Three Rivers
History From America's Most Famous Valleys

The Fourth New York Regiment 1778-1780
The Second New York Regiment, 1780-1783
by Samuel Tallmadge and Others
with Diaries of Samuel Tallmadge, 1780-1782 and John Barr, 1779-1782
Prepared for publication by Almon W. Lauber PH.D. of The division of Archives and History
Albany, The University of the State of New York, 1932.



Tuesday Augt 21 st 1781 Continued our march down the River and put up at Ryenbeck Landing

Ryenbeck Wednesday Augt 22nd 1781
Embarked about five OClock and Continued our march down to Poughkeepsie

Poughkeepsie thursday Augt 23d 1781
Pro ceded on to West Point where we arrived about five OClock.

West Point Friday Augt 24th 1781
the Regiment Embarked and sailed for kings ferry where we Joined the Grand army; together with the french Troops.

Camp Kings Ferry Saturday Augt 25th 1781
the French army Crossed the North River

Camp Stoney Point Sunday Augt 26th 1781
we struck Camp about 3 OClock and Marched on to Harvistraw and Encamped.

Camp Harvistraw Monday Augt 27th 1781
Continued our march, proceeded on within three miles of Soverance and Encamped.

Camp Three miles from Soverance Tuesday Augt 28th 1781
Struck Camp at 5 OClock and Continued our march to Soverance, from thence to Pumpton, and Encamped our Regt Escorting the battows which was transported by Land on waggons together with intrenching tools.

Camp Pumpton Wednesday Augt 29th 1781
struck Camp at five OClock and proceeded on to Rockaway and halted, then Continued our march and arrived at Troy about six OClock and Encamped on the roade Leading to Chatham.

Camp Troy thursday Augt 30th 178.1
Struck Camp at day breake and proceeded on to Morristown there halted. from thence to the half moon and Encamped.

Camp Half Moon(21) three miles from Morristown Friday Augt 31 st 1781
Struck Camp at five OClock and proceeded on to Backinridge there halted, from then six miles further and Encamped.

21 To be distinguished from Half Moon north of Albany mentioned above.


Camp Sumerset County [N. J.] Saturday Sept 1st 1781
the Genl beat an hour previous to day light, struck Camp and proceeded on to Sumerset Court house, halted untiII three OClock P. M. then Continued our march about Seven miles and Encamped.

Camp Sumerset County Sunday Sept 2nd 1781
at four OClock struck Camp Loaded the Baggage and proceeded on to prince Town, and halted to take breakefast. then Continued our march too Maidenhead town and Encamped about Sunset.

Camp Maidenhead Monday Septr 3d 1781
the. Genl beat at day break. Struck Camp and proceeded on to trentown, from thence to the Landing where we arrived about Eight OClock. there put our boates in the delaware river put the baggage on board, and Imbarked about one OClock and proceeded down the river halted at Brister, Burlington Laying near parraIlel to Brister situated on the East side in the Jerseys Brister in Pennsylvania - proceeded on about Six miles below brister and Encamped amout 11 OClock at night.

Six miles below Brister Tuesday Septr 4th 1781
at six OClock Embarked and Continued our march down the river arrived at Philadelphia about Eight OClock - there halted, Continued there the night.

Philadelphia Wednesday Septr 5h 1781
about sunrise Embarked and proceeded down the river as far as Chester fifteen miles, halted a few minutes, then Continued our march to Marcus hook four miles further where we arrived about 1 0 OClock and Encamped

Camp Marcushook thursday Septr 6th 1781
Embarked about Six OClock Continued our march down to Wilmington passed by the town, and proceeded on to Newport there halted half an hour then Continued our march to Christeen Bridge where we arrived about one OClock and Encamped.
WiIlmington, and Newport is situated on Christeen Creek, the latter in De1aware state.

Camp at Christeen Bridge State of Delaware Friday Septr 7th 1781
about 7 OClock in the morning the French army marched through this place.


Camp at Christeen Bridge Saturday Septr 8th 1781
part of the army was Constantly imployed in Loading and transporting ammunition together with other stores to the head of Elk.

Camp at Christeen Bridge Sunday Septr 9th 1781
at the beating of the Reavellee we struck Camp and marched to the head of Elk and Encamped.

(State of Maryland)
Camp at the head of Elk Monday Septr 10th 1781
Struck Camp before day, and marched on to northeast, halted, then Continued our march to Charlestown and took breakfast, after which marched on to the lower ferry on the Susquehanna River, Just at the emtying of the river into Chesapeek Bay, Charlestown and northeast being situated at the head of Chesapeek Bay Crossed the ferry and Encamped.
Camp at the Lower ferry on the Susquehannah River Tuesday

Septr 11 th 1781
Struck Camp at the beating of the Revallee and marched on to Bushtown and Encamped.

Camp Bushtown Wednesday Septr 12th 1781
marched about Eleven OClock proceeded on to Gun powder River which we Crossed and Encamped in the woods.

Camp in the woods near Gun Powder River Thursday Septr 13th 1781
Struck Camp about Eight OCclock and marched on to Baltimore passed through the town and Encamped.

Camp Baltimore Friday Septr 14th 1781
the first N. York Regiment arrived at this town and Encamped with the Second Regiment forming the Brigade.

Camp Baltimore Saturday Septr 15th 1781
Order to march on the day following.

Camp Baltimore Sunday Septr 16th 1781
the shiping not being Ready prevented Our Embarcation.

Camp Baltimore Monday Septr 1 7th 1781
the N. York Brigade Embarked About one OClock and Came to sail about Six in the Afternoon, proceeded down the River about three miles and Came to ancor winds beng Contarary. Signals for sailing as follows Viz.


three Guns from the Commandt the signal to sail - to be answered one from the Oxford - two Guns from the Commandt to bring too on the stabard shore, and one to bring too on the Labard no Vessel to proceed the Commandt.

On Board the Sloop Sally before Baltimore Tuesday Septr 18th 1781 Came to sail about 10 OClock proceeded Down the River and Came to ancor opposite Stoney Creek the wind being high about 12 OClock weighed ancor and Came to sail. Entered the Chesapeak Bay and laid our Course for annapolis where we arrived about Seven OClock in the Evening and Came to ancor of the town, with fifteen sail of french Ships which lay in the harbor.

On Board the Sloop Sally before annapolis Wednesday Septr 19th 1781.
Came to sail about Seven OClock in the morning. the winds being Contarary beat down the bay and Came to ancor of Popple Island on the Eastern shore.

On Board the Sloop Sally of Popple Island thursday Septr 20th 1781. At the signal. Came to sail about five OClock the weather being Rugged & wind blowing high, was obliged [to] make a harbour in potuxen where we Came to ancor, at the western shore.

On Board the sloop Sally Laying in Putuxen harbour Friday Septr 21 st 1781
weighed ancor and Came to sail about Seven OClock, the wind being fair proceeded on our Journey passed Petomack River which is twelve miles in width proceeded on and Came to ancor in Paketang harbour about six OClock P. M.

(State of Virginia)
On Board the sloop Sally lying in Panketank Harbour Saturday Septr 22nd 1781
Came to sail about seven OClock Lay our Course for York River put into the River where lay sevaral of the french fleet put out again the Enemy being in that Qr Continued our Course on to Hampton Road at the mouth of J ameses River and Came to ancor about Seven OClock, the main french fleet Laying of Campe henry in hampton Roade at the mouth of Chesapeak Bay.

On Board the Sloop Sally laying in hampton Roade, in the mouth of James River. Sunday Septr 23d 1781.
About seven OClock Came to sail Entered J ameses River, together with a number of the french fleet haveing on board troops, on our way to J oine the army, and Came to ancor about Seven OClock twenty Miles up the River about fifteen miles below Williamsburgh the CApltal of Virginia.
On Board the Sloop Sally laying in Jameses River Monday Septr 24th 1781
Came to sail about 11 OClock and Continued our Course up the River and Came to ancor with the fleet about six miles from Williamsburgh Landed our Troops and Encamped at Colledge Landing.

Colledge Landing on James. River Tuesday Septr 25 th 1781.
Detachments from the American Army was Imployed in assisting the Disimbarcation of the french Army and Baggage. Camp At Colledge Landing on James. River Wednesday Septr 26th 1781
at five oClock struck Camp and marched on to Willaimsburgh the Metropalis of Virginia. Marched through the town and Encamped about 12 OClock.

Williamsburgh thursday Septr 27th 1781 Makeing preparations to move down to lines.

Camp Williamsburgh Friday Septr 28th 1781
the army struck Camp at five OClock and marched on for York town
where the Enemy lay formed our lines Round the town
[Several pages are missing here.]

Camp before York Friday Octr 12th 1781.
Cenl Lincolns(22) Division mounted the trenches to which our Regt is anext we were imployed in Compleating our second parrellel [ ] (23) lines
and without much loss the enemys artillery being in some measure Silenced by our batteries.

Camp before York Saturday Octr 13th 1781
I returned from the trenches with our Regiment about one OClock to
Camp a Continual Cannonading and bombarding is kept up on the town.

22 Major General Benjamin Lincoln, Continental Army. Heitman, Historical Register, p. 351.
23 Words illegible.


Camp before York Sunday Octr 14th 1781
About Eight OClock in the Evening several of the out works of the enemy was stormed and successfully Carried one of which was stormed by the french the other by the Americans Captured and killed a number of the enemy without much loss on our side.

Camp before York Monday Octr 15th 1781
Genl Lincolns Division mounted the trenches this day, Just at the break of day the enemy sallyed on our left, those lines being mand by the french, the enemy gained the trenches, but the french Chargeing them with the bayonet Obliged them to leave the trench within a few moments, the Enemy lost Considerable, our loss but very triffling, the fireing began became Genl through our trenches, the enemy was Obliged to retreat with greate precipitation; our second parrellel being about 200 yards from their lines, a Constant Cannonading is kept up on them from our batteries.

Camp before York Tuesday Octr 16th 1781
I returned from the trenches with the Regiment, being releived by the Marquis Delefyattes Division of light Infantry Cannonading as usual.

Camp before York Wednesday Octr 17th 1781
Barron D. Stubans Division Mounted the trenches this day, about five OClock in the afternoon a flagg Came from the enemy offering terms of CApltulation, after which matters was agreed too, our batteries Ceased firing Cornwallis surrendered himself and army prisoners of war to Genl Washington, no firing from our lines a CApltulation was agreeing to viz, some particular Articles.

Camp before York thursday Octr 18th 1781
flaggs Constantly passing to, and from the enemy, for the purpose of setling and agreeing to some particular Articles of the CApltulation, some time in the Evening the Commissioners meet and Came to a final agreement.

Camp before York Friday Octr 19th 1781
At two OClock the american and french armies was paraded for the reception of the enemy, they marched through our armies, with sloped Arms Colours Cased, and drums beating a british march and grounded their arms, after which they returned again, and was permitted to Continue in town this night the army being Composed of Inglish, Scotch and Hussians amounting to about Seven thousand, sailors Included, two Regiments of our army took possession of the arms and Colours of the Enimy.


Camp Near York Saturday Octr 20th 1781
fatigue parties from the army was imployed in Collecting the stores in town, our troops took possession of the town.

Camp Near York Sunday Octr 21 st 1781
The MeIitia was paraded for the Reception of the prisoners, they Marched them off about 12 OClock to Conduct them to the back part of Virginia

Camp Near York Monday Octr 22nd 1781
I went to Yorktown found it much Distroyed by our Cannon and Shells Returned to Camp.

Camp Near York Tuesday Octr 23d 1781
our army Continues its former position, fatigue parties Continuing imployed in the town.
Ordnance taken with the arms at York 65 peices of brass and upwards of an 100 Iron Do and about seventy sail of Vessels small and greate.

Camp Near Y ork Wednesday Octr 24th 1781
Fatigue Men imployed from the army as Usual.

Camp Near York thursday Octr 25th 1781
the N. York Brigade was Imployed in the town Collecting and Guarding the stores.

Camp Near York Friday Octr 26th 1781
We Returned from town to Camp being reIeived by an Equal number of fatigue men.

Camp Near York Saturday Octr 27th 1781
the American and french troops are Constantly Imployed in Demolishing our works thrown up in time of the seige.

Camp Near York Sunday Octr 28th 1781
Fatigue Men imployed as usual, the New York Brigade on duty this day reduceing the second parrellel.

Camp Near York Monday Octr 29th 1781
fatigues from the army as usual.

Camp N ear York Tuesday Octr 30th 1781
the Baltimor packet sailed Loaded with Ordnanc stores bound for Elk


Camp N ear York Wednesday Octr 31st 1781
fatigue parties a [re] Constantly imployed in Embarking. the Artillery and stores

Camp Near York thursday Novr 1st 1781
the sick and Invaleads of the army was put on board the Vessels and sailed for the head of Elk.

Camp Near York Friday Novr 2nd 1781
Received Orders to march to morrow at 7 OClock

Camp Near York Saturday Novr 3d 1781
we marched down to York River to receive the prisoners from Gloster after which Returned with them to Camp.

Camp Near York Sunday Novr 4th 1781
Struck Camp About five OClock and Marched on to Williamsburgh and Encamped; haveing with us 440 prisoners

Camp Williamsburgh Monday Novr 5th 1781
Struck Camp at Day Break and marched on to birds Tavern and Encamped.

Camp Birds Tavern Tuesday Novr 6th 1781
struck Camp as before and Continued our march to new Kent and Encamped

Camp New Kent Wednesday Novr 7th 1781
at the usual time struck Camp and marched on to New Castle and Encamped

Camp New Castle thursday Novr 8th 1781
marched on to Hanover Court house passed the town two miles and Encamped on a branch of York River

Camp York River Friday Novr 9th 1781
struck Camp at Day break and marched on to New Market two miles and half from boldingreen and Encamped

Camp New Market Saturday Novr 10th 1781
Marched on to Boldengreen, Continued our march to Genl Spotwoods Plantation and Encamped.

Camp at Genl Spotwoods Plantation Sunday Novr 11 th 1781
Struck Camp at sunrise and marched on to F radricksburgh, it being very stormy Weather and Cold, Cantooned the troops in the town.


Camp Fradricksburgh Monday Novr 12th 1781 Stormy Weather prevented our march

Camp F radricksburgh Tuesday Novr 13 th 1781
the troops marched about Seven OClock and Crossed the Rappahannok River and marched on to Acquiahand Encamped, myself being in the rear lodged at Cola Garrets.

Camp Acquiah Wednesday Novr 14th 1781
Continued our march, and Arrived near Colchester ferry and Encamped about sunset.

Camp Near Colchester ferry thursday Novr 15th 1781
Cross Ocquan River at Colchester, and marched on to T riplits Plantation and Encamped.

Camp at Triplits Plantation Friday Novr 16th 1781
at sunrise Commenced our march & proceeded on to Alexandria halted at the town an hour then proceded on to the potomack River, and Crossed over to Georgetown & Encamped Near the town.

(State of Maryland) Camp Near Georgetown Saturday Novr 17th 1781
Stormy weather prevented our march.

Camp Near Georgetown Sunday Novr 18th 1781
Struck Camp and marched on to Bladensburgh and halted an hour then proceded on to Halls Plantation on pine River and Encamped.

Camp pine River Monday Novr 19th 1781
Continued our march, and Encamped at Deep Run.

Camp Att Deep Run Tuesday Novr 20th 1781
at sunrise Commenced our march and Arrived at Elk Ridge Landing and Crossed the Petapscho River after that Continued our march and Encamped Near Baltimore.

Camp Near Baltimore Wednesday Novr 21 st 1781
halted the troops to Clean themselves

Camp Near Baltimore thursday Novr 22nd 1781
Lay by.


Camp Near Baltimore Friday Novr 23d 1781
At Eight OClock struck Camp and proceeded on to Gun Powder River and Encamped.

Camp Gunpowder River Saturday Novr 24th 1781
Struck Camp at Daybreak and proceeded on to Bushtown & halted an hour, then Resumed the march again and Encamped four miles from Susquehannah River.

Camp 4 Miles from Susquehannah River Sunday Novr 25th 1781.
The Jersey Regiment marched to the River and Crossed, Stormy Weather prevented our Regt marching.

Camp 4 Miles from ye Susquehanah River Monday Novr 26th 1781.
we marched to the River and Encamped the wind being very high prevented our Crossing

Camp Au Susquehanah River Tuesday Novr 27th 1781.
We Crossed the River and marched About one mile and Encamped on the East side. Camp on the East side of ye Susquehanah River Wednesday Novr 28th 1781.
Struck Camp and marched on to the head of Elk and Encamped being very stormy weather.

Camp Att ye Head of Elk thursday Novr 29th 1781
Marched on to Christeen Bridge and Encamped.

(State of Delaware) Camp Au Christeen Friday Novr 30th 1781
Struck Camp at Daybreak and marched on to Newport, from thence to Willimington and Crossed the Brandawine River and halted an hour, when we Commenced our march again and Encamped at Marcushook.

(State of Pennsylvania)
Camp Marcushook Saturday Decr 1st 1781
Commenced our march again passed through Chester, and Darby and Encamped near Schoolkill River four miles from Philadelphia.

Camp Near Schoolkill four miles from Philadelphia Sunday Decr 2nd 1781 the Regiment lay by.



Camp Near Schoolkill 4 miles from Philadelphia Monday Decr 3d 1781.
Au Eight OClock we marched, passd through Philadelphia City, and Continued our march to Lower Dublon and Encamped.

Camp Lower Dublon Tuesday Decr 4h 1781.
Marched at sunrise Crossed the Shammony Ferry, proceeded on and marched through Brister, and halted an hour, then Resumed our march again within two miles T rentown Ferry Delaware River and Encamped,

Camp Near Trentown Ferry Wednesday Decr 5th 1781
marched on and Crossed River and marched through Trentown [N. J.] and Encamped one mile from town.

Camp Near Trentown thursday Decr 6th 1781
Struck Camp at Day Break and marched through Prince Town passed through and Encamped near Genl Herds.

Camp Near Genl Herds Friday Decr 7th 1781
Struck Camp before Day and Continued our march to Rariton River Steels Cap Near Bown Brook and Encamped.

Camp Near Bown Brook Saturday Decr 8th 1781
Struck Camp and marched to the half moon Tavern and Encamped.

Camp half Moon [N. j.] Sunday Decr 9th 1781
marched through Morristown and Continued our march to Rockaway River and Encamped.

Camp Near Rockaway River Monday Decr 10th 1781
Snow Storm prevented our march.

Camp Near Rockaway River Tuesday Decr 11 th 1781
Struck Camp and marched on to Pumpton and Encamped the snow being about Eight Inches Deep.

Camp Pumpton Wednesday Decr 12th 1781
the Regiment lay by

Camp Pumpton thursday Decr 13th 1781 the Regt lay by


Camp Pumpton Friday Decr 14th 1781
our Regiment and the first moved on to their Hutting Ground at Pequanneek.

Camp Pequanneek Saturday Decr 15th 1781
Makeing preparations to begn our Hutts

Camp Pequanneek Sunday Decr 16th 1781
We began our Hutts.

Camp Pequanneek Monday Decr 17th 1781
Compleated the frames of the Hutts

Camp Pequanneek Tuesday Decr 18th 1781
We were Constantly Imployed in Compleating our Quarters.

Camp Pequanneek Wednesday Decr 19th 1781
Nothing Remarkable.

Camp Pequanneek Thursday Decr 20th 1781
Something Rainey in the Morning after part of the Day Clear.

Camp Pequanneek Friday Decr 21 st 1781
Nothing Remarkable

Camp Pequanneek Saturday Decr 22nd 1781
Nothing Remarkable

Camp Pequannaek Sunday Decr 23d 1781
I moved into my Hutt.

Hutts Pequanneek Monday Decr 24th 1781
Nothing Remarkable

Hutts Pequanneek Tuesday Decr 25th 1781
Last Evening fell a small snow.

Hutts Pequannaek Wednesday Decr 26th 1781
Clear and modarate.

Hutts Pequanneek thursday Decr 27th 1781
Something Rainy.

Hutts Pequanneek Friday Decr 28th 1781.
Nothing Remarkable.


Hutts Pequanneek Saturday Decr 29th 1781
Modarate Weather.

Hutts Pequanneek Sunday Decr 30th 1781
Part of the Cloathing arrived for the troops

Hutts Pequanneek Monday Decr, 31 st 1781
Pleasant and modarate.

Hutts Pequanneek Tuesday JanY 1 st 1782
Nothing Remarkable.

Hutts Pequanneek Wednesday JanY 2nd 1782
Nothing Remarkable.

Hutts Pequanneek Thursday JanY 3d 1782
Modarate and Something Rainey.

Hutts Pequanneek Friday JanY 4th 1782
Nothing Remarkable.

Hutts Pequanneek Saturday JanY 5th 1782
Modarate Weather.

Hutts Pequanneek Sunday JanY 6th 1782
Remarkable warm weather

Hutts Pequanneek Monday JanY 7th 1782
Rainey and very Modarate weather

Hutts Pequanneck Tuesday JanY 8th 1782
Modarate weather.

Hutts Pequanneek Wednesday JanY 9th 1782
Nothing Remarkable.

Hutts Pequanneek Thursday JanY 10th 1782
fell a Small Snow.

Hutts Pequanneek Friday JanY 11 th 1782
Nothing Remarkable.

Hutts Pequanneek Saturday J anY 12th 1782
Snowey weather.


Hutts Pequanneck Sunday JanY 13th 1782
Nothing Remarkable.

Hutts Pequanneck Monday JanY 14th 1782
Sot from Camp put up at Smiths Clove

Smiths Clove Tuesday J anY 15th 1782
proceedd on to West Point from thence to New Windsor-put up.

New Windsor Wednesday J anY 16th 1782
proceedd on Crossd at Lattemore Ferry and put up at Poughkeepsie.

Poughkeepsie Thursday JanY 17th 1782
Proceedd on to the Nine Partners and put [up] at Mr Stoutenburghs.

Friday JanY 18th 1782
Arrived at Capt Tallmadge.

Nine Partners Saturday JanY 19th 1782
Nothing Remarkable.

Nine Partners Sunday JanY 20th 1782

Nine Partners Monday JanY 21 st 1782
proceedd on to Clovarack put up.

Clovarack Tuesday JanY 22nd 1782
Arrived at Albany.

Albany Wednesday JanY 23d 1782
Nothing Remarkable.

Albany thursday JanY 24th 1782

Albany Friday JanY 25th 1782

Albany Saturday J anY 26th 1782

Albany Sunday JanY 27th 1782

Albany Monday JanY 28th 1782

Albany Tuesday JanY 29th 1782

Albany Wednesday JanY 30th 1782

Albany thursday JanY 31 st 1782

Albany Friday FebY 1 st 1782

Visited Mr Dunkin near Schanectady


Albany Saturday FebY 2nd 1782

Albany Sunday FebY 3d 1782

Albany Monday FebY 4th 1782

Albany Tuesday FebY 5th 1782
Sot out for the nine partners put up at Kings Bridge.

Kings Bridge Wednesday FebY 6th 1782
Arrived at the nine partners.

Nine Partners thursday FebY 7th 1782
Sot out for new Haven put up at Southberry.

Southberry Friday FebY 8th 1782
Arrived at New Haven.

New Haven Saturday FebY 9th 1782

New Haven Sunday Do 10th 1782

New Haven Monday Do 11th 1782

New Haven Tuesday Do 12th 1782

New Haven Wednesday FebY 13th 1782
Sot out for the Nine partners put [up] that night near new Milford.

Thursday FebY 14th 1782 Arrived at nine partners

Nine Partners Friday FebY 15th 1782
Visited Capt Graham.

Nine Partners Sunday FebY 17th 1782
Sout out for Camp passd the north River at Lattemores Ferry and put up [at] New Malborough.

New Malborough Monday FebY 18th 1782
proceedd on to New Windsor and put up

New Windsor Tuesday FebY 19th 1782
proceedd on to Ringwood & put up

Ringwood Wednesday FebY 20th 1782
Arrived at Camp.


Hutts Pequanneck thursday FebY 21 st 1782 nothing new.

Hutts Pequanneck Friday Feby 22d 1782

Hutts Pequanneck Saturday FebY 23d 1782
a command marched from Camp to Smiths Clove.

Hutts Pequanneck Sunday FebY 24th 1782

Hutts Pequanneck Monday FebY 25th 1782
Snowey weather.

Hutts Pequenneck Tuesday Feby 26th 1782
Nothing Metirial

Hutts Pequanneck Wednesday Feby 27th 1782

Hutts Peuanneck Thursday FebY 28th 1782
Mustered the Brigade.

Hutts Pequanneck Friday March 1 st 1782
Nothing Remarkable.

Hutts Pequanneck Saturday March 2nd 1782
Do Pequanneck Sunday March 3d 1782
Do Pequanneck Monday March 4th 1782
Do Pequanneck Tuesday March 5th 1782
Do Pequanneck Wednesday March 6th 1782
Do Pequanneck Thursday March 7th 1782
Do Pequanneck FrIday March 8th 1782
Do Pequanneck Saturday March 9th 1782
Blustering weather.

Hutts Pequanneck Sunday March 10th 1782
Nothing Remarkable.


Hutts Pequanneck Monday March 11 th 1782
Do Do Tuesday Do 12th 1782
Do Do Wednesday Do 13th 1782
Do Do thursday Do 14th 1782 Do
Do Friday Do 15th 1782
Do Do Saturday Do 16th 1782
Do Do Sunday Do 17th 1782
Do Do Monday Do 18th 1782
Do Do Tuesday Do 19th 1782

Hutts Pequanneck Wednesday March 20th 1782
Nothing Remarkable.
Do Do thursday Do 21 st 1782
Do Do Friday Do 22nd 1782
Do Do Saturday Do 23d 1782
Do Do Sunday Do 1782
Do Do Monday Do 25th 1782
Do Do Tuesday Do 1782
Do Do Wednesday Do 27th 1782
Do Do Thursday Do 28th 1782

Hutts Pequanneck Friday March 29th 1782
his Excellency Genl Washington Arrived at Camp from Philadelphia on his way to New Windsor.

Hutts Pequanneck Saturday March 30th 1782
the N . York Brigade [ ]
Excellency Genl Washington [ ]

Hutts Pequenneck Sunday March 31 st 1782
the Express leaves on the [ ]
[Two lines are illegible at this point.]

Hutts Pequanneck Tuesday Apl 2d 1782
Nothing Remarkable.

Hutts Pequanneck Wednesday Apl 3d 1782
I was Visited by my Brother Benjn Barron Stub an Arrived in Camp.

Hutts Pequanneck thursday Apl 4th 1782
Orders for Inspection to morrow


Hutts Pequanneck Friday Apl 5th 1782
Barron Steuben Mustered and Inspected the N. York Brigade.

Hutts Pequanneck Saturday Apl 6th 1782
the Barron Sot of for New Windsor

Hutts Pequanneck Sunday Apl 7th 1782
Nothing Remarkable.

Monday Apl 8th 1 782
Do. . . . . . . . Do Tuesday Apl 9th 1782
Do . . . . . . . .Do Wednesday Apl 10th 1782
Do. . . . . . . . Do Thursday Apl 11 th 1782
Do. . . . . . . . Do Friday Apl 12th 1782
Do. . . . . . . . Do Saturday Apl 13th 1782
Do. . . . . . . . Do Sunday Apl 14th 1 782
Do. . . . . . . . Do Monday Apl 15th 1782
Do. . . . . . . . Do Tuesday Apl 16th 1782
Do. . . . . . . . Do Wednesday Apl 17th 1782
Do.. . . . . . . .Do Thursday Apl 18th 1782
Do. . . . . . . . Do Friday Apl 19th 1782
Do. . . . . . . . Do Saturday Apl 20th 1782
Do. . . . . . . . .Do Sunday Apl 21st 1782

Hutts Pequanneck Monday Apl 22nd 1782
Visited Colo Deys at, or near Totaway.

Colo Deys Tuesday Apl 23d 1782
Visited the Create falls after which Returned to Colo Deys & Dined, Tarried with Capt Kenyon this night at Prakenis

Prakenis Wednesday Apl 24th 1782
Sot out for Camp & arrived in the Evening

Hutts Pequanneck thursday Apl 25th 1782
Do. . . . . . . . Do Friday. . . .26th
Do. . . . . . . ..Do Saturday. . .27th
Do. . . . . . . . Do Sunday. . . .28th
Do. . . . . . . . Do Monday. . .29th

Orderly Book, Samuel Tallmadge Journal, part three

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