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The Young (Jung) Families of the Mohawk Valley
Compiled by Clifford M. Young & Published by
The Fort Plain Standard, Fort Plain, NY 1947
Donated by Bruce Hargrove.


Many persons bearing the name YOUNG are mentioned in various church and other records, resident in the Mohawk Valley or vicinity, whose relationship to the principal Young families traced here has not been established. This fact is greatly regretted by this authorship, but the available information concerning many of them has been gathered and is presented herewith:

Adam Young, who married Magdalena (Lany) Diefendorf March 8, 1811. She was a daughter of Sgt. John Jacob Diefendorf of Freysbush and they had the following children: Charles, Elijah and Catherine Young, and Eliza Swartout, and Maria Wintersteen. The ancestry of this Adam Young was not found and no descendants of the children located.

Barent (Barney) Young-Revolutionary soldier (Col. Willett's N. Y. Regiment) apparently of Holland Dutch descent, enlisted from Albany, married in Albany June 14, 1785 Elisabeth Rankins or Raukins, who was born in March, 1763. Barent Young died June 9, 1842. They resided at German Flats after the war and his pension record states that they had twelve children. The births of some of the children will be noted in the Appendix, the oldest of whom were John and Michael.

Ebenezer Young- Revolutionary soldier. First Regiment. He is said to have resided north of St. Johnsville.

George Young- married Nancy Mattice Sept. 23, 1810, and they had three children as follows:

Sally, born Feb. 6, 1811,
Elisabeth, born Sept. 28, 1813,
Abram, born Aug. 30, 1816.

Joseph Young, Revolutionary soldier from the town of Canajoharie, Tryon County (later Minden, Montgomery County), was in Col. Samuel Clyde's Regiment. No record has been found to prove that he was of Palatine stock. The name "Joseph" is seldom found among the "Jung" families, and the names of his parents are unknown. They were said to have been killed by the Indians and Tories, and Jane Flint, the wife of Joseph, was taken prisoner to Canada. The records indicate that Jacob and Jane had six children, as follows:


Christian Young, Revolutionary soldier, married Anna Christina Schmid, 1758. Their daughter Anna married Cornelius Linderman.

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