Three Rivers
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The Young (Jung) Families of the Mohawk Valley
Compiled by Clifford M. Young & Published by
The Fort Plain Standard, Fort Plain, NY 1947
Donated by Bruce Hargrove.


Theobald Young, Jr., fourth son of record of Theobald and Maria Catharine Young, was born approximately 1735. He married Margaretha Hauss (House) June 14, 1762. They had Fredericus June 23, 1764, also John T., and the Stone Arabia Lutheran church record
shows Dewald (David) born to this couple August 27, 1770; David Hess and Elisabeth Schrembling, sponsors.

After the death of Theobald, Jr., his wife married, second, Hosea Lyons. The records in the County Clerk's office at Fonda shows that an agreement was entered into between "John T. Young, son of Theobald Young, Jr," Signed, Margaret Lyons and Hosea Lyons, dated April 7, 1792. In a deed dated July 11, 1769 "between Johannes Windecker of Canajoharie and Theobald Young of the same place" (Lot #5 of Hartman Windecker Patent-80 acres) will be found the statement: "Delivered in presence of Adam Young" and "I, Catharine Windecker, wife of Johannes, received from John T. Young, son of Theobald Young." Those records indicate very clearly that John T. Young was a son of Margaret Lyons, whose first husband was Theobald Young, Jr., deceased previous to April 7, 1792.

As indicated in the Frederick Young chapter, the name of Theobald appears as one of the patentees of the Young patent of 20,000 acres of land near Sharon. As his name is mentioned last of the four Young patentees it is a reasonable assumption that he was Theobald, Jr., as the elder Theobald would seem to have been too advanced in years (1765) to be interested in the purchase of more land. Thus, it appears that the four mentioned (Frederick, Adam, Andreas and Theobald Young) were brothers.

As previously mentioned, the record of administration of the will of Theobald Jung, dated Nov. 5, 1771 contains the names of Dewalt (Debald-Theobald) Young and wife Margaretha.

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