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The Young (Jung) Families of the Mohawk Valley
Compiled by Clifford M. Young & Published by
The Fort Plain Standard, Fort Plain, NY 1947
Donated by Bruce Hargrove.


As the mother of Clifford M. Young was Irene Lasher Young, a descendant of Sebastian Loescher, the immigrant ancestor, a tracing of a portion of this particularly large family follows. Others have written the family history and genealogy generally but they do not appear to have followed the branches locating in the Mohawk Valley. Sebastian Loescher was born in the Palatinate, Germany, about 1669 and came to this country in the great Palatine emigration of 1710. He was accompanied by his wife, Maria Elizabeth Kunin, five sons and five daughters; the records indicate that his family was fortunate enough to be on the ship called Midford with Rev. Joshua Kocherthal, who states in his record that he baptized their daughter, Maria Elisabeth Lasher, en route, on June 1, 1710. The family settled at West Camp on the Hudson and there the elders remained.

The Lasher descendants were many, as will be readily appreciated by a survey of the church and cemetery records of Columbia county. An old Lasher Homestead, built in about 1770, now stands at Ancram and is occupied (1942). An historical roadside marker has been placed by the State Historian in front of the house. The poll list of Columbia county showed 57 Lasher voters in 1941. The Lashers have migrated to all parts of the United States and many of them went to the Mohawk Valley and to Pennsylvania. The name "Sebastian" or "Bastian" was handed down through many, if not all, branches, which has made accurate tracing difficult.

Sebastian (1) and Maria Elisabeth had Sebastian (2) born in 1689. This Sebastian Loescher married Elisabeth Livingston at Livingston Manor and they had nine children, according to his will dated June 11, 1775, on file in the records of the Court of Appeals, Albany. He there signs his name "Bastian Lesher" and mentions his wife, Elisabeth Livingston Lesher, and his oldest child, Bastian, Jr. Other sons living were Samuel and Marks and the daughters mentioned were Helena, wife of Jurry Rosman and Hannah, wife of Peter Bain. Coenret Lesher, brother of Bastian (2) wife Lydia was an executor of the will. Bastian willed his wife, among other things, a "Negro wench, slave, named Gin."

A study of the various records and similarity of names, seems to prove that Samuel, baptized April 18, 1762 (Linlithgo Dutch Reformed) , son of Bastian (2) and Elisabeth Livingston, married Magdalena Blass, born March 2, 1765, daughter of Johannes Blass and Gesie Blass. According to the Churchtown Lutheran Church records Samuel (1) and Lena had Sebastian Lasher (3), born August 3, 1788, baptized August 25, 1788, sponsors Henry Stahl and Elisabeth Blass. This Sebastian Lasher (3) married Veitje (Sophia) Phoeba Vosburgh of Hillsdale, Columbia county. She was generally known as "Phoeba" but the three names given have been used in the church records. This Sebastian and Phoeba were the grand parents of Irene Lasher Young mentioned at the outset of this chapter. The Churchtown record shows the following:

"Sebastian Loescher (3) and Veitje Vosburg, Samuel born August 8, 1810, baptized Sept 17, 1810, sponsors Samuel Loescher and ................... Van Deusen."

Sebastian and Phoeba also had Maritje, born October 29, 1812, sponsors David Hoel and Maritje Blass (Plass). Soon thereafter this Sebastian and Veitje (Phoeba) moved to Stone Arabia, Montgomery county where other children were born. The list is as follows:

1. Samuel, born August 8, 1810 (Churchtown record), later a farmer in Frey's Bush, Montgomery county, married Harriet Vedder, daughter of John Vedder and died March 24, 1901, in his 92nd year. She was born March 6, 1809, died April 25, 1893.

2. Nancy Maria (Maritje), born October 29, 1812 (Churchtown record) died January 14, 1908; married John Coppernoll, veterinarian of Fort Plain.

3. Clara, born March 19, 1815 (Stone Arabia record) died .......... married Henry Smith of Nelliston, who died May 26, 1888.

4. David, born February 27, 1818; married Delia Getman. He was a farmer in Palatine and died September 28, 1898, aged 81. Their children were Barney, Reuben, Menzo, Aaron, Samuel, Jerry, Nancy and Emma.

5. Aaron, born November 13, 1820, married Mary (Polly) Wagner, born 1809, died 1889. He was a blacksmith in Fort Plain and died May 14, 1899. Their children were William H. (1848 - 1892), Eugene M. (1852-1944), and Alma L., born in 1854. William H. had a son, Fred A. Lasher, (1879 - 1915).

6. Sophia, born September 23. 1823, died January 13, 1902; married Henry Anthony, born in Germany in 1813, died September 20, 1900. They lived in Fort Plain and their children were as follows:


Anna, born in 1848 (unmarried) died Tune 18, 1903. Henrietta, horn Jan. 24, 1853, died Feb. 22, 1917; married Fulton L. Kemp, born May 16, 1838, died Sept. 5, 1912. Buried in Fort Plain cemetery. Their children were Mollie, Lulu, and Margery. No further record of the children found, except the latter who died in infancy Jan. 3, 1890. Fred D, born 1857, died 1899.

Charles (No record)

Arthur (No record)

Jacob, born 1863, died February 22, 1903; married Blanche Garlock, and they had one son, Gardner.

Samuel, born 1866, died March 7, 1916; married October 16, 1895 Alice Lambert, born October 21, 1872. They had one son. Gordon H. Anthony, born March 12, 1900; married Doris M. Wilson of Copenhagen, N. Y., Dec. 9, 1924, and they had one son, Donald E., born Sept. 16, 1925, died July 8, 1926.

After the death of Samuel Anthony, Alice married (2nd) Jesse D. Larkins of Watertown, April 5, 1919. He was born Dec. 9, 1871.

7. Henry D., born in 1839, died May 16. 1927. He married Charlotte Backer (1841 - 1932), daughter of John Eacker. Henry was a farmer in Stone Arabia and later a wagon maker in Fort Plain. Their children were Jeremiah, Raymond and Elisabeth, wife of Perry Moyer.

8. Christina, born January 23, 1826, died January 2, 1882, wife of Nathan Wagner.

9. Nancy, born February 20, 1830, died November 21, 1919, married Frank Bowers, tailor in Fort Plain, born Feb. 3, 1827 in Newstadt, Eberswalde. Germany. He came to the United States at the age of 18. He died March 8, 1916. Nancy and Frank were married July 24, 1860 and their children were:

Emma, born June 25, 1861, married Clinton E. Strong of East Hampton, Mass. Dec. 2, 1886. She (died Nov. 20, 1942, leaving a son, Henry, and a daughter, Grace Strong, who married David West of Haydenville, Mass.

Frank L. Bowers, born April 22, 1865, died February 18, 1942, in Buffalo. He married Nettie McNitt of Norwich. Children: Phoebe Evelyn, born April 25, 1903, died April 18, 1919; Martha Adelaid, born October 15, 1906; Grace Ruth, born Dec. 17, 1921. Pheby, born July 12, 1867, died January 13, 1S70.

10. Magdalena, born July 16, 1834, died in Fort Plain in 1920 (unmarried). She was buried on the Frank Bowers lot in the Fort Plain cemetery. Sebastian Lasher (3) died in Stone. Arabia and was buried in the Dutch Reformed Cemetery. According to the inscription on his grave stone he died June 12, 1840, aged 51 years, 10 months and 9 days. These dates agree substantially with the church record of his birth in Columbia county and afford proof that he was the son of Samuel Lasher (1) and Lena Blass. His gravestone is in fair condition, considering its age, although the place is now a cow pasture, and, like the Sandhill cemetery and many others, is a disgrace to the families concerned and to the community.

Phoeba Sophia Vosburgh Lasher, wife of Sebastian (3), outlived her husband by many years, staying with her son Aaron Lasher in Fort Plain until her death December 31, 1881. She was buried in the Fort Plain cemetery January 2, 1882, and the cemetery records show her name "Phoeba Lasher", the name by which she was known during all the latter years of her life. Her grave is not marked but if it can be definitely located, the remains of her husband should be transferred from Stone Arabia and placed beside her; otherwise his burial place will be lost to future generations. The writer has twice erected the headstone of Sebastian, only to have it rubbed down by cattle. In most families it is found that any interest in such matters is rather the exception than the rule, and as a result the burial place of many of our ancestors is unknown.

Samuel Lasher-(1810-1901) married Harriet Vedder of Stone Arabia, daughter of John Vedder, who was a son of Arnold Vedder, originally of Schenectady but a farmer in Stone Arabia the greater part of his life. John Vedder had brothers Arndt and Aaron of Fort Plain. Aaron Vedder married Catherine Gremps, daughter of John P. Gremps and they had a son Joshua, a well known merchant of Fort Plan, who married Gertrude Groff. Joshua Vedder was in partnership with William Snyder, his son-in-law. He died January 20, 1905.

Samuel and Harriet (Vedder) Lasher

The children of Samuel Lasher and Harriet Vedder Lasher were:

Nancy Maria, born January 7, 1832 married Jacob C. Cook of Stone Arabia and died March 13, 1885, aged 533. He was born January 3, 1822 and died July 17, 1912. (See Cook genealogy).

Vienna Katharine, born October 2, 1833, died July 24, 1839.

Agnes, born November 5, 4835, died July 3, 1913. She is buried on the Casper I. Cook or Jacob C. Cook lot in the Fort Plain cemetery. Agnes married Evan D. Evans of Gloversville, but they lived apart most of their married lives.

Irene, born March 8, 1838, died January 7, 1928. She married Marvin Young of Frey's Bush October 22, 1874. He was born November 8, 1841, died July 1, 1916. Their children were: Sarah, Samuel Lasher and Clifford Marvin Young.

Arnold Vedder, born May 20, 1840, died December 2, 1910. He resided in Sprout Brook and married Almira Hastings October 31, 1867, She was born March 11, 1844 and died August 20, 1901. She was adopted by her uncle and aunt, Joseph Hastings and Almira Coleman Hastings April 6, 1848.

Arnold V. Lasher was a veteran of the Civil War, having enlisted and served as Sergeant, Company E, 153rd Regiment, N. Y. Volunteers. He married, second, Amanda Price Pike, adopted daughter of Solomon Miller. She died April 9, 1937. Arnold and Almira had one son Stanley H. Lasher, born June 7, 1872, died July 2, 1940. He married Bessie L. Flint of Sprout Brook January 12, 1898. She was a daughter of Edwin N. Flint, born August 29, 1853 died December 28, 1919, and Helen T. (Dunkell) Flint, born October 4, 1851, died March 4, 1916. Bessie L. Flint was born November 24, 1877. Stanley and Bessie had the following children:

Twins, born July 25, 1902, died August 21, 1902.

Louise H. born July 9, 1901, married Henry A. Ernstrom of Gloversville April 26, 1941. He was born luly 26, 1903.

Helen A., born May 10, 1908, married January 13, 1934, Marvin H. Patterson of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, born December 19, 1909.

Arnold Clifford, born July 19, 1913, married Ruth Morton, November 14, 1934. They have two children: Richard Arthur, born April 8, 1944, and Norma Jane, born April 8, 1945.

Gertrude, born January 1, 1845, married Christian Winegar June 20, 1882. She died May 31, 1928. Christian Winegar was born March 10, 1861 and died November 18, 1917. Their children were:

Leiah Mae, born September 3, 1883, married Frank Hoag, born Oct. 31, 1880, died Sept. 23, 1942. They had an infant son who died at birth; and Carl Christian, born March 5, 1911, who married Genevieve Lena Johnson Nov. 23, 1938. They have the following children:

Carol lean Hoag, horn August 4, 1944.

Richard Carl Hoag, born March 19, 1946.

Robert Edward Hoag, born March 19, 1946. Twins.

Minnie Gertrude, born April 14, 1885, married Carl Pickel June 20, 1906. He was born August 7, 1886.

Ella Snell, born Sept. 1, 1888, married Howard Ritter. Their children were Gertrude Emma Ritter, born May 2, 1909, married William Dillenback Hudson July 13, 1935. He was horn July 10, 1910, son of William A. Hudson and Jennie Dillenback Hudson.

Vivian Mae Ritter, born July 25, 1910, married Mallery Kimmerer Oct. 5, 1935, born June 4, 1908. He served as Private Fc in the Army overseas.

John S. Lasher, born March 18, 1848, died in Fort Plain Dec. 8, 1901. He was first married to Estella May Smith of Fort Plain in 1882. She was born Oct. 20, 1864, died Nov. 2, 1939. They had one cliild, Harriet, born March 6, 1883. Harriet was married first to Harry Bellinger, Sept. 18, 1901. He died and she married Thomas Henry Tunbridge of Utica August 16, 1905. They reared one child Kathryn M., born May 19, 1917. She married Arthur Swartz of Buffalo August 28, 1935, and they have two children-Carol Ann, born Sept. 11, 1936, and Arthur L. born April 3, 1940.

Estella Smith Lasher married, second, James M. Horton of Amsterdam March 30, 1891. He died in January 1896, and she married, third, William B. Kershaw of Buffalo, Sept. 1907. He was born April 18, 1884 and died February 23, 1943.

John S. Lasher married, second Louisa Fisk, born May 12, 1861, died Feb. 6, 1946, to whom the following children were born: Grover C. Lasher, born January 24, 1890, died April 10, 1936: married Estella Deneke October 18, 1913. Their children were: Erma M. Lasher, born January 9, 1916. Killed in Automobile accident December 24, 1936, and Robert L. Lasher, born September 6, 1920. Lives in New York City.

John Weslcy, born December 22, 1892, married Dorothy Stubley September 27, 1915. They have one child, Charles W., born September 10, 1917 lives in Buffalo.

Winfield, born November 17, 1898, married Sophia Baum January 15, 1921. Their children are:

Kieth Alvin, born March 3, 1927.

Winifred Ann, born May 8, 1929.

Norma Dean, born May 14, 1931.

Paul Walter, born July 30, 1935.

Mabel, born February 28, 1895, married March 18, 1915, Franklin F. Bellinger. They had one child, Arlene H. Bellinger, born July 28, 1917. Mabel married second, LeRoy A. Dettinger August 20, 1927.

Margaret, born April 6, 1900, married William Ulysses Coppernoll, August 20, 1919. their children are, Russell William Coppernoll born August 10, 1920, married Elisabetli Mary Ferrulo October 4, 1941; and Norma Louise, born January 10, 1926.

Everett, born February 7, 1902, married Jeanette Benson, February 27, 1928. They have one child, Everett J. Lasher, born October 12, 1929. They live in Seattle, Wash.

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