The Descendants of Johann Conrad Kilts
Emigrant to America
Genealogy of the Kilts Family

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(Cültz, Kiltz, Kültz)

Emigrant to America

The following is a quote, permission graciously granted by Henry Z. Jones, Jr., from his book, MORE PALATINE FAMILIES, "Some Immigrants to the Middle Colonies 1717-1776 and their European Origins, Plus New Discoveries on German Families Who Arrived in Colonial New York in 1710," 1991, 625 pages, illustrated, indexed, copies of which can be purchased from him at: Henry Z. Jones, Jr., PO Box 261388, San Diego, CA 92196-1336, $69.50.

Thanks to the research of Henry Z. Jones, Jr., the German village where our Kilts ancestors came from is now known, Henau:

"Werner Hacker's invaluable Auswanderungen aus Rheinpfalz und Saarland im 18. Jahrhundert (Stuttgart, 1987) was the key to finally establishing the German origins of this prominent Mohawk Valley family. In item #7630, Hacker noted one Konrad Kültz of Haina/Kirchbg as an emigrant (GLA 61/33..., nr. 7, Am 1738 o8 23). When the actual document was obtained, it stated that Conradt Kültz from Haina in the county of Kirchberg asked the Baden Privy Council 13 Aug 1738 for the manumission of himself, his wife, and 4 ch., as he wanted to search for his fortune in New England. The office then reported that there were too many subjects in the county, and his property, after the subtraction of the debts, consisted of 273 Fl and 6 shillings (medium size - HJ); it was decided that Kültz be manumitted at the usual fee. My friend Friedrich R. Wollmershäuser then suggested that this ancestral home village probably was 6571 Henau (10 km. s.e. of Kirchberg), entries in the registers of 6571 Kellenbach (5 km. s. of Henau; Chbks. begin 1685, Ref.). Carla Mittelstaedt-Kubaseck was then dispatched to Koblenz Archiv to search the registers for more on the family.

Perhaps the grandfather of the emigrant was the Hanß Peter Kiltz, Elder and Gerichtsmann at Hoenaq (Haneau), bur. 3 Feb 1695. The father of the emigrant was undoubtedly Johann Nickel Kültz/Kiltz, called Gemeinsmann at Henau 1686-1696. He md. Engel Barbara, and had issue:

Elisabetha Catharina, bpt. 10 Jan 1686 - sp.: Hans Nickel Cültz - Gemeinsmann at Schwarzerden.

Johann Diehl, bpt. 13 Jan 1688 - sp.: Conrad Diehl Spreuer - Gemeinsmann at Henau.

+ Conrad1 (HJ), conf. in 1714 as "Johann Conrad Kiltz from Henau."

Anna Christina, bpt. 11 March 1693 - sp: Nickel Kieler (?), Anna Maria - w/o the father's brother at Brauweiler, and Anna Christina - w/o Hanß Klein from Soorbach.

Maria Elisabetha, bpt. 15 Jan 1695.

Johann Adam, bpt. 4 March 1696.

Anna Eva, md. 1716 Gabriel Grohn.

Anna Elisabetha, b. 21 March 1701. She was bur. 10 April 1709.

"A Little Son." bur. 12 April 1709.

Conrad Kültz/Kilts md. before 1722 Susanna Margaretha Moor. Susanna Margaretha, d/o Hanß Georg Moor, was conf. Easter 1710. Johann Georg Mohr was noted as a churchelder and Gemeinsmann at Kellenbach with his wife Anna Elisabetha in 1689. Conrad1 Kültz was called Gemeinsmann at Henau 1722-1737.

Conrad Kilts acquired land at Stone Arabia in 23 Sep 1743 from Adam Walrath (Schedule of Titles of the Stone Arabia Patent). Conrath Kültz was a witness to the division of lot #20 between the Luth. and Ref. congregation in Stone Arabia 27 March 1744 (Vosburgh's Transcription of the Stone Arabia Chbk.) Conradt Kults was nat. 24 Nov 1750 (Scott & Stryker-Rodda, p. 41). Conrad Kils and wife Zuzanna Margaretha sp. Johannes Kils in 1754 (Stone Arabia Luth. Chbk.) Coenrat Kitts and Peter Kells were freeholders at Stonearabie in 1763 (Albany Co. Freeholders). The ch. of Conrad1 Kültz/Kilts and wife Susanna Margaretha were:

1. Johann Peter2, b. 6 April 1722 at Henau and bpt. 12 April 1722 - sp.: Joh. Peter Streuer at Honau, Joh. Georg Moor - brother of the child's mother, and Anna Eva - sister of the child's father (Kellenbach Chbk.). He bought 50 acres from the heirs of Philip Livingston n. of Stone Arabia on 22 Aug 1750 (David K. Martin). Petter Kills was in Capt. Soffrines Deychert's Co. 20 March 1757 (Report of the State Historian, Vol. II, p. 783). The will of Peter Kültz of Palatine District in Montgomery Co. was dated 25 July 1784 and never recorded (Montgomery Co. Dept. of History and Archives). The w/o Johann Peter2 Kültz was Anna Maria Bellinger (HJ).

2. Johann Adam2, b. 23 March 1725 - sp.: Joh. Adam Kültz, Joh. Peter Munsteiner at Henau, and Anna Elisabaetha Moohr here (Kellenbach Chbk.) This child probably d. (HJ).

3. Johannes2, b. 28 March 1726 - sp.: Johannes Mohr Jr. - Gemeinsmann here, Joh. Henrich Scherer - Gemeinsmann at Henau, and Anna Kunigunda Kültz from Schwartzerden (Kellenbach Chbk.) Hans Kels was a member of the Stone Arabia Ref. Church 16 June 1745. Johannes Kilts was nat. 20 March 1762 (Scott & Stryker-Rodda, p. 39). He md. (1st) Catharina, and then md. (2nd) Margaretha (HJ).

4. "A Son"2, d. 22 Feb 1732 at Henau aged 3 yrs, 2 weeks, 1 day (Kellenbach Chbk.).

5. Johann Adam2, b. at Henau and bpt. 24 Oct 1731 - sp.: Bernhard Munsteiner at Henau, Joh. Adam - s/o Lorentz Fett at Henau, and Anna Margaretha - d/o Joh. Adam Kültz the younger at Henau (Kellenbach chbk.). Adam Kills was in the Company of Soffrines Deychert 20 March 1757, and Adam Kils was in Soverinus Deyger's Co. 24 July 1763 (Report of the State Historian, Vol. II, pp. 783 & 793). Adam Kiltz was nat. 20 March 1762 (Scott & Stryker-Rodda, p. 39). He md. 16 July 1765 Catharina Franck (Stone Arabia Ref. Chbk.).

6. Johann Nicolaus2, b. 30 May 1732 and bpt. 3 June 1732 (or 1734?) as "Johann Nickel" - sp.: Joh. Nickel Scholt from Aum, Joh. Nickel - s/o Thiel Kültz at Schwarzerde(n), and Elisabetha Margaretha - wid/o Dietrich Fett at Schlierschied (Kellenbach Chbk.). Johan Nekel Kiltz was nat. 20 March 1762 (Scott & Stryker-Rodda, p. 39). Report of the State Historian, Vol. II, p. 799 details his French & Indian War service in 1763. On Feb 1764, Nicholas Kells of Stone Arabia bought lot 15 of the Stone Arabia Patent (Kilts Family Association Archives). Johann Nicolaus2 md. 2 Sept 1760 Catharina, d/o Stophel Hultz (Stone Arabia Ref. Chbk.).

7. Maria Margaretha2, b. 28 April 1737 - sp.: Anna Margaretha - d/o Gabriel Grohn at Henau, Maria Elisabetha - d/o Joh. Adam Heip at Henau, and Paul Scherer - Gemeinsmann her (Kellenbach Chbk.).

8 Philip2 (HJ), d. 5 Jan 1827, aged 87 (Fort Plain Ref. Chbk.). Philip Kils was a soldier in Deychert's Co. in 1757 (Report of the State Historian, Vol. II, p. 783). Philip2 wrote his will 17 Nov 1815, and it was proved 19 Feb 1827 (Montgomery Co. Wills: 4, p. 67). He md. 21 Oct 1766 (Elisabetha Krembs (Stone Arabia Ref. Chbk.).

David Kendall Martins The 18th Century Kilts Family of the Mohawk Valley (West Chazy, 1985) is an excellent source to be studied regarding this family; David's work built on earlier ongoing research of Harry E. Stam of Brooklyn, N.Y. and also Florence Zula Shafer Witthoft of Chatham, NY, an early supporter of my Palatine investigations."

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