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NEW YORK MUSTER ROLLS of New York Provincial Troops.
Published by the New York Historical Society. 1897

I acknowledge to have Rec'd from Messrs Phillip Schuyler & John Depeyster Pay Master to the New York forces the Sume of one hundred Ninety Nine pounds two shillings and Six pence for the Pay of one Captain two Lieut four Serg three Corp one Drummer and Eighty one Private Men according to the above Roll as witness my hand this 4th Day of Aug 1755.

199 pounds. 2. 6.

Isaac Corsa, Captain
Michl. Thody, 1st Lieut.
Jonathan Ogden, 2 Lieut.
Joseph Hunt, Serg.
Nathan Flint, Serg.
John Kindle, Serg.
Peter Boon, Serg.
John Johnson, Corp.
Barnt Martling, Corp.
Joseph Hutchings,Corp.
George Katon, Drummer
Robt Rogers
Joseph Worden
John Glinn
Jonathan Barratt
Jesse Burrill
John Lane
John Bryant
William Johnson
John Owling
Deliverance Conckling
Henry Cronkhite
Alexander McClowd
John Mahar
Henry Stibbs
Silvanus Purdy
John Thacker
Michl Howser
George Berry
Samuel Anthony
Thomas Conniff
Ezekiel Gey
Benjamin Phillips
John Scott
Richard Wilson
Eliphat Clinton
David Sturdivant
Titus Travis
Thomas Wilson
Jeremiah King
Thomas Harrington
Thomas Seely
Joshua Gedney
Nathl. Applebe
Adam Mikeel
John Eliott
Joshua Barns
Wm Firth
Mchl Bryant
John Smith
Henry Harris
James Denisson
John Wesltch
Peter Clinton
Thomas Hagarthy
Samuel Gilbert
John Gordon
Thomas Wilder
Richard Taylor
Thomas Conckling
Christophel Petrent
David Brady
John Tapper
Patrick Fitzgarld
Wm Riddle
Walter Riddle
Savage Prescott
Alexander Stewart
Rowland Foster
William Blake
Timothy Agen
Joseph Harrill
Worton Butliss
Barneby McQuade
John Combs
Howel Williams
Jon. McHofnail
John Sufferly
Mathew Fisher
Mich1 White
Daten Buck
Patrick Onail
Robt Smith
Daniel Obryan
Wm Pennemore
John Fling
Patrick Martin
Johanis Slighter
Patrick Duggen
John Lynsey
Richard Harding
Abraham Bulliss
Wm Griffen
Roger Downing
Dant McClean
Thomas Murray
John Harriss
Vincent Carter

I do swear on the holy Evangelist of Almighty God that the Men whose Names are mentioned in the within Rool or List where in Actual Service In My Company from the first day of July to the 31 both days Inclusif (Except three Deserted) & those marked otherwise on said list.
Sworn before us ye 5th Aug 1755
Phil. Schuyler
Jn De Peyster
These names were dropped in the Muster Roll for Aug.
Samuel Brewer
Johannis Purdy deserted 7th Aug 1755 Returned 22 Aug
John Thacker deserted 7th Aug, 1755, returned 30th Aug
Ezekiel Gey deserted 6th Aug 1755, returned 24 Aug
William Griffin deserted 7th Aug 1755, returned 24th Aug.
Roger Downing deserted 6th Aug 1755, returned 24th Aug.

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