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The Descendants of JOHANN HENRICK LEUCHER (1720-1800)
Ancestors of HENRY ARBA LYKER (1916-1994)

Researched by: Herman W. Witthoft, Sr.

A Genealogy of the Lyker Family


The Descendants of Johann Henrich Leucher 1720 - 1800

Listing 1504 descendants for 11 generations.


1. Johann Henrich1 LEUCHER was born about 1720 in Germany. Johann died 1800 in Root, Montgomery Co., NY, USA. SOURCE NOTES for Johann: SURNAME SPELLINGS: "Leucher, Lucher, Luyker, Leykeu, Leeker, Lycker", and" Lyker" as it is today - 11/1/2002.

BIOGRAPHICAL: (Lyker Genealogy by Harma Lyker Becker)
Johann Henrich Leucher came from Northern Germany, formerly from Prussia and settled in New Jersey in 1733. Later he with his family came to Niskayuna, Schenectady Co., NY, as an early pioneer.

He and his wife had five children: Henry, Margaret, Gertrude, Maria and Sophia.
Johann Henrich Leucher and family came to the Town of Canajoharie in 17_1(?), settled in the southern part of the town, Montgomery County, near Browns Hollow. The father, Johann Henrich, and son, Henry, were extensive land owners and followed farming.

Henry's first house was a log cabin that burned down in 1781, located on what is now the southwest corner of West Lykers road and Mahr road. He then chose to build a home on a site about 1.5 miless farther west along West Lyker Road. This 200 year old home is still occupied by his descendant, John Henry Lyker, his wife and three children, still running a dairy farm.

WILL: Will dated 29 November 1796 and probated 25 February 1801.
Legatees: wife, Elizabeth; sons-in-law, John Runkel, Jacob Moshell; daughter, Margareth (wife of John Runkel), Caty (wife of Jacob Moshell), Maria (deceased: her dau. Elizabeth Ottmann), Sophia (deceased; her dau., Elizabeth Orlough); son, Henry. Executors: wife and son, Henry. Witnesses: Rev. Johann Daniel Gros, John Malich, Aaron Clement. (WMC 56: 150) .
He married Elisabeth [-1-] She was born about 1 730 in Germany.

Known children of Johann Henrich LEUCHER and Elisabeth [---?---] are:


+ 2. m i. Henry LEUCHER, Jr., born 1760, died 1854.
+ 3. f ii. Margareth LEUCHER, born about 1762.
+ 4. f iii. Gertrude LEUCHER, born about 1764.
+5.f iv. Maria Elizabeth LEUCHER, born 1762, died 1781
+ 6. f v. Sophia LEUCHER, born about 1768, died before 1801

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