Three Rivers
History From America's Most Famous Valleys

The Fourth New York Regiment 1778-1780
The Second New York Regiment, 1780-1783
by Samuel Tallmadge and Others
with Diaries of Samuel Tallmadge, 1780-1782 and John Barr, 1779-1782
Prepared for publication by Almon W. Lauber PH.D. of The division of Archives and History
Albany, The University of the State of New York, 1932.

Orderly Book #2, part three

A Gill of wiskey to be Isued this Evening for tomorrow the Commissary will also Isue half pint of Salt pr Men for the Troops Every Field other Commsd warrent and Staff officer Now on the Ground to Draw two Quarts of Rum this Evening.

The German Battl is ordered to Joind Genl hands Brigd Immediately.
B. O. Adjt Elsworth
Details for

Field officer for Picquit Major Edwards.(72)

Untill further orders A Gill of wiskey pr Men to be Isued Every Evening to the Troops.

All the Bakers who Can be Spard from the Several Brigades to be Sent to the Qr M. ToMorrow A. M. at 6 OC. who will order them together with the Artificers to proceed as Quick as possible to whyoming their to Receive their Instructions from Colo Butler and Colo Shreves.

The Army to March at 6 OClock Tomorrow A. M. The Usual Signals will be given.

71 Captain Elihu Marshall, 2d New York Regiment. Heitman, Historical Register, p. 380. 72 Major Evan Edwards, 11th Pennsylvania Regiment. Ibid., p. 212.
73 Lieutenant Henry Dodge, 5th New York Regiment. Ibid., p. 199.

Two Subs 4 Serjt 4 CorpI and 80 privates to parade at 12 OClock persisely and to be Commanded by Capt Ballard(76) of the 6th Ms Regt.

one hundred Men Commanded by A Field officer to, parade at the Same time as A Covering party to the poineers. The Qr M. to Furnish Capt Ballard with Such Tools as he Shall Chuse he will also Furnish two waggons to the Detachment to Carrey their tents and the Arms & the provisions of the poineers. The Field officer Commanding will proceed on the Busyness of Repairing the Roads in the Best Manner Possible from here to Eastown and as the horses of the Army are Verry week and the waggons heavy Loaded the Most Perticular Attention is Required from him and Capt Ballard when the party Shall Arrive at Eastown it will wait there for the Arrival of the Army. The Detachment from this Garrison Sent to Repair the Roads will Return tomorrow Afternoon of which order the Commanding of this Detachment will Notify them.

The German Battln(77) and Shotts(78) Core and Capt Spaldings Company(79) is to Remain as A Garrison at this Post of which Colo Butler is to have the Command. he is Immediately to see that 200 Rounds of Musquet Catridges for Each Man and 200 Rounds of Ainunition for Each Piece in the Fort be Set Aside for the use of the Garrison The Pieces of Artillery Attending the Armey to be Supplyd with 20 Rounds Each and the Troops to be Compleated with 24 Rounds Each. all the Residue of the Amunition and ordinance Store to be Loaded in Boats and Sent Down to Sunsburey(80) of which Genl hand will please to take the Charge and Give Directions for its

74 See description of Wyoming at this date in Hubley's Journal, in Journals of the Military Expedition of Major General John Sullivan, p. 146.
75 Colonel Philip Van Cortlandt, 2d New York Regiment. Heitman, Historical Register, p. 555.
76 William Hudson Ballard of 7th Massachusetts Regiment. Clinton Papers, v. V, p. 418; Heitman, Historical Register, p. 84.
71 Major Daniel Burchardt in command. A Pennsylvania battalion. Heitman, Historical Register, p. 133.
78 Captain John Paul Schott. Ibid., p. 484.
79 Captain Simon Spalding, Ransom's Wyoming Valley Company. Ibid., p. 510.
80 Sunbury, the chief town of Northumberland county, Pa., on the Susquehanna river.

being Savely Conveyd from thence to Philidelphia all the Boatmen to take their Directions from Genl hand.
The Qr M. will see that all the Boats Not Assignd for the purpouse of Conveying Stores to Sunburey be hald upon the Shore and well Securd.

all the Cloathing Now in the Store to be Divided into four Equal parts and Delivered to the Several Brigds

No horse to Be Delivered to Any Person on any pretence what Ever Except by an Order of the Commander in Chieff.

AIl the Qr M. Stores to be Sent Down with the ordinance Stores to Sunsburey.

The Director Genl of the hospital will Devise and as soun as possible Report the Best Method of Conveying the Sick from hence [to] Eastown a trusty officer from Each Brigd will go with Genl hand to Sunsburey in order to Collect and Convey to head Quarter the Sick and wounded of their Respective Brigds.

The Troops to Hold themselves in Readyness to March on the Shortest Notice No Leave of Absence is to he Given to Any officer Except he produce A writen Recommendation from his Brigd or Comdt.

Lieut Colo F orrest(81) that an officer and A proper Number of Artillery Man be Left for and Immediately assignd for this Garrison.

Capt Topham(82) will Attend to have the Amunition Loaded in proper Boats and will Attend Genl hand to Sunsburey their takeing his Instruction Respecting the ordinance Stores.

The Genl Returns his Sincere Tanks to Capt Topham for his Great Attention Activity and fidelity in the Department of Commissarey of Militarey Stores and Clothier to this Armey. The Genl Assures him with Pleasure that his Conduct has Not only Morded pleasure to him but has Given Univarsal Satisfaction.

The Commissarey to Make an Immediate Return of all the Live Stock and other provisions on hand.

Lost on the 4th or 5th Inst between tioga and Lakawanuk88 A parchment Pocet Book with two Commised one Letter and two Continantal Bills the

81Thomas Forrest, 4th Continental Artillery of Pennsylvania. Heitman, Historical Register, p. 233.
82 Captain Daniel Topham, commander of military stores, on Major General Sullivan's staff. Journals of the Military Expedition of Major General John Sullivan, p. 315.
83 Lachawannock, a town in Luzerne county, Pao, ten miles from Wyoming; spelled "Lackawannick" in Hardenberg's Journal, printed in Journals of the Military Expedition of Major General John Sullivan etc., p. 123; variously spelled in other journals; modern spelling, "Lackawanna," the site of Coxton.

one forty five the other Eight Dollars half the Money Will be given to the Person who Delivers the Same to Capt Carr(84) of the 2nd New hampshare Regt.

was put in Some Boat at Missanking(85) through Mistake A bag Containing a Nest of Camp Kittles A Coffe pot and Sundrey other things who Ever will Send them to Genl Poors Marque will have his Cinceere Thanks.
The Garrison will Join their Respective Corps Immediately.

After orders-The Commander in Chieff in Consequences(86) of Dispaches Just Received from his Excellencey Genl washington is under the painful Necessity of Denying Leave of Absence to Any of the officers or Soldiers of this army he being positively being prohibited therefrom and the Brigds will please to write to Such as have Already Obtained F ourloughs to Join their Respective Corps without Loss of time. The Armey will Move on Sunday Morning Next at 6 OClock.

All the horses and Cattle to be Collected and put up to Morrow Night. one hundred Cattle to be Left at this post.

The Troops to be Supplyd with four Days provision Tomorrow Evening Exclusively the Residue of the Cattle to be Driven on with the Armey.

The Court M. of which Genl hand is president is Disolvd and the Tryals of Lt Colo Regnier and Other officers in Arrest to be postpond Untill the Armey Arrives at Eastown

84; James Carr. Heitman, Historical Register, p. 145.
85 Spelled "Meshopping" and "Wysaukin" in Journals of the Military Expedition of Major General John Sullivan, p. 50 and 135.
86 "Just Received" crossed out in manuscript.

Head Qr wyoming Oct 9th 1779

Genl orders {Parole C. Sign

officers for Duty Tomorrow
[ Brigd Maxwell(87)
Field Cola Shreves(88)
l Major B. Ross(89)
when the horses are Collected the Q. M. will Make the Following Destribution of them to Clintons Maxwells and poors Brigds in Equal Num bers. to hands one half the Number to Each of the others and to the Artillery 2/3 Distunt for Genl hands.

The waggons to be Destributed in the Same proportion. The Qr M. will Call on Lt Colo Forrest for the Waggons which he has been N otifyd are to be Delivered up to the use of the Infantrey.

The Qr M. will Deliver A Resonable and proportionable Number of horses for the staff.

as the Interest of America Loudley Calls for this Armey at Head Quarters the Commander in Chieff Request the Armey to be in perfect Readyness to Move to Morrow Morning at 6 OClock.

The Genl being under the Necessity of proceeding to Eastown as Speadily as possible Genl Clinton will take the Command of the armey to Morrow Morning and proceed with it to that place.

A T rustey officer with A Small partey from Each Brigd to be Left at this post for the purpose of Bringing on the Convelescents and such Baggage as Cannot be Conveyd with the Armey. waggons will be Sent from Eastown for this purpose and those officers are Requested to Lose No Time in forwarding the Remaining Sick and Baggage.

as the Destribution of horses will take place this afternoon all office!s and others who have publick horses in their possession are Directed to Return them to the Qr M. Immediately.

The Genl Exspects A Strict Compliance with this order he being Determined to punish A Breach of it in Any Instance.

The following gentleman are Appointed Ensigns in the 4th pena Regt and to take Rank as follows to it, Mr John Pratt from July 1 st 79 Mr Henrey

(87) Brigadier General William Maxwell, First Brigade, New Jersey troops. Heitman, Historical Register, p. 385.
(88) Colonel Israel Shreve, 2d New Jersey Regiment. Ibid., p. 495.
(89) Major John Ross, First Brigade, New Jersey troops. Ibid., p. 474.

Handley(90) 2nd Mr John Coleman from the 3rd Mr Andrew Handerson from the 4th and Mr Nathiniel Smith(91) from the 5th Day of the Same Month.

was Stolen Last A pine Chest the property of Mr McCluckling Asst Comsr of MI Stores Containing all his publick papers and wearing Appearil. one hundred and Sixty Dollars will be given as a Reward to the person who will Discover the Thief.

was Lost between wyoming and Eastown A Silver Spor whoever will Return the Same to the Adjt Genl will Receive 20 Dollars Reward.

After orders october 9th 1779
The Commissareys to Deal two Quarts of Rum to Every officer of the Line and Staff to Last them to Eastown the Soldiers to have one Gill of wiskey this Evening and A Suffecient Quantity to be given to the Brigd CommissYs for three Days More one Extra Gill of Salt to be given to Every Soldier this Evening.

Those Brigd who are Not Already furnished with horses for their own waggons are to be supplyd by Q. M. in the first Instance and the Destribution Agreeable to the orders of this Morning to take place. Such Brigds as are Not already Supplyd with waggons for themselves are to be Immediately furnished in the Oestributions of waggons The Qr M. will Reacon those in the hands of officers in Brigades as part of their proportion of such Brigades.

Lt Colo Butler is appointed to proceed with Genl hand to Assist in forwarding the stores he will Recieve his orders from the Genl Both of whom will please to use all possible Dispach in Joining this Armey on its Rout to head Qr.

90 Henry Hanley.
91 Nathaniel Smith.

Head Quarters Sulavans(9)2 Octr 13th 1779

Genl orders
Field officer for Duty tomorrow Lt Colo Read(93)
Major Brigade Ross(94)
The Troops to Draw 2 Days Salt and two Days Fresh provisions this Evening.

The Genl in the Most Positive Terms Directs that the Troops Burn No Rails or Commit any species of waist upon the propertey of the Inhabitants as we are Now Entring a Countrey Peopeld by our Friends he Directs that No officer or Soldier to March in Front of the Armey to Eastown without Regular Premission Every officer found Stragling from his Corps may Depand Upon being punished for A Breach of orders and un Military Conduct.

The Genl to Beat to Morrow Morning at Ten OClock the Assemble at half after and the March Immediately after

HeadQuarters oellers (95) octr 14th1779.

Genl orders--Parole C. Sign

Field officers for tomorrow Lt. Colo conway
Major Bridgade Marchell(96)

if Any soldier or Barrage shall be in the Rear to Morrow Morning at the Beating of the Genl the Same to be Reported at head Quarters.

The Same order of March Shall be observed as to Day. the Field officer os the Day is Desired to pay Perticular attention there to. The Genl will Beat Tomorrow Morning at half past(97) Six the Assesmley at Seven and the March to take place at the firing from the park.

The Genl Reminds the Armey of the order of Yesterday Respecting the Stragling Both of officers and Soldiers in Front of the Line of March he Requests a Strict Compliance with yesterdays orders as he is Determined to Make an Example of Every Delinquent.

92 Fort Sullivan, site of present-day Athens, Luzerne county, Pa.
93 Lieutenant Colonel George Reid, 2d New Hampshire Regiment. Heitman, Historical Register,
94 Major John Ross, 2d New Jersey Regiment. Ibid., p. 474.
95 Heller's Tavern, present Hellertown in town of Plainfield, Northampton county, Pa., 12 miles
from Easton.
96 Captain Major Elihu MarshaIl, 2d New York Regiment. Ibid., p. 380.
97 "Seven" crossed out in manuscript.

Regimental orders.
Eastown octr 15th 1779
The Provisions that has been Drawn the yesterday for the Men who are with Lieut Cray(98) in the Rear is to be Delivered to the Qr Master who is to see it properly Divided A Mong those Men when they Return to Camp.

Head Qurs East T own(99) October 16th 1779 (100)

Genl Orders---Officer for Dutch {Maj Hollinshead(101) B. Majr Marshall(10)2
The Troops are to hold themselvs in Readiness to muster to Morning at seven OClock; for which purpose they will put their Arms and Cloths in the best Order this Evening, The Officers will prepare Their Rooles this Day. Genl Clintons Maxfield(103)& poors(l04) Brigades will Each furnish a sub-boltons picquits to parade in front of the Artillyry at Retreat Beeting this Evening. The same number from Each of their Brigads will parade at the same place to Morning at troop Beeting.

Regimental Orders October 16th 1779
The Regiment will be mustered to morrow Morning at seven OClock when the soldiers are to appear with Clean Arms and Drest the best manner they Can The waiters and sick that are able will be present, sergt Glover(105) of Capt Nortons(l06) Company is to Join the Light Infantry and sergt Daviss(107) of the Light Infantry to Join Capt Nortons Compy

After Genl Orders East Town October 16th 79(108)
the Commander in Chief congrattulate his Brave little Armey on their Arrival at East Town & on their having Compleatd the Induction [destruction] of the Indians nation with so much Honour to themselves and so much

98 Lieutenant Silas Gray, 4th New York Regiment. Heitman, Historical Register, p. 258.
99 Easton, Pa., then a town of 150 houses. Journals of the Military Expedition of Major General John Sullivan, p. 135.
100 Different handwriting and ink.
101 Major John Hollinshead, 3d New Jersey Regiment. Heitman, Historical Register, p. 297.
102 Captain Elihu Marshall, 2d New York Regiment. Ibid., p. 380.
103 Brigadier General William Maxwell, 1st Brigade, New Jersey Troops. Ibid., p. 385.
104 Brigadier General Enoch Poor, 2d Brigade, New Hampshire troops. Ibid., p. 446.
105 Perhaps Sergeant Thomas Glover, 8th Company, 4th New York Regiment. Archives, p. 218. 106 Captain Nathaniel Norton, 7th Company, 4th New York Regiment. Ibid., p. 210.
107 Sergeant Richard Davis, 6th Company, 4th New York Regiment Ibid., p. 215.
108 Handwriting changes.

Sadisfaction to him. he takes this Oppitunity to Return his most Sincere and cordile thanks for their verry Crate Exertions threw out the whole Campaign, Jestice Oblidge him to say that officers never desserved so much credit, and that Soldiers never had a better claim to the applause of their Countrymen.

The Troops will attend divine service tomorrow in this town at 11 oClock where a discourse proper to the occasion will be delivered by the Revrand Doct Evans(109)

Returns to be imediately made of the Shoes wanting for the Troops that they may be suplied without delay.

Major Fish(110) is to act as Adjt Genl in the Absence of Lieut Colo Barber(111) and is to be obeyed and respected accordingly.

A Genl Court Martial of which Genl Poor will be president to set at the Presidents Quarters at 5 oClock this afternoon for the T ryal of Lieut Colo Regnier.(112) one Field Officer and two Captains from each Brigade to attend as Members.

"Head Quarters octr 17th 1779

Genl orders
Parole{ C. Sign
The Commander in Chief has the pleasure to Inform the Army that the honourable the Continantal Congress was pleased to pass the following Resolve on the 14th Inst Respecting the western Expedition Namely

in Congress the 14th of octr 1779(113)

Resolved that the Thanks of Congress be given to his Excellencey Genl washington for Directing and to Major Genl Sulavan and to the Brave officers and Soldiers under his Command for Effectually Executing an Important Expedition Against Such of the Indians Nations as Incouraged by their Councils and Conduct by the officers of his Britanick Majestey had perpitually waged and unprovokd and Cruel war Against the United States Laid waist our Defenceless Towns and with Savage Barbariety Slaughtered the Inhabitants Thereof.

109 Rev. Israel Evans, Brigade chaplain, 2d Brigade, New Hampshire troops. Heitman, Historical
, p. 219.
110 Major Nicholas Fish, 2d New York Regiment, 4th Brigade. Ibid., p. 227.
111 Lieutenant Colonel Francis Barber of General Sullivan's staff. Ibid., p. 86.
112 Lieutenant Colonel Pierre Regnier de Roussi, 2d New York Regiment, 4th Brigade. Ibid.. p. 195.
113 Journals of the Continental Congress, v. XV, p. 1170.

Extract from the Minutes
Charles Thompson Secy
Brigade Returns to be Delivered to the Adjt Genl Tomorrow at orderly Time.

Head Quarters Moreshouse(114) octr 2nd 1779
The Following are the Uniforms that have been Detarmined for the Troops of those States Respectively so soon as the State of the publick Supplies will permit there Being Furnished Accordingly and in the Meantime it is Recommended to the officer [s.] to Endeavour to Accomodate their Uniforms to this Standerd that when the Men are Supplyd their May be A proper Uniformity

Blue faced with white Buttons & Lining white

Blue faced with Buff white Linings and Buttons
New York
New Jersey

Blue faced with Red Buttons and Lining white

Blue faced with Blue Buttons Edged with Narrow white Lace or tape and Lining white
North Carolina
South Carolina

Blue faced with Scarlet Lining Yellow Buttons Yellow Bound hats Coats Edged with narrow Lace or tape and Button Holes Bound with the Same.
Artillery artificers.

Light Dragoons-The whole Blue faced with white, white Buttons and

Extract from Genl orders
Alexander Scammell AD. Genl.
Regimental orders Eastown 17th 1779 Octr
The Commanding officer Directs that the waitors of the Different Companies Attend Roll Call Every Evening this is to be a Standing order.

by order of Lt Colo weissenfels(115)
Peter Elsworth Adjt

114 Moore's House was at Camp Piespere not far from Pompton in Bergen county, N. J.
115 Lieutenant Colonel Commandant Frederick Weisenfels, 4th New York Regiment. Heitman, Historical Register, p, 579.

After Brigade orders 17th of octr 1779

The Commanding officers of Battn will give an Accurate Return of their Respective Regt by Companies Degestest(116) Regt to Genl Clinton by tomorrow Noon.

1 tly Specifying Every officers Name Date of Commissions in the New York Line.

2 1y the Number of Non Commisd officers and privates Specifying the Terms for which they have Inlisted, and when their Terms will be Exspird.

it being Unnecessary to Distinguish the perticular time of Each Individual, it will be Suffecient to Mark the Number whose times will Exspire in or before the spring 1780 the fall of 1780 the spring of 1781 &c &c

Head Qr Eastown octr 18th 1779

Genl orders

Field officer for the Day tomorrow

Sundrey Complaints have been Made to the Commander in Chief that the Troops Make Incrussions in to the Countrey and Rob the Inhabitants of their property. he finds himself Under the Necessity of Given positive orders that No Soldier be permited to go More than half a Mile from town without a writen pass from the officer Commanding the Corps to which he Belongs

The Genl Lements Exceedingly that Troops Such a Deservedly Acquird such Reputation Among their Countreyman should Suffer Disgrace by the Inconsidered Conduct of A few Individuals-and he positively Declares that if these hints prove not suffecient to prevent Such Enormetis he will prevent the stragling of the soldiers by forming A Strong Picquit Round the whole Encampment Even if the half of the armey Should be Called on Duty the Same time.

Returns to be Made this Day by one OClock of all the Fifes Drums Cords Drum heads Sticks&c wanting in the several Cores} all the publick horses of the army Excepting those that are attached to publick waggons to be Delivered in to Cola hooper(1l7) Qr M. G. at this post by 6 OClock this P. M.

116 Meaning of this word not clear.
117 Colonel Robert Lettis Hooper jr, Deputy Quartermaster General, 1777-82. Heitman, Historical Register, p. 300.

Brigade orders octr 18th 1779

Regimental Returns to be Made to Mr Hutton Specifying the Name of those Non Commisd offrs and Soldiers who are Inlisted for the war Previous to the 23rd of JanY Last that they May Received the Gratuity(ll8) of one hundred Dollars Allowed them by Congress.

After Brigade orders octr 18th 1779

The Regimental Surgeons are Desired to Make Returns Immediately of all their Sick to Doctr Hagen(1l9) Senr Surgeon of the Flying hospital. The Genl Court Martial whereof Genl Poor is presdt will sit to morrow Morning 9 OClock for the Tryall of all officers in Arrest

Head Quarters Eastown octr 19th 1779

Genl orders

{C. Sign.
Field officer for to Morrow Major Edwards(120)
Brigade Major Capt Sproat(121)
The shoes to be Isued to the Several Brigds Qr Masters and to the Qr Ms of Artillery this Afternoon in the following proportion---
Genl Clintons Brig 647 Pair
Genl Maxwells Brig 647
Genl Poors Brig 667
Genl Hands Brig 318
Train of Artillery 121

2400 Total

Head Quarters Eastown octr 20th 79


{C. Sign Genl orders
Field officer for to Morrow Colo Courtlande(122)
Major Brigade Major Ross(123)

118 "Allowed" crossed out in manuscript.
118 Francis Hagan of New Jersey, surgeon in chief on General Sullivan's staff. Heitman, Historical Register, p. 266.
120 Major Evan Edwards, 11th Pennsylvania Regiment. Ibid., p. 212.
121 Captain William Sproat, aide de camp and brigade major of 3d Brigade, 6th Massachusetts
Regiment. Ibid., p. 512.
122 Colonel Philip Van Cortlandt, 2d New York Regiment. Ibid., p. 555.
128 Major John Ross, 2d New Jersey Regiment. Ibid., p. 474.

Head Qr Eastown octr 21st
Genl orders
C. Sign
Field officer for tomorrow Colo Shreve(124)
M. B. Marshal(125)
The Paymasters of the Several Corps will Apply this Day to Colo hooper(126) or Mr Trail For their Respective proportion of overalls.

Brigade orders four Miles from Eastown octr 21 st 1779

The Genl informs the(127) Brigds that from the Latest Intelegence A Speedy and Sudden Movement of the Army from this place will take place, he Therefore Requests that the officers would pay perticular Attention that the Soldiers Do Not Straggle from Camp on any Pretence whatsoever but Remain in all Respects Ready to March at an hours warning to this Ends he Directs that the Rolls be Constantly Calld, at the hours of Eleven in the four noon and three in the afternoon, and that Every Absentie Unless that by Special permission of the Commanding officer of the Corps to which he Belongs to punishd in Amost Examplary Manner.

he Arnestly Recommends A punctual Compliance with these orders to the officers Flattering himself that it will also prove A Most Effectual Meathod of preventing Any Damage to the Inhabitants.

Head Quarters Eastown octr 22nd 1779(128)

Genl orders
{C. Sign
Field officer for Tomorrow
Major Brigade

Head Quarters Eastown octr 23rd 1779 Parole

Genl orders
{C. Sign
Field officer for tomorrow
Major Brigade
The Commissarey to Deliver one Gallon of Rum to Each Field and two Quarts to Every Commisd(129) officer on the Ground.

124 Colonel Israel Shreve, 2d New Jersey Regiment. Heitman, Historical Register, p. 495.
125 Captain Elihu Marshall, 2d New York Regiment. Ibid., p. 380.
126 Colonel Robert Lettis Hooper jr, Deputy Quarter Master General. Ibid., p. 300.
127 "Troops" crossed out in manuscript.
128 Handwriting changes.
129 "Non" crossed out in manuscript.

as A Number of the Field and other officers who are to Duty on horseback are Destitute of horses The Qr M. will Deliver them horses to Ride Down to Head Quarters with the Army Takeing Receits for Returning to Such places as he May think proper to Direct.

Head Qrs Easton Octr 25th 1779
Parole C. Sign
Field Officer for to Morrow
Brigade Major Capt Sproot(130)
The Genl Court Martial of the Line of which Brigadier Genl Poor is President is Dissolved & Another is Ordered to Sit at 10 OClock this Morning at Upper Tavern for the trial of All Officers in Arrest, and Others that May be brought before them. Colo Shreve is Appointed' President One Capt and two Subalterns from Each Brigade will Attend as Members.

Mr Pemberton(121) A. D. C. G. T. is requested to Act as Judge Advocate to the Court.
An Orderly Serjt from Genl Maxwells & one from Genl Hands Brigade to Attend upon the Court

Head Quarters octr 26th 1 779 Parole

Genl orders
{C. Sign
Field officer for the Day Tomorrow
At A Genl Court Martial of which Brigd Poor was President Held at Eastown on the 19th Inst Lt Burk(133) of the 11th Pennsylvania Regt was Tryed

130 Captain William Sproat (Sprout), aide de camp and brigade major 3d Brigade, Pennsylvania troops. Heitman, Historical Register. p. 512.
131 Lieutenant Robert Pemberton, Judge Advocate on General SulIivan's staff. Ibid., p. 435.
132 Numbers of New York regiments.
133 Lieutenant Edward Burke, 11 th Pennsylvania Regiment. Ibid., p. 134.

for Not Delivering out Cloathing to the men Agreeable to Lt Colo Hubleys134 orders For abusing A Soldier and takeing from him A Shutt after he Knew Colo hubley had ordered from a Soldier who had three Shurts and Giveing it to the soldier Said ta be Abusd the Court finds him not Guilty of the Charge and Acquit him with hanaur. The Commander in Chieff Approves of the sentence and Relieves him from his Arrest and Directs that he Return to his Duty.
At the same Court Lt Streae35 of the 11 th PenS Regt was T ryed far Intro_ ducing Serjt Beverly as a Lieut in the Line Knowing him Not to be an officer and ordering him to Do Duty as Such ordering him to sit on Court Martial Receiving him into his Mess and Associating with him as A Lieut in the Line and for Altering the sentence of A Court Martial by Reading More punishment to the Prisoner than was ordered by the Court. The Court finds him Cuilty of the Charges and sentence him to be Repremended in Genl .orders The Genl Releases him from his Arrest and orders him to Return to his Duty Tho from the whole T ennor of the Proceeding it Dus Not Appear that Lieut Streat had Any Evil Intention but Rather that his Cadulity136 was the .one Cause and an Imprudent Zeal in the ather Carried far from the Line of Causious Regularity and Exactness of Conduct which Every officer ought to observe for which the Court have Justly Sensurd him Yet from to failing Springing from so uncurrupted a Scource the Genl Cannot think of Saying Any thing sevear upon the Subject and only wishes that this T ryal May Make Cautious in Future and Teach Others Not to Fall in the Same Error.
The whole of the Troops on this Side will Cross tomorr.ow Morning all the Artillery Baggage and Aninition waggons to be Sent over tomorrow the Brigd and .officers Commanding Cores will see thatt their Troops are Incampt on the other side in the Most Convenient Places. The army will be Ready to March Early on wednesday Morning far warwick137 Moving by its Left in the Following order 1st Poors Brigade than the Artillery than Clintons Maxwells and hands.
Application to be Made for waggons to Remove the Troops tomorrow P. M.

134 Lieutenant Colonel Adam Hubley, 11th Pennsylvania Regiment. Heitman, Historical Register, p.305.
135 Lieutenant Benjamin Street. Ibid., p. 525.
136 Credulity.
137 Warwick on Wawayanda creek in the southwestern part of Orange county, N. Y.

Doctor McCrea(138) will see that Such of the Sick and Convelissents and Such as Can be Removd with Conveniance are in preperation for Crossing the River and will Apply to Colo Hooper For A proper Number of waggons to Transport them to warwick.

Directions for Marching and Incamping will be given out Tomorrow.

Extract from Genl orders west point oct 17th 1779

The Commander in Chiep39 has Now the pleasure to Congratulate the Army on the Compleat and full Success of Major Genl Sulavan and the Troops under his Command Against the Seneches and other Tribes of the six Nations as A Just and Necessary Punishment for their wanting Depredations their unparrelled and innumerable Cruelties their Deafness to all Remonstrances and Treatey and their Perseverence in the Most horrid acts of Barbarism forty of their towns has been Reduced to ashes Some of them Large and Commodeous that of the Jennesee Containg alone one hundred and 28 houses their Crops have been Intirely Destroyed which by Astimation is Said would have produced one hundred and Sixty Thousand Bushals Besides Large Quantities of Vagitables of Various Kinds their whole Countrey has been overrun and Laid waist and they themselves been oblidge [d) to place their own Security in A precipitated Flight to the British Fortress Niagara and the whole of this has been Done with the Loss af Less than forty Men on our part including the Killed wounded and Capturd and those who Died Natural Deaths.

The Troops Imployed on this Expedition Both officers and Men Throughout the whole of it and with the Action they had with the Enemy Manifasted that patience perseverence and Val our that Does them the highest honour in the Course of it when there Still Remained a Large Extent of the Enemies Countrey ta be penetrated in Become Necessary to direct(140) that the Isues of provisions be reduced to half the usual Allowance in this the Troops Acquaest in the Most Genl and Chearfull Concurrence being Fulley Determind to Surmount Every obstacle and ta prosecute the Interprise to a Compleat and Sucsessfull Issue.

Major Genl Sulavan For his Creat perseverence and Activity for his order of March and Attact and the whole of his Despositions the Brigadeer and officers of all Ranks and the whole of the Soldierry Engaged in the Expedition Merit and have the Commander in Chieffs warmest Acknowledgement for their Important Services upon this occasion

188 Dr Stephen McCrea on General James Clinton's staff, New York Brigade. Heitman, Historical Register, p. 367.
139 General Washington.
140 "be seen" crossed out and "direct" written above in manuscript.

Genl orders

Head Quarters Eastown octr 26th 1 779 Parole

{C. Sign
Field officer for tomorrow Lt Colo willett(141)
Major Brigade Ross(142)
The Quartermaster of Brigades and of the Artillery Hooper for Tents Drums and Fifes &c &c which are Appointed to the Several Cores

Brigade orders octr 26th 1779
Details Guard
After orders octr 26th 1779
The Commander in Chief Not being able on Account of Some business to proceed with the Army and Genl Clinton being permitted to Visit his Family Genl Maxwell will take Charge of the Army on its March to warwick Mr Armstrong asst Qr Ms will take Measures to find out and go along with Genl Maxwell of the several places on the Road where fewel and forage are provided for the Army

Also to find out and Notify what part of warwick has been Supply with those Articles for the Troops.

The army will Move of tomorrow Morning as soon as the Rear have Crossed and if possible to March 13 Miles where wood and forage are provided Mr Armstrong will Consult M. Hoops(143) asst Qr M. Respecting the post for Encampment. The army will Draw provisions at Sussex Court house. No Morning Nor Evening Guns to be fired untiII further orders

Head Qrs Eastown octr 27-79
Field officer for tomorrow Major Hollandshead(144)
Major Brigade Marshall(145)
as Major Fish (146) will Remain with The Commander in Chief while in Eastown, Major Ross is Appointed to Do the Duty of ADjt Genl to the Army untill the Arrival of Colo Barber or Major Fish and is to be obeyed and Respected accordingly.

141 Lieutenant Colonel Marinus Willett, 3d New York Regiment. Heitman, Historical Register, p.593.
142 Major John Ross, 2d New Jersey Regiment. Ibid., p. 474.
143 Major Adam Hoops, aide de camp on General SulIivan's staff. Clinton Papers, v. V, p. 230. 144 Major John HolIinshead, 3d New Jersey Regiment. Heitman, Historical Register, p. 297.
145 Captain Elihu Marshall, 2d New York Regiment. Ibid., p. 380.
146 Major Nicholas Fish, 2d New York Regiment. Ibid., p. 227.

oxford Head Qrs octr 27th 1779

Genl orders
Several Complaints have this Day been Made that the Soldiers Straggles from the Line of March Plundering and Violating the Property of the Inhabitants. The Genl in the Most Positive Terms forbids it and Call upon all officers to Exert Themselves in preventing Such prenecious Practises.

Head Qrs LogGale(147) octr 28th 1779

Genl orders
{C. Sign
Field officer for the Day tomorrow
Major Brigade
The Genl will Beat to Morrow Morning at half past Seven the Assembley at Eight and the March Immediately after.

Head Quarters Sussex148 octr 29th 79 Parole

Genl orders
{C. Sign
Field officer for the Day tomorrow
Major Brigade
A Field officer and one hundred Men properly officerd to parade Near the park of Artillery at the Beating of the Genl Tomorrow Morning to form A Rear Guard of the Army.

147 Spelled "Log Jail" in McKendry's Journal, "Log Goal" in Shute's Journal. This place is in New Jersey, 15 miles from Oxford. Journals of the Military Expedition of Major General John Sullivan, p. 210, 274.
148 Called "Sussex Court House in Newtown" in McKendry's Journal. Ibid., p. 210.

Orderly Books, 2, part four

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