Three Rivers
History From America's Most Famous Valleys

NEW YORK MUSTER ROLLS of New York Provincial Troops.
Published by the New York Historical Society. 1897


William McGinnis, Capt.
Robert McGinnis, Lieut
Peter Becker, Lieut
John Freeman, Sergt
Solomon Gardner, Sergt
John Hair, Sergt
Herms. Terwilliger, Sergt
Martin McGee, Corp
John Williams, Corp
Joseph Fetchet, Corp
Morris Kivers, Drumer.

Andrew Kerney
Thomas Kerny
Joseph Griffin
Andrew Kyser
Johans Stodder
Severen Bruyen
Jacob Sluyter
Evert Osterander
Danl. McBride
Francis Duffy
George Ackly
John Foy
Godliff Hoffman
John Brooks
Jochim Van Valkenburgh
Herms. Van Valkenburgh
John Staats
Peter Wilson
Hugh Horon
Wm. McConnell
David McEagan
Wm. Howley
Peter Williams
F'rederick Geler
Peter Stark
Coonrad Kyer
Johanns. Plank
Willm. Price
Lawrence Schoolcraft
Lowdowick Snyder
Barnet Kelder
Johans. Ackerson
Johans. Page
Willm. Hair
Wm. Downard
John Davis
Isaac Becker
Stephen Hunt
Saml. Stebbins
John Schoolcraft
John Hair, Jr.
Thoms. Berup
Edward Collins
Francis Steeder
John Stagg
David Decker
Garret Newkirk
John DeWitt
Danl. DeWitt
George Sparks
Danl. Letts
James Dorwell
Edward Davis
Peter Craty
Stephen Brown
Johans. Miller
John Wright
Edward Macher
John McMichael
John McCafry
Jacobus Maybee
John Smith
Hamilton Stewart
Michael Lester
George Berry
Henrich Fritchel
Jams. Kennedy
Alexander McNall
John Adams
John M'Donald
John Philips
Andw. Philips
Lowdowick Bernherd
John Geo. Waggoner
Adam Shever
John Powel
John Richardson
Edward Simmons
Patrick Ohara
John Flemin

Total 213 £, 7 s, 8 d.

I doe Swear on the holy Evangelist of Almighty God that the men whose names are mentioned In the within Book or List where in actual Service In my Company from the first Day ofAug to the 31. Day thereof Both Days Included.

Recd. of Messrs. Philip Schuyler & John DePeyster paymasters of the New York forces the sum of two Hundred & thirteen Pounds seven shillings and Eight Pence In full for the pay of three officers four Serjts. 3 Corpls. 1 Drummer and 84 private Men from the 1st Day of August to the 31st thereof Both Days Included as wittness my hand this l2th day of Sept. 1755.

Recd. the above mentioned sum pr. the hands of Volkert P. Dow.

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