Three Rivers
History From America's Most Famous Valleys

New York In The Revolution as Colony and State
by James A. Roberts, Comptroller
Compiled by Frederic G. Mather
Second Edition 1898

Two Volumes

American Prisoners of War

Previous to the battle of Long Island, Aug. 27, 1776, very few of the Americans had become Prisoners to the Enemy. One thousand were taken after that Battle; and 700 at Fort Washington, when the British came in full possession of the City of New York and its immediate vicinity. The Presbyterian and Dutch Reformed Churches of that City were the first Prisons for the captive Americans. Then other Churches, the Provoost (later the Hall of RecordsColumbia College and the sugar houses in Liberty and Duane Streets were used for the same purpose. The accommodations being crowded, transport ships were used in Wallaboul Bay on the Brooklyn shore. The worst of the Prison Ships was the " Jersey ". Others were:--the " Scorpion ", the " Falmouth ", the " Good Hope ", the " Chatham " and the " Prince of Wales". While the deaths in the Prisons on shore were frequent, the mortality on the Prison Ships was far worse-as many as 15,000 in the latter case. In 1808, the bones of many of the Prisoners were given public burial in Brooklyn, by the Tammany Society of New York; and, in 1826, a monument was erected to their memory at the Wallabout.

John Beaty, Elias Boudinot, Thomas Franklin, Lewis Pintard and Abraham Skinner were Commissaries of Prisoners; and Thomas Franklin and Garret H. Van Wagenen were Deupty Commissaries. Thomas Linn was director of the Hospital, in Canada. Henry Dodge Commissary of Prisoners' Pay.

American Prisoners were also kept in New Utrecht, Flatbush (the Bergen Homestead), Gravesend, Flatlands and New Lots - all on Long Island. These Prisoners were taken, for the most part, at Fort Washington, Fort Montgomery and Germantown. Col. Samuel B. Webb, of the Connecticut Line, himself a Prisoner, was active in making exchanges. He corresponded, at great length, with Gen. Washington and the Continental Congress on this subjject. Little was done, however, because the British and American authorities could not tgree upon a ratio of exchange. (See Sparks' " Life of Washington "; and the several vol umes of "The Public Papers of George Clinton ", already-published.) Col. John Ely, also of the Connecticut Line, as a Prisoner, ministered to the wants of the Prisoners on Long Island. He was a physician, especially skilled in the treatment of small-pox. His son led a sortie, captured a British officer of equal rank and made all the arrangements for the exchange of Col. Ely. But the latter refused to leave the Prisoners; and he remained with them almost to the end of the War.

Governor Clinton was an active agent in bettering the condition of the Prisoners. He expended as follows:-Dec. 15, 1777, a certain amount to Miss Clopper for three barrels of flour to be delivered to the Prisoners in the General Hospital, in New York City; Nov. 15, 1782, £84 to Captains Ward and Drake for the use of the Prisoners in Canada; Nov. 21,1782, £3.4. to Capt. Harper for the use of the Prisoners returning from their captivity in Canada; Mar. 26, 1783, £3.14.6 for the same purpose; July, 1783, £175 to Nicholas Covenhoven for money advanced by him to the Prisoners on Long Island; September, 1783, £300 to Colonels Allison and McClaughry, and £2000 to Col. Allison, for the same purpose; Apr. 20, 1784, £30 to Thomas Tillotson for the use of the Prisoners; and, November, 1784, £34. to Alexander Harper for the same purpose.

The Governor, Jan. 21, 1783, had raised £25566.17.6 on the credit of the State in this manner:-

Any Person upon Long Island who will advance to Colo. William Allison for the Use of himself and the other Officers of this State Prisoners of War the Sum of Five hundred Pounds in specie shall be repaid as soon as conveniently may be; for which the Faith of the State is hereby pledged-Given under my Hand at Kingston this 20th June 1780 Geo. Clinton.

Received 1 September 1780 of Mr. Rem Cowenhoven the Sum of Three Hundred and Eleaven Pounds in Gold and Silver-in part of the Within draft

Wm. Allison Colo.
N. Y. Militia.

[Indorsed] Reed. April l3th 1785. from Gerard Bancker Treasr. three hundred and eighty two pounds nineteen Shillings in full for the principal and Interest of this Note. £382 19

Jno. R Cowenhoven
Son and Heir to Rem Cowenhoven

We the Subscribers, received of Coll William Allison the Sum fixed opposite our respective Names for Money Sent in by his Excellency Genl George Clinton for the Use of the Officers taken up the North River at Forts Montgomery and Clinton. New Utright Long Island Novr. 27th. 1777.

Long Island October 23d. 1779.
We the Subscribers do acknowledge to have received of his Excellency George Clinton Esquire Governor of the State of New York the Sums affixed to our several names annexed as witness our hands the day and year above written, recd. by the hands of Col. James Mc Claughry.

We the Subscribers do hereby Severally acknowledge to have received of his Excellency George Clinton Esqr. by the hands of Colonel William Allison the respective Sums annexed to our names it being Money advanced for our uses while Prisoners on Long Island, and paid to us on or about the following dates Viz Augst 8th and Octr. 30th. 1780.

The Prisoners were paid in Depreciation Notes for the time they were in captivity. In July, 1782, Nicholas Covenhoven paid £798,14.9 for the use oi the Officers who were Prisoners on Long Island. Philip Bevier was paid £42.7 for negotiating an exchange of the Prisoners in Canada. Samuel Fraunces was paid £200 " as a gratuity for his kindness in feeding our Prisoners in N. York & for secret services. This was done indiscriminately to the Continental Troops & Militia".

Although the rules for exchanging Prisoners were very strict, yet each side seemed to allow very free access to the other to help its Prisoners. This is seen not only in the sending of money, noted above, but also in the frequent arrival of supplies of flour, clothing &c. Egbert Benson and Col. John Frear sent large quantities of flour into New York City. The paroles, also, were quite liberal:-

I Caleb Laurence an inhabitant of Rye in the County of Westchester in Province of New York and a Capt of Militia in the Province aforesaid do acknowledge myself a Prisoner of War to the King of Great Britain and being permitted to go to the American Lines on parole do pledge my faith and word of honor that I will not do or say anything prejudicial to his Majesty or his subjects and that I will Return and deliver myself up to the commanding officer of his Majesty's out-post, at or near Kings Bridge, or to the Commissary of Prisoners for his Majesty whenever summoned, in witness whereof I have hereunto Set my hand & Seal this 27 May 80.
Witness Caleb Laurence
Thos Devanport

Access to the American Prisoners was made easy and systematic through the Commissary of Prisoners, Lewis Pintard, and his Deputies. His Accounts were kept in a most thorough manner. In one item, alone. Col. Brinton Paine acknowledges the receipt of £81.15.4.
Lieut Jacob Van Tassell to State of New York Dr
To a Short Credit in Settlement of his Accot 17th Septr 1784 of Cash rece'd from Lewis Pintard Comy of Prisoners ...................... £ 8.10.10
To Cash rece'd of Abraham Skinner Corny of Prisoners & omitted crediting in former Accot .............................................. 83.17. 9

Cr. £92. 8. 7
Feby 21. By an Omission of One Ration pr day in selling his former Accot 17th
Septr 1784 is 866 Rations at 10d.................................. 36. I. 8
Due the State of N York.................................... £56. 6.11

New York 21st Febry 1786 I have examin'd the above Account & find the Sum of Fifty Six Pounds Six Shillings & Eleven Pence Currency to be due to the State of New York from Lieut Jacob Van Tassell which Sum he is to pay into the Treasury of this State in certificates dated November 1781 which was the date of the certificate which he received out of the Treasure for his pay. Gerard Bancker Esqr., Treasurer.
Peter T. Cortenius, State Audr

For further information as to the splendid services of Lewis Pintard, consult James Grant Wilson's " Memorial History of the City of New York ", Vol. IV. p. 293,

Pay Office Philad. 23 Nov. 1784.

Sir; Agreeable to your Request of the 13 Inst. to Mr. Pierce, I have enclosed you the Account of Monies etc advanced to the Officers of your State while in Captivity by the several Commissaries of Prisoners: the Returns made to this Office does not in many instances Specify the State to which the Officers belong, by which I apprehend you will receive application from Numbers not included in this List, in this Case you will send me the Names of those applicants and the several charges against them shall be forwarded.

Several Officers have made a Settlement with Mr. Pierce, the Books not being posted I cannot inform you who they are excepting a few which are marked in the outer Column of the Return. In Order to avoid Errors it may be necessary to ask the Officer if his Accounts as Prisoner were ever liquidated by the late Auditors of the Army, by Mr. Pierce or Mr. Milligan the Comptroller of the Treasury, as any Settlements made by them must be final.

It is usual in Settling the Accounts of the Continental Officers to charge them with the Monies and supplies Received in Specie and oppose their Rations to those Monies, and the Old Emissions reed. is opposed to their pay from the time of Captivity to the 1 Aug. 80 & if any balance is due from them in 0. E. (which is generally the case) it is reduced to Specie at the Rate of 75 for 1 and carried to their Debit in the Specie a/c.

It will be necessary for me to know what Officers you settle with and if time will admit you, should be glad of a duplicate of the Account that I may govern myself by it.

I make no doubt thro the course of your business, that a Communication between your Office and this will be found necessary if so you will please to direct your Letters to Jno. Pierce P. M. G'. to my Care, this will avoid Postage. Mr. Pierce is now on his Circuit to the Southward, the business of this Office now rests with Sir. Peter T. Curtenius, Esq. Your very Hble Servt. Joseph Howell Junr
Ass. Comm. Accts

The American Prisoners of War, mentioned in the documents, are the following--all of them from the State of New York, unless otherwise designated:--

Aarhart George
Abarr Peter
Abbot James, Ens. (Conn)
Acker Abraham
Acker Jacob
Allen Ethan, Col.
Allison Richard
Allison William, Col.
Andrews Rich., Lt., (N.C.)
Andrews Wm., Lt. (Mass.)
Angavine Gilbert
Antil Edward, Col.
Archart George
Ashfield John
Ashton Joseph, Serjt.
Bancker Nicolas
Banks Jonathan
Banks Samuel, Ens.
Banter Christian
Banter Henry
Barkem William
Barnum Joshua, Capt.
Barnum, Thomas
Bashford William, Serjt.
Baxter John
Baxter Thomas
Beard Robert
Bellinger Christian
Bellinger Fred., Lt. Col.
Bellinger Philip
Belt J. Sprigg, Capt. (Md.)
Benedict Caleb, Ens.
Benedict Elias
Benedict Elisha
Benedict Felix
Bennett Mat., Capt. (Penn.)
Benninger Isaac
Berwick Robert
Bice James
Bingham John
Birdsall Benjamin, Lt. Col.
Black Isaac
Blakeney Gabriel (Conn)
Bleecker John James
Blewer George, Lt. (Penn)
Bliss Theodore, Capt.
BluenJohn, Major
Bogert Gilbert
Bon Joseph
Bost Christian
Bourguin Jean Josei
Bouton Daniel
Bowen Timothy
Bower William, Capt.
Bowne Benjamin, Major
Boyce Thomas, Ensign
Boyd Samuel
Boyer Valentine
Brannon Abraham
Brewer Deliverance
Brewster Henry, Lt.
Brewster Henry, Lt (Penn)
Brier T.
Brinsmade Zach. (Conn)
Brocket Moses
Brooks John
Brown Annanias
Brown Joseph
Bruce, Robert, Serjt.
Bruyn James Lt. Col.
Bryson Samuel, Lt. (Penn)
Buckbee Russel
Buice Abraham
Bulkley Ed., Capt. (Conn)
Bunker W.
Burgess Archer
Burlingham Pardon, Capt.
Burst Jacob I.
Buyker Silas
Buyse William
Caien Barrent
Calder Rudaff
Cannan Matthew
Cantine Moses, Serjt.
Carpenter George
Carpenter Nehemiah, Q.M.
Carpenter Rufus
Carpenter Thomas
Carptenter Wright, Lt.
Carter Daniel
Case J., Capt.
Casselman Peter
Chanpenois Thomas
Charlick Henry
Charpanard Simon
Charpanat Simon
Clapp Henry
Clark Charles, Lt. (Penn)
Clark Daniel
Clark John, jr., Lut. (Va.)
Clark Martin
Claughry John, Ens.
Clock Conrad
Collins Tyrans
Comb George, Capt.
Concklin Samuel
Cooper Robert
Covenhoven Edward
Coventins Moses
Cox John Luke
Cos, Joseph, Lt. (Penn)
Cozens John, Capt. (Penn.)
Craft William
Craig John, Capt (N.J.)
Craig John, Lt. (Penn.)
Crane Isaac, Adjt.
Crane John, Adjt.
Crane Joseph, Capt.
Crawford Wm., Lt. (Penn.)
Crowley Jeremiah
Croxell Charles, Lt. (Penn)
Cudner John, Lt.
Cudney John, Lt.
Cunningham Henry
Curtis Joel
Davis John
Day Thomas
Dean Joseph
Dearkis John, Serjt.
Delamater Isaac
Deline Benjamin
DeLong John
Denton Isaac
Denton Preston (Conn)
De Utricht (Baron)
Devoe David
Dinus Jacob
Dodge Samuel, Lt,
Donaldson Joseph
Douglass Ephram, Q. M.
Drinkwater Wm. (Conn)
Dubois Matthew
Dubois Zachariah, MaJ.
Duguid John, Lt. (Penn)
Dunscomb Edward
Dusenberg Richard
Dutcher Abraham
Dygart Sevrinus
Eastwood John
Eckerson Cornelius, Lt.
Eckler Leonard
Ely John, Col. (Conn.)
Everit Abner, Lt. (Penn)
Faling Jacob
Feeks Robert
Feeling Jacob
Feeling John D.
Feeling John I.
Fenno Ephraim, Capt. Lt,
Ferelon Abr., Serjt. MaJ.
Ferdon Abr., Serjt. Maj.
Ferguson William, Capt.
Ferris Daniel
Field Reuben, Lt (Va)
Finch Einathan
Finley John, Lt. (Penn)
Finley Samuel, Lt. (Penn)
Fisher Bartholomew
Fisher Elijah
Fisher Sam'l, Capt. (Penn
Floisar Ethnel
Forbush John
Forbush Nicholas
Forre Adam
Foster Jacob, Lt.
Foster Robert, Ens. (Va.)
Franke Lawrence
Franklin James
Fry John, Brig. MaJ.
Furman Alexander, Ens.
Furman John, Lt.
Furro Rudolph
Gardinier Harmanus, Lt.
George William, Lt. (Va)
Gerlach Adam
German David
Gettman Frederick, Capt.
Gifford William B., Capt.
Gilchrist Adam, Asst.
Com. Gen.
Gilchrist Geo., Capt. (Va.)
Gilchrist Samuel
Gilcrease Samuel
Giles Aquila, Maj. (Penn)
Gill Erasmus, Lt. 4th Lt.
Gilleylon William, Lt.
Gillikins James, Director
of Ordnance
Gilliland James, Director
of Ordnance
Gilliland William. Lt.
Glean Oliver, Dy. Q.M. G
Gloss David
Godwin Henry, Capt.
Graham Robert
Grant Jesse, Lt. (Conn)
Gray John (Conn)
Gray Richard, Capt.
Gray William (Conn)
Green Amos, Serjt. (Conn)
Green John, Ens. (Penn)
Greenman Jeremiah, Ens
(R. I.)
Hains David
Hall Edward, Lt. (Md)
Halstead Benjamin, Lt.
Hambright Henry, Capt.
Hamman James, Lt. Col.
Harmil Daniel, MaJ.
Harning Lienert
Harper Alexander, Capt.
Harris Moses
Harris William
Hartford Ephraim
Hatch William
Hatfield Moses, Maj.
Haviland John, Lt. (N. J)
Hawkins Stephen
Hawkins Z.
Hegens Ebenezer
Heggens Ebenezer
Helker John
Hellegas Peter
Hellmer John
Hendry Robert
Henry Hugh
Herter Lawrence
Hetfield Moses/ Maj.
Hews James
Higby John
Higby Lewis
Hillegas Peter
Hiller John
Hobby David
Hobby Jonathan
Hogeboom Peter
Hogel Peter
Holland Shelly
Hollister Josiah
Holmer David
Holms Nathaniel
Honeywell Israel, Capt.
Hoogland Jeronimus, Adjt
Hopkins Elisha, Adjt. (Conn.)
Horton Thomas, Capt.
Horton Thomas
House George
House Jacob
House Nicholas
Huchens Absolom
Huchings Absolom
Humphrey George
Humphrey James, Capt.
Humphrey William
Humphreys Wm., Serjt.
Humphry James
Humphry William, Serjt.
Hunt Philip
Hunter John, Lt.
Hunter John
Hyle James
Hynard Michael
Irvin James
Irvine James, Brig, Gen
Israel John
Itig Christian, Serjt.
Jackson Patten, Lt.
Jacobs Abraham
Jamison Daniel, Lt. (Penn)
Jenney Thos., Lt. (Penn.)
Johnson Jno., Adjt. (Penn.)
Johnson John
Jones James, Lt.
Jump William
Keeler Isaac, Lt.
Keeler Isaac, Ens.
Keeler Isaiah
Kelly John
Kelsey Ebenezer
Kennedy Thomas
Kerby Stephen
Kip Garret, Lt.
Klock Jacob Conrad, Lt.
Knap Joel
Knapp Joseph, Jr.
Knox Abraham
Kring John
Kronkhite James, Capt.
KronkrightJohn, Capt.
Lamb William
Lamareaux John
Lamberdson Lambert
Lambert Jonathan
Lang Robert, Q. M. Serjt,
Langler James
Lattimore Francis
Lavish John, Ens. (Md)
Laucks George
Laurence Caleb, Capt.
Lawrence Nathaniel, Lt. (N. C.)
Lawler Conrad
Lawler John
Lay Asa, Lt. (Conn.)
Lay Lee, Capt. (Conn.)
Leggett Abraham, Ens.
Lent Isaac
Lewis John, Serjt.
Lewis Samuel (Conn.)
Lingau James McCubbin,
Lt. (Va.)
Livingston William S., Lt.
Col. Cont'l Army
Lobdell Joseph
Logan Samuel, Maj.
Cont'l Army
Lonas John
Loucks Peter
Lucas William Budd
Luke James
Lumis Adam
Lush Stephen, Maj.
Lyman Geo., Capt. (Conn)
Lyon Gilbert, Capt
Lyon John
Lyon Samuel
McArthur Alexander, Lt.
McChain John
McClaghry James, Lt. Col.
McClaghry James, Capt.

McClaughry John, Ens.
McClellen William
McClue William
McDonald John, Capt,
McMullen John
Malloy Thomas
Marbury Luke, Col (Md)
Marlin Daniel. Capt.
Marrener William
Martin Daniel, Capt.
Martin John
Martin Joseph, Lt (Penn)

Martin William, Lt.
Martling Daniel, Capt.
Martling David
Marvin Ephraim, Adjt
Matthews Geo., Col. (Va)
Mayer Jacob, jr.
Maynard Elija B.
Mayo Jonathan (Conn)
Meales Matthew
Menbeth James o
Mercer John, Lt (N. J.)
Miller Samuel
Mitchel James
Monross Jesse
Moore Joseph
Moore Roger (Conn)
Morfit Henry, Lt. (Penn)
Morrell Abraham
Morrison Thomas
Moseman Marcus, Capt.
Mosher John
Moss Simeon
Mott Ebenezer, Lt
Mullin William
Munro Joseph
Munson Levi (Conn.)
Murfits Henry, Lt. (Penn)
Murray Peter
Musk Ebenezer
Muxum Adonijah (Conn.)
Myer Henry, Ens.
Neelson Eli
Nelles George
Newcomb James
Newman Joseph
Nichols Guisham
Niles Sands, Ens., (Conn)
Noble Peter (Conn.)
Northrup Abijah
Oakley Isaac
Oakley John
Oakly John, Ens.
Oline Benjamin, Lt.
Oliver Thomas
Olman John
Orendorff Christian,
Lt. (Md)
Organ Cornelius
Orsor Jonas, Capt.
Osmand Benajah,
Lt. (N. J.)
Oustrander Henry
Owne Joseph, jr.
Pain Brinton, Maj.
Pain Joseph
Palmetier Isaac
Parmerton Abijah
Parsons Abr., Lt. (N. J. )
Patchen Freegift

Patchin Isaac
Patchin Jabez
Patchin Samuel
Paulding William
Pawling Henry, Lt.
Peifer Joh.
Pelllnger Frederick
Pendleton Nathaniel, Lt.
Pendleton Solomon, Lt.
Pennear William
Penoyer William
Peterson John
Petry Jacob, Ens.
Pettie Abel
Pickard Bartholomew
Piper Andrew
Polk John
Poor David, Lt. (Mass.)
Porter Jonathan, Lt.
Potten James
Poultson John, Capt. (Va
Pownal Thomas, Lt.
Poyton James
Preston Wm., Lt. (Penn.)
Purdy Solomon, jr., serjt.
Putnam David
Putnam David, Corp.
Quick John
Ramsay Nathaniel Lt.
Col. (Md.)
Rankins James, Jr,
Raqua Isaac, Adjt.
Raqua Isaac, Lt.
Raymond Sands, Serjt.
Read Thomas, Ens.
Reder T.
Reed Thos., Ens. (Penn.)
Renex Andrew
Requa Isaac, Adjt.
Requa Isaac, Lt.
Requaw Daniel
Requaw Gabriel, Capt.
Requaw Isaac, Adjt.
Requaw James, Jr.
Resequie John
Retong William
Revenshon John Peter
Revere Cornelius
Reverston John Peter
Reynold William
Reynolds Nathaniel, Lt.
Rickard Jacob
Rigel Frederick
Riggs Daniel
Riley John, Lt. (Conn.)
Riverson John Peter
Robertson John, or Wm.,
Adjt. (Va.)
Rogerts William, Lt. (Va.)
Roosa Cornelius
Roose James
Rose James
Rouse Thomas, Ens. (Md.)
Ruamay John
Rumsey Asa, Fifer
Rusmey David
Rumsnider Henry
Rundell Richard
Runnels William
Rutherford Samuel, Ens.
Sackett Richard, Capt.
Sackett Thomas H., Lt.
Sammons Fred'k, Serjt.
Sample Robert, Capt.
Savage Joseph
Shefer Adam
Schomaker John
Shomaker Thomas
Shoomaker Henry
Schot Joseph
Schulds Hendrick
Schults Johannis
Schulds William
Schumaker John
Schuyler David
Schuyler Jacob
Schuyler Nicholas
Scott Joseph
Scott William
Sears Elnatham, Corp.
See David
See James
Seeley Isaac, Capt. (Penn.)
Sharender Richard
Sharp Peter
Sharp Thomas
Sherer James
Sheridan Richard
Sherman Peter
Sherwood Job
Sherwood Newcom
Sherwood Seth, Capt.
Sherwood Stephen, Ens.
Shew Godfrey
Shew Jacob
Shew John
Shew Stephen
Shireman George, Crop.
Sifer Jacob
Siffer John, Sr.
Siffer John
Sitz Peter, Ens.
Skiget Richard, Serjt.
Slott Cornelius, Serjt.
Slutt William
Smith Isaac
Smith James, Lt. (Penn.)
Smith Johannes
Smith John, Qr. Mr. Serjt.
Smith John, Lt.
Smith Josiah, Lt. (Conn.)
Smith Richard
Snead Charles, Lt. (Va.)
Snead, Smith, Capt. (Va.)
Sniffen James
Sniffen Reuben
Spankneble John
Sparks Pearl
Staring George
Staring Henrich
Staring Henry
Staring Jacob
Stark Nathan
Starring Jacob
Stayner Roger, Capt.
Stenson William
Steward Stephen
Steyments Casper
Sticklen John
Stinson William
Storm Abraham
Stotesbury John. Capt.
Stuart Charles (Conn.)
Swartwout Cornelius,
Capt. Lt.
Swartwout Henry, Ens.
Swope Michael, Col
Tanner Jacob, Serjt.
Taylor Elijah
Taylor Henry
Taylor Samuel
Teller James, Capt.
Terbush Isaac
Terwilliger Harmanus,
Thomas Edward, Adjt.
Thomas Thomas, Col.
Thompson Andrew, Ens.
Thompson James
Thwait Thos., Capt. (Va.)
Tice John
Tillard Edwd., Maj. (Md.)
Tomkins Jerremiah
Torry David
Townsend Samuel
Utricht (Baron de) Lewis
Augustus, Capt.
Valentine Stephen
Van Brunt Leonard, Dy.
Qr. Mr. Gen.
Van Buren Leonard
Van dercok Benjamin
Van Dyke Abraham, Capt.
Van Eps Evert
Van Nosdall John, Corp.
Van Osterand William
Van Slyke Garret
Van Slyke Jacobus
Van Tassel Abraham
Van Tassel Cornelius, Lt.
Van Tassel John
Van Tessel David
Van Tellse Isaac, Serjt.
Van Tellel Jacob, Lt.
Van Tessel Peter
Van Wagenen G. Surg.
Van Wagenen Garret H.,
Vermelya Jacob M.
Virgil Abijah
Vols Conrad
Vorhas Samuel
Vroman Ephraim, Lt.
Vrooman Walter, Capt.
Walker Robt. Lt. (Mass.)
Wardell Eliakim
Warman Thos., Lut. (Va.)
Watrous Edward A.
Webb Sysumet
Weeks James
Wells Levi, Col. (Conn.)
Wells Michael, Serjt.
Wentworth James, Lt.
Wescot Annanias
West Ebenezer, Adjt.
White Epenetus
Whiting Samuel, Lt.
Whitney James
Williams Daniel, Capt.
Williams Gilbert
Willis John, Capt. (Va.)
Willson Andrew
Wilson Andrew
Wilson Isaac
Winne Kelian
Winter Thomas
Witherall William
Woleben Nicholas
Wood Enoch
Wood James
Wood John, Capt.
Woodson Robert, Lt. (Va.)
Wool Ellis
Wood Robert
Woolver John
Worden George
Worden Voluntine
Wright William, Lt.
Young Joseph
Youngs Joseph
Zaling John
Zeely John, Lt.
Zimmer Peter

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