Three Rivers
History From America's Most Famous Valleys

The Fourth New York Regiment 1778-1780
The Second New York Regiment, 1780-1783
by Samuel Tallmadge and Others
with Diaries of Samuel Tallmadge, 1780-1782 and John Barr, 1779-1782
Prepared for publication by Almon W. Lauber PH.D. of The division of Archives and History
Albany, The University of the State of New York, 1932.

Orderly Book #2, part four

The Genl Assemble and March to beat and Commence at the usual hour. For Guard to parade Immediately

Head Quarters wallins(151) Tavern octr 30th 79
Field of[ficer]
two Days of Salt provisions to be Isued to the Troops this Evening No officer will be permitted to Leave his Corps to March A Head of the Army without Leave in writing from the officer Commanding the Brigd to which he Belongs the Qr and Forage Ms to the Brigd Excepted No Rails to be Burnt in future without Leave being First obtaind from the Commanding officer for that purpuse and Granted to the officer Commanding Brigades or Corps

1 7 1 4

Head Quarters warwick(152) octr 31 st 1779

Genl orders
{ C. Sign
A Field officer and 100 Men properly officerd to parade Near the park of artillery at 6 OClock tomorrow Morning

The Brigade Qr Masters are Directed to Collect as Many axes Spades Shovels &c from the Different Regt in their Brigds as will Suply the Men who are to proceed before the Army in order to Repair the Roade the army to March at the Usual Hour.

149 Numbers of New York regiments.
150 Numbers of New York regiments.
151 Called "Wallens Tavern" in Shute's Journal.
152 Warwick, Orange county, N. Y.

Regimental Orders No.vr 3rd 1779(153)
At a Regimental Court Martial Held in Camp on the third Instant by order of Daviss(154) Capt Commdt 4th N. York Regt Whereof Capt Norton(155) was President. was Tryed Saml Barnard a Private Soldier in the 4th N. York Regt, for Absenting himself from his Regt without Leave, Lying out of Camp & Attempting to. Desert also. Casting away his Arms & Accoutrements The Court find him Guilty of the Charges Exhibited Against Him and Sentence him to Receive 100 Lashes on his Bare Back, & put under Monthly Stoppages of the One half of his Pay untill the Damage of his Arms & Accoutrements be made Good

The Sentence of the Court is Approved of & ordered to take place this Evening at Roll Call

by order of John Daviss Capt Commdt

Head Quarters Sidmons Tavern(156) Novr 3rd 1779
Field o.fficer for the Day tomorrow Colo Willet
The Troops will parad Regimentaly or Brigds Every Morning at 10 oClock for the purpus o.f Execiesing or Manuvering and Continu under Arms untie 12 and will parad at Three in the Afternoon and Continu tile four for the same purpus.

Head Quarters Sidmons Tavern 4th Novr 1779

Genl orders
C. Sign
Field officers for Duty tomorrow Lit Colo Rhid(157)
Major Brigade Sprout(158)
The Genl Court Martial whereof Colo Ried was president is Desolvd and Another ordered to Sit to Morrow Morning Nine oClock at Sovereigns Tavern for the Tryall of all officers in Arrest and others.
Colo SiIley(159) is Appointed president.

153 Handwriting changes at this point.
154 Captain John Davis, 4th New York Regiment. Heitman, Historical Register, p. 188.
1M Captain Nathaniel Norton, 4th New York Regiment. Ibid., p. 416.
156 Called Suffran's Tavern in Nukerck's Journal. Handwriting changes here.
157 Lieutenant Colonel George Reid, 2d New Hampshire Regiment. Heitman, Historical Register, p. 462.
158 Captain William Sproat, 4th Pennsylvania Regiment. Ibid., p. 512.
159 Colonel Joseph Cilley, 2d Brigade, New Hampshire troops. Short biography given in Journals of the Military Expedition of Major General John Sullivan, p. 348.

Returns for Cartriges to be Made Immediate to the Brigade Qr'Mr to be by them Digested into Brigade Returns, and presented by them to the Commissarey of Military Stores at Chester who will Supply 40 Rounds pr Men.

As the weather is Sevear and the Troops Badly Clad the Troops Directs that the Hours for Manuvering and Exerciseing be from Eleven in the A. M. to one in the P. M.

The GenI Being Called to Head Qrs Genl Poor will take the Command During his Absence.

Capt Dunscomb(160) is requested to Act as Judge advocate to the Above Court Martial

Mr Morrill of the 4th N. Y. Regt is Requested to Do the Duty of Br Qr Mr The Regimental return for the Amunition to be Delivered to him.

After GenI orders.

The Brigade Qr Mr will Immediately Apply for Amunition Agreeable to the orders of the Day that the Troops May be Supplyed as Quick as possible.

Head Quarters Clove(161) the 5th of Novr 1779
Genl orders
{C. Sign

officers for Duty Tomorrow
Colo Hubley
M. B. Marshall
The troops to hold Themselves in readiness to March tomorrow Morning at Eight OClock, The Quarter Masters will have the T eames Destributed to the several Corps this Day.

160 Captain Lieutenant Edward Dunscomb, 4th New York Regiment. Heitman, Historical Register, p. 207.
161 "Souvreigns Tavern" crossed out and "Clove" written above. Clove called "Ramessau in the Clove" in McKendry's Journal in Journals of the Military Expedition of Major General John Sullivan, p.210. The place is 18 miles from King's Ferry.

Head Quarters Sovereigns Tavern(163) 6th of Novr 1779
Genl orders
{C. Sign
officers for Duty Tomorrow
B. orders Adjt Elsworth

Head Quarters Pompton(164) Novr 8th 1779
Genl orders
C. Sign

Lt Colo Barber having Obtained Leave of Absence Appointed to Act as Dept Adjt Genl untill he Returns.

Extract from Genl orders Dated west point Novr 5th 79

Major Scott(165) of the New hampshare Line is Appointed Brigade Major to Genl Poor and is to be Respected and Obeyed Accordingly.

Major Scott will Consider this Appointment is Involving the office as Inspector to that Brigade the Duties of which it is Exspected he will perform.

Extract of Genl orders of the same Date
Brigade Returns to be Regimentally Digested to be Made Immediately and transmitted to the orderly office, of the Blankets which have been Received by the Troops Since the 1st Day of octr 1778 to the present time of the Number Now in the Possession of the men Destinguishing the good from the bad and the Defeciencies to Compleat Each man with one in such

162 Christopher Hutton, adjutant and lieutenant, 4th Brigade, 3d New York Regiment. Heitman, Historical Register, p. 312.
168 Called "Soverience" in Van Hovenburgh's Journal in Journals of the Military Expedition of Major General John Sullivan, p. 283.
164 Spelled "Pumplon" in some of the Journals.
165 Major William Scott, 1st New Hampshire Regiment. Heitman, Historical Register, p. 486.

Manner that the good Bad and wanting will Amount Exactly to the NtWber of the Non Commissd and privates, the New Levies and Nine Months Men are Not to be Included in the Return for Blankets.

Extract from Genl orders Novr 6th 1779
The State or Sub Clothiers are to Make Immediate and the Most Exact Returns to the Clothier Genl of all the Clothing in their hands which May have been Procurd by their State at Continantal Exspence and they will also Report to him what Exspectation they have of further Suplies both as of Quantity and Quality and the time.

if their are Any States who have Not Appointed Sub. or State Clothiers or the Clothiers Appointed have Not Joind the Army or are Absent the Commanding officers of the Lines of the States under Any of those Deceptions are Each to Appoint A proper and fit officer who is to be Immediately Reported to the Adjt Genl to Act as a Sub Clothier Protem.

Transcript from Genl orders.
Alexander Scammel Adjt Genl
A Serjt and 12 Men to parade at head Qrs tomorrow at ten OClock with two Days provision to proceed on to west Point to Recieve a Number of Regulation Books and ordinances of the Army Destile for the use of the western army also Soldier Books the Serjt will Recieve his orders at head Quarters.

The Several officers Commanding Brigades and Cores will See that Immediate Returns are Made of the Cloathing wanting to Compleat their Troops, Exclusive of what has been already been Supplyd by their State or what they May Reasonabley Exspet will be Supply in order that the Same May he Transmitted to hedd Qrs and Cloathing procurd for this army.

The Several Brigades to Make Returns of Axes and other Qr M- Stores which May be wanting to Colo ABeal at Morristown with an order therein Signd by the Brigadears or -officers Commanding Corps. The Qr Ms will then Apply to Colo Abeal to furnish those Articls

Head Quarters pompton Novr 10th 1779 parole

Genl orders
{C. Sign
Field officer for the Day tomorrow
The Genl is under the Necessity of Informing the Troops that the Long Continuance of Dry weather has prevented the Mills from Grinding which renders the Article of Flour Verry Scarce at present he therefore by Direction of the Commander in Chieff orders the Commissaries to Deal out one half of the Common allowance only till Further orders and that the Comsy Make up this Defeciency in pees and Beens and other Vigitables and when these Cannot be procurd to Make up the Defeciency in Meat.

At a Genl Court Martial whereof Lt Colo willett was president held at Ramapau the 5th Inst Light(166) of Colo Reads(167) Regt was Tryed for Reporting that the riffle Corps behaved in A Cowardly Infamous Manner in the Battle of Newtown(168) on the 29th of August Last the Court finds the Charges Not supported The Genl orders Lt Light to be released from his Arrest.

The officers Commanding Corps will Immediate Send to the Clove and Bring on the Sick Left in that Quarter, the Qr Ms will Look out A proper house or houses for their Reception at this place.

after Genl orders Novr 10th 1779
Colo Aldens Regt(169) and the riffle Corps under Major parr(170) to March for west point tomorrow Morning,

The Commanding officers of the Corps will Apply this afternoon to the Qr Ms at this place for the Necessary Teems.

166 Lieutenant Ebenezer Light, 2d New Hampshire Regiment. Heitman, Historical Register, p. 350.
167 Lieutenant Colonel George Reid, 2d New Hampshire Regiment. Ibid., p. 462.
168 Sullivan's report of Battle of Newtown given in Journals of the Military Expedition of Major General John Sullivan, p. 473-76. Newtown in 1779 was an Indian village of some twenty houses situated on the left bank of the Chemung river about five miles below the present Elmira.
169 Colonel Ichabod Alden, 7th Massachusetts Regiment. Heitman, Historical Register, p. 65. Though Colonel Ichabod Alden was killed at Cherry Valley Nov. 10, 1778, his regiment, the 6th Massachusetts (listed as 7th Mass. by Heitman) afterward commanded by Major Daniel Whiting, continued 10 be called "Alden's Regiment." Greene, Nelson (ed.), History of the Mohawk Valley, v. I, p. 948.
170 Major James Parr, Morgan's Riflemen. For history of this corps see Journals of the Military Expedition of Major General John Sullivan, p. 354.

Doctr Robert henry is Appointed Surgeon to the 2nd N. Hampshare Regt
and is to be Respected Accordingly.

The Qr Ms will Call on Genl Poor and Clinton and Show them the Ground pointed out for the New England and New York Troops to which they will remove when Ever they will Find it Convenient.

At a Genl Court Martial held at Eastown octr 22nd 1779 whereof Genl Poor was president Lt Colo regnier(172) was Tryed for unsoldierly and ungentlemanlike Conduct in wantingly Abusing and Malicously attempting the Life of Docr Moss(l73) and Commissary pratt(174) was found Cuilty of unsoldierlike and ungentlemanlike Behaviour in wantingly Abusing Docr Moss and Acquited of all the other Charges.

The Court Do sentence him to be Dismissed the service the Genl Approves of the sentence. but in Considerration of Colo Regniers Long and F aithfull Servis in the American Army and his officerlike Conduct in Genl. The Commander in Chief remits the Sentence and restores him to his rank in the Army in the175 Same Manner as tho his sentence had Not been past and he flatters himself that these proceedings will Serve as an Effectual hint to Colo regnier to guard Against these Sallies of passion which Can only serve to involve him in Disagreeable Difficulties.

171 Total incorrect.
172 Lieutenant Colonel Pierre Regnier de Roussi, 2d New York Regiment. Heitman, Historical Register. p. 195.
173 Name not given in printed rosters.
174 John Pratt. Assistant Commissary of Issues. Journals of the Military Expedition of Major General John Sullivan. p. 326.
175 Two blank pages in the Orderly Book at this point.

B. O.
The Brigade will hold themselves in readiness to March tomorrow Morning at 8 OClock the Several Qr Ms will Apply this Evening .for Teams to Transport the baggage of the Brigade. S C P
1 2 11
at a Regimental Court Martial held in Camp Novr 10th 1779 whereof Capt Norton(176) was predt

John Kelsey(l77) Soldiers in the Cols Company Confind for Appearing on the parade and Not Cleaning his Musquet when warned at Different times.

The Prisoner pleads Guilty.

The Court Sentence him to recieve fifteen Lashes on his Bare back N athl Nortn Pres.

The Colo Approves of the Sentence and orders it to be put in Excution this Evening at roll Call.

Fredrick weissenfels Ft. Colo

At the Same Court was Tryed Amaziah owens(178) Soldier of Said Company, Confind for Absenting himself without Leave from Novr 1777 to this time and Losing his arms and Accoutrements.

The Court upon hearing the Evidences do Ajudge the Crimes Not supported and Do Acquit the prisoner.

The within Sentence is Approved of and owens ordered to be released from his Confinement.

by order of Lt Colo weissenfels

Genl orders

Head Qrs Pompton N ovr 12th 1779

{C. Sign

No orders

Camp Near Pompton Novr 13th 1779 regimental orders

For the future and U ntill Further Orders no Soldier on any. Pretence Whatsoever Shall Go more than half a mile from Camp without a Written Pass Signed by the Commanding Officer of the Regiment, any One that Shall go without Leave Shall be Confind and tried by a Court Martial for Disobedience of orders

176 Captain Nathaniel Norton, 4th New York Regiment. Heitman, Historical Register, p. 416.
177 Enlisted May I, 1779 in Dunscomb's Company, 4th New York Regiment; discharged December 31, 1779. Archives, p. 220.
118 Enlisted January 1, 1777; deserted January 1, 1780; in 4th New York Regiment. Ibid., p. 213.

Head Quarters Near pompton Novr 13th 1779

Genl orders
parole{C. Sign
officers for Duty tomorrow { No orders

Regimental orders Novr 13th 1779
the Regiment is to parade to Morrow Morning at 11 OClc on the Field by the Camp None will be permitted to be absent, Except one waitor pr Company the men are to have their arms in Cood order as No Excuse will be admitted of. Mr Barrit will Call upon the Colo tomorrow morning at Nine OClock for an order to Apply to A Magistrate f.or a waggon to fitch the Sick who where Left behind

Frederick weissenfels
Lt Colo Comdt order

Head Quarters pompton Novr 14th 1779
Genl Orders
{ C. Sign
Brigade Monthly .returns to be Made Immediately and Delivered in
tomorrow Morning at orderly time
Extract from Genl orders.

Dated west point Novr 11 th 1779
The Commissary Genl having represented the Defeciency of Flour owing to the Inconveniency of the Drought which have Stopt Most of the Mills the Commander in Chieff is under the Necessity on that Account of reducing the rations of that article till further orders, to 3/4 of a pound pr Day the Defeciency to be Made up in Fish or ruts.
Alexander Scaml Adjt Genl

Untill Further orders the Commissarys of Isue in this Division of the Army will regulate his Issue by the Above Genl order.

After Genl orders.
it is with the Most Inexspresable pain the Genl hears the Numerous Complaints of the Inhabitants in the Neighbourhood of the Camp respecting the unperrallell Injustes and insults Committed Against them by the Soldiers, Stealing horses hogs Sheep and poeltry Make up but a Small part of the Catholouge of Crimes of which those people Complain the Soldiers Even Dared to Committ Open roberies Threatend the Lives of the Inhabitants if they resisted, and have Even fired upon the people who were Attempting to save their property and he Cannot help observing that he has himself been A witness to some of the Insults offended by the Soldiers. to them and has Every reason to Suppose that the Complaints Made to him too well founded of which the wounds received Last Night by one of the Soldiers when attempting A robery, is A Meloncoly Testimony this is a kind of Conduct which if Not Spedily Checked, Must tend to Diseffect the Inhabitants blast the reputation which this Army has required Disgrace its officers and intaild Infamy on its Commander in Chieff .

The Genl in the Most Earnest and pressing Manner Calls upon the officers of Every rank to use Every effort to keep the Soldiers within the Limits of the Camp by Night, and he positively orders that No Soldier by Day without a writen pass From his officer be permitted to go More than A Mile from the place where his Brigade and Corps is Encamped and that the rolls be Called three times A Day and the Strictest Inquirey Made after the Absenties and Immediate punishment inflicted on them, as the officers has with the utmost Carefulness assisted the Genl at all Time in keeping up that order and regularity which is so Assensial in an army he persuads himself that they will use Every Exertion to prevent those Abuses, in future as a piece of Justice Due to their own reputation as officers, and those troops whose Sober and regular Conduct Merits Every Attention to prevent their repution falling a Sacrifice to the Infamous Conduct of A few Abandoned Miscreants who tho their Numbers in the Genl opinion are Verry Small are suffecient to bring Infamy and Disgrace upon the whole Army.

The Genl positively orders that No Soldier unless sent upon a party under A proper officer be permitted to take with him, Either Musquet Bayonet T omhawk arms of Any Kind, Should these orders Fail of having the Desird Effect the Genl will be Compelled to persue other Means which will be as Disagreable to them as painfull to himself.

Head Quarters Novr 15th 1779
Genl orders

{C. Sign

{Lt Colo weissenfels(179)
Field officer for the Day tomorrow

The Genl Finding the Measures ineffective that A Field officer of the Day be Appointed in Future who will be perticular Attentive to see the

179 Lieutenant Colonel Commandant Frederick Weisenfels. 4th New York Regiment. Heitman, Historical Register, p. 579.
180 Major William Scott, 1 st New Hampshire Regiment. Ibid., p. 486.

Soldiers are kept in Camp Agreeable to the orders of Yesterday the parole and Countersign is in Future to be given out at 7 OClock in the Evening and Demanded of Every person who passes.

The Brigd will see that the Quarter Guards from the Several Rgt be ogmented At Least to a Serjt 1 C and 12 private so placed to Surround the Encampment and A proper Number of Centnals posted before Each to Secure the Encampment and prevent Stragling two Subs and 30 Men from Genl Clintons Brigd will parole the Street Every Night from 7 OClock till Next Morning Light this rout will be from the place of Encampment to the Brigade Near the Iron works and those on the road towards Morristown two or three Miles back by Head Quarters to their old incampment the officers will Direct for Every house to be Searched for Soldiers and order such as May be found out to be Confind in the provoost for punishment.

Genl poor will Send the Like Number to patrole the Streets towards the Clove as far as the plains Beyond the Church the officer Commanding will Observe the same Directions as are Given to the officers of Genl Clintons Brigd.

A Like party for the same purpose will be given from Genl hands(181) Brigd to patrole the Streats Near the Iron works Down below the Taver[n] on the road Leading to Newwork.(182)

The Field officer of the Day will from time to time Cive such further Directions to the parties as they May think Necessary.

The officers Commanding the parties will keep Small Detachment under A Trusty Serjts pratroling through the Fields, and order them to Serch all houses Situated in Afield at a Distance from the Main Cuard and to Apprehand such Soldiers as May be found their.

Head Quarters pompton Novr

Genl orders
{C. Sign

{Field--Lt. Colo Butler
Major Brigd Capt Sprout
officers for Duty tomorrow

Genl orders
The Genl Finding that some part of the Army has paid No Attention to the Above Genl order of the 8th Inst now positively Directs that those

181 Brigadier General Edward Hand, 3d Brigade, Pennsylvania troops. Heitman, Historical Register,
p. 272.
182 Newark.

who have Not already Complyed therewith Delivers in their Returns without Delay. and Laments the Necessity he is under of so Frequently repeating Orders.

The provoost guard to be Augmented to A Subs Cuard and Furnished by Ceneral Clintons and poors Brigades. The Officer will make A report of the provoost to the Field officer of the Day upon being relieved.

Head Quarters west point N ovemr 7th 79
The officers and privates Composing the riffle Corps under the Command of Major parr are all to Join their respective regts.

The Major will see that all the riffles and their proper Bullet Moulds &c are Collected and Numbered, to prevent their being mixed or Seperated and have them then Delivered to the Commissary of Military Stores and take his receipt for the Same.

The Commissarey is to Cause the riffles &c to be Carefully boxed up and is Not to Deliver Any of them without an Order from the Commander in Chief. Musquets are to be Drawn for the men in Lue of the riffles.

The Genl Cannot Desolve this Corps without offering his Perticular thanks to the officers and Soldiers remaining in it for their Long and F aithfull and Important Services.

Extract from Genl orders
Alexr Scammell Adjt Genl

Head Quarters west point Novr 13th 1779
The Commissaries are to Isue the Following Quantities of Meet or V egitables in Lieu of their reduced ration of Flour. For Every 100 lb of Flour reduced from the Isues 75 1b of Beef or 50 lb of pork or, if in Vegetables 2 1/2 Bushels of peas or 2 1/2 Bus of beans or 8th Bushels of potates or 12 Bushels of Turnups and so in proportion for Any greater or Lesser Quantity. Transcript of Genl orders
Alexr Scammell Adjt Genl

After Genl orders Novr 16th 1779
The Genl Court Martial of which Lieut Colo willet is president is Desolved and Another ordered to set tomorrow Morning at Nine OClock at such place as the presdt Shall Direct.

Colo Silley(183) is Appointed President

183 Colonel Joseph Cilley, 1st New Hampshire Regiment. Heitman, Historical Register, p. 155.

Camp pompton Novr 17th 1779
at A regimental Court Martial Held in Camp this Day whereof Capt Davis(184) was presdt was Tryed Jeremiah V Scancklin Soldier in the 4th N. Y. regt Confind for Stealing a Puter Tea Pott from Mr Isaack warmsleys house.

The Prisoner Being brought before the Court Pleads Not Cuilty.

The Court after Considering the Evidences are of Opinion that The prisoner is Guilty of the Charge Exhibited Against him, and do Sentence him to recieve one hundred Lashes on his Bare Back well Laid on.
Capt John Daviss Presidt

The within Sentence is Approved of and ordered to be put in Execution this Evening at Roll Call.

Frederick weissenfels Lt colo Comdt

Head Quarters pompton Novr 17th 1779
Genl orders
}C. Sign

officer for Duty tomorrow}Field} Major Church (185)
M Brigd} Lieut hutton (186)

The Court Martial whereof Lt colo ried(187) is presdt will please to try in the First Instance all such soldiers as are Confind for Abusing the Inhabitants or for Stragling from Camp Contrary to orders that they May recieve Immediate punishment.

Genl Sulavan being About to Visit the Jersey Brigade Genl Clinton will take Command of the Troops he will please to recieve and Approve or Disappe the sentences of Court Martials without waiting the return of the Commander in Chief who will please to use Every possible Effort to prevent the Troops from repeating the Enormous Insults to the Inhabitants which have been Lately Committed.

B. O.
Adjt Maggie.(188)
Three Captains from the Brigd to Compose A Court of Inspection to Conven tomorrow Morning at Troop Beating to Inspett provision the Commisy has on hand and Make A report to the Genl.

184 Captain John Davis, 4th New York Regiment. Heitman, Historical Register, p. 188.
185 Major Thomas Church, 3d Brigade, 4th Pennsylvania troops. Ibid., p. 155.
186 Christopher Hullon, Adjutant and Lieutenant, 4th Brigade, 3rd New York Regiment. Ibid., p.312.
187 Lieutenant Colonel George Reid, 2d Brigade, 2d New Hampshire Regiment. Ibid., p. 462. 18B Lieutenant Peter Magee, 4th Brigade, 3d New York Regiment. Ibid., p. 376.

Head Quarters pompton Novr 18th 1779 Parole

Genl orders
{C. Sign

officer for Duty tomorrow{Major Norriss(189)
M. B. Scott(190)
The Qr Masters will send Immediately to Morristown for twenty Axes forty spades and Shovels and 40 howes and pecks. and have them Brought on as Soon as possible.

A Detachment of an hundred Men to be sent tomorrow Morning at 8 OClock to Meet the Emplements and to use them in Mending the road from head Quarters to Morristown by way of Mr Lotts. The Commissarey will see that provisions from time to time is furnished for this party, and the Qr Ms on his application will Furnish Teams and Send on.

Capt James Carr of the 2nd NH Regt is Appointed paymaster of Said
regt and is to be Obeyed and respected Accordingly.

Brigade weekly returns to be Delivered in tomorrow at orderly time.

At A regimental Court Martial held in Camp N ovr 18th whereof Capt Lieut Dunscomb was president-was Tryed Patrick Connor(191 of the Colo Company, brought Before the Court Charged with Stealing Seventy Dollars from patrick Davis of the same Company, pleads Not Guilty.

The Court Considering the Charge Against the prisoner, the Evidences and Defence, are of Opinion that he is guilty, and Sentence him to be whipt one hundred Lashes on his Bare Back well Laid on, and to be put Under Monthly Stopages of the one half of his pay Untill the Seventy Dollars be returned to Davis.

Edward Dunscomb192 Capt Lt Prest

189 Major James Norris, 2d Brigade, 3d New Hampshire Regiment. Heitman, Historical Register, p.415.
190 Major William Scott, 2d Brigade, 1 st New Hampshire Regiment. Ibid., p. 486.
191 In 6th Company, 4th New York Regiment. Enlisted January 1, 1777; deserted December 4, 1781. Archives, p. 216.
192 Captain Lieutenant Edward Dunscomb, 4th Brigade, 4th New York Regiment. Heitman, Historical Register, p. 207.

The within Sentence is Approved of but the Colo is pleased to remit to the prisoner the Lashes and order the stop ages to be Made of which the Capt Commanding The Colo Company will take proper Notice.
F redr weissenfels Lt Colo(193)

[Almost two blank pages at this point.]

Genl orders} Moores house Novr 19th 1779
Upon the Arrival of the Troops Destindd for Quarters in New Jersey at the Cround upon which they are to hutt the Space Allotted for Each Brigade will be pointed out by the Qr Ms Genl who will Furnish A plan of the Intended Dementions of the Soldiers hutts in the Construction of which it is Exspected that A minute Attention will be paid to the plan, as Conveciency health and Every Cood Consequence will result from A perfect Uniformity of the Camp, the Commander in Chief takes this previous Oppurtunity of Assuring that Any hutt Not Exactly Conformable to the plan or the Least out of Line Shall be pulled Down and built Again, Agreeable to the Model and in its proper place.

The Commanding officers of Brigds will pay A Strict Attention to this order.

Head Qr Moores house Novr 20th 1779
in the Destribution of all the Cloathing Lately Issued and Shortly to be Issued the Light Infantrey Companys of the respective Regs are to be Attended to as they are included in the proportion of Blankets Uniforms and other Speicies (Shoes Excepted) Delivered to the Sub Clothiers of this the Subs and regt Clothiers are to take perticular Notice.

The Sub Clothiers are to Make A Report of the Quantities of the Several Articles Drawn to the Brigadeers or officers Commanding Brigades of their respective State who are to give orders that in the Destribution reguard shall be had to the Length of Service of the Troops, it being but Just that those who have Longest to Serve Should have the preverence.
Extract of Genl order
Alexander Scmml Adjt Genl

Brigade Orders Novr 24th 1779
The Brigade waggon Master will Make A proper Division of the waggons this Evening Agreeable to the Strength of the regiments for which purpose the Qr Masters will Apply to him

193 Lieutenant Colonel Commandant Frederick Weisen£els, 4th New York Regiment. Heitman. Historical Register, p. 579.


The Genl will beat tomorrow Morning at Y4 after Seven oCiock and the Troop at Eight the Qr Masters of the regiments will see the Baggage properly Loaded and Not permit Any unnessary Lumber or Soldiers packs to Incumber the waggons.

The officers Commanding Regt are Directed Not to suffer More than one waitor per Company to proceed on with the Baggage which are to Answer the purpose of Guards.
S C Prs
A Rear Guard of 1 1 & 12 to parade at Troop Beating with orders to Bring up all the Stragglers and prevent Any Damage Done to the Inhabitants.

The officers in Genl are requested of to Keep Good order and Desipline upon the March.

The Brigade Qr Ms and Commissaries are to Move of in front of the Baggage Immediately after the Troops A Corpl and three Men is Allowed them as A Guard for their Stores and Amunition.

The Three Days provision Isued to Day Must be Dressd. as No hault will be permitted to Dress their provisions untill the Troops reach their Distination.

Brigade orders Novr 25th 1779
The Genl will Beat at Seven OClock the Troop at 8 OClock and the March Immediately after from the right by regts the rear Guard the Same as Yesterday.

The Commissarie will Apply at hanover for the flour Defecient for this Detachment.

Camp Peeipene Novr 26th 1779
Regimental Orders
A Regimental Court Martial to Sit in Camp this Morning at 10 OClock, Whereof Captain Jona Titus194 will Preside. the Members to be Named by the Adjutant, to try all Such prisoners as may be Brought before them

Leamon roe a Soldier of Capt Smith195 Compy Confind for Leaving his post and Calling Isaac Plimley to Embezel the publick Stores.

The prisoner pleads Guilty of the Charge Against him.

194 Captain Jonathan Titus, 4th Brigade, 4th New York Regiment. Heitman, Historical Register, p. 545.
195 Captain Israel Smith, Paymaster, 4th Brigade, 4th New York Regiment. Ibid., p. 503.

Head Qrs Rockey Way Bridge(196) Novr 28th 1779
The officers of the Brigade are by no means to be absent from Camp by night without special leave from the Commanding officer of the Brigade, the Soldiers are to Build themselves Chimneys, and the Q Masters are Directed to apply to Mr Vn Vacten Commissary of forrage who is here by Directed, and ordered to provide Straw for the Men.

Camp Rockaway Bridge 1 st. Deer. 1779

Brigade Orders
The Brigade will hold themselves in Readiness to March tomorrow Morning, the Genl will Beat at oClock the Assembly at half an Hour after when the March is to Commence Immediately.

The Waggon Master is to apply to the Magistrate without Belay for a Sufficient Number of Waggons to Remove the Baggage of the 2d & 4th Regiments which are to Parade at 8 oClock in the Morning at the Camp. The Brigade Qr Master will Proceed in Front, Call the Qr.M.G. for Plann of Hutments and have the Necessary Tools Removd to the Ground. I Sub 2 Serjt & 24 Men to be Equally Taken from the 2nd & 4th Regts. are to Parade this Evening and to March at Daybrake, in the Morning to the Ground, on which those Regiments are to Hutt & Guard the Same, Untill the arrivel of the Regt the Br Q M. will proceed to point out the same nearly back of Mr. Weop of Morristown

The Colo. Flatters himself the Offrs in Genl. will upon their arrival on their Ground Pay that ambition to the Preservation of the Timber which is so absolutely Necessary for their own Conveniency Considering they are to make their whole Dependance on the Wood within the Limmits assigned them.

Camp Rockaway Bridge Decembr 5th 1779
Brigade Orders
The GenI will Beat tomorrow Morning at 7 OClock. The Assembly Half after, and the March to Commence Immediately.
[Two leaves, evidently blank, torn out]

196 Rockaway, Morris county, N. J., on south bank of Rockaway river, 15 miles northwest of Morristown, and 21 miles southeast of Newton.

Head Quarters Near Morristown Deer 6th 1779
Genl orders
{C. Sign
Issuing Commissaries who are in possesion of hides that have been Delivered to Shoe Makers Tanners or where the Contracts have Not Yet been Compleated are Directed forthwith to Lodge them with the Adjt Genl to be T ransmited to the Clothier Genl officers of the Line who May be procesd of blank receits are to Do the Same where the Contracts have been in part Complyd with. the Number of Booths and Shoes received being Endoze in Virtues. this is Intended to prevent Impositions which have been Attempted by persons who have received hides in perticular Contracts for the Army.

A thrusty Serjt with A Sufficient Number of Men to be Sent from the Several Brigades to Drive the waggons horses respectingly Belong to Such places as the forage Master Genl Shall point out.

Extract from Genl orders Dated Novr 22nd 1779
The honourable the Congress have been pleasd to pass the following resolve. (197)

in Congress 12th. Novr 79
resolved that A regimental paymaster Not being the rank of Capt Qr Ms and Adjutants being Intitlle to recieve the Same Subsistance Money as is Allowed to Capt by the Act of Congress of the 12th of August Last this Subsistance to Commence on that Day.

23rd Novr 79
the three Year and Nine Months Men who have Engaged to Serve in other regiments During the war are Immediately to be T ransfered to the regls in which they have reinlisted.

those who have reinlisted before the 1 st Instant and have Not Yet been Transfered their Transferences are to be Dated of that Day,--in future they are to be on Inlisting for the war

A. S. Adjt Genl.(198)

197 Journals of the Continental Congress, v. XV, p. 1261.
198 Alexander ScammeI, Adjutant General. Heitman, Historical Register, p. 483.

22nd Novr 79
Major Cockren199 of the New York Line is Appointed to relieve Lt Colo williams(200) Super Intending the hospitals at Albany.
N. Gilman2O1 Ast Adjt Genl

B. O. Decr 6th 1779
Adjt for tomorrow hutton
as the Covering the Brigd with huts with all possible Expedition will tell Much the Convenience of the men, the Commdg officer Directs that as A Stimelus of their industrey in performing this Necessary Buisiness the Mess whose hut shall be first finished Shall recieve 2 Gallons of wiskey and that the Mess whose hut shall be best Made provided it be Not the Last Shall recieve 4 Galls.

U Cola willet is requested to superind the Building the huts of the Brigd he will give Such Directions as he thinks Necessary and regularity and Uniformity
3 privates.

[After the preceding diagram a similar sheet containing a diagram is torn out. Inside the back cover is written in ink:]

Peter Ellsworth Book Drawn from Qr Master Barrit August 2, 1779 at the west End of otsega Lake.

[Then follows written in pencil and apparently of later date:]

July 31, 1779 to Morristown
December 6, 1 779
Return of Sullivan's Expedition from the West

[The final pages of the Orderly Book contain the following diagrams.
Two or more sheets containing similar diagrams have been torn out.]

199 Major Robert Cochran, 4th Brigade, 3d New York Regiment. Heitman, Historical Register. p.162.
200 Name not found in printed rosters.
201 Nicholas Gilman, Captain and Adjutant, 2d Brigade, 3d New Hampshire Regiment. Ibid., p. 249.

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