genette (Nettie) born about 1854. "Nettie" married twice: first, --- Doxtater; second, --- Cornell, an undertaker in Syracuse; but the Pine Plains cemetery records give her age as 54 when she died, May 26, 1916. Probably this was a misunderstanding, as she was born in -54. (Census records of 1855.)


5-3 Edward J. Young, born Oct. 12, 1830. Married Samantha Elizabeth Schell. Died April 2, 1901. They had six children, as follows:

Issue. (6) (Sixth Generation)

6-1 Edwin Romayne Young, born April 12, 1858; married Hattie Carter, a daughter of David and Lana Carter. At that time Hattie was the widow of James Burton Young, Edwin Romayne's brother. Romayne and Hattie had the following children : Ira, born Jan. 8, 1893; Otto, born -------, and two boys who died in infancy: Eric Carter, died July 19, 1900, and Harold D. died July 30, 1900. Ira married Louise Callans. They had several children. Otto married and also had a number of children. Edwin Romayne Young died March 31, 1901.

6-2 Ida May, born Feb. 27, 1861; died Feb. 16, 1886. She did not marry.

6-3 James Burton, born May 20, 1863. Married Hattie Carter, a daughter of David and Lana Carter. They had two children: Clayton and a girl (twins). The girl did not live. Clayton did not marry. Burton died May 2, 1891.

6-4 Lila Elizabeth, born March 2, 1869; married John Weller, a son of Jeremiah Weller (1825-1901) and Lydia Ann Lynn (1830-1898). Lila and John had two children: Leslie and Florence. Leslie married and has several children. Florence married ------- Miller, and has a son and daughter. Lila E. died Feb. 19, 1894. Death date of John Weller not found.

6-5 Preston Abraham, born March 31, 1873. Married Clara Henderson. They have several children: Ruth, Laura, Ada, Carl, Bessie, Elijah, Edward, and Muriel (adopted). Carl was drowned at the age of six, in 1909. Ruth married Leon Clark and has five children. Laura married Fred DeLong and has two boys. Ada married -------- Fredenburg. Muriel married ------- Carroll and has one daughter.

6-6 Zenia Belle, born Sept. 25, 1877; married Edwin H. Young, a son of Charles and Anna Young. They have one son and one daughter: Austin E. and Olive M. (See Edwin H. Young, 7-2, in the Jacob Jung branch).


4-6 Jacob I. Young, born March 20, 1791. Married Isabella. McNaughton; Jacob I. died at Clay, March 11, 1881.

5-1 Mary J., born Feb. 11, 1815; married William Ottman, a son of Jacob Ottman and wife Elisabeth Kneiskern, Jan. 26, 1833.

5-2 John, born Dec. 22, 1816. Married Sarah Fritcher Dec. 22, 1840. (Dutch Settlement Lutheran church records, Clay). It will be noted that he was married on his birthday. Pine Plains grave-stone records give us: Sarah Fritcher, born Aug. 28, 1824; died April 24, 1891. Mina (their daughter) born 1842, died 1927, married William Everson (1843-1907). John died July 18, 1903. No further record.

5-3 Elizabeth, born April 27, 1820. Married Adam Anthony Sept. 17, 1840. (Dutch Settlement Lutheran church records, Clay). We have the records of two sons and two daughters: Jacob Martin ("Jake") Anthony, born July 17, 1841. He married Angelia Sommers-one of a pair of twins; Angelia and Phydelia. He died Dec. 22, 1913. Angelia Sommers died-in childbirth-March 28, 1863; aged 21 years, 16 days. Peter G. Anthony, born May 25, 1854; died Dec. 30, 1854. Jennie, (Jane) Anthony, born --------; married Ruben Weller. (She was "Tony" Weller's mother). Sarah E. Anthony, born May 25, 1852; died March 29, 1853. All are buried in Pine Plains.

5-4 Peter J. ("Little Pete"), born in the town of Clay, Onondaga Co., N. Y., Aug. 24, 1822. Married, first, Catherine Sommers (born July 22, 1818; died Sept. 18, 1881; second, Caroline Petrie, "from somewhere in the Mohawk Valley section". He had two children: Augustus A. and Gilbert Theodore, by his first wife.

Gilbert Theodore Young was born May 11, 1848. His first wife was Mary E. Travers. They were married Dec. 15, 1873. They had two children, Alfred Emerson Young, born April 20, 1876, who married Evelyn Wittebecker and had no children; and Arthur James Young, born Nov. 1, 1880. He married Nellie M. Burns, who was born June 5, 1888. They were married June 14, 1909. She died Jan. 20, 1939. Arthur J. and Nellie M. had three children: Anna Mary, born May 6, 1910; Mary Elizabeth, born Sept. 27, 1915; and Roy Arthur, born Oct. 21, 1917.

Arthur James Young and children live at Broadhead, Wisconsin, and Alfred Emerson Young at Freeport, Ill.

Gilbert Theodore Young's second wife was Mary Johnson. They were married in 1885 and had one daughter, Marjorie, born Nov. 15, 1902. Gilbert died Feb. 21, 1935. They lived at Broadhead, Wisconsin.

Dr. Augustus A. Young, late dean of the Wayne county, N. Y. Medical Association, was born in Clay, Onondaga Co., N. Y. Nov. 8, 1849; married Sarah E. Carver, who was born in Cicero, N. Y., July 31, 1848. Dr. Augustus died in Newark, N. Y. at the age of 84, survived by a daughter, Mrs. Adela M. Garlock, and a grandson, Robert Collins-both of Newark. Little Pete lived in the old home with his father, and after his death carried on the farming and ran the old cider mill as he had done. The old mill stood alongside the road almost in the shade of the big elm tree that his father had planted in 1812. It was an interesting piece of old-time engineering. The apples were ground by horse power; the horses being hitched to a geared sweep that went round in a circle. The press (parts of which are now in possession of the author), like the rest of it, was apparently home-made. It had massive wooden screws,. made of maple, that were turned by handspikes. The cheese, (ground apple pommice) was skillfully laid up in a removable frame with rye straw, carefully folded in around the edges of the successive layers in the earlier days, but after a time burlap came into use for this purpose. The vat was a big tub-perhaps a half a hogshead-set under the floor level. Many is the time that the writer, in common with many others in the neighborhood, has sampled its delectable contents. It was related, however, that there was one fateful morning on which the cider was not so good. A skunk, in attempting to get a drink-or take a bath-had been unable to get out again.

As his nickname implies, Peter J. was a short, chunky man. He died Feb. 27, 1897.


5-1 Mary J. Young, born Feb. 11, 1815. Married William Ottman, a son of Jacob Ottman and wife Elizabeth Kneiskern, Jan. 26, 1833.

Issue. (6) (Sixth Generation)

6-1 Jacob Madison Ottman, born Sept. 13, 1833.

6-2 John Henry, born Nov. 13, 1835.

6-3 Jane Elizabeth, born Feb. 28, 1837.

6-4 Lovina Isabel, born Apr. 3, 1839.

6-5 Martin James and

6-6 Marcus, Jr. (twins), born Nov. 9, 1840.

6-7 Margaretta Cornelia, born Dec. 27, 1841.

6-8 Jeremiah Luther, born Mar. 3, 1844.

6-9 John Ainslie, born Apr. 30, 1846.

6-10 Emma Franetta, born Nov. 14, 1847.

6-11 Augusta Arabella, born Feb. 14, 1850.

6-12 John Heyer, born June 6, 1852.

6-13 William Miller, born Sept. 3, 1854.

Augusta Arabelle (6-11) married Allan Gilmore April 1, 1874. They had two sons: Guy Ottman Gilmore, born Dec. 14, 1883 and Neil J. born Dec. 25, 1892. Guy O. Gilmore married Mabel C. Raynor Oct. 11, 1905. They have one son, Charles Allan Gilmore, born March 1, 1910. He married Elizabeth Trumbull Sept. 29, 1934. Charles Allan and Elizabeth Trumbull have two daughters: Mary Jane, born Oct. 28, 1937; and Susan Elizabeth, born June 17, 1939. (Augusta Arabelle-"Belle"-Ottman was a girlhood friend of this author's mother, Anna Shepard; born Jan. 8, 1850).


4-7 Elizabeth Young, born Jan. 7, 1793. Apparently she did not marry. She is buried in the Lawyersville cemetery, Schoharie county, N. Y. The gravestone record is: "Elizabeth Young, died March 16, 1878; aged 85 years, 2 months and 9 days." No further records.


4-8 Mathias Young, born May 27, 1795. Married a "Mrs. W. Warner" in Clay, N. Y. (then town of Cicero) Feb. 13, 1824. (Dutch Settlement church records, Clay). He died May 29, 1838. Apparently no children. The Pine Plains gravestone record reads: "Mathias Young, died May 29, 1838; aged 41 years." If Melvin Young's record of his birth is correct this would make him 43 years and two days old. On the same burial plot (George Warner lot) is a stone marked "Relephe O'Dwinnell, relict (widow) of Mathias Young, died Feb. 27, 1870, aged 77 years, 6 months." Relephe O'Dwinnell must have been her maiden name before she became Mrs. W. Warner, widow.


4-9 Lana (Christened Helena) Young, born July 20, 1797. Married Jared Mogg. There were 14 children; John, Peter, Aaron, Cornelius, Sarah A., Catherine, Philena, Mary, Emily, Maria, Eli, Moses, Isaac and Jeremiah. Sarah A. Mogg, born in 1830, married A. R. Starr. These were the grandparents of Myrtle L. Johnson, born in Joliet, Ill. No further records.


4-10 Cornelius Young, born Aug. 2, 1799. Married, first, Baliche ("Baley") Kerger (Karker) ; second, Anna Hoffman, a widow, May 12, 1831. We find records of three children by his first wife: Sophia, born June 19, 1825; Isabel, born Feb. 15, 1828; and Elizabeth, born Feb. 8, 1830. (Lawyersville Reformed church record). The Lawyersville gravestone record is as follows: (if correctly copied) "Cornelius Young died Jan. 12, 1832, aged 52 years, 10 months, 10 days." Probably it is 32 years. Figuring from Melvin's record of Cornelius' birth he would have been 32 years, 5 months and 10 days. Inasmuch as we find no records of children born after 1830, it seems reasonable to suppose that he died in 1832 and was 32 years old, rather than that he died in 1852, which would make him 52 years old. There seems to have been an error of misreading between a 5 and a 3.

We find no records of any children by his second wife, but a gravestone record in the Lawyersville cemetery reads: "Anna, wife of Cornelius Young, died May 4, 1861, aged 60 years and 9 months. No records pertaining to the children by his first wife have been found, except the above birth dates.


4-11 Adam Young, born Sept. 20, 1801. Married Lena (Lana) Ottman as his first wife, and Maria ------- as his second. The Lawyersville, N. Y. gravestone record reads Adam Young, died Nov. 2, 1881, aged 80 years, 1 month, 12 days. "Lany" (Lana-Lena) wife of Adam Young, died Dec. 27, 1858, aged 61 years, 2 months and 18 days Maria, wife of Adam Young, died Dec. 20, 1879, aged 61 years, 4 months, 12 days." We find records of five children, all by his first wife. The Lawyersville gravestone records follow:

Issue. (5) (Fifth Generation)

5-1 "Peter, born Dec. 10, 1823. Mary Ann (first) wife of Peter, died Jan. 29, 1846, aged 23 years, 1 month and 14 days." "Elizabeth (second) wife of Peter, born Aug. 13, 1822, died Jan. 29, 1896". "Peter died Sept. 13, 1907."

5-2 "Harriet, died July 23, 1839, aged 6 years, 11 months, 10 days."

5-3 Alida Maria," born March 21, 1826.

5-4 Julian Mergrit, born Nov. 5, 1829. 5-5 Elizabeth, born Oct. 27, 1837. Sponsors at the baptism, Jeremiah Young (doubtless the Revolutionary soldier).

(The last three records are from Lawyersville Reformed church).


4-12 Mary Young, born April 19, 1805. Married Robert N. Weller, (the pioneer Rob.) Their children were: Jeremiah, born Aug. 10, 1825, (married Lydia Ann Lynn-died in 1901) ; Robert A., born in 1828 (married Elizabeth Van Hoesen-died in 1914.) Mathias, Diana Catharine, born Aug. 24, 1830; Charity, Nancy C., born April 8, 1835; married Hiram Young. (See Hiram Young 6-2 in the Jacob Jung Branch) ; Sylvester, Mary, Peter, (was in the Civil War), Amos A.; married Ora Young, daughter of David. (See David Young, 5-4), and Ellen.

Mary was known to the younger generation of the Youngs as "old Aunt Mary Weller." In common with plenty of others of her time, she seems to have been a spirited, plain-spoken woman.

Robert A. Weller was the father of Lambert Weller, who has been elsewhere mentioned; and Jeremiah and Lydia Ann Lynn were the parents of Effie Weller, whom we have also quoted.

Earl Young, a grandson of Robert N. Weller, says that this grandfather of his laid out most of the framing for the buildings of the old salt boiling industry around Salina and Liverpool, N. Y. in the early stage of the business. The old Salt Museum at Liverpool is a replica of those old buildings, reconstructed from old framing timbers. Incidentally, many of the Young family, as well as others in Dutch Settlement, made salt barrels, especially in the winter time, to augment their income from farming.


5-1 Mary I. Young, born May 9, 1808; married Isaac Young, a son of Elias Young and Elisabeth Sommers, at Clay, N. Y., on March 27, 1828. The ceremony was performed by Rev. Jacob Senderling. "Christian Young and Lana, witnesses". (Dutch Settlement Lutheran church record, Clay, N. Y.) Their children were: Norman, Hiram, Sarah, Nancy, Jacob, Elizabeth, Mary, Lydia, Charles and William N. Isaac Young and Mary I. are descended from a common ancestor-Peter Jung, born in 1725. (See Isaac Young, 5 - 1, in the Jacob Jung Branch.)


5-2 Jeremiah Young, born in the town of Sharon, Schoharie county, N. Y., March 29, 1810. He died in childhood, in the town of Cicero, Onondaga county, N.-Y., Aug. 6, 1812.


5-3 Margaret Young, born in the town of Cicero, Onondaga county, N. Y., Nov. 11, 1812; married Hiram Shafer at Clay, Feb. 12, 1834, Rev. Ottenan. officiating.


5-4 Sarah Young, born in the town of Cicero, Onondaga county, N. Y., Nov. 23, 1814. Died young.



<- Elizabeth Young.

Elizabeth Young, born in the town of Cicero, Onondaga county, N. Y., April 17, 1817; married George Weller and lived at Coldwater, Mich. She is said to have died in 1887 and left three sons and two daughters. Orlando, the oldest son was known as "Lon". He was a blacksmith and horseshoer in Michigan. Wallace lived at Benton Harbor, Mich. and apparently had no children. Charles died young.

This George Weller was of the original family of Dutch Settlement Wellers. His father was an older brother of Robert N. Weller, the pioneer "Rob". (Milo and Ruben Weller were brothers of George).


5-6 Jacob C. Young, born in the town of Cicero, Onondaga county, N. Y., June 19, 1819; married Kathern (Catherine) Leiddle who was born Nov. 1, 1818 and died March 21, 1898. He went to West Bend, Wisconsin about 1850, with a brother, Abraham. Jacob C. died May 31, 1899.

Issue. (6) (Sixth Generation)

6-1 Emeline, said to have married a man by the name of Wicker.

6-2 Martha Maria, married a man named Young-a second cousin. They lived near Unity and Colby, Wis.

6-3 Jacob, Jr. No information.

6-4 James. No information.

6-5 Gilbert. These last three did not marry. This information from Mrs. Charles Taylor of Evansville, Wis., a descedant of Jacob's brother, Abraham. A granddaughter of Jacob, a daughter of Martha Maria Young-Mrs. Etta Young Grimes-lived in Milwaukee, Wis. Her last known address was 1533 East Royall Pl.


5-7 Abraham Young, born in the town of Cicero, Onondaga county, N. Y., Nov. 18, 1821. He was twice married, his first wife being ----- Lynn. His second wife was Nancy Schafer. He had three daughters, one by the first wife and two by the second. He died in Trenton, Wis., Sept. 22, 1882.

Issue, first wife (6) (Sixth Generation)

6-1 Caroline, born ----; married Edgar A. McCarthy, .R. D. No. 1, Plainwell, Mich. They had seven children: Ida Elbertine McCarty, Austin Alburtus, Edgar Alfonso, Abraham C., Alvah Orrin, and Alma and Alice, twins, who died in infancy.

Issue, second wife

6-2 Georganna Adelia: record of birth and marriage not found. She had five children: Edna Ann Nash, Myrtie Elvira, Homer Edwin, Gracie May, and Harriet Edith. Myrtie Elvira married Charles Taylor of Evansville, Wis.

6-3 Martha Ellen (a cousin.) They had two children: Estella and Arthur. No further records.


<-Julia and Squire Pete Young

5-8 Julia Ann Young, born in the town of Cicero, Onondaga county, N. Y., June 6, 1824; married Peter Young, Jr. ("Squire Pete") at Clay, Jan. 14, 1847. She died in Clay. Nov. 8, 1882.

Issue. (6) (Sixth Generation)

6-1 An "Infant son of Peter and Julia, died, aged 30 days," no date. (Pine Plains gravestone record.)

6-2 Elizabeth, born June 12, 1846. She married Albert Richmond. They had several children: "D. A." Richmond, Emmer, Julia N., David and Eugene. D. A. married and has some children. Julia N. married Frederick Ranford.


5-9 Martha Young, born in the town of Clay, Onondaga county, N. Y., Oct. 21, 1826; married Henry Nash Dec. 30, 1851. She had no children. Died with smallpox in Clay April 4, 1852. Henry ("Hank") Nash married again and had two children by his second wife: Henry ('"Dick"), and Martha. Martha married Frank Phillips.


5-10 William H. Young ("Blivens"), born in the town of Clay, Onondaga county, N. Y., July 21, 1829; married Barbara Van Anken. They had a son Ervin (Irving?) and a daughter Roseltha. William H. and Barbara separated, and he afterwards lived with his sister, Julia Ann and Squire Pete.

It is claimed that Ervin (or Irving) was the prize-lighter known as Tommy Ryan. To Earl Young, who went to school with him in Clay, we are indebted for the following:

"In regard to old Blivens: This son of his (Irving) came to the old school for a while, about 1873-maybe 1872-a big strapping boy who wanted to fight most of the time. I do not remember who he lived with; his father and mother had separated, or she had died. The prize-fighter took the name of "Tommy Ryan". He knocked out Bob Fitzsimmons in an exhibition match in some city back there" (Earl is in Seattle, Wash.) "before Fitz won from Jim Corbett. Young Tommy Scott was out here in 1892. He said he used to train with him, and that he was the Irving I used to know. My memory is that he" (Irving-Tommy Ryan) "came out to southern California like most of the ex-prize-fighters later. He must be dead by this time" (1942).

The Johann Mattheus Line, Part Three

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