Three Rivers
History From America's Most Famous Valleys

New York In The Revolution as Colony and State
by James A. Roberts, Comptroller
Compiled by Frederic G. Mather
Second Edition 1898

Two Volumes



Capt. Anthony Rugers
Capt. Samuel Tudor

Sloop "Camden"
Capt. Robert Castle

Frigate "Congress"
Capt. Thomas Grenell
Capt. William Rogers
Lt. Capt. Mar. Victor Bicker, Jr.
Capt. William Mercier

Sloop "Hudson"
Pay Master Henry Benton

Sloop "James"
Capt. Richard Puller

Sloop "Montgomery
Capt. William Mercier
Capt. William Rogers
1st Lieut. Theunis Thew
2d Lieut. John Leaycraft

Sloop "Nancy"
(Formerly the "Charlotte")
Capt. John Harrison

Sloop "Patty"
Capt. Christopher Leffingwell

Sloop "Polly"
Capt. Matthew Van Alstyne
Capt. Christopher Leffingwell
Master Squire Geer

Schooner "General Putnam"
(Formerly the "Betsey")
Capt. Thomas Cregier
Capt. William Mercier
1st Lieut. Thomas Quigley
2d Lieut. David Walker
Master Eleakim Littell
Surg. John Boyd

Sloop "Sally"
Capt. Wilkie Dodge

Sloop "Schuyler"
Capt. James Smith


Allen Ebenezer
Anthony Benjamin
Armstrong Jonathan
Baker Lionel S.
Baker Lionel S., Jr.
Barkiss Thomas
Barres Timothy
Basset Henry
Beebe Eliphelet
Bell William
Billett John
Bolay Joseph
Bricket John
Bryan Henry
Burns Timothy
Burress James
Butler Thomas
Cambell Archible
Chichester James
Clinton James
Conklang Ebenezer
Conklin Richard
Conkling Titus
Cook James
Damerell Peter
Darcy Augustine
Davies Nathaniel
Davis Ebenezer
Davis Josiah
Denton Stephen
Donaldson Frederick
Donaldson Souevin
Donaldson Subbrinc
Dorsey Augustus
French Cornelius
Fritchet Isaac
Ghit Abraham
Glldersleeve Richard
Goodale Jonathan
Griffis John
Griffith John
Hardy John
Hazen Ezekiel
Hencock Thomas
Hyeat Abraham
Jackson John
Jamison Robert
Kellay Robert
Ketcham Solomond
Knight Burchard
Knight Richard
Lahy Morgan
Latley Morgan
Laurance Nathaniel
Leayted William
Licit William
Lomberd Thomas
McDonald Alexander
McDonald Duncom
McGray John
Markins Thomas
May Elias
Morrell Benjamin
Morrell Jacob
Myer John
Negro Andrew
Noblit John
Parcels John
Parsons Zachariah
Peters Thomas
Platt Daniel
Powel William
Purkinss Thomas
Purkiss Thomas
Purwagnor Solomon
Radley William
Read Thomas
Reeve Elias
Reeve Elisha
Richard John
Roberds Elias
Rogers Jacob
Rogers Joshua
Rosman Samuel
Ruland Thomas
Shaards Thomas
Shelle George
Shells George
Shine John
Shourds Joseph
Simmonds Solomond
Smith Ebenezer
Smith Nathaniel
Steele Thomas
Stelle Thomas
Still Thomas
Swing Peter
Tarbosh Isaac
Taylor John
Taylor William
Ten Eyck Grancy
Ter Boss Isaac
Thayer John
Thines John
Thomas John
Titus Timothy
Tolkenton Joseph
Trail John
Turner Samuel
Waer Joseph
Weekes Isaac
Weeks Ebenetus
Westcott Jabel
White James
Willasey William
Wood Elias
Wood Eliphelet
Woodruff Benjamin
Wyer John

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