Three Rivers
History From America's Most Famous Valleys

NEW YORK MUSTER ROLLS of New York Provincial Troops.
Published by the New York Historical Society. 1897


John Powel
Daniel Letts
David McGiggin
Andrew Phillips
Wilm Price
Peter Wilson
Willm Howly
Edwd Davis
Lowdowick Snyder
George Sparks
Evert Osterander
John Miller
Conrad Kyer
Lawrance Schoolcraft
John Schoolcraft
Hugh Horon
Godlif Coffman
Wm McCane
Peter Stark
Edwd Simmons
John Wright
George Berry
George Eckly
John McMichael
John McCafry
John Geo. Waggoner
John Page
David Decker
Frederick Geler
Peter Williams
Adam Shaver
Lowdowick Bernherd
Henrich Fitchet
Peter Grimes
John Davis
John Staats
Edwd Collins
Edwd- Machair
John Streder
John Brooks
Johans Plank
Richard Hair
John Hair, Jr
Wm. Hair
Barnet Kelder
Wm Sheaf
Stephen Hunt
John Richardson
Thoms Beareep
Richard Hair
Martin McGee
Andw Stewart
John Mabie

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