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The Young (Jung) Families of the Mohawk Valley
Compiled by Clifford M. Young & Published by
The Fort Plain Standard, Fort Plain, NY 1947
Donated by Bruce Hargrove.


Historians agree that the Palatines of Schoharie who migrated to the "Maquas (Moakes) Country" left Schoharie in 1722-23. While documentary proof does not appear to be available, it seems that a group of these people never went to Schoharie from the Hudson River site in 1712, but journeyed directly to the Mohawk Valley, via Schenectady. For instance: Martinus Dallenbach-who is referred to elsewhere in this record-together with Hendrick Young and others-enlisted in Col. Nicholson's expedition to Canada in 1711. The expedition petered out before the objective materialized and they returned. Nothing further is heard of Martin Dillenback (according to the "Dallenbachs of America" by Rev. Andrew Dillenbeck), except a baptismal record by Rev. Kocherthal in 1713, until he and twenty-one others secured a land grant of about 13,000 acres in Stone Arabia in 1722-23. This was the first patent issued by the Crown to Palatines of the Mohawk Valley of which there is any record, and suggests that a small group had settled in the Mohawk Valley prior to 1722 when the larger body arrived from Schoharie. It seems probable that these early settlers might have been in search of the "Great Flatts" site (German Flats) which had been under discussion as- a home for Palatines when they arrived in America in 1710.

Upon arrival at what is now Palatine Bridge, this small group must have found- the Frey settlement which antedated the Palatine emigration to America by approximately twenty years. Does it not seem reasonable that encountering a settlement of whites, speaking the same I language, they would abide at least temporarily in that vicinity, provided the land was up to their expectation? The likely thing for them to have done was to go up the slope from the river, two or three miles to what became Stone Arabia and squat on land which in about nine years' time would become their patent. It is true that some of the Palatines from Schoharie joined them in securing the land grant, which-could be expected, but it seems evident that the groundwork had been laid for securing this patent before the Schoharie group arrived in the Mohawk Valley.

Just prior to the time this patent was being negotiated, it appears from deeds recorded in the County Clerk's office in Albany that several Holland Dutchmen and others from Albany and Schenectady beat the Palatines to it, and just before their arrival from Schoharie these influential men secured land grants adjacent to the Mohawk River, extending from the "Nose" (below Sprakers) westward along both sides of the river. Some of these Albany and Schenectady land buyers were Harmon Van Slyck, Col. Philip Schuyler, Rutgar Bleecker, Stephannis Groesbeck, Francis Harrison, Abraham De Puyster, Philip Livingston, Hansen, Bradt and Van Home.

As the Palatines arrived in the Mohawks country from Schoharie they naturally associated with their brethren already settled there, and soon some of them were acquiring land in that vicinity and westward to the Great Flatts. Many of them settled permanently in what became the town of Palatine on the north side, and Canajoharie and Minden on the south side of the river. The Van Slyck patent extended from the Nose on the north side to what became Palatine Bridge. DePuyster had land adjacent along the river, and Groesbeck owned land on both sides of the river in that vicinity. The Harrison-Schuyler patent was just northwest of the land of DePuyster and began near what is now Nelliston. The Stone Arabia patent was northeast and abutting on the Van Slyck patent. The Bleecker patent, also known Otsquago patent, was located a few miles west on the south side of the river and embraced what is now Fort Plain and Frey's Bush as far south as what became the site of the Methodist church. The Livingston patent was located on the south of the Bleecker patent.

In 1730 Hendrick Young purchased 703 acres (Lot 14) from Col. Philip Schuyler, situated on the north side of the river and abutting property of Van Slyck and DePuyster. This tract must have been located between Nelliston and Stone Arabia and extended northeast. In 1732 Hendrick Young deeded this land to Stephanis Groesbeck. Theobald Young and Rutgar Bleecker witnessed the signature of Hendrick Young on the deed, which leads one to the conclusion that at that early date these two Young families were residing in the vicinity of what became Canajoharie and Fort Plain. In 1752 we find Theobald Young and three sons-Adam, Frederick and Andreas, securing the Young land patent of 14,000 acres at what is known as the Kyle or Chuyl and Little Lakes section in Herkimer county. The name of Theobald Young does not appear on the large list of names of those who secured the German Flats patent in 1725, as he was probably located at that time in the vicinity of Canajoharie, and probably remained there for several years, as the marriage of Adam is shown in the Stone Arabia church record in 1742 (born 1717), and Frederick became a road commissioner and one of the justices of Tryon county, appointed by Governor Tryon. While Frederick had an interest in the Theobald Young land grant, the record is not clear that he ever lived in Herkimer county, but rather south of Canajoharie. Adam did reside in the "Kyle" as elsewhere indicated. (See Theobald Young chapter).

About twenty years after the Theobald Young land grant was consummated, Jacob Young, son of Hendrick Young, in 1772, purchased several lots in the Bleecker patent (granted 1729). These lots were located in the western section of Fort Plain and in Freysbush. The two families mentioned-Theobald and Hendrick Jung (Young) appear to have been the only families bearing that name who came to the Mohawk Valley at the time of the early land grants mentioned, but there is some indication that Hendrick might have returned to Schoharie. Some of his children were apparently married in Schoharie as indicated by church records there, which was several years after his land deal mentioned above. If his family had been still living in the Mohawk Valley at the time of the marriages of the children, no doubt such marriages would have been recorded in the Stone Arabia church. In Hendrick's deed of lot 14 to Stephanis Groesbeck the words "him there into moving" appear. Theobald later located at Little Lakes (Young Lake) Herkimer county.

Johann Mattheus Young and wife remained at West Camp where he became a school teacher. Several of his children settled in Schoharie county in about 1760. (See Johan Mattheus Section-Part 2.) The historians, Simms, Beers, and Frothingham, maintain that a number of families came directly from the Hudson to the Mohawk Valley and did not locate in Schoharie, but that a few did come from the Schoharie Valley to the Mohawk in about 1717, approximately five years before the main body arrived. This, together with the foregoing facts, tends to prove that the town of Palatine was partially settled by some of these Germans before the large migration from the Schoharie Valley in 1722.

Copy of Deed of Land of Hendrick Young to Stephanis Groesbeck in 1732.

This indenture made and concluded this fourth day of April in the 5th year of the reign of our Sovereign Lord George the second day of grace of God, King of Great Britain, France and Ireland, defender of the faith, etc. and in the year of our Lord 1732 between HENDRICK YOUNG of the Moakes Country in the county of Albany, planter of the one part and STEPHANIS GROOESBECK of the City of Albany, merchant of the other part: Whereas Coll Philip Schuyler, by certain indenture bearing date the 13th day of July in the 4th year of his said Majesty's reign in the year of our Lord 1730 for considerations therein mentioned, did grant, bargain, sell, alinate, release, assign and confirm unto the said Hendrick Young and Jacob Timmerman, their heirs, and assigns forever, all that certain lot of land situate, lying and being on the north side of the Moaks River, being Lot No. 14, part of 12,000 acres of land beginning at a point which is 72 chains upon a north 55 degrees 30 minutes west course distant from a second point which second point is 69 chains upon a north 30 degree 30 minutes west course distant from the third point which third point is 83 chains upon a north 9 degrees west course distant from a fourth point which fourth point is 73 chains upon a north 30 degrees 30 minutes west course from a fifth point which fifth point is 190 chains upon a north 15 degrees west course and from a tree marked with a bear, wolf and turtle, standing on the northermost line of the land belonging to Depuyster and Van Slyck about six chains east from the Maquas River, and from the said beginning point this Lott No. 14 running north 80 degrees west 47 chains thence south 53 degrees west to the Maquas River, thence north 53 degrees east to the rear line of the said 12,000 acres of land thence along the same south 75 degrees east about 53 chains and south 43 degrees east about one chain until the beginning point of this Lott No. 14 bears south 55 degrees 30 minutes west, thence south 55 degrees 30 minutes west to the Maquas River, thence up the river to the place where the above mentioned south 58 degrees west course comes to the river, containing about 703 acres of land as in and by the said Indenture Relation thereinto being had it Doeth and may more fully and plainly and at large appear. Now this Indenture Witnesseth that the said Hendrick Young for divers good Causes and Considerations him thereinto moving but especially for and in consideration of the sum of one hundred and twenty-eight pounds fourteen shillings pounds current money of the Province of New York well and truly unto the said Hendrick Young in hand paid at and before the Ensealing and Delivery of these presents by the said Stephanis Groesbeeck the receipt whereof the said Hendrick Young doeth hereby acknowledge and himself therewith to be fully satisfied and contented and thereof and therefrom and of and from every part and parcell thereof doeth acquit Exonerate and Discharge him the said Stephanis Groesbeeck his heirs Executors Administrators and Every of them forever by these presents hath granted bargained sold alienated Enposed Released assigned and Confirmed and by this presents doeth grant bargain sell alinate Enpoesse Release assign and Confirm unto the said Stephanis Groesbeeck his heirs and assigns forever all that one just full equal half part or mojety of the before Recited Lott of Land Called No. 14 Containing the whole lott about seven hundred and three acres of land butted and bounded as hereinbefore specified and described the whole in two equal parts to be divided together with all and singular the profits Benefitts Liberties privileges Comodities Hereditoments and Appurtenances whatsoever to the said just and full half part or mojety of the said Lott of Land No. 14 belonging or in any wise appertaining and all the Estate Right title interest property claim and demand of him the said Hendrick Young of in or to the same or to any part or parcell thereof and the Reversion and Reversions, Remainder and Remainders Rents Issues and profits thereof but as for Concerning mines and mineralls the said Stephanis Groesbeeck his heirs and assigns are to have but one thirty eight part of all such mines and mineralls as shall be found at any time thereafter within the bounds of said Lott No. 14 Containing in the whole about seven hundred and three acres and all and singular the premises with the appurtenances aforesaid before mentioned or meant or intended to be hereby Granted Released and Confirmed with the appurtenances thereunto belonging or in any wise appertaining unto him the said Stephanis Groesbeeck his heirs and assigns to the sole and only proper use benefit and behoof of him the said Stephanis Groesbeeck his heirs and assigns forever under the Reservation Restrictions and provision Specefyd and mentioned in the letters pattent and the said Hendrick Young for himself his heirs executors and administrators doeth hereby Covenant promise and Grant to and with the said Stephanis Groesbeeck his heirs and assigns in manner and form following that is to say that he the said Hendrick Young is at and before the Ensealing and delivery of these presents Rightfully and Lawfully seized and possessed of and in the hereby granted lands and promises in his own Right as of a good and indeafeazable estate of inheritance in the Simple to him his heirs and assigns forever without any manner of Condition or Conditions Limitation or limitations use or uses to alter change charge determine or make void the same estate and hath in himself good Rightfull power and Lawfull Authority thereof to dispose and with the same and every part and parcell thereof now arc and forever thereafter shall so remain freely acquited and discharged or otherwise sufficiently saved harmless unto the said Stephanis Groesbeeck his heirs and assigns of and from all former and other bargains sales dower title of dower Jointures uses Wills Entails Statutes Recognizances Judgments Executions Extents and of and from all other Incumbrances whatsoever had made committed procured consented unto suffered or done by him the said Hendrick Young or with his provety or consent and that it shall or may be Lawfull to and for the said Stephanis Groesbeeck his heirs and assigns from henceforth and forever hereafter quietly and peaceably to have hold use occupy possess and enjoy the hereby granted lands and premises withall and every appurtenances without the least Lott Eviction hindrance or molestation of him the said Hendrick Young as from any person claiming or which might hereafter Lawfully claim by from or under him or by from or under any person or persons whatsoever and the same and every part and parcell thereof unto them the said Stephanis Groesbeeck his heirs and assigns shall and will warrant and by this presents forever Defend Yielding Rendering and Paying to the said Stephanis Groesbeeck his heirs and assigns therefore yearly and every year forever unto our said Soveraign Lord the King his heirs and successors into the hands of such person or persons officer or officers whom from time to time shall be appointed to receive the quit rent the sum of ten shilling and six pence for their part and proposition of the quit rent resolved and payable in and by the said letters pattent

In Testimony whereof the said Hendrick Young hath hereunto sett his hand and seal the day and year above written PROVIDED always and it is Covenanted Concluded Conditioned and agreed by and between the said parties to these presents that if the said Hendrick Young his heirs executors administrators or assigns or any of them do well and truly content and pay or cause to be contented and payd unto the said Stephanis Groesbeeck his heirs executors administrators or assigns the sum of 128 pounds 14 shillings current money of New York at or before the first day of May which will be in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and thirty-three and also at the same time the interest for the same at the rate of eight per cent per annum and that without fraud or further delay that then this present grant bargain and sale and all and every Covenant grant article and thing therein contained shall to all effects and purposes be utterly void, frustrated and of none effect but otherwise it defaults of payment at the day and time of payment aforesaid in part or in all contrary to the form above declared that then this present grant bargain and sale and all and every covenant grant article and thing herein. contained shall to all effects and purposes stand Remain and abide in its lull force strength and virtue.
(Signed) Hendrick Jung. (LS)
Memorandum: The words 28 pounds 14 shillings between the 29th and 30th lines in the first sheet where interlined before executing [hereof and then this Indenture was signed sealed and delivered
In the presence of us
(Signed) Theobald Young
Rutger Bleecker

In the absence of definite proof, one can only express the belief, based upon important evidence, that Hendrick Jung and wife, Anna Margaretha, were the immigrant parents of Jacob Young, who lived in the town of Minden, Montgomery county. The Rev. Joshua Kocherthal's church records show that on October 28, 1711, Maria Catharina was born to this couple, and on January 24, 1717, twins were born in Schoharie and named John Hendrick and Anna Margaretha Jung. Another child, Peter, is shown in the Schoharie records, but his birth date is not given.

The Simmendinger Register, prepared in 1717, as already indicated, shows that Hendrick and Anna Margaretha had four children up to that year. It seems apparent that Jacob Jung, (Sr.), who is given in the Fort Plain Dutch Reformed Church records (Sand Hill) as having been born in 1710 and died January 12, 1791, was the first child of Hendrick and Anna Margaretha. As 1710 was the year the Palatines arrived, Jacob may have been born on the high seas or in England before his parents sailed that year, and is not therefore shown in the Kocherthal Records. However, this Jacob Jung married Dorothy (perhaps Reichert) and his will on file in the Surrogate's Office at Fonda, N. Y., dated March 22, 1790, copy of which follows, bequeaths his property to his wife, Dorothy, and his children, Hendrick and Margaret (their grandparents' names;) Catharine, Elisabeth, Peter and Jacob, Jr. are also mentioned. Is it not reasonable to assume that Jacob Jung, Sr. named two of his children after their grand parents? And it will be noted that his other children bear the same names as those of Hendrick's, except Elisabeth, viz. Catharine, Jacob and Peter. Hendrick probably had an Elisabeth who, like Peter, was not recorded at the time of birth, or whose record at least has not been found.

Copy of Will of Jacob Young, Sr.

In the name of God, Amen. I Jacob Young, of the town of Canajoharie, in the County of Montgomery, being of sound mind, memory and understanding and considering the uncertainty of this frail and transitory life, do therefore make, constitute and ordain this my last will and testament. Viz. principally and first of all, I give my soul unto the hands of God who gave it, in hope of a joyful resurrection and my body I recommend to the earth, to be buried in a Christian like and decent manner at the discretion of my Executors hereinafter named; and as to my worldly estate, I give devise and dispose thereof in the following manner: First, I will that all my just debts and funeral expenses Be paid and discharged. Secondly, I give, devise and bequeath all my estate, real and personal within the County of Montgomery unto my two sons, Jacob Young and Peter Young, their heirs and assigns forever, as Tenants in common. Thirdly, I give and bequeath unto my daughters, Catherine, Margaret and Elizabeth, their heirs, executors and Administrators, the sum of ninety pounds lawful money of New York to be equally divided between them and to be paid out of my estate, one year after my decease. Fourthly, I will and do ordain that my said sons Jacob and Peter shall well and truly provide for and sufficiently and comfortably maintain my beloved wife Dorothy and my son Hendrick Young during their respective natural lives in meat, drink, washing, lodging and apparel; and shall at all times give them such attendance as shall be necessary in sickness and in health. Lastly, 1 make and ordain my said sons Jacob Young and Peter Young to be | executors of this my last will and Testament, hereby utterly revoking and disallowing all former Wills by me made. In witness whereof, I have herewith set my hand and seal the twenty-second day of March in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and ninety.
Jacob Young (LS)

Signed, sealed and declared by the said Jacob Young as and for his last will and Testament in the presence of us who have subscribed our names as witnesses thereof at his request and in his presence and in the presence of each other.
Elizabeth Vanderlip,
John Seeber,
Christopher P. Yates.
Will probated March 20, 1795
Daniel Paris, surrogate.

As previously indicated, Jacob Young, Sr. purchased several hundred acres of land from the Bleecker Patent in 1772, beginning at the Mohawk River and extending through the upper portion of Fort Plain (Sand Hill), and in Freysbush. This is shown by deeds on file in the County Clerk's office at Fonda. Following are copies of deeds which prove to be valuable family records, particularly one showing the transfer of Lot 17 of the Bleecker Patent in Freysbush from Jacob Young, Sr. down through the generations which followed. This lot finally came into possession of Daniel Young, grandfather of Clifford M. Young, and Daniel deeded it to John Plank, Jr. This lot contained one hundred acres originally, but was sold off until it finally comprised a single acre with the buildings thereon, and was later known as the "Peter B. Moyer place." Around 1875 Mr. Moyer built a new house on the site of the old one in which David Young, father of Daniel, died. Some adjacent land was added to the Moyer place and it is now the property of Raymond Failing, son of Fred and Bertha (Lambert) Failing.

Copy of Deed.

"This indenture made the 20th day of November in the year of our Lord 1811 between Jacob Young of the town of Canajoharie in the county of Montgomery in the State of New York yoeman, and Betsey, his wife, and Mary, relict of late Jacob Young, Jr. of the same place deceased, of the first part, and Frederick Young of the same place yoeman of the second part witnesseth: That whereas the said Jacob and Frederick Young, sons of Jacob Young deceased have been constituted tenants in common in fee in those two certain lots of land situated and lying in the aforesaid town in a patent granted to Rutger Bleecker, Nicholas Bleecker and others known and distinguished by the names Lot No. 5 and Lot No. 17 each respectively hereafter to be described by a public partition of the real estate of Jacob Young, the elder between the five children and heirs of said Jacob Young, Jr., their deceased father and their uncle Peter Young, as by the records of the court of Common Pleas for the county of Montgomery may be more fully seen and more particularly by the several ampleful and lawful. releases to them the said Jacob and Frederick made and executed and delivered by Lawrence Gross, Jr., and Nancy his wife, by Conrad Hahn and Catherine his wife and by David Young and Christina his wife, the children and heirs of said Jacob Young, Jr. their father as will appear by said releases in the care and possession of said Jacob and whereas the parties have judged that their interest would be better consulted by coming to an agreement for dissolving said comonry by releasing one another so that each may be sole and absolute owner of one of the said lots viz. said Jacob to possess in lu and his own right the lot number seventeen, wherein a release today to him thereof made will be fully determined and described, and said Frederick Young Lot No. five herein presently to be described and whereas said Mary, relict of Jacob Young, Jr., deceased is vested with the right of dower in said Lot No. 5 and has covenanted and agreed with her son Frederick to release to him the right so that said lot N9. 5 be clear and free and of her said right forever, she has for that end and purpose joined the party of the first part and will subscribe her name and affix her seal to these presents; that as aforementioned her son may be enabled to give a clear, tree, full and absolute title to said lot.

It will be noted that the Jacob Young, Jr. mentioned in the deed was a son of Jacob Young, Sr., whose will appears in the foregoing. Jacob and Frederick were sons of Jacob, Jr. and Mary -----.

Lot No. 5 contained 101 acres and Lot No. 17, 100 acres. The above deed was signed by Jacob Young, Betsey, his wife, Maria (Mary) relict of the late Jacob Young, Jr. deceased. Another deed recorded in Fonda, dated November 20, 1811; shows that Frederick Young deeded this lot No. 5 to George Nellis of Freysbush. The lot was located near the old toll gate and a short distance south of Fort Clyde.

Another deed recorded in Book 53, page 432 in the Montgomery County Clerk's office shows that Jacob Young deeded Lot No. 17 to David Young, his brother, under date of April 7, 1840. This lot is described as follows:

"Beginning at the public road leading from Fort Plain to Cooperstown westerly side at a point where the land owned by Joshua Webster, occupied by Joseph Smith joins the lot hereby conveyed, then along said line northerly about 250 feet, thence westerly about 250 feet as the fence now lies, thence southerly about 267 feet as the fence now lies to said highway near to an apple tree, thence along said highway 165 feet to the place of beginning, being part of lot 17 of Bleecker Patent is intended to contain one acre of land."

Note: This lot originally contained 100 acres, but at the time of the last mentioned deed it contained one acre with buildings thereon. The other 99 acres were purchased by Simeon Tingue.

David Young of Freysbush deeded Lot 17 in question to his son, Daniel Young, who in turn deeded the lot to John Plank, Jr., under date of 1850 for the sum of $260. The property is then described as follows:

"Beginning at the public highway leading from Fort Plain to Frey's Bush on the northwesterly side of said highway to a point where the lands of Simeon Tingue and now occupied by Peter C. Dunckel join the lot hereby intended to be conveyed, thence along said line northerly about two hundred and fifty feet at right angles southwesterly about 250 feet as the fence now lies thence at right angles south-easterly about 267 feet, as the fence now lies, to said highway, thence northeasterly along said highway about 165 feet to the place of beginning, being part of Lot No. 17 of Bleecker Patent and is intended to contain one acre of land be the same more or less, together with all hereditaments and appurtenances, etc."

Jacob Young, Jr. was a Revolutionary soldier and lived in Freysbush. He married Mary or Maria or Nancy Maria (maiden name not found) and they had children as follows:

Jacob, who married Elisabeth Cummings or Cumins, Dec. 15, 1810.
David, who married Christina Van Deusen, Feb. 2, 1806.
Frederick, who married Elisabeth Younglove.
Catharine, who married Conrad Hawn, Jr.
Nancy, who married Lawrence Gross, Jr.

Unfortunately, because of the destruction of the Sand Hill Dutch Reformed Church (High German Reformed) in Brant's raid on Wednesday, August 2, 1780, and because the Sand Hill cemetery records were lost, few dates have been found of births, marriages and deaths of those mentioned in the foregoing.

David Young, the great-grandfather of Clifford Marvin Young, was born in 1783 and died June 4, 1851. He is buried in the old part of the Freysbush cemetery. His wife-Christina Van Deusen- died in 1829 and her burial place is unknown. Her death occurred too early for interment in the Freysbush cemetery and her remains were not placed beside those of her husband. She was a sister of Martin, Barent, George, Catharine, Lydia, Maria and Gitty Van Deusen. The Barent (Barney) Van Deusen Bible is in possession of DeWitt Wiles and sister Abbie of Fort Plain, and records the year of death of Christina. Barent (tollgate keeper in Valley Brook) unfortunately did not give the names of his parents but entered in the Bible "Father died 1834; Mother died 1833". The writers of the Van Deusen family history apparently were without information as to the names of the parents of the Van Deusens mentioned. Washington Frothingham's "History of Montgomery County" gives the family history of Barent Van Deusen and also fails to identity the parents. He states that they lived in Greenbush, Rensselaer county, and moved to Montgomery county. Barent's wife was Nancy Yerdon. The will of Martin Van Deusen, dated Feb. 7, 1834, mentions his wife Nancy, sisters Catherine Wagner, Lydia Van Deusen, Maria Cramer and Gitty Plank, and his nieces Catharine Young and Maria Plank, and nephews Peter, Daniel and Jay Jacob Young, the last three and Catharine being the children of his sister Christina (Van Deusen) Young, deceased. This is the only record found of Peter Young, son of David and Christina Young, the other children's names appearing in baptismal records or were personally known to relatives still living. As David Young and Christina were married in 1806 there was ample time for the birth of other children between that date and the birth of Daniel, the first child of record, born in 1814.

A tracing of this Young family follows. Starting with Hendrick young and wife Anna Margaretha, the writer has endeavored, so far as possible to find and record dates of birth, marriages and deaths to the latest generation. This is followed by a story of Old Freysbush and a tracing of related families, such as Diefendorf, Lasher, Cook, Dillenback, etc.

From Jacob Young, Jr., down through this particular line of Youngs, there appears to be very few late descendants. The sons in each generation to a very large extent were either bachelors or had no sons to continue the name. In fact, no living descendants have been found outside of the family of the writer and his brother, who has no children. As will be observed by the Young genealogy which follows, Daniel Young and Sally had only one son, Marvin, who survived (two sons died in infancy) and he married Irene Lasher and they had two sons-Samuel L. and Clifford M. Young. The last named has two sons, Arthur D. and Harvey C. Arthur has a daughter, Margolyn and Harvey has a son, David. So from there on it rests with David, lest the family becomes extinct.

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