by Nancy Cioch

Nancy is carrying on the work of the Timmermans who worked to preserve their Palatine ancestors' heritage. She is the President of the Snell-Zimmerman-Timmerman Family Reunion; President of the Kilts Family Reunion; Secretary of the Palatines to America. In addition she is a New York State Director of Palatines to America, a genealogical society; a member of the local DAR Chapter and a member local historical societies.

Bellinger, Peter--Memorial Service

Diary of Willard Kilts

How It All Came About and Family Background

January 1892
February 1892
March 1892
April 1892
May 1892
June 1892
July 1892
August 1892
September 1892
October 1892
November 1892
December 1892

1893 January 1893
February 1893
March 1893
April 1893
May 1893
June-Aug 1893
1896 January-April 1896
1899 Late 1898 - January 1899

Feeter History


Snell-Timmerman Reunion Invitation, August 28, 1938

Snell Zimmerman Patent Map

Timmerman, Emma Sarah

Timmerman, Ira

Timmerman Land Deed from the Indians

Yellow Church & Yellow Church Cemetery

Yellow Church 100 years
Yellow Church History
Yellow Church Cemetery News, 2004
Yellow Church Cemetery 2002
Yellow Church Cemetery 2001

Zimmerman, Jacob

Zimmerman, Hendrick

Zimmerman, Henry Lawrence

Zimmerman, The Pioneer Daughters

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