Three Rivers
History From America's Most Famous Valleys

The Fourth New York Regiment 1778-1780
The Second New York Regiment, 1780-1783
by Samuel Tallmadge and Others
with Diaries of Samuel Tallmadge, 1780-1782 and John Barr, 1779-1782
Prepared for publication by Almon W. Lauber PH.D. of The division of Archives and History
Albany, The University of the State of New York, 1932.

Orderly Book Three, Part Three

In Congress June 22nd 1779

1st Resolved
that Majors in Consideration of their Extra Duty as Brigade Inspectors and Majors of Brigade Receive forty four Dollars pr Month in addition to their Regimental Pay.

2nd Resolved
that Congress entertain a Creatfull sence of the Virtues and services of those faithfull and zealous Soldiers Who at an Early Period Engaged in the army of the United states Dureing the War and to Encourage a Continuance of these Exertions and as far as Circumstances Will Admit to put them on A footing in pecuniary matters With Other soldiers, Genl Washington be impowered to order A Gratuity of one hundred Dollars Each to be Paid the men so Inlisted Dureing War the Gratuity to be Paid Only to such soldiers Who Inlisted Before the 23d of Jany 1779

that the Adjutant Genl for the time being be Also Assistant Inspector Genl.

Extract of an act [Passed March 11, 1780] Intitled an act to Provide the troops of the state in the service of the United states with Cloathing & Necessaries.(60)

That Peter T Curtenious Esq(61)-Commissary &c shall Caus to be purchased for Each Commissioned officer Including Majr Genl McDugal(62) B [rigadier] Genl James Clinton and their Respective Suites not the Line of other states surgons & surgons Mates in the said troops and to Each prisoner & surgons & surgons mates of the Genl Hosprtal Inhabitants of the state, Cloathing and Linning and Linings and trimmings sufficient for a Cloath Regimental Suite two Linning Vests two pr of Linning Breeches two Ruffled shirts & two prain shirts & four stocks and also two pr of worstead stockings two pr of Linning Do two pr of shoes and one pr of boots a Blanket and Hatt-and also Cause to be Purchased and to be made up for the use of the Non Commissioned officers and privates of all the troops Credited to the state 1800 Regimental Coates 1800 W Vests 1800 Wn Overalls 3600 pr of shoes 1800 Blankets 1800 Hatts and pay 200 Dollars to each officer for makeing the Cloaths allowed them. that a Commissary be appointed for purchasing Necessaries for the troops Cause to be provided with Rum tea & shugar agreeable to the Following Rations a Major Genl four Gallons of

60 Laws of the State of New York. v. I. p. 235-36.
61 Peter T. Curlenius (Petrus Theobaldus Curlenius) of New York City. Archives. (See index.)
62 Major General Alexander McDougall. Continental Army. Heitman. Historical Register. p. 368.

Rum six lb of shugar half lb tea pr Month Brigadeir Geni three Gallons of Rum four lb shugar Six ounces of tea pr Month Cola & Chaprain two Gallons of Rum three lb of shugar half lb of tea Each pr Month, Each officer in the Line & staff one Gallon and half of Rum three lb of shugar and a Quarter lb of tea pr Month Each non Commissioned officer & private one pound shugar two ounces tea and one lb of tobacco pr Month and half Jill of Rum pr Day that a Commissary be appd for purchaseing Necessaries for the troops be allowed exclusive of travelling Exspences one percent upon all money Expended by him in his business.

The Honourable the Continential Congress haveing been preased to pass the following Resolution on April 10th 1780(63)

Resolved that when Congress shall be furnished with propper Doccuments to Liquidate the Depreciation of the Continential Bills of Credit, they will as soon thereafter as the State of the Publick finences will admit make good to the Line of the army and the Independant Corps thereof their Deficiency of their Original pay Occationed by Such Depreciation and that the money and Articles heretofore paid or furnished or hereafter to be paid or furnished by Congress or the states or any of them as for payor subsistance for to Compensiate for Deficiencies Shall be Deemed as Advanced on Account until Such Liquidation as Aforesaid Shall be Adjusted It being the Determination of Congress that all the troops Serveing in the Continential army Shall be praced on an Equal footing Provided that no persons shall have any benifit of this Resolution Except such as are Engaged Dureing the war or for three years and are now in service or shall hereafter Engage Dureing war Resolved that a Committe of three be Appointed to Report propper Compensation to the staff of the army in Consequence of the Depreciation of the Currency.

the Honourable the Congress have been preased to pass the following Resolution Which have Lately Came to hand

In Congress Augt 12th 1780(6)

Congress took into Consideration the Report of the Committe on the Memorial of the Geni Officers Whereupon

Resolved that the said Genl officers be Informed that Congress have at no time been Unmindfull of the Milltary Virtues Which have Distinguished the Army of the United State through the Cours of this war-and that is has

63 Journals of the Continental Congress, v. XVI, p. 344-45.
64 Ibid., v. XVII, p. 725-27.

been Constantly one of the Principle objects of their Care not Only to provide for the health and Comfort of the army but to Gratify their Reasonable Desires as far as the Publick Exigencies would Admit.
that Patience and self Denial fortitude and perseverance and the Cherfull Sacrifise of time health and fortune are Necessary Virtues Which booth the Citizen and the Soldier are Called to Exersise While Strugling for the Liberties of their Country and that Modaration Frugality and T emporance must be Among the Chief Supports as well as the brightest Ornamants of that kind of Civil Government Which is Wisely Instituted by the Sevaral States in this Union.

that it has been Recommended to the several states to Make Compensation to the Officers and Soldiers to them Respectively Belonging, for the Depreciation of their pay, and that Congress Will take Speedy Measures for Liquidating and paying what is due on that Account to the Officers and Soldiers not belonging to the Coto of any state.

that from and After the first Day of August 178.0 the army shall be Intitled to Receive their pay as Stated before the first Day of January 1777 in the new bills Emited persuant to the Resolution of Congress of the 18th Day of March Last.

that the Officers shall be hereafter allowed five Dollars pr Month in the Said new Bills for Each Ration Retained.

That the board of war be Directed to Report to Congress A List of the officers not belonging to the Coto of any state With an Account of the ballance due to Each to make their pay Good for past Services Agreeable to the Resolution of the 10th Day of Apl Last.

that such of the states as have not made Compensation to their Officers and Soldiers Agreeable to the Recommendation of the 17th of August 1779 be and they are hereby Requested to do it as soon as Possible.

that the Provision for Granting Lands by the Resolution of the 16th Septr 1776 be and is hereby Extended to the. Geni Officers in the following Proportion, viz, to a Major Genl Eleven hundred Acres to A Brigadeir Genl Eight hundred fifty.

that the Officers of the army be furnished as soon as Possible with two Months pay on Account to Releive their Present Wants Mentioned in their Memorial.

Ordered that the Remainder of the Report be Recommited.

In Congress August 24th 1780(65)
Resolved that the Officers of the Line of the army Commanding Coares When in Camp be Allowed to Draw so many of their Rations of Provisions heretofore Withheld as the Commander in Chief or Commander of A Separate army shall Judge Necessary but that no Provisions be Issued for back Rations not Drawn on the Days they become due. that if it shall appear that the Subsistance Money Allowed to officers in Lieu of Rations Withheld is not Equal to the Cost of the Rations the Difficiency Shall hereafter be made up to them.

that the Resolution of the 15th of May 1778 Granting half pay for Seven years to the Officers of the army Who shall Continue in Service till the End of the war be Extended to the widdows of those Officers Who have died or shall hereafter die in the service to Commence from the time of such Officers Death and Continue for the term of seven years or if there be no Widdow or in Case of her death or Intermarriage the said half pay be Given to the Orphan Children of the officer Dying as Aforesaid if should have Left any, and that it be Recommended to the Legislature of the Respective States to Which Such officer belong to make Provision for paying the same on Occount to the United States.

that the Restricting Clause in the Resolution of the 15th of May 1778 Granting half pay to Officers Seven years Expressed in these Words, Viz, and not hold any office of prophit Under these states or any of them, be and is hereby Repealed.

August 25th 1780(66) Septr

Resolved that the half pay of Genl Officers be proportioned to their pay.

The Honourable the Congress have been pleased to pass the following Resolution.

In Congress August 22nd 1780(67)

Whereas it is of the Utmost Importance Effectually to prevent the Distruction Waste Embezelment and Misapplication of the publick Stores and provisions Upon Which the Existance of the Armies of these United States may Depend; and no Adequate provision hath been made for the Just punishment of Delinquants in the Departments of the Q Mr Geni Commissary Genl of purchases Commissary Genl of Issues Cloathier Genl Commissary Genl

65 Journals of the Continental Congress, v. XVII, p. 772-73.
66 Ibid., v. XVII, p. 778.
61 Ibid., v. XVII, p. 756--57.

of Millatary Stores Pervayors of the Hospitals and their Departments therefore

Resolved that Every person in any of the said Departments Intrusted With the Care of provision or Millatary or Hospital Stores or Other property of these United States Who Shall be Convicted at A Genl Court Martial of haveing sold Without A proper Order for that purpose, Embezeled or Wilfully Misapplyed Dammaged or spoiled any of the provisions Horses, Forage, Arms Cloathing Ammunition or any Millatary or Hospital Stores or property belonging to the United States of America Shall Suffer Death, or Such Other punishment as shall be Directed by A Genl Court Martial According to the Nature or Degree of the Offence at the Discretion of such Court, and Every in any of the said Departments Intrusted as Aforesaid Who Shall be Convicted at A Genl Court Martial of haveing through Neglect Suffered any of the Articles Aforesaid to be Wasted Spoiled, Dammaged, shall suffer such punishment as the said Court shall in their Discretion Direct According to the nature and Degree of the Offence.

True Coppy

The following is A Coppy of the Instructions Given to our Committee sent to the Assembly of this state [New York] in behalf of the Officers and Men belonging to the same Viz.(68)

Gentleman we have Chosen you our Committee(69) to Wait Upon Our Legislature of the state of New York for the Important purposes of Representing to that body the Unhappy and Distressing Situation of the Troops Under our Command and their Immediate Care and Direction and of Inforceing the Necessity of A Speedy Exicution of the Resolves of Congress(70) Relative to the Supplies Necessary for the Comfortable Subsistance of the army and as well to Asertain and Liquidate the Loss Sustained by the Army by the Depreciation of the Currency as to Obtain proper security for the payment thereof, these Gentleman are ye Esential Objects to which we would Call your attention. the real Depreciation upon the Monies Recd and Expended by the army, you are well Acquainted with and the most Elagable mode to Asertain it we Conceive will be by takeing A Comparative View of the

68 This letter of instruction dated Camp, Steenrapia, September 7th 1780, is given in full in Clinton Papers. v. VI. p. 217-21.
69 The committee consisted of three men, according to the Governor's message to the Senate and Assembly, September 13. 1780, calling the attention of the Legislature to the need of immediate consideration of the matters dealt with in the letter. Votes and Proceedings of the Assembly of New York at the First Meeting of the Fourth Session, p. 19.
70 Acts of Congress, August 12 and 24, 1780 in Journals of the Continental Congress, v. XVII, p. 723-25; 771-73.

prices of Articles most Used in Camp,'begining at the first Establishment of Our present pay and thence Computing at Different periods the Advance upon such Articles, you will please to have in View that the pay of the Troops has been Very Eregular and that they have Seldom been with Less than three Months pay in the Rear and Often with more Especially in the present year, the pay for which Since the first of January is still due the Depreciation on which Can be Computed at Nothing Less than the Real Value of the Money on the first of August with Respect to the payment of such Depreciated Money as may be due us We think that Cash or Nothing Less than A Real Security or Transferr of Lands will by any Means Answer the Good Intentions of the state or Releive us. Cartificates or Notes for payment we find from Long Experiance Like Other paper Credit is subject to Ebbs and flows of the times, we have had Malloncolly Instances of this in the Eastern states Where the Notes Given to the Troops have been sold at the Most Enormas Discount and the Distresses of the army which the Legislature had in View to Releive have by no means been Removed, Good Landed Intrests is secure from these failures, and is the security we wish to Receive, it is such Which if Conveyed to us firmly and bonifyed will always form A Capital upon which we Can Draw without any Discount, when we Say Landed Intrests, we mean, Gentleman Improved Estates, such as have Immediate Value of which this state to which we belong have an Abundance by the Attainder of Many of its Inhabitants who have withdrawn themselves from its Alegance. in Setling the Value of these Lands it will be Necessary for you to pay Particular Attention to the M [o] de to be Adapted. we would Recommend that three Indifferent men be Appointed Under Oath for that purpose, and that we may have A Voice in Nominating as well the persons to Value as the Lands to be Apprised. as Congress has by A Resolve of the 24th of August Last Recommended to the several states to Make Provision for the Widdows and Orphans of Officers who have died or may die in the service we Request your attention thereto, that the Provision therein Recommended or some Other may be Extended to the Widdows and Orphans of the Non Commissioned Officers and privates in the Like Circumstances.

We beg Gentlemen that you will proceed as soon as possible Upon the Important business to which your are Deligated, and as we have the Utmost Confidence in your Zeale and Abillaties to serve us we would Wish you to Consider these Instructions more or Less Absolute as you shall find Circumstances Require, and to do what Ever Else may be Necessary for our Intrest, though not particularly Mentioned herein.

Coppy of A Letter from the Committee Dated Poughkeepsie(71) September 16th 1780
Gentlemen Agreeable to your Instructions We Preceded Without Loss of time to this place where upon Our Arrival we had the honour to find Our Leggislature Convened, We Communicated our business and had the satis_ faction to have A Joint Committee72 of both houses Appointed to Confer with us, we have had sevaral Conferences with them, and are Disposed to beleive from A Genl pisposition that prevails through the whole of the Legislature that we shall Accomidate Matters satisfactory to our Constituants, and be Enabled to Return to the Brigade in the Course of A week.

Heads of the New Arrangement of the army.

New York two Regiments of Infantry and one of artillery Each Regiment of Infantry to have one Colonel one Lieut Colonel and one Major where the full Colo is Continued Or one Lieut Colo Commandt and two Majors where the Colonels are not Continued.

Nine Captains twenty two Subalterns, one Surgon, One Mate, one serjt Major, one Quarter Master Serjt 45 Serjts One Drum Major one Fife Major 10 Drums 10 Fifes and 612 Rank and File.

One Captain, and two subalterns, to each Company, And the four supernumary subalterns to have the Rank of Lieutenants, one of which to reside in the state to Inlist and Forward on Recruits, the Other three supernumary subs, to do The duty adjutant, Pay Master, Quarter Master to the Regiment

The Regiment of artillery to Consist of 10 Companies The whole of the troops to be Inlisted Dureing the war, the Commander in Chief Directs the officers of each state, to agree Upon the officers from the Regiments from those who Incline to Continue in service, and where it Cannot be done by agreement To be determined by seniority - the Reduced officers to have Half pay for Life, and those who Continue in service to. the End of the war to have Dureing Life.

Extract From Head Qrs Head Quarters West Point Novr 4th 1780

(71) The New York Legislature was in session in Poughkeepsie.
(72) The Governor's message and the letter were read in the Assembly and Senate, September 13, 1780, and a resolution was passed by each house that, if the other house concur, the matter of the letter be "committed to a joint committee of both Houses." Votes and Proceedings of the Assembly of the State of New York, p. 20; Votes and Proceedings of the Senate of the State of New York, p. 8.

Extract from Genl Orders,
Head Quarters Totaway(73) Novr 1st 1780
The Commander in Chief has the happiness to Inform the army That the honourable the Congress have been pleased by their act of the 3d and 21 st of Octr 1780 to pass the following Resolutions(74) He is intirely persuaded that the Libaral provisions now made Will give universal satisfaction while it evinces the Justice and Generosity of Congress will prove a new Motive to the Zeale And exertions of the officers, that such of the additional Regts As have not been anext to the Line of some particular State and all the separate Light Corps of the army booth of hors And foot, Colo Hazons,(75) Regiment, Colo Armongs,(76) and Major Lees(77) Corps excepted, and also the German Battalion,(78) be Reduced On the first day of January next, that the Non Commisd Officers and privates in those sevaral Corps be incorporated With the troops of their respective states, and that such of them as do not belong to any particular state, be anext To such Corps as his excellency the Commander in Chief Shall direct, The Regular army of the united states from And after the first of January next, Consist of four Regts of mounted and dismounted Dragoons or Legonary Corps Four Regiments of artillery Forty Nine Regiments of Infantry Exclusive of Colo Hazons Regiment, Colo Armonts Parties And Corps Major Lees Do one Regiment of Artificers.

That each Regiment of Legonary Corps consist of four Troop of mounted Dragoons, and two of Dismounted Dragoons Each Consisting of sixty privates, with the same number of Commisd and non Comisd officers as at present.

That the parties Commanded by Colo Armondt [Armand] and Major Lee shall consist of three troops of mounted and three of dismounted Dragoons of fifty each to be officered by the Commander in Chief By the approbation of Congress, and that the Commander Be authorised to direct a mode for Compleating, recruiting And supplying the said Corps.

73 Totaway (Totawa), a village at the Great Falls on the Passaic river, N. J. Washington's published letters of November, 1780 up to the 25th are dated at Head Quarters, Passaic Falls.
74 Journals of the Continental Congress, v. XVIII, p. 893-97; 958-60.
75 Moses Hazen (Canada), a retired lieutenant of the British Army on half pay when appointed colonel of the 2d Canadian Regiment, January 22, 1776. Heitman, Historical Register, p. 282.
76 Tuffin Charles Armand [Marquis de la Roueire (France)], Colonel in Count Pulaski's Legion,
May 10, 1777. Succeeded Count Pulaski as commander of the legion October 11, 1779. Ibid., p. 73.
77 Henry Lee (Va.), promoted by act of Congress, April 7, 1778, to rank of major commandant.
78 The German battalion was organized by act of Congress, May 25, 1776. It was raised in Pennsylvania and Maryland, but, since it did not belong to any particular state, it was considered in 1777 as one of the 16 Additional Continental Regiments. Ibid., p. 27.

That each Regiment of artillery consist of 10 Companies And that each Company Consist of sixty five Non Commisd officers And matrosses, with the same number of Commissioned officers as at present.

That each Regiment of Infantry requested from the sevaral states, shall consist of one Colo one Lieut Colo and One Major when the full Colos are Continued, or one Lieutenant Colo Commandt and two Majors, when Colo are not Continued Nine Captains twenty two subalterns One Surgon, one Mate, one serjeant Major, one Q Master serjeant Forty five serjeants one Drum Major, one Fife Major, ten Drumers Ten Fifers, and six hundred and twelve Rank and File That there be one Captain and two Subs to each Company, and that the four supernumary subalterns shall each have the Rank of Lieutenants one of which Is to reside in the state to which he belongs, to Inlist and forward recruits, one Drum and fife to attend the Recruiting officer, and the Regiment of artificers to Consist of eight Companies, and each Company of sixty non Commissioned officers and privates, the Whole of the troops to be Inlisted dureing war and J oine their respective Corps by the first day of JanY Next.
That the Sevaral states furnish the following Quotas (viz)
New Hamshire 2 Regiments of Infantry
Massachusetts 10 Do of Infantry and one of artillery
Rhode Island 1 of Infantry
Connecticut 5 Do Infantry and one of Cavalry
N ew York 2 Do Infantry and one of artillery
New Jersey 2 Do Infantry
Pennsylvania 6 Do Infantry, 1 artillery, 1 Cavalry, 1 of artificers
Delaware 1 Do Infantry
Maryland 5 Do Infantry
Virginia 8 Do Infantry
North Corolina 4 Do Infantry
South Corolina 2 Do Infantry
Georgia 1 Do Infantry
That the Regiments of Cavalry of artillery and artificers as they now stand be Considered to the states Respectively To which they are or may be assigned, which state shall Compleate them to the full Compliment, supply them With necessaries and in every respect treat them as if Originally therein and that such other state as have now non commissioned officers and privates in any of the Regis aforesaid be Credited in their Quotas for such men according to their numbers from time to time for which purpose the Commander in Chief is hereby directed to specify such non commissioned officers and privates, and the states to which they formerly belong in the returns which he shall Make to the states, and in his annual returns to Congress

That the regiment Commanded by Colo Moses Hazon [Hazen] be continued on its present Establishment, and that all non commissioned officers and privates, being Foreigners belonging to any of the reduced Regiments and Corps be Incorporated therewith, and volenteers from Forreign states who are now in the service or may hereafter Joine the American Army be anext to the said Regiment, that the Commander in Chief and the Commanding officer in the southern Department Direct the officers of each state to meet and agree upon the Officers for the Regiments to be raised by their respective states from those who Incline to retire from service, and where it Cannot be done by agrament to be determined by seniority, and make returns of those who remain, Which is to be transmited to Congress, together with the names of the officers reduced who is to have half pay for Life. That the officers who shall Continue in the service to the End of the war to be intitled to half pay dureing Life to Commence from the time of their reduction.

That the officers at Camp be impowered and directed to use every prudent Measure and improve every favourable Oppertunity to Inlist for the Continuence of the war, such of the men belonging to their respective states as are not engaged for that Period

That two dollars be granted to the recruiting officer for every able bodied soldier that shall Inlist for the war who shall Joine the army, and that a sum not exceeding fifty Dollars be. allowed every such recruit, that the Cloathing be furnished and regularly served Out to the troops as it becomes due, and that a full Compensation be made for any arrear ages of Cloathing.

The Genl Directs that the officers of the sevaral lines will Meet accordingly and agree upon an arrangement as speedily as may be, of the officers who remain in service and of those who retire Reporting the same to Head Quarters, it is of Course to be understood that none Can retire with the Benifit of ye provision here made, except such a number as exceed that which is required in the Establishment; the Genl officers of the respective Lines, will be pleased to assist in their Arrangement

Alexander Scammel Adjt Gen

Head Quarters New Windso(79) June 5th 1781

The Honorable the Congress have been pleased to pass the following Resolves (Viz).(80)

By the united states in Congress assemled May 25th 1781.

The report of the Committee on the Letter of the 20th of December last from the Commander in Chief was taken into Consideration, whereupon,

Resolved, that Battallion promition in the Infantry to the rank of Commanding officer inclusive where such Battallion is anext to any state, shall be in the line of such state.

That in the Regiments of Infantry or Legionary Corps not anext to particular states promotion to the rank of Commanding officer inclusive be Regimental or Legionary.

That promotion in the Cavalry and artillery be Regimental to the rank of Commanding officer inclusive

That promotion of Battn officers to the rank of Brigadeirs be Confined to the following districts, in each of which Brigadeirs if necessary shall be made from the senior officers of that district without regard to any particular state.

That New Hampshire and Massachusetts be Intitled to four BrigadeirsRhode Island and Connecticut two Brigadeirs-New York, and New Jersey, includeing Colo Hazons [Hazen] Regiment two Brigadeirs,-Pennsylvania two Brigadeirs-Delaware and Maryland two Brigadeirs-Virginia three Brigadeirs-North Corlina one Brigadeir South Corlina, and Georgia, one Brigadeir.

That whenever a Brigadeir shall be wanting for the troops of either of those destricts he shall be made from the senior Battallion officer without regarding the state to which he belongs.

That in the Cavalry and artillery Brigadeirs shall be made from the eldest Regimental officer in the Corps Respectively.

That Major Genls shall be made from the eldest Brigadeir in the army, whether belonging to the Infantry, Cavalry, or artillery.

That all Brigadeirs hereafter to be made shall have relative rank respecting each other agreeable to the Date of their last Batln Commissions, priority of appointments notwithstanding.

That Tench Tilghman(81) Esqr receive the Commission of Lieut Colo in the line of the army and take rank from the first of april 1777.

79 New Windsor, a town in Orange county, N. Y., on the west bank of the Hudson river. The summer residence of Governor Clinton was near this point.
80 Journals of the Continental Congress, v. XX, p. 539-41.
81 Tench Tilghman (Pa.). Previous to April 1,1777, he was captain of a Pennsylvania battalion
of the Flying Camp, and military secretary at General Washington's Headquarters. Heitman, Historical Register, p. 543.

That Doctor James McHenry(82) receive the Commission of Major in the army of the united states to take rank from the 30th of Octr last.

That officers not anexted to any Line serveing in the family of the Commander in Chief, and those serveing as A. D. Camps with other Genl officers, retain the rank they they now hold, and shall be elegible to Command upon Detachment when the Commander in Chief, or Commanding officer of a Department shall think proper.

That officers who are hostages and are liable to be Called for by the enemy and are not Contained in the line of any state shall be intitled to their full pay until redeemed, and to half pay for life afterwards, in the same manner as officers of equal rank reduced by the late arrangement, and that it be recommended to the respective states in the line of [which] they were at the time of their becomeing hostages, to make good to them their deprivation, and also to pay them such sums, as are or may become due to them and Charge the same to the united states.

That Lieut Colo Commandts of Battn be not Considered in different grades from other Lieut Colos from the Line.

The Commander in Chief thinks proper to Direct that all vacancies should be filled to the present, agreeable to the rules of promotion formerly established

From this period it is expected the foregoing Regulations respecting promotion will be strictly adheared to through the line of the army.

A list of the names, ranks, dates of Commissions of the Field officers of the New York line, to be forwarded to the adjt Genls office without loss of time.

Transcript of Genl Orders
Edward Hand adjt Genl.


[The handwriting changes at this point in the mss.]

The Honourable the Congress of the united states haveing been pleased to pass the following Resolution Confirming the explanation given by the secratary at War of the 4th Section of the Resolve, of the 7th of August last [1782] (83) published in the order of the 30th of Octr and makeing an addition to the number of Subalterns Allowed by the Resolve of the 7th of August

82 James McHenry (Pa.) had served as surgeon in the 5th Pennsylvania Battalion and assistant secretary to General Washington. Heitman, Historical Register, p. 371.
83 Journals of the Continental Congress, v. XXII, p. 451-52.

the same is to be observed in Compleating the arrangement of the Massachusetts and Connecticut Lines

By the United States in Congress Assembled Novr 19th 1782.(84)

On the report of the Committee to whome was refered a report of a Com mittee on a letter of the 30th of Octr from the Secratary at War Resolved that the senior officers of each grand sufficient to form Corps agreeable to the act of the 7th of August last (the Regiments to have their Compliment of officers as established by the acts of the 3d and 21 st of Octr 1780 except as to the therein proposed supernumerary Subalterns receiveing the recruits who Shall be omitted) shall be retained in service for the command of the said Corps, and the redundant Junior officers of the several grades shall retire from immediate service agreeably to the said first recited Act, but the said Junr Officers so retireing shall retain their rank in the army, and be liable and inti tied to be called into actual, only when Regiments or Corps shall be raised for them by their respective states.

But senior officers intitled to remain in service, shall have the liberty of retireing with the emoluments of officers retireing under the acts last recited, for reasons satisfactory to the Commander in Chief, or the Commanding officer of the southern army, on such retireing officer relinquishing his command, & future rite of promotion in the Army, as signifying the same, on or before the 1 st day of Jany Next to the Commander in Chief or the Commanding officer of the Southern Army, who shall duly transmit lists of such retireing officers to the Secretary of War, any Act or Resolution of Congress to the Contrary hereof Notwithstanding

Senior officers who are entitled to remain in Service, but who may Choose to retire with the emoluments by the before recited Resolve will Return themselves as directed on or before the 1 sf day of Jany Next.

The Honourable the Congress have been pleased to pass the following Resolve.

By the United States in Congress Assembled Novr 12th 1782(85)

Whereas no provision has been made by Congress, for the Geographers of the armies of the United States therefore Resolved

That the Geographer to the Main Army, and the Geographer to the Southern Department be each of them allowed fifty Dollrs pr Month, three rations pr day forage for two Saddle horses and one two horse Waggon,

84Journals of the Continental Congress, v. XXIII, p. 736.
85 Ibid., v. XXIII, p. 721-22.

Six dollars and two thirds of a dollar pr Month for a servl for whom they shall be entitled to draw one ration pr day and the Cloathing allowed to a private Soldier.

That the Assistant Geographers if such officers shall be Judged Necessary by the Commander in Chief be allowed thirty dollars pr Month one ration pr day and forage for one Saddle horse.

That when Chain bearers shall be imployed, not being Soldiers, they Shall be each allowed half dollar pr day.

By the United States in Congress Assembled Resolved

By the United States in Congress Assembled Decr 3d 1782(86) on the report of a Committee to whome was referred A letter of the 22nd of Novr from the Superintendant of finance and Secty at War Resolved that after the last day of Decr Instant; in lieu of the Rations heretofore allowed to the Officers of the army Including those for Servants without Arms they shall be allowed Subsistance money, at the rate of four dollars pr Month for each ration provided that when circumstances in any cas [e] shall not permit the payment of Such subsistance money they shall draw their rations as heretofore.

Resolved that after the above mentioned period in Lieu of the pay and rations allowed to the officers of the Hospital Department including rations for Servants they shall be entitled to the following Monthly pay and subsistance provided in like manner, that where the said subsistance money shall not be [paid] he shall be entitled to draw an equivalent number of rations at the rate of four dollars for each ration pr Month.

The Director one hundred and two dollars pay, and Six dollars subsistance. The Deputy Director and Physician each one hundred dollars pay, and forty eight dollars subsistance. The surgeons each Ninety dollars pay and forty dollars subsistance, Apothicary and Perveyer each Ninety dollars pay and thirty two dollars subsistance. Deputy Apothecary and Deputy Perveyer each fifty nine Dollars pay and sixteen dollars subsistance. Mates each forty two Dollars pay and twelve Dollars subsistance. Stewarts each thirty one dollars pay, and eight dollars subsistance. Ward Masters each twenty one dollars and eight dollars subsistance.

The United States in Congress Assembled-have been pleased to pass the following Resolve Augt 1 st 1782(87)

Resolved that the Adjt Genl be appointed by Congress from the Genl Officers, Collonels, Lieut Cols Commandts and Lieut Col. in the army, his pay

86 Journals of the Continental Congress, v. XXIII, p. 759-60.
87 Ibid., v. XXII, p. 425-27.

shall be one hundred and twenty five dollars pr Month he shall receive four rations pr day and twenty five dollars and one third pr Month. The Adjt Genl shall also be allowed forrage for four horses and be furnished with two four horses and two horse covered Waggon for the transportation of his official papers, his own assistants and Clerks Baggage. He shall have two assistants and one Clerk to be appointed by himself, and approved of by the Commander in Chief. The assistants shall be Majors or Captains in the army, the pay of each shall be fifty dollars pr Month one ration and one half pr day eight dollars pr Month subsistance and forrage for two rideing horses. The assistants shall be allowed each Six and two thirds Dollars pr Month, for Servants Wages and the Cloathing and rations allowed to a private Soldier. The Clerk shall be a subaltern or Voluntier in the Army; his pay shall be forty dollrs pr Month shall draw one ration pr day and receive Six and one third Dollars pr Month

Resolved that there be as many Deputy Assistants Genl of the Rank of Field Officers as there be separate Armies in the United States, that Consist of one or more Divisions, to [be] Appointed occasionally by the Commanding officer of such Army, whose Names shall be returned to the Commander in Chief for his Approbation.

Resolved the Deputy assistant Genls shall each receive Seventy five Dollars pr Month pay two rations pr day and twelve dollars and two thirds pr Month subsistance, forrage for three Rideing horses, one four horse, and one two horse Covered Waggon for the transportation of their official papers their own and assistants Baggage

The Deputy Adjt Genl shall each Appoint one assistant of the Rank of Majr or Captain, who shall be Approved of by the Commanding Officer under whom they serve. The assistants appointed and approved as afforesaid shall each receive the same pay and allowances as are Civen above to an assistant of the ajts Genl That there be one Majr of Brigade to each Brigade in the Army of the United States, whether of Cavalry Artillery or Infantry who shall be Appointed by the Commander in Chief or Commanding officer of an Seperate Army, as occasions may require, upon the recommendation of the Adjutant Genl, or Deputy Adjt Genl as the case may be; and they shall each receive the same pay and allowances as is given to the assistants of the Adjt Genl by the foregoing resolution

That the provision hereby made for the respective officers afforesaid shall be in full compensation for their services and of all pay and Allowances to which they may be entitled from their Rank in the Army.

These Regulations shall take effect the first day of JanY next, and, from thenceforth that all Acts, Resolutions, pay and appointments heretofore made in any wise respecting the Department of Adjt Genl and Brigade Majors shall cease and are hereby repealed.

Regulations for the Qr Mr Genls Department
By the United States in Congress Assembled Octr 23d 1782(88)
Resolved that the Establishment of the Qr Mrs Department by the Resolution of Congress of the 15th July 1780 be from and after the 1 st day of January next repealed. And the following Resolution addopted in its stead

Resolved that there shall be one Qr Mr Genl the present Qr Mr Genl to be continued in office, and hereafter as vacancies arrise, to be appointed by Congress. That the Qr Mr Genl with the approbation of the Commander in Chief appoint the following officers for the Armies of the United States Viz
For the Main Army one Qr Master
one Waggon Master
one CommisY of Forrage
one Director and Sub Director for a CompY of Artificers

For the Southern army
one Deputy Qr Master
one Do CommisY of Forrage
one Do Waggon Master
one Director and one Sub Director of a Company of Artificers

and as many officers as the Service may require in the Main Army, to perform the duties of Qr Masters of Brigades, Store keepers, Clerks, and such other duties in the Qr Masters Department as the service may require, and also as many Waggon Conductors.

88 Journals at the Continental Congress, v. XXIII, p. 682-86.

That the pay pr Month of the Officers in the Qr Masters GenIs Department includeing their pay in the Line of the army shall be as follows.

The following to be the proportion of Waggons and Batt horses to the diffirent rank of officers unless otherwise directed in special cases by the Commander in Chief, or by the Commanding officer of the Southern army. The Commander in Chief and Commanding officer of the southern army for their own accommodation and for their families, as many baggage Waggons and batt horses as they may think Necessary.

Majr Genl and family one Covered four horse Waggon Brigadeir and family one Covered four horse Waggon Cols Lieut Cols and Major one Covered four horse Waggon Captains and subalterns of a Regt one covered four horse Waggon Surgeon Pay Master, Adjt and Qr Master Regimental Staff, one covered four hors Waggon, Brigade Qr Mr one bat horse. For the tents of a Regt for every seventy five men (but this to be varied according to the wait of the Tents and state of the Roads) one open four horse waggon, Quarter Master Genl for his Baggage according to his Rank for his books papers &C as many as shall find Necessary. Deputy QMr with the Main army or with a seperate army, for his baggage and for his books papers &c one Covered four horse Waggon, Commissary of forage with the main Army his Clerks and assistants, one covered four horse Waggon. Deputy Commissary of forage with a seperate army one two horse Waggon. Waggon Master and Clerks one covered four horse Waggon Deputy Waggon Master with the southern army, his Clerks and assistants one two horse waggon or two bat horses. Inspector Genl for his baggage according to his Rank, and for his papers as the Commander in Chief may direct. Inspectors one two horse Waggon. Adjt Genl two Covered four horse Waggons for the baggage of his assistants, Clerks and official papers one two horse Waggon. Deputy Judge Advocate for the southern army one two horse Waggon, CommisY of prisoners one two horse Waggon. Deputy Commisary of prisoners Southern army one two horse Waggn Provost Martial with the prisoners & guards, one open four horse Waggon. Field Commissary of Milatary Stores, and his Deputy with the main and southern Army each one bat horse, Deputy Pay Master with the main and southern army each one two horse waggon. Field Post Master one bat horse, provided that if the number of waggons stated Above should prove insufficient the Qr Mr Genl may occationally furnish such additionally carriges as the Commander in Chief or Commanding officer of a seperate Army or the secratary at War shall direct.

That a Ration of forage pr day shall consist of forteen pounds of hay, and tenn quarts of Oats for each horse. That there be Issued to the Commander in Chief, and the Commanding officer of a seperate army, and to those of their suits as many rations as the service may require. That there shall be allowed to saddle horses

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