Three Rivers
History From America's Most Famous Valleys

Early Eighteenth Century Palatine Emigration
A British Government Redemptioner Project to Manufacture Naval Stores
by Walter Allen Knittle, Ph.D.
Department of History
College of the City of New York
Published Philadelphia, 1937


This list is taken from a petition to the North Carolina authorities by the Palatines remaining at New Bern, against their dispossession by Cullen Pollock, son of Col. Pollock to whom Graffenried had assigned the lands a security for a debt. The petition was dated September 28, 1749 and is printed in the N. V. Col. Rec., IV, 956. Although they referred to themselves as Palatines, a number of the petitioners were in all probability of Swiss origin, for a group of people deported from Berne, Switzerland were included in the original settlers of the town. The small number of families left from the original 650 Palatines is to be attributed to hardships of the voyage and the first year of settlement, including an Indian massacre in 1711 and desertions from the colony to which Graffenried referred as early as 1711. N. C. Col. Rec., I, 944.

Baver, Abraham

Baver, Christian

Busit, Abraham

Eibach, Jacob

Ender, Peter

Esler, Christian

Feneyer, Philip

Ganter, Christian

Gesibel, Michael

Granade, John

Grest, Henry

Grum, Herman

Hubbach, Christian

Huber, Jacob

Kehler, Simon

Kinsey, John (appears twice)

Kiser, Michael

Lots, Peter

Market, Frederick

Miller, Jacob

Miller, Jno. Lekgan

Moor, Adam

Moor, Dennis

Morris, Henry

Omend, Philip

Pillman, Peter

Pugar, Joseph

Reasonover, Mathias

Renege, Georg

Reyer, Peter

Rimer, John

Rimer, Nicholas

Risheed, Casper

Sheets, Jacob ( from another petition of March 29, 1743)

Shelfer, Michael

Simons, Daniel

Sneidor, George

Tetchey, Daniel

Walker, Christian

Wallis, Andrew

Woolf, John Bernard Shone

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