Three Rivers
History From America's Most Famous Valleys

The Fourth New York Regiment 1778-1780
The Second New York Regiment, 1780-1783
by Samuel Tallmadge and Others
with Diaries of Samuel Tallmadge, 1780-1782 and John Barr, 1779-1782
Prepared for publication by Almon W. Lauber PH.D. of The division of Archives and History
Albany, The University of the State of New York, 1932.

Orderly Book IV

[Some record or comment was written on the inside of the front cover. Only the last four lines have survived.]

"of our" [rest of line faded out except part of last word] "of any of our Co (torn) ate and Fellow Creatures who (torn word) or perhaps have been the occasion of My Brentize For all the Demands is Now past, Religion [is] the art of Mens to Demand."

[Nothing in these phrases seems to make sense or relate in any way to the Orderly Book. It seems likely that the adjutant who kept the record was merely scribbling on this vacant part of the book without any fixed purpose.]

Genl orders

Head Quarters Morristown(1) Decr 7th 1779
C. Sign} Northampton playmaster
The honourable the Board of war Being Desirous to Deliver as Soon as possible A Register of the Army the Brigdr and officers Commanding Brigades are Desired to Cause Returns to be Made Immediately to the Ajt Genl of all Vacancies that have happened in their Respective Commands Since the Late Arrangement of the Army. Command of

The Returns Must Specify the State to which the Regts Belong the Name and the Rank of the officers & who formerly filled the Vacancies the time when they happened the Cause which produced them and in future Like Returns to be Monthly.

All Resignations Except Such as are Directed to Congress or the Board of war are, to be Made to head Quarters unless where there is Aspecial Authority Cranted for Exepting them Elsewhere, as the irregular Manner in which this Business has Bean Conducted in Many Cases has produced Great Confusion and the Genl takes this occasion to Express his Utter Disapprobation of the Conduct of Many officers who from time to time Obtaind Long fourloughs and after Remaining from the Army untill these Exspire Resign their Commissions, and in Several Instances Not till after an Absence of Many Months Even beyond the Indulgence Allowed them.

1 New Jersey. Washington's army passed the winter of 1779-80 at Morristown suffering from cold. lack of clothing and scarcity of food, as at Valley Forge, though there was an ample supply of food in the country. Discouragement was prevalent and desertions were numerous.

The Main Guard at Morristown to be Relieved to Morrow Morning with A Capt Sub. three Sergt three Corpl 2 Drums & Fifes and 40 privates from. the Maryland Line they are to be furnished with three Days provisions this as well as the Staffs Guards from the Line are to be Relieved Every two Days.

Regimental orders Decr 7th 1779
Lieut Gray is Appointed to Superintend the Building of the hutts with Respect to the Dementions thereof to Layout the Ground Between the Soldiers officers and field officers hutts and to see that the Tools are properly Divided and taken Care of, for which purpose he is to take Receits from the officers to whom they are Delivered and if they are Borrowed, the officers to whom they are first Delivered are to be Accountable.

The whole Regt is to be Imployed in Building the hutts by Companies Except the Guards and one Sergt and 8 Men who are to build the Colo hutt. the officers in Genl Except Mr Gray will See that the man Do their Duty the whol is to turn out to work Every Morning at Eight OClock if the weather will permit Untill the whole is Finished.

Genl orders

Head Quarters Morristown Decr 8th 1779
Parole }xevowah(3)
C. Sign } Oeebrah
A verry Correct Return Signd by the Commanding officers of Regt Compard with their Muster Rolls of their Respective Regiments is to be Made

2 These numbers refer to New York regiments.
3 Difficult to decipher the two names.

Immediately to the Agt Genl of the Number of the Non Commissioned officers and privates who Stand Engaged for the war and those whose times Exspird at Different perioud Specifying the Month and Year of Each Class these to be Digested into Brig Returns the Adjt Genl will furnish the form of the Return and Make A Genl one.

The Virginia Line having allread Made A Similar one is Not Included.

That the officers May have in turn the Benifit of A Short Leave of Absence During winter Quarters the Major Genl and Brigd or officers Commanding Brigades will Concert A plan in their Respective Division for Answering the purpose in the Equal and Convenient Manner having Reguard as Much as the Nature will Admit to the Circumstance of Individuals but the privilage is to Exspire by the first of April at which time the Genl Exspects that all officers will be with their Corps. He also positively Enjoins that no Regt be Left without A field officer Nor Any Compy without A Company officer this Destricttion(4) Must Not be Dispenced with on Any Account. The order of the 16 of May 1778 prohibiting takeing the Soldiers from the Army as Servants are to be Strctly observed.

Such soldiers whose time will Exspire Between this and the 1st of March will on Condition of them Reinlisting for the war may be Immediately fourloughd till the 15th of April Next the officers will be Cautious Not to Inlist Any but those whose Carricters affords Good Reason to believe they will Comply with their Engagements and Return to their Corps at the Expiration of their fourloughs that the Bounties Given them May Not be A frivolous Exspence to the publick.

The Genl Recalls the perticular Attention of the officers to the orders of the 23 of Sept 78 founded on the Resolution of Congress on the 11 th they Asserted and Requires A Most punctual Compliance with it for which their is at this time A peculiar Necessity. It is Also Recommended to those officers who are Intiteled to Keep horses where the Duties of their office will possible permitt to send them or A part of them A Distance of the Army by Doing this they will Greatly promote the Service and they May Either Deliver their horses to the Commissary of forage to be subsisted from the publick Magaziens or they May Send them to Such places as they think proper and will be Repaid the Reasonable Exspences of their subsistance.

4 Evidently intended for "Restriction."

Doct Lattemor(5) is Appointed sen Surgeon to the hospital is to be Respected as such.

B. O.--ADjt--Dodge
My Compliment for(6)

provost Guard
S. C. P.


Head Quarters Morristown Decr 9th 1779.
Genl orders
Parole{ Lauisiana
C Sign{ Lepland Milford
The Main Guard to be Relieved from the pens Line to morrow and to be furnished with three Days provision.
The Sub. and Brigade Inspectors are Desired to Meet the Inspector Genl at the orderly office to Morrow at Eleven OClock.
B. O. --Adjt-- Nukerck
weekly Returns to be Delivered in of the Several Regt to Morrow at four OClock. the Alterrations are to be Made from the Last Monthly Return.
A Brigade Genl Court Martial to Sit to Morrow Morning at 9 OClock
at the pr Qr(7)
Details for 2 Days Guard

5 Dr Henry Latimer. Heitman, Historical Register, p. 34J.
6 These words evidently have no relation to the Orderly Book.
7 These words erased: "of which Lt. Colo Weissinfels is appointed president."

Head Quarters Morristown Decr 12th 1779 Parole

{C Signs
A Detachment under the Command of A Brigadeer is to parade tomorrow Morning at 9 OClock at the half Moon Tavern for A fortnights Command. They are to be provided with two Days Cook provisions the officer Commanding will Recieve his orders at head Quarters and is to see that the Detachment is as little incumberd as possible with horses and Baggage but allways in A Condition Ready to Move at A -Moments Notice.
The Logs and other Meterials prepar'd for the use of the Virgina Troops are Not to be Applyed to Any other purpose without an order from head Quarters.
Capt Biddam1O is Immediately to Collect his Troop and Apply to head Quarters for orders.
The whole Army is to be Inspected this Month by the Sub and Brigade Inspectors who are Carefully to Examine the Arms accoutrements and Cloathing of Each Non Commissd officer and privt and to Assertain with as Much precesion as possible what Quantity of Each is on hand and what will be wanting for the Ensuing Campaign Calculating from the 1 5t of January 8 to the 1 st of January 81.
All Cloathing Received Since the 1 5t N ovr Last to be Considered as Good and in order that those Returns May be Uniformd their will bell Returns Left in the orderly office to which all Inspectors and other officers will AppeaL
The Commander in Chieff has Received Certain Information that A Most pernecious interCourse of T reffick has for A long time past been kept up Between the Enemy and the Countrey both from the State of New York and this State and he has had the Mortification to find that the Most Dishonourable Dispersions12 has been Thrown Upon some officers of the Army as having Connive at and Assisted at in this Intercourse. He has too Intire A Confidence to believe their Can be the Least foundation for A Charge of this Nature but he thinks himself Bound to Communicate what he has heard as it so Nearly Effects their honour and he is Convinced it will prove an Additional Motive, to their Utmost Vigilence and Exertions to Suppress A practice which is A scandalous Breach Against the orders of Congress and the Laws of the perticular States and which is Attended with Many Verry Injuries Consequences perticularly to our Currency.

Genl orders

10 Name not found in printed rosters. 11 Word "Left" erased in manuscript. 12 "Aspersions" probably meant.



Every officer who will Exert himself to Detect and prevent it Win Intitle himself to the perticular Acknowledgement of the Commander in Chieff as Anyone who Could possibley so forget what he owes to himself and his Duty as to Countenance and be Concernd in it will Not Fail to be Brought to the Severest Account A Single article is prohibited no Less than Any Number or Quantity of Goods for without this their will be No possiblity of Drawing a line to Determine A Breach of the prohibition.
Officers for Detachment Brigadeer persons Colonels Chambers(13) and Swift(13) Lieut Colo Bullford(13) Majors winder(13) and Livensworth.(13)
B. O. Adjt Dodge(14)
Ensign Johnson(15) is Appointed to Do the'Duty of ADjt untill Mr Dodge

Head Quarters Morristown Decr 13th 1779

General orders

Parole & C Sign{ Cambridge
Parole { Colbreth--Dover

The Main Guard till Further orders to Consist of A Capt Sub 3 Sergt 4 Corpl 2 Ds & F. and 50 privates and to be furnished with three Days provision the Connecticut Line gives the Main Guard to morrow.

The Detachment to be Commanded by Genl persons(16) which was to have paraded this Day to parade to Morrow Morning at Nine OClock percisely at Cimbles.

Major Church(17) to go on Detachment Vice Majors Levensworth.(18)

13 Not found.
14 Lieutenant Henry Dodge, 5th New York Regiment. Heitman. Historical Register, p. 199.
15 Ensign James Johnston, 5th New York Regiment. Ibid., p. 322.
16 Brigadier General Samuel Holden Parsons, Continental Army. Ibid., p. 428.
17 Major Thomas Church, 4th Pennsylvania Regiment, 5th Pennsylvania Battalion. Ibid., p. 155.
18 Not found.

Brigade orders Adjutant Nukerck
The Men warned for Detachment to morrow to be inspected this Day by their Company officers and an invantury taken of their arms Accoutrement and Amunition and of Every Article of Cloathing in their possession which they have Received Since the 1 st of Novr Last.
Details for provoost and Brigd Qr Mr Guards

Head Quarters Morristown Decr 14th 1779

Genl orders
parole {poughkeepsie
C Signs {pinn
The Virginia Troops Being Detached to the Southern Department where Major Genl Lincoln(19) Commands by order of Congress, Major Genl Lord Sterling(20) is Appointed to the Command of the Division Composed of Maxwells(21) and Hands(22) Brigades.

19 Major General Benjamin Lincoln (Massachusetts), Continental Army. Heitman, Historical Register, p. 351.
20 William Alexander, Lord Stirling. Born in New York City, 1726; joined British Army in commissariat department and became aide de camp to General Shirley. In 1757 he presented his claim to the earldom of Stirling before the House of Lords without success; returned to America in 1761 and married daughter of Philip Livingston; held office of surveyor general, and was a member of the provincial council; entered revolutionary army as colonel of battalion of East Jersey, October 1775; brigadier general, March 1776; taken prisoner at Battle of Long Island, August 26, 1776; soon exchanged; major general, February 1777; left in command in New York when Lee marched to the aid of Philadelphia, December 1776; defeated at Matouchin (Metuchin); took part in battles of Brandywine and Germantown; won distinction at Battle of Monmouth and in attack on British at Paulus' Hook; commanded at Albany, 1781; died in Albany of gout January 15, 1783.
He was one of the founders of King's College (now Columbia University), and was its first Governor. Appleton, Cyclopedia of American Biography, v. I, p. 48; Heitman, Historical Register, p. 66.
21 William Maxwell, Colonel 2d New Jersey Regiment, November 8, 1775; Brigadier General, Continental Army, October 23, 1776; resigned July 25, 1780; died November 12, 1798. Ibid., p. 385.
22 Brigadier General Edward Hand, youngest Brigadier of the Expedition. Born in Ireland, December 31, 1744; ensign in the British Army; served two years with his regiment in America; resigned and settled in Pennsylvania. On June 25, 1775, he entered the Continental service as Lieutenant Colonel of Thompson's Pennsylvania Rille Battalion; Lieutenant Colonel in 1 st Continental Infantry, January 1, 1776; Colonel March 7 to December 31, 1776; made Colonel 1 st Pennsylvania Regiment, January 1, 1777, to rank from March 7, 1776; April 1, 1777 he became Brigadier General of the Continental Army; January 8, 1781 to November 3. 1783 Adjutant General of the Continental Army to succeed Alexander Scammel; Brevet Major General, September 30, 1783; Major General of United States Army, July 19. 1798; honorably discharged, June 15, 1800; died, September 3, 1802 in Lancaster, Pa.
He was in the Battles of Long Island and Trenton. In the summer of 1777 he was in command in Pittsburgh. Washington placed great confidence in his judgment and consulted him freely as to the feasibility of this campaign. He was a lover of fine horses and was an excellent horseman. Clinton Papers, v. V, p. 230; Heitman, Historical Register, p. 272.

In Congress December the 6th 1779(23)
Resolved that all officers who have been or Shall be indulged with fourloughs and have Not Joined or Shall Not Join their Corps at the Expiration of the time Limited therein, and all officers absent without Leave Shall when practice so do Do he personally N otifyd and Directed by the Commanding officer of the Corps to Join their Regiment or Corps in A Reasonable time after Receits of Such Notifycations and in Case of Neglect or Refusal so to Do to give Satisfactorie Reason for their Remaining Absence therefrom A Court Martial on proff Made of Such Notice given and Consequent Neglect or Refusal Shall proceed Against Such Absentees in the same Manner as if they where present and Such Absence and Neglect or Refusal to Appear or Give Satisfactorie Reasons for their Continuence of Absence Shall Suffer Cause for Cashering by Judgement of the Court Martial the officer so Notifyd and Neglected or Refusing-that when from the want of Information of the Resident of Any Absent officer or officers the Commanding officer of that Corps or Regt Shall Not have it in his power to Send A personal Notifycation he Shall publish in the News papers of the State where Such Absent officer or officers belorig and Usually Reside and order Requiring Generally all Absent officers Belonging to Such Corps or Regiment to Join in A Specifyed Time and in Case of Neglect or refusal to Appear within the time Limited or Before the Sitting of the Court Martial if Such Space of time in the Opinion of the Court be Reasonable and proper Such Absentee or Absenties Shall be proceeded Against in Like Manner with those Receits personally Noticed.

23 Journals of the Continental Congress, V. XV, p. 1351-52.

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