Three Rivers
History From America's Most Famous Valleys

New York In The Revolution as Colony and State
by James A. Roberts, Comptroller
Compiled by Frederic G. Mather
Second Edition 1898

Two Volumes


Lead was the most difficult of the warlike stores to secure. The Committee, named above, did not discover any paying mines of that article. (See " Public Papers of George Clinton ", Vol. II, pp. 489 and 498). As it was impossible to import Lead, the Troops from this State resorted to pewter dishes as material for their Bullets. At Fort Montgomery, even the weights on fishing-nets were used for this purpose. Small quantities of Lead were brought from Connecticut. Finally, early in 1776, a happy thought came over the Provincial Congress. Here is the story, as told by Peter T. Curtenius, in making up his Accounts against the United States:-

The reason that their is no account of Purchaces Produced by P. T. C. is because by a Resolve of the Provincial Congress the Window Leads were taken out of the Windows of the Inhabitants in the City of New York & deliv'd to P T Curtenius then Commissary of the Provincial Congress amounting to Something above l00 Tons wt for which the Citizens were paid for by the Treasurer of the State after the War was over at 9d pr Ib this is the reason why It does not appear in P T C acct of Purchases-the 4 Ton 7.1 -was sent by P T C to Brig' Genl Geo Clintons Encampment at Westchester the 12 Ton was Sent up to Orange County as a place of Safety & afterwards was delivd to J Rudduch who was a Contin Officer & the remainder Say 6324 was Sent up to Albany & delivd to Phil Vanrenselaer who was a Millitary Store Keeper for the United States -

This is the form of Certificate that was given by Daniel Dunscomb:-

1776 State of New York to Paulus Banta Dr.
July. For 124 Ib. Window Lead taken from my House by Order of Convention for
public use as pr Danl. Dunscomb's Certificate at 9d pr W..............£4.13.-

New York 7th Decem' 1784 I have examin'd the above account and allow to be due thereon
the Sum of Four Pounds thirteen shillings Currency which please to pay Mr. Nicholas Bogart
on his producing Mr. Banta's Receipt on the Back of this Accot.
Gerard Bancker Esqr. Treasurer. Peter T. Curtenius State Audr.
[Indorsed, as follows]
Rece'd New York 7th Decent. 1784 from Gerard Bancker Treasurer of the State the Sum
of Four Pounds thirteen shillings in full of the within Account.
£4..I3.. 0 Paulus Banta.

New York the 7th Decem'. 174
I Certify that there was taken out of the house of Paulus Banta in Dey Street One hundred
& twenty four pounds of window leads tor Public service by order of Convention.
Peter T. Curtenius Esq'. Auditor. Daniel Dunscomb.

A deposition of Edward Blagge, made on Feb. 14, 1785, states " that sometime in the Month
of July in the year of 1776, a Number of Men came to the house of Capt George Codwise and
took from the Windows of the Dwelling House of the said George Codwise a Number of Leaden
sash weights & put them in a Cart with a Number of Others, & when this deponent ask'd what
Authority they had for so doing he was answer'd 'twas by Public Authority ".

The following is the only claim that appears from any locality outside the City of New

State of New York to Frederick Roorbach ...... Dr
For 91 1/4 Ib Lead Weights delivered for public use as pr Certificate from Robert
Boyd, junr Chairman of Ulster County Committee a 9d pr Ib..................... £.3. 8. 3

I hereby certify that Mr Frederick Roorbach delivered to me as Chairman of the Committee
for the County of Ulster Ninety one pounds and a Quarter of lead, and that the same was
made into Bullets and used by the Militia of the County aforesaid when going to Forts Mont-
gomery and Clinton in the Month of July 1776-
New York 30th December 1784. Robt. Boyd Junr.

[The account was allowed by the Auditor-General on Jan. 10, 1785; and paid the same date.]

Previous to the removal of the Window Leads belonging to the private citizens of New York, Samuel Prince and two assistants, on June 5, 1776, took the Leads from the City Hall and the Exchange; and, on July 12, 36 bars of Lead, weighing 1069 pounds, were taken from Jacobns Depeyster. John Davis. July 17, 1776 charged the Committee of Poughkeepsie 9d per pound
for 41 pounds of Lead. Daniel Dunscomb was paid by a law passed May 12, 1784.

Window Leads Were Taken From The Homes of These Citizens:
Abrams Andrew
Abrams Anthony
Ackly Anthony
Algier (Mrs.)
Ainer John
Alsop John
Alstyne Elizabeth
Anderson Elbert
Anthony Nicholas
Anthony Nicholas N.
Aspinwall John
Bache Theophylaet
Bail Cornelia (Mrs.)
Banta Paulus
Barclay Andrew
Barclay Henry, Rev.
Barnes Mary
Barnes Phebe
Barrea Francis
Barrow Thomas
Bassett (Mrs.)
Bassett Francis
Bauman Sebastian, Maj.
Bayard Samuel
Bancker Adrian
Bancker Evert
Bancker John
Beekman (Mrs.)
Beekman Abraham
Beekman Gerard G., Jr.
Beekman Gerard William
Beekman Henry
Beekman James
Beekman John
Beekman Samuel
Beekman Theo's
Beekman Wm. & Family
Bend Grove
Bender Matthew
Benson Benjamin
Benson Robert
Blake Jonathan
Blau Cornelia (Mrs.)
Bockee Abraham
Bogart Henry C.
Bogart Nicholas, Capt,
Bogert Cornelius
Bogert Elizabeth (Mrs.)
Bogert Jacobus
Bogert John
Bogert Nicholas
Bogert Peter
Bonta Jacob
Bouvelot James
Bowne Samuel
Brasher Abraham
Brasier Meads
Breested Andrew
Brevoort Elias
Brevoort Henry
Brewerton George
Brewerton Jacob
Brinckerhoff Abraham
Broome Samuel
Brower Abraham
Brower Jeremiah
Brower John
Brower Peter
Brown John
Brown Mary (Mrs.)
Brown Thomas
Brown John William
Buller Jane
Burke (Mrs.)
Burling Lancaster
Burras Lawrence
Butler William
Byvanck Evert
Byvanck John
Callow Stephen
Car Anthony
Carmer Henry
Carpenter Elizabeth
Carroll James
Cheesman Thomas
Clark John
Clarke James, Dr.
Clarke Thomas, Capt.Clarkson David
Clopper Peter
Cockeroft William
Cockle Hannah (Mrs.)
Codwise George, Capt.
Cooley Francis
Cornelison Michael
Couwenhoven Nicholas
Covenhoven Edward
Crolius John
Crommelin Robert
Crooke Annahe (Mrs.)
Crooke Elizabeth (Mrs.)
Crosfield Stephen
Cruger Henry
Cruger John
Curtenius Peter T.
Dale Robert, Capt.
Davis Benjamin
Deall Samuel
Deane William
De Lancey John
De Lancey John Peter
De Lancey Peter
Delaplaine William
Denning William
De Peyster Cornelia (Mrs.)
De Peyster Nicholas
De Peyster William
Des Brosses Elias
Des Brosses James
Dickson David, Capt.
Dobson Thomas
Dodge Amos
Dodge Samuel
Drake Jasper
Duane (Mrs.)
Dudley John
Duncan George
Dunscomb Daniel
Dunscomb Edward
Dunscomb John
Dunscomb Samuel
Duryee Abraham
Duryee John
Dutch Church Convention
of the
Duyckinck Gerardus
Eagles William
Ebbetts Daniel
Elliott John
Ellison Thomas
Elsworth Johannes (Mrs.)
Elsworth Theophilus
Elsworth William, sr.
Elsworth William, jr.
Fangere Lewis, Dr.
Farman Samuel
Farmer Maria
Fell John
Filkin Francis
Finch Alexander
Fine Frederick
Foght John M.
Forbes Gilbert
Forbes Joseph
Fox Mary (Mrs.)
Franklin James
Franklin John
Franklin Samuel
Franklin Walter
Fraunces Samuel
Gaine Hugh
Gautier Andrew
Girnng George
Gilbert John
Gilbert William
Goelet Peter
Gomez Moses
Graham Ennis
Gregg David
Griffith Robert
Griffiths John, Capt.
Grigg Henry
Griswold Joseph
Groesbeck Elizabeth (Mrs.)
Hallett James
Hallett Joseph
Halstead Phebe
Ham Coenrad W.
Hammond Elizabeth (Mrs.)
Hardenbrook Abel
Hardenbrook Theophilus
Hardenbrook William
Haring Elbert
Harris Richard
Harrison George
Harsin Garrit
Hayes (Mrs.)
Haynes Joseph
Henderson Thomas
Henshaw Daniel, Capt.
Heyer William, Col.
Hicks Whitehead
Hildreth Benjamin
Hitchcock Daniel
Hodgeson John
Holland Henry
Hopkins George
Hopper Matthew
Hopper Rynear
Housman Aurt
Howard Sheffield
Hoyer Peter
Hughes, Mary Walton
Hunt Davis
Hunt Jane
Hyer Walter
Jandine Charles
Jarvis James
Jauncey James, jr.
Jauncey John
Jauncey Mary (Mrs.)
Jay Frederick
Johnson Jane (Mrs.)
Johnson John, Capt.
Johnson Samuel
Johnson Simeon
Jones Humphrey
Jones Margaret (Mrs.)
Kelly William
Kemmeny Engelbart, Dr. Kendall Mary (Mrs.)
Kennedy Archibald
Ketellas Abraham, Rev. Ketellas Peter, jr.
Kibbel Stephen
Kiersted Rulef, Dr.
King Linus
Kip Abraham
Kip Henry
Kip Jane (Widow)
Kip Leonard
Kippin William
Kissick Philip
Knack Reinier
Kortright Lawrence
Laight Edward
Lasher John
Latham Daniel
Latham John
Latham Joseph
Lawrence Augustin
Lawrence Caleb
Lawrence Catharine (Mrs.)
Lawrence John
Lawrence Thomas
Leake Ann (Mrs.)
Leake John
Leary John, sr.
Leaycraft Viner
Lee John
Lefferts Jacobus
Lester Joseph
Lispenard Leonard
Livingston Elizabeth (Mrs)
.Livingston John
Livingston Philip
Livingston Robert
Livingston Robert G.
Long John
Lott Abraham
Lott Abraham P.
Louden Samuel
Lowey Michael
Ludlow Cary
Ludlow Gabriel
Ludlow William
Lupton William
Lyng John Burt
Lynson Catharine (Mrs.)
McAdam William
McAlpin Robert
McCready James
McEvers Charles
McEvers James
McKenny John
McKinly William
Mallet Jonathan
Marsalis Peter
Marschalk Francis
Marston Nathaniel
Marston Thomas
Martin John
Masterton David
Matthewman Catharine
Maxwell William
Mead Isaac
Mercier William
Mesier Abraham
Mesier Peter
Milliner William
Misnard Daniel
Moncrieff Thomas
Montanye (Mrs.)
Montanye John
Montanye Joseph
Moore Benjamin, sr.
Moore John
Moore Lambert
Moore Michael
Moore Thomas William
Moore William
Morton John
Murray Robert
Myer John R.
Myers Myer
Neilson William
Nicoll Charles
Nicoll Edward
Oakes Thomas
Ogsbury Alexander
Oothout John
Oudenaarde Henry)
Panton Francis
Parceles Abraham
Payne Ann (Mrs.)
Pearsall Thomas
Pearse William
Pell Samuel
Pettit Thomas
Phillips Charles
Phoenix Daniel
Pinto Rachel
Play Hannah (Mrs.)
Prince Samuel
Provoost David
Provoost Eve (Mrs.)
Provoost Peter
Puffendorf (Mrs.)
Quackenbos Walter
Quackenbush Johannes
Quackenbush Nicholas
Quick Abraham
Quick Jacobus
Quill Thomas, Capt.
Ramsay John
Randall Thomas
Rapalje Garret
Rapalje Rem
Ray John
Ray Robert
Reade John
Reed James
Remney William
Remsen (Mrs.)
Remsen George
Remsen Henry
Remsen Jacob
Richards Paul
Richards Stephen
Riker Andrew
Riker Henry
Riker John
Rivington James
Robert Christopher
Robertson Alexander
Roome Jacob
Roome Luke
Roorbach Frederick
Roorbach John
Roosevelt Isaac
Roosevelt Jacobus
Roosevelt Nicholas
Rutgers Elizabeth (Mrs.)
Rutgers Henry
Rutherford Walter, Maj.
Sackett Samuel
Sands Comfort
Sarly Jacob
Schermerhorn John, Capt.
Schuyler Elizabeth (Mrs.)
Schuyler John
Schuyler Samuel
Seaman Edmond
Sears Isaac
Sebring Bannat
Sebring Cornelius
Shand Mary
Sharp Richard
Shoals John, Capt.
Sickels Robert
Sickels Zachariah
Silvester Francis
Simson Solomon
Smith Abraham
Smith Ann (Mrs.)
Smith Barnardus
Smith Christopher
Smith John
Smith Thomas
Smith William
Smith William Peartree
Spraggs Samuel
Stagg John
Stanton George
Steele Stephen
Stephany John
SebastianStevens John
Stewart Alexander
Steymets Benjamin
Steymets Christopher
Stiles Daniel
Stout Benjamin
Stoutenbergh Tobias
Stoutenburgh Isaac
Stoutenburgh Peter
Sweedland Christopher
Talman William
Taylor John
Ten Eyck Abraham
Ten Eyck Anthony
Ten Eyck Daniel
Ten Eyck Mary (Mrs,)
Teppet Stephen
Tetard John Peter
Thurman John, sr.
Thurman John, Jr.
Tiebout Teunis
Tillou Peter
Todd Sarah (Mrs.)
Tolmie Norman
Totten Joseph
Towt Robert
Troup John I.
Troup Robert, Capt.
Tucker Thomas
Turk Aha's
Turner John
Ustick Henry
Ustick William
Van Alstyne Abraham
Van Alstyne John
Van Alstyne Roome
Van Antwerp Jacobus
Van Buren Beekman.Dr.
Van Cortlandt Augustus
Van Cortlandt John
Van Cortlandt William
Van derbilt John
Van derspeigleJohn
Van der Voort Peter
Van der Water William
Van Dolsem John
Van Drill William
Van Dum Catarine
Van Dum Sarah
Van Dursen Peter
Van Dyck Abraham
Van Dyck Jacobus
Van Gelder Abraham
Van Gelder Colin
Van Home: Augustus
Van Home David
Van Home Samuel
Van Keuren Margaret
Van Renst Catharine
Van Solingen Godardus
Van Varck Effie
Van Varck James
Van Varick Guilliam
Van Vleeck Henry
Ven Vleeck John
Van Vorhis Jacob
Van Wagenen Huybert
Van Wagenen Jacob
VanWyck Theodoras
Van Zandt Jacobus
Van Zandt Peter
Varick Guilliam
Varick John
Verplanck (Mrs.)
Verplanck Samuel
Vredenburgh John
Vredenburgh Matthias
Vredenburgh William
Waddle (Mrs.)
Waldron Kilah (Mrs.)
Waldron Richard
Waldron Sarah (Mrs.)
Walker John
Walton Cornelia
Walton Jacob
Walton William
Wardell Thomas
Watar Agnes
Watson Jacob
Watts John, jr.
Weeks Peezard
Wells James
Wendover Hercules
Wendover Thomas
Wessels Francis
Wetherhead Rachel (Mrs.)
Wetzell John
Whiteman Henry
Wickham William
Williams Erasmus
Williams William
Witter Thomas
Wolfe David
Wood John
Woodward John
WrightJohn G., Dr.
Yates Richard
Zuricker John

In July, 1776, the Provincial Congress, or Convention, voted £40 to Nathaniel Sackett for transporting Lead in Dutchess County; £50 to Henry Wisner, jr., for transporting Lead to the Counties of Orange and Ulster; and £70 to Messrs. Marsh, Stevens and Sessions for transporting Lead to the Counties of Cumberland and Gloucester.

The 100 tons of Lead secured from the windows in New York City proved invaluable. The fate of the American cause might have been much more doubtful, had it not been (or this supply. From July to December, 1776, about 20 tons of this lead had been delivered to the Army. In July and August, a large part of it was shipped to Col. Levi Pawling, in Gen. James Cnnton's Encampment; to Nathaniel Sackett and Jonathan Platt, in Dutchess County; and to Henry Wisner, in Ulster and Orange Counties-£ 20. 0. 6 having been paid to the latter, Oct. 23, by the Treasurer of the Provincial Congress. The Committee of Ulster County, Oct. 25, paid 4/6 to Johannes Hardenbergh tor freight on Lead; and, also, the same amount to William Elsworth for freight paid " for Lead Carried to Kingston from N. Y. of which the lower end of the County had none". Some of the last named Lead was afterward carted from Kingston to Newburgh.

1776 State of New York to Henry Bogart Dr.

Novr 10 To Cartage for Sash Leads from Hobuck & Newark .................. £t3- 4.
To Cartage down to the Ferry.....................................................................10.
To casting 15 ct Lead into Musket Ball @ 8/--...........................................6.

1784 To 15 Boxes for the Ball - 2/-. ..........................................................1.10
July 10 To my Wages going to Hackensack to dig up the Bullets & carting them
to the Landing 4 days @ l0/-........................................................................2.
To 9 New Boxes the old ones being rotten ..................................................18.
To freight paid to the Boatman from Hackinsack including cartage to
the Barracks.................................................................................................12.

This bill was audited and paid May 15, 1786. The State, May 29, 1777, paid a bill of the Committee of Newburgh Precinct, dated July 4, 1776, for 186 3/4 pounds of Lead, at 8d., delivered to Col Hasbrouck's Regiment at Fort Montgomery.

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