Three Rivers
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NEW YORK MUSTER ROLLS of New York Provincial Troops.
Published by the New York Historical Society. 1897


Joseph Hunt
Nathan Flint
John Kerritte
John Harris
5 Peter Boon
John Mahar
Joseph Hutchings
Patrick Fitsgeral
Peter Clinton
10 John Smith
Archibald. McEntire
Daten Buck
Henry Harris
Joseph Wordin
15 Roger Downy
William Ryddle
Joseph Harrell
David Sturdyman
John Sufferell
20 Patrick Martin
Thoms Murry
James Deniston
Michael White
Samuel Gilbert
25 Elixander Steward
Daniel McLean
William Blake
Johanes Sleghter
Patrick Oneal
30 Savage Truscoate
Patrick Dugan
John Welch
Thoms Sealy
John Tapper
35 John Combco
John Michaelhoffhail
Pooling Toster
Jonathan Barrett
Richc Taylor
40 Wharton Butler
Benjamin Philips Sr.
Thomas Hosington
Robt Smith
Timothy Agin
45 Daniel O'Brien
John Scot
John Bryant
David Brady
Mathew Fisher
50 Thomas Hagerty
Robt Rogers
Thomas Wilson
Henry Stabs
Willm Johnston
55 Eliphar Clinton
Walter Ryddle
William Peneevow
Alexander McCloud
John Gordon
60 Michael Tornpson
Barnabe Maquade
John Fluig
Thomas Wilder
Abraham Bullis
65 Titus Travis
Jeremiah King
Vincent Carter
William Griffin
Samuel Anthony
70 George Bary
Richard Wilson
Thomas Cannif
Michael Howser
Howel Williams
75 Ezekiel Jee
Silvenus Purdy
John Nowlen
Thomas Conkling
Henry Kniffen
80 Stephen Pryor
Jose Burrill
Deliverance Conkling
Johanness Coone
Henry Cronkhite
85 John Lane
Bornt Marling
Nathaniel Aplebe
John Glin
Joshua Gidney
90 John Grindell
Gabriel Huson
George Caten
Christophel Petrente
John Johnston
John Thackor
Ninty Five Men Enlisted
Isaac Briggs entered 1st July as appears by Certificate.

I Moses Owen one of his Majesty's Justices of the peace for the County of Westchester do certify that Isaac Briggs of Tuckyho aged Seventeen Years is duely Inlisted in the Company to be Commanded by Isaac Corsa in the pay of the Province of New York. And that I administered to him the Oath of fidelity Inserted in the Instructions from Lieutenant Governor DeLancey and that the Clause in the Act of that Province against Meeting and Desertion was read to him in my Presence. Dated at the Whiteplains the 1st day of July 1755.
County ) SS. We the under subscribing authority Do Hereby Certify the within List of the Levy Raised by Capt. Corsa and he having produced the Sertificates to us that they are Lawfully Inlisted was this Day Revewed by us and find them to be able sufficient Boyded Men to the Number of the within List July ye 1st 1755.


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