by Nancy Cioch

Yellow Church Cemetery News

The Yellow Church Cemetery was the site of a recent Eagle Scout project. The Revolutionary War Soldiers Monument, placed there in 1926 by the Daughters of the American Revolution and descendants of the Veterans buried there, was in need of some work. James Dieffenbacker Jr. organized a work group of Boy Scouts and parents to trim out some old overgrown bushes and place a patio area around the monument. New plants were set out and some backfilling work was completed around the cemetery.

The Yellow Church area was the site of an early settlement, from about 1733, approximately two miles north of Little Falls. This area was called Rheimensnyder's Bush. It was a prosperous community before the Revolutionary War: with a gristmill, log homes, productive farms, a blockhouse, and the church. The first church was a log church, which was burned during the Revolutionary War. In 1781 a small frame church was built where services were held in German. This church was incorporated in 1821 under the name of the German Evangelical Society of the County of Herkimer. The building was rebuilt and expanded in 1822. Its name was changed to Dutch Reformed and Lutheran Union Church. Sermons were preached in German and English. Over the years, it became known as the Yellow Church. As the years passed transportation and roads improved. The small rural churches' congregations drove their automobiles to Little Falls and the Yellow Church stood empty for many years. It was demolished in 1965. The Historic Cemetery remains, where lie 50 Revolutionary soldiers and their descendants who fought in later wars - to preserve our Freedom. The Soldier's Monument includes many of the names that are on the Oriskany Battlefield Monument. Those early settlers fought with General Herkimer at Oriskany. Many gave their lives to preserve Freedom and helped to create our great Country. They had started a new life in America, with hope towards the future for their children and grandchildren and generations to follow. Those interested in preserving our historic sites and monuments are grateful to the youth of today who take the time as volunteers to help preserve sites and honor our heroes from long ago.

Nancy Cioch
Yellow Church Cemetery Association

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