Three Rivers
History From America's Most Famous Valleys

The Fourth New York Regiment 1778-1780
The Second New York Regiment, 1780-1783
by Samuel Tallmadge and Others
with Diaries of Samuel Tallmadge, 1780-1782 and John Barr, 1779-1782
Prepared for publication by Almon W. Lauber PH.D. of The division of Archives and History
Albany, The University of the State of New York, 1932.

Tallmadge Orderly Books, Time spent at Fort Plank

Head Qrs Albany Decr 2nd 1778
At a Genl Court Martial held at Albany Decr 1 st 1778 by Order of Brigadier Genl Clinton(125) The following persons were tryed for Desertion found Guilty and Sentenced to Recieve one hundred lashes Each viz--William Hoff(126)-Peter Plass(127)-Peter Coon(128)-Nicholas Traver(129)- John Light(130) all of Colo Livingstons Regt-& Ebenezer Cummins(131) of Colo Dubois's Regt-also Aron williams(132) of Colo Livingstons Regt Charged for Desertion and Reinlisting in the Maryland Forces, and Deserting from them the Same Day under the Name of John Miles-found Guilty and Sentence to Suffer Death.

The Genl Approves the Sentences the Corporal punishment is to be inflicted this Evening at the Retreat Beating-Aron Williams is to be Shot to Death at the head of the Brigade to Morrow Morning before the Troops Marches But on the Application of the Court the Genl is pleased to Remit the Punishment of william Huff.

(125) General James Clinton, son of Colonel Charles Clinton, was born in Orange county, N. Y., August 9, 1736. In the French and Indian War he was an officer under Bradstreet, and at the capture of Fort F rontenac won distinction. In 1763 he was placed in command of the troops raised to defend the frontiers of Orange and Ulster counties against Indian raids. He received the rank of Colonel in the 3d New York Regiment June 30, 1775, which he held until January 1776. He was made colonel of the 2d New York Regiment March 8, 1776. He was with Montgomery during the invasion of Canada in 1775. He was made brigadier general of the Continental Army August 9, 1776. When in October 1777, Fort Clinton was attacked by Sir Henry Clinton, he commanded the fort. At the same time Fort Montgomery was commanded by his brother, George Clinton. The continental forces were outnumbered. Both forts fell. During 1778 he was stationed at West Point. During the Sullivan Expedition, 1779, he commanded the brigade of New York troops. His experience as engineer and surveyor was of great value during the progress of his army down the Susquehanna, which was made navigable by building a dam across the outlet of Otsego lake. He was present at the siege of Yorktown and the surrender of Cornwallis. After the war he entered political life and was a member of the New York State Legislature, and the State Constitutional Convention of 1801. He was one of the original members of the Society of Cincinnati. He died December 22, 1812 at Little Britain, Orange county, N. Y. Appleton, Cyclopedia of American Biography, v. I, p. 659.
(126) William Hoff enlisted for three years, May 9, 1777; deserted October I, 1777; _entenced to death but acquitted; joined 3d Company, 4th New York Regiment, November 25, 1778; discharged November 3, 1780. Archives, p. 213.
(127) Peter Plass enlisted for three years, May 9, 1777; deserted June 1777; tried and acquitted; joined November 25, 1778; discharged November 2, 1780. Ibid., p. 212.
(128) Peter Coon joined 3d Company, 4th Regiment, May II, 1777 for three years; deserted November 3, 1777; joined November 31, 1778; discharged December 15, 1780. Ibid., p. 213.
(129) Nicholas Travers enlisted in 3d Company, 4th New York Regiment, May 28, 1778 for three years; deserted August I, 1777; joined November 25, 1778; discharged January 31, 1779. Ibid., p. 213.
(130) John Light enlisted in 3d Company, 4th New York Regiment, February 26, 1777 for war;
deserted June 1, 1778; joined November 25, 1778 and served January 1782. Ibid., p. 212.
(131) Ebenezer Cummings (Eben Cummins); enlisted in 6th Company, 5th Regiment June 14, 1778;
deserted October 10, 1778, joined 'December I, 1778; mustered to January 1782. Ibid., p. 228.
(132) Aaron Williams enlisted in 5th Company, 4th New York Regiment, December 10, 1776, for war; deserted August 12, 1778. Ibid., p. 214.

The Troops will hold themselves in Readyness to March to Morrow Morning by Sunrise the waggons will be Loaded and Everything in Readyness by Day Brake-Colo Ganswarth will March his Regt to this post tomorrow from Schanectady to make room in the Barracks for the Troops now on their March to that place

At A Brigade Court Martial Held in Camp the 9th Day of November 1778 by order of Colo Dubois Commanding officer-whereof Lt. Colo Regnier is President.


Capt Sacket(133)
Capt McClure(134)
Lt Dunscomb(135)
Lt Conoly(136)
Lt Gray(137)

Lt Harvey(138)
Lt Patterson(139)
Lt Barrit(140)
Ensign Vn D. Burgh(141)
Ensign J onhston(142) Acting
Judge Advocate

The Members Being Duly Sworn Proceeded to the Tryal of Jacob west(148) private in Colo Dubois's Regt Charged with Desertion pleads Guilty.

Ensign Vn D. Burgh Being Called Upon to Give A Carracter of the prisoner Declares that he Knew him Before he was in the army and he Sustained a good Character also Ever Since he has been in the army till this time he Deserted.

Serjt Vn D. Mark Being Sworn Says Being Sent after the prisoner he found him at a Mr Lambs half Below Kings Ferry at Nine OClock at Night

(133) Captain Samuel Sackell, captain 1st Company, 4th New York Regiment, November 21, 1776; died April IS, 1780. Archives, p. 210.
(134) Perhaps Captain Lieutenant James McClure, 2d Continental Artillery. Heitman, Historical Register, p. 366.
(135) Lieutenant Edward Dunscomb, commissioned January 31, 1776. Archives, p. 51. Captain lieutenant, April 23, 1778; captain, April 11, 1780 to January 1781. Ibid., p. 217.
(136) Lieutenant Michael Connolly, lieutenant 4th Company, 5th New York Regiment, November 21, 1776; paymaster to January 1782. Ibid., p. 224.
(137) Lieutenant Silas Gray, second lieutenant, January 13, 1777, 3d New York Regiment. Ibid., p. 209, 1st lieutenant, March 13, 1777, 6th Company, 4th New York Regiment. I., p. 215. Captain of Levies, Ibid., p. 258, 259.
(138) Lieutenant Elisha Harvey, lieutenant in 2d New York Regiment of Artillery; enlisted from Massachusells 1777 and served till 1779; captain lieutenant, March 12, 1783. Ibid., p. 244, 246 139 Second Lieutenant Robert Pallerson, 1st New York Regiment. Ibid., p. 277.
(140) Lieutenant James Barrell, 4th New York Regiment. Ibid., p. 215.
(141) Ensign Henry J. Vanderburgh, 5th New York Regiment or Bartholomew Vanderburgh, 5th New York Regiment. Heitman, Historical Register, p. 555.
(142) Ensign James Johnstone, sergeant major, December 28, 1776; in 5th New York Regiment; ensign, June 25, 1777; quartermaster, December 23, ]779; adjutant, July 14, 1780 to January 1782. Archives, p. 220.
143 Jacob West, 5th Company, 5th New York Regiment. Ibid., p. 227. See p. 43-44 of this volume.

in bed and was Informed by the Prisoner that his Intantion was to Return to the Regt Next Morning and was then Upon his way was told by the people of the house where he was taken that he Came there the Day Before and had been Makeing Shoes whilst there the Prisoner Confesses the Above Evidences.

The Court having Considered the Charge Exhibited Against him Do Sentence him to Recieve one hundred Lashes on his Bare back.

At the Same Court was try ed- John Homes144 Private in Colo Livingstons Regt on Suspicion of having stolen A pair of Stockings from the Regimental Store while he was on Centry Pleads Not Guilty.

Jacob witney145 Being Sworn and Saith that he had put the Stockings up in packs and Missed one pair while the prisoner was Centinal

Benjamin Smith Being Sworn and Says Being Sent on Command he Left two pair of Stocking which he had Received of Lt Colo Regnier, the Day before in the Care of the Prisoner upon the Return of his Duty-the Prisoner Informed him that both pair was gone and that he Did not Know what was become of them-Homes the Prisoner Relieved Smith on the Same Command the 3rd of Novr and Informed him as Before Mentioned when he Came to Camp. he Enquired Among his Mess Mates but Could hear Nothing of them Also Searched the tent N arouly but Could Not find them.

John McColm being Sworn Says that Looking to the Hhead where the Cloathing was he saw one part of the Hhead open and A pair of the Stock_ ings partly Loose he then went away and Returned Again and found the Stocking which where Loose gone he Saw A pair of Stocking in homes's Pocket which he Supposed to be the Same that was in the H. head Upon which he Came Away and Informed Colo Regnier this happened whilst the Prisoner was Centinel.

Colo Regnier Declares that he went to the prisoner whilst he was on Centinel and asked him where he got them Stocking he had in his Pocket he Said it was A pair he had Recd in his Charge from Smith Some time Before the Colo then Called upon Smith and he Related as Mentioned in his Evidence Above Prisoners Defence Says he found the Stocking between a Board and the tent while he was Nailing them together it being torn he put the Stocking in his pocket and was Called upon Centinel where he had them there

The Court having Examined the Evidences Concerning the Charge Alledged Against him Do find him Guilty-and Sentence him to Recieve one hundred Lashes on his Bare Back.

(144) John Holmes, 4th Company, 4th New York Regiment. Archives, p. 213.
(145) Jacob Whitney, 6th Company, 2d New York Regiment. Ibid., p. 194, 216.

At the Same Court was Brought James Silvey(146) Charged with Stealing two Sheep from Mr warren an Inhabitant Near the Continantal Village Pleads Not Guilty

No Evidences Appeared to Support the Prosecution the Court are of Opinion that the Prisoner ought to be Released from his Confinement.
The Court Adjourned till Further orders.
P. Regnier Lt Colo President

The Above Sentence are Approved and ordered to be put in Excution this Evening at Retreat Beating.
by order of Colo Duboys. Wm Popham B. Major

Continantal Village November the 14th 1778
Brigade Orders

the Brigade will parade to Morrow Morning at Seven OClock with their Packs Slung Baggage &c Loaded and Ready to March percisely at half past Seven the Tents will be Left Standing and an officer and six Men will Stay on the Ground and will see that when they are Dry they are Delivered to Major Cummell(147) and takeing a Receipt for them, after which he will follow the Troops. An officer Serjt and 12 privates will proceed the March of the Brigade at Day Brake they will provide wood at the Barricks Against the Arrival They will Leave their Packs to be put in A waggon and will Each Carry an Ax.

Fort Plank(148) January 21st 1779(149)
Garrison orders / Countersign Danbury,
Guards as Usal /applebury
Leut fouler(150) is to Do adgt Duty whilg C. Elsworth is absent Lieut Dunscamb is to tak the Command of Elsworth Company in his abscence John Hubart(151) and James Conley(152) of Lait Perce Company James Roberson and Edward Lenard(153) of Walkers Company Joseph Tallmarge a Corporal of

(146) James Silvia, 2d or New York Regiment of Artillery. Archives, p. 245.
(141) Name not given in printed rosters.
(148) Fort Plank (Planck), near Fort Plain, Montgomery county, N. Y. See p. 370 of this volume.

Note from page 370: Fort Plank established in 1776, was situated two and one half miles, air line distance southwest of Fort Plain. Here lived Frederick Plank, a whig, whose house was palisaded in a square includure with blockhouse corners. From its nearness to the settlements at Dutch town and Geissenberg it served as a safe retreat for a score of two of families. Captain Joseph House, a militia officer living with Plank, usually commanded in the absence of field officers. More or less troops were kept at this station through the war. Greene, Nelson (ed.) History of the Mohawk Valley, v. I, p. 777-78.

(149) Handwriting changes on this date. Lieutenant Fowler took the place of Adjutant Elsworth.
(150) Theodosius Fowler, appointed first lieutenant 6th Company, 4th New York Regiment, January 13, 1777. Ibid., p. 215. Became captain 2d New York Regiment. Ibid., p. 197.
(151) John Hubbard, private, 3d Company, 4th New York Regiment; enlisted for war May 21, 1777; deserted April I, 1780. Ibid., p. 213.
(152) James Conley [Connolly], 2d New York Regiment. New York in the Revolution as Colony and State, v. I, p. 31.
(153) Edward Leonard enlisted in 6th Company, 4th New York Regiment, January 1, 1777. Archives, p.216.

Fort Plank January 25 1779

Capt Davis(154) Company are to parade in the fort to Day at noon with their armes and acutrmentes and take Provisions for foure Days of Salt Beef and Biscake [Biscuit] and theer wait for orders the armes of the above named men and those that are gone on furlong are to be Returned to the Qr Mester ammedely.

Fort Plank January 22th 1779

Garrison orders Guard as Usual
As it is Provision Day I Expect the Soldiers Shall keep plasier to Clean their under Clothen against Next Sunday and that nothing will be WantingPay Rolls for November & December Last Must Be made as soone as possable if their is any Bakers in the Regt Either Nine Months men or others thay are Desired to give their names to the fort this after Noon.

Fort Plank January 23rd 1779
Garryson orders
Guards as Usual

Fort Plank January 24th 1779
Garryson orders
Guards as Usual
The Bakers whose names was turnd Yesterday are to parade to morrow morning at Guard Mounting with their arms & Accouterments And they are to Draw 4 Days Provision of Bisquit and Salt Beeaf an then to apply for Instructions no Review to Day If Rain Continues.

Fort Plank January25 1779

Garrison orders
Countersmg{Narva, Lorola
A Return of the Nine mounths men In Each Company whorn thire time is Expired february Next is to be Given to the Commanding officer of the Regt this after noon.

(154) Captain John Davis, 4th Brigade, 4th New York Regiment. Archives, p. 211.

Fort Plank January 26th 1779

Garrison orders
Their is fue pare of Shoes arrived from albany the Commanding officers of Company are Desired to apply for them as soone as thay will be at Leasure.

Fort Plank January 27th 1779

Garrison orders
Guard as Usual

Fort Plank January 28th 1779

Garrison orders
Guard as Usual

Fort Plank January 26th 1779

Garrison orders
Their is a Fuw pr of Shoes arrived from Albaney the Commanding officers of Companys are Desired to apply for them As soon as they be at Leashure

After orders January 26. 1779

Capt Daivis(155)
Capt Titus(156)
Lieut Dunscomb(157)
Lieut Gray(158)
Lieut Hune(159)
Lieut Barret(160)
Lieut V. Hovanburgh(161)

(155) Captain John Davis, 2d Company, 4th New York Regiment. entered service 1775: died 1781 in prison; captain, November 21, 1776: major, April 11, 1780. Archives, p. 211.
(156) Captain Jonathan Titus 2d lieutenant, 1 st New York Regiment, November 1775: 1 st lieutenant. July 1776; captain, 4th New York Regiment, November 21, 1776: retired January I, 1781. Heitman, Historical Register, 545. Archives, p. 176.
(157) Lieutenant Edward Dunscomb, 4th New York Regiment. Ibid., p. 217.
(158) Lieutenant Silas Gray, 4th Brigade, 4th New York Regiment. I., p. 215.
(159) Lieutenant Thomas Hunt, enlisted November 21, 1776: lirst lieutenant 6th Company, 4th New York Regiment, November 9, 1777 to January 1781. Ibid., p. 215.
(160) Lieutenant James Barrett, lieutenant 6th Company, 4th New York Regiment, November 9, 1777:
ensign, November 21, 1776: quartermaster to January 1781. Ibid., p. 215.
(161) Rudolph Van Howenburgh (Hoevenbergh), lieutenant, November 21, 1776: lieutenant 3d Com
pany, 4th New York Regiment, January 9, 1778: served till January 1782. Ibid., p. 212.

To be to Morrow morning at Eleven oClock at Seabers T avarn to a Genl Court martial If there is any Brimston wanting in the Regment they may apply to the Docter The Court which is warned to Set to Morrow Morning at Eleven oClock in the Fort and the officers are Desired to attend.

Fort Plank January 28th 1779

Garrison orders
Counter sign {Livingstons/Benaugton

Fort Plank January 29th 1779

Garrison orders
for the futer the adjt shall not Receive any monthly or weekly Return unless Signed by the officers Commanding the Company Nor the Quarter master Shall Receve any Provission Return unLess Signed by the officers and the Next Weekly Return all the Men who are now Returned Sick Either in pennsylvanar Jersey Conneticit and absent Sence three months without furlough are to bee Returned Desarted a Regt Court martial to Set this morning in the fort at Elaven Odok Capt Titus to preside.
Lieut Hyatt(162)
Lt. Hauenbarosh(163)
Lt. Gray (164)
and Lt Barree (165) as members
by order of U Colo Regnier
after orders January 29th 1 779
at a Regt Court martial held this Morning in the fort wheirof Capt Titus was president was tryed John Hornas(166) a privet Soldier bielonging Late Marvins Company for Stealing fauls from the Barn of the widdow young. was found guilty and Sentend to Receev a Hundred Lashes on his Baur Back the Sentence is approved of and ordered to be put in Excution this

(162) Lieutenant Abraham Hyatt, second lieutenant 8th Company, 4th New York Regiment, November 21, 1776; first lieutenant, November 9, 1777; acting adjutant, 1780; served till January I, 1781. Archives, p. 218.
(163) Lieutenant Rudolph Van Hoevenbergh, 4th New York Regiment. Ibid., p. 212.
(164) Lieutenant Silas Gray, 4th Brigade, 4th New York Regiment. Ibid., p. 215.
(165) Lieutenant James Barritt (Barrett), 4th Brigade, 4th New York Regiment. Ibid., p. 215.
(166) Possibly Private John Holmes, 4th Company, 4th New York Regiment, January 1, 1777 to January 1782. Ibid., p. 213.

Eavening in the fort at Roll Called Capt Walkers167 Company is to be under armes for that Purpose and the Prisner to be Sent Back to his Company under Guard after his punishment. the Courtmartial Wheine ofCapt Titus wase president is Desolved.

Fort Plank January 30 1779

Countersign {Simisbury/Roxbury
Guards as Usual
The Review for to Morrow as Explaind in the Garryson orders of January the first.

Fort Plank January 31th 1779

Countersign {Switzserland / Greenland
Guard as usual

Fort Plank Feby lth 1779


Countersign {Lovet/Bat
Guards as Usual

(167) Benjamin Walker, captain, November 21, 1776; aide de camp to Baron Steuben, September 1778; to General Washington, January 25, 1782; served to January 1782, 6th Company, 4th New York Regiment. Archives, p. 215.

Fort Plank February 2th 1779

Garrison orders

Guard as Usual
For fatigue to morrow morning at Guard mounting in Each Company. 1 Capt 1 Leut 2 Sergt and 80 Ranke and file without arms or accutrments
C ----S--- S--- Rank .
Davis(168) 1- 0- 0- 8
Gray 0- 0- 0- 14
Elsworth 0- 0- 1 -14
Walker 0- 0- 1- 16
Smith 0- 1- 0 -14
Titus 0- 0- 0- 14

Total ------1- 1- 2- 280

Fort Plank Feby 3th 1779

Garrison orders
C S {Germany/albereny
Guards as Usual

Fort Plank Feby 4th 1779


C. S. {Clinton/ Edmonston

Guard as Usul
The Nine Months men of Capt Davis Titus & Grays Companies are to be out of Duty tomorrow and they shall Come and Surrender their armes to Lt. Barrit in the fort Nix Davis at half after Nine titus at a 11 and Greys a two OClock in the afternoon and they shall be Descharged

(168) These are companies, not regiments.

Fort Plank Febr 5th 1779


Fort Plank F ebr 6 1779 C. S.

(169) These letters refer to the names of captains of various companies.

Fort Plank Febr 8th 1779

Garrison orders
C S {Canada/Leusiana

Fort Plank Febr 9th 1779

Fort Plank Febr 10 1779

Garrison orders
Guards as Usual

Fort Plank Febr 11th 1779

Garrison orders
Guards as Usual
the Guard at the Fort will Draw a Gill of Rum Daily till further Orders.

Fort Plank Febr 12th 1779

Garrison orders
The officers of the Garrison will send their waiters to the Fort at four a Clock this afternoon with Bottles to Receive half a Gallon of Rum of Each of them.

To Morrow for fatigue 1 Capt 1 Sub, 2 Serjt and 40 Rank and file with as Many axes as Can be found in Each of the Companies to parade with the Guard--in the same time tow Slayds with Continantal horses Shall be at the fort to assist the fatigue party in graging the abalies

Fort Plank Febar 24th 79

Garrison Orders
C. Sign {allarm/Sharp Look (170)

[Following under dates August 15th, 16th and 17th is Evidently a Detached Record which is repeated in Orderly Book II.]

Camp Onaquaga (171) 15th August 1779

Genl orders parole}C. Sign

Field officer for the Day tomorrow Colo Gansavoorth
ADjutant ________Dodge
For tomorrow 2 Capt 6 Subs 6 Serjs 6 Corpl & 100 Privats
The Troops will Assemble this afternoon at five OClock for prayers.

(170) The reverse of this page has a hymn, "Jesus My All to Heaven Is Gone." written on it dated Charlestown, January 20, 1818.
(171) Onoquaga, and Indian town on both sides of the Susquehanna River, eight miles below Conihunto near present Onaquaga, in the town of Colesville, Broome county. When it was destroyed by Colonel Butler in 1778, he mentions a lower or Tuscarora town three miles below. This would be near present Windsor. The old fort mentioned is probably oen built for the Indians by Sir William Johnson in 1756. Journals of the Military Expedition of Major General John Sullivan. p. 23.

On Account of Scarcity of tents in the Hospital it is Requested that the Commanding offrs of Regts will send there A proportion of Tents to the Number of Sick they have in the Hospital.

Camp Onaquaga 16th of August 1779
Genl orders
parole}C. Sign
Field officer for the Day tomorrow Colo Dubois
ADjutant Elsworth
For a Rear Guard to parade at the Beating of the Genl 2 Capt 6 Subs 6 Serjt 6 CorpI 2 Drs & Fifes & 100 privats to parade at the Beating of the Assembly the after Named Men to March by Land 4 Capt 5 Subs 7 Serjt 7 CorpI 4 Drums & Fifes and 213 privates Colo weissenfels will Command the Above party.
Cola W eissenfels will Command the Front by water and Major Church the Rear.
The Light infantry will Keep oposite the front of the Line by water as Usual.
Sending out Such Advanced parties as the Commdg offr think Necessary.
The Genl Desires that the Commanding offrs of Regis would Make A Distribution of the Boats Among those officers who are to proceed by water who are to see that there Respective Squads are Kept in Close order that the Rear of the Army May be as Short as possible they will see that none of their Men Except those who work the Boats presume to put of their Acctm but Remain Perfectly Acquipt and Ready for Action upon the First Notice of the Approach of the Enemy when they are to Land and proce.ed to the place of Action in Good order Lf.aving None to the Boats Except one whom the offr will Nominate for that purpose, and in Makeing A hault No offr or Soldier will presume to Land Except he is properly Armed. All the Boats in future will Keep in rear of dIe Gundalo Except the Volunteers.
The Infantray Baggage Boats will Keep in Front of the Regt and Next after the Genl Boats

Camp Tusquarorus(172) August 17th 1779

Genl orders

Parole}C. Sign
Field officer for Day to morrow Major Church ADjutant [ __ ]
The Guards to parade at the Beating of the Genl in the Rear of the Artillery Camp 2 Capt 4 Subs 4 Serjt 4 Corpl and 100 privates to March by Land to parade at the above Named Place at the Beating of the Assembly.
3 Capt 7 Subs 7 Serjt 7 Corpl & 165 privates
Colo Gansavoorth to Command the Above party Colo Dubois to Command the Front of the Line by Water and Colo weissenfels the Rear.
[A large number of leaves are missing at this point.]

After Orders Augt 22nd 1779

The troops who Composed Genl Poors Late Detachment to Draw one Days Provision Extra on Account of Unavoidable Accident.

(172) Probably three miles below Onaquaga on Susquehanna river. Journals of the Military Expedition of Major General John Sullivan, p. 23.

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