DEATHS 1887-1937
Copied by Rosabelle Leitham & Carol A. Ryon - Abstracted by Sue Van Wie 1972. Microfilm #0982388 Copied by P. Hacker, February 2001, LDS, Salt Lake City, Utah

October 26, 1887: Renssaler Getman, Age 48 (imbecile). Father: Andrew Getman. Mother: Sarah Cook

May 21,1888: Joshua A. Getman, Age 67-9-0, Father: Adam Getman. Mother: Mary Faugh

June?, 1889: Fred Doxtoder, Age 20 (drowned). Father: Peter Doxtader

August 27,1889: James Getman, Age 80

November 7, 1889: Lotta Getman, Age 62

January 11, 1892: Nancy Getman, Age 81. Father: Cornelius Brower. Mother: Mary Stow.

November 25, 1893: Benjamin L. Getman, Age 75. Father: Lewis Getman

August 16, 1898: Emeline Getman, Age 70. Father: Peter G. Getman. Mother: Elizabeth Getman

March 16, 1902: Josephine Getman. Father: Joseph Getman. Mother: Elisabeth ?.

May 5,1903: Elisabeth Getman, Age 70-4-5. Father: George W. Nellis. Mother Elisabeth Getman (doesn't make sense)

June 12,1905: Catharine Getman, Age 65. Father: Peter Lampman. Mother: Mary Lampman.

April 29, 1906: Keziah Dockstader, Age 94-8-9. Father: Benjamin Soules. Mother: Keziah Williams

May 19, 1908: Dennis Getman, Age 76-11-19. Father: Robert Getman. Mother: Lucy Young

February 24, 1912: Adam Glamer-born Germany. Father: P. Glamer. Mother Susanna Klar (Germany) (This should be Glenar)

September 28, 1912: Floyd Getman, Age 2-2-2. Father: Abram Getman. Mother: /

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