Three Rivers
History From America's Most Famous Valleys

Early Eighteenth Century Palatine Emigration
A British Government Redemptioner Project to Manufacture Naval Stores
by Walter Allen Knittle, Ph.D.
Department of History
College of the City of New York
Published Philadelphia, 1937


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Primary Sources

British Museum, London. This depository contains many valuable manuscript materials, especially the Stafford Papers in the Additional Manuscripts Collection.

Historical Society of Pennsylvania Library contains colonial correspondence, and transcripts of Dutch Archives made for J. F. Sachse. It also contains a splendid collection of transcripts of the British Colonial Office Records, including the Board of Trade Journal 1675-1782 (93 large folio volumes), Plantations General 1689-1780 (31 large folio volumes), and the Proprieties 1697-1776 (24 large folio volumes).

Huntington Library, San Marino, California, possesses many contemporary manuscripts of great value secured from English sources. Letter of William Penn and Robert Hunter are included.

Kingsley Manuscripts in the possession of the Kingsley family, The Rocks, Schoharie, New York, are made up principally of an old recommendation and a Family Bible brought from Germany.

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Library of Congress, Washington, D. C., has transcripts and Photostats of British documents, especially of the Colonial Office. It also possesses the Archdale Manuscripts valuable for the activities of the Carolina proprietors. It has recently acquired transcripts and Photostats of the Records of the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel from London. These are letters from the ministers in the colonies and extremely valuable, as they sometimes contain vital statistics.

Livingston Family Manuscripts in the possession of the Johnston Livingston Redmont Estate, New York City. This valuable collection contains many items on Indian Affairs, the first lord of the Manor having been commissioner of Indian Affairs in the early eighteenth century.

Moravian Archives (Moravian Seminary), Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, contains the first records of the early church at Tulpehocken, entitled "Kirchen Buch von die Evangelisch Lutherisch Gemein in Tulpehocken, 1733." This is the manuscript account of the se-called "Tulpehocken Confusion," attested to by Conrad Weiser, and later published. The early records of the Schaffer, Walborn, Reith, Losch, and Zerbe families are in this script book.

New York Historical Society Library contains a manuscript of an Indian Treaty with regard to Schoharie, New York and the Palatines. It also possesses several colonial manuscripts on the subject as well as a transcript of a Harleian Manuscript in the British Museum. The Hawks Transcripts of the Records of the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel, London, were transferred here from the Church Mission House, New York. Many of the latter are only extracts.

New York Public Library preserves manuscript notes of Abraham Yates on early colonial history of New York, and the Chalmers Collection of New York colonial documents. It also contains rare volumes, particularly Simmendinger's Pamphlet.

New York State Archives at Albany, New York are rich in colonial manuscripts on the subject. The few volumes on this period lost in the 1911 fire contained only two documents on the Palatines, as indicated by the Calendar. It also has valuable manuscript materials for the 1711 expedition against Canada.

Old Stone Fort of Schoharie County Historical Society, Schoharie, New York, contains many items of great value dealing with the early Palatine settlers. The collection is particularly rich in historical relics, showing the life of pioneer days.

Pennsylvania State Archives at Harrisburg, Pennsylvania are comparatively poor in materials on this particular migration. Correspondence of the Penn family and Conrad Weiser are the chief items. The archives are sadly in need of a subject index as the present name index is adequate for genealogical purposes only.

Public Record Office, London. A large proportion of the official records concerning the governmental project are preserved here. Reclassification in

Page 231: progress account for variations in the method of citation in some footnotes.

Schwenkfelder Library at Pennsburg, Pennsylvania, has purchased many items formerly in Judge Pennypacker's collection of pamphlets on Pennsylvania German immigration.

Widener Library, Harvard University, possesses several rare contemporary pamphlets as well as the only known copy of Robert Hunter's "Androborus" (August, 1714), a biographical farce indicating his friends and enemies in the province of New York.

Other libraries consulted include Yale University Library at New Haven, Connecticut; Lebanon County Historical Society, Lebanon, Pennsylvania; Historical Society of Berks County, Reading, Pennsylvania; the Public Library of Boston, Massachusetts; the Morgan Library, New York City; and the Holland Society Library, New York City.


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Page 233: jungsthin aus Teutschland nach dem Englelandischen in America gelegnen Carolina and Pensylvanien wallenden Pilgrim absonderlich dem einseitigen ubelgegrundeten Kochenthalersichen bericht wobledachtig entegen gestzt (Frankfurt, Leipzig, 1711).

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Page 235:

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