Three Rivers
History From America's Most Famous Valleys

Early Eighteenth Century Palatine Emigration
A British Government Redemptioner Project to Manufacture Naval Stores
by Walter Allen Knittle, Ph.D.
Department of History
College of the City of New York
Published Philadelphia, 1937

Because of the inconsistent spelling of names,
it would be best to do a physical search for your family name.
Some family names have up to twenty variations in spelling.
It has been claimed that General Herkimer's name has 100 variations.

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Chapter One Causes of the Early "Palatine" Emigration
Chapter Two The Small Palatine Emigration of 1708
Chapter Three The 1709 Emigration in England
Chapter Four The Ireland and North Carolina Settlements
Chapter Five The British Naval Stores Problem and the Origin of the New York Settlement Scheme
Chapter Six Government Redemptioner System
Chapter Seven The Government Tar Industry in Operation
Chapter Eight The Palatine Settlements on the Frontier of the Old West
Chapter Nine Conclusion,Bibliography
Chapter Ten Appendices

The Kocherthal Party, 1708 Emmigration
The First Board of Trade List of Palatines in London (May 3, 1709)
The Embarkation Lists from Holland Second Party Sailing,
Third Party Sailing, Fourth Party Sailing, Fifth Party Sailing, Sixth Party Sailing

The Roman Catholic Palatines Returned to Holland
The New York Subsistence List
The Simmendinger Register
The Pennsylvania Palatine Lists
The Petition List of Palatines in North Carolina
The Irish Palatine List

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