Pension Application #W16563 by Barbara (Shults) Dockstador Widow of George Dockstador
Copied from Microfiche 970824 at the Salt Lake City Family History Center, Salt Lake City, Utah - typed by P. Hacker

Barbara or Baraba Dockstador widow of George Dockstader who died on the 8 Sept. 1808 of Montgomery Co. in the State of N.York who was a Private in the company commanded by Captain Davis of the --commanded by -- in the line for 2 years N.Y.

Inscribed on the Roll of Albany at the rate of 80 Dollars--Cents per annum to commence on the 4th day of March 1834.

Certificate of Pension issued the 8th day of July 1827 and sent to Thomas Sammons, Esq., Present.

Arrears to the 4th
Semi-anl.allowance ending ----------
Revolutionary Claim
Act July 4, 1836,
Section the 3

Recorded by D. Brown Clerk,
Book A(?) Vol. I-Page 129


In order to obtain the Benefit of the 3 Section of the Act of Congrefs, of the 4th July 1836

State of N. York
Montgomery County

On the 18th day of May 1837, personally appeared before me, David F. --(?)one of the judges of the Montgomery County courts, Baraba Dackstader, Widow of George Dachstader deceased, of the Town of Johnstown County and State of aforesaid, aged ninety four years last who being first duly Sworn according to law, doth on her oath invoke the following declaration, in order to obtain the benefit of the Pension made by the Act of Congrefs Pafsed July 4th 1836. That she is the Widow of George Dackstader, who was a Private Soldier in the Company of Militia Commanded by Capt. John Davis in the Regt. Of Militia Commanded by Col Frederick Vifscher, Genl. Nicholas Herkimers Brigade, and that he has commenced in rendering faithful service to the United States, in the Spring of 1775 during faid year, that her husband, often frequently has been called and ordered out, by his Superior Officers, Claimant cannot specify the particular number of tours, nor length of service of each, but that it is certain that her Husband was called and ordered out frequently, believing in consequences of the threatening danger of the Influence of the Johnson Family, that he has been absent from home during faid feason from Spring until late in fall on fuch occasions at least ----- 2 months

1776, during the course of this year the affect of the war became more soreous and perilous, in the Winter ordered out as always, Understood by Claimant, from her husband, & others, Genl Herkimer with the whole Brigade, joined, Genl Schuyler with his Militia from below viz Albany at Caughnawaga, there stationed for several days and from thence marched as ordered to Johnstown, causing Surrender of Sir John Johnson, with his Highlanders --- at least-10 days. Once during the feason, either latter part in-- or ---in fall on a serious alarm again ordered out and marched to Caughnawaga, when remanded to Stonearabia, and there stationed for as understood for ---- 3 weeks under the general command of Genl Herkimer --

Claimant knows and fays, that during Spring, summer and fall seasons exclusive of the foregoing, her dec husband ordered out as understood by her husband, often and frequently, sometimes by drafts, sent on Scouts, ordered out by Company, watching and guarding, claimant finding it was practicable to specify the many tours, nor the length of Service rendered but recollecting that where he was ordered out on an alarm or threatening incursion, by the Enemy, that to her recollection, her husband never--- screen himself, from marching out with his fellow soldiers, with his --and asquipments, where ordered and required thereto, and that fhe feels ---and assured that her deceased husband did render the ---of United States , of fuch service, the --of three months, In all the length of Service during the course of faid year, 1776, the length of--4mo & 3 days.

1777 Claiment further state and declare, that in the Early Part in Winter as fhe recollects, the Militia had a draft out of the whole Brigade when her husband was drafted to Tigondaroga, as She always Understood by him & others who had been along, but doth not recollect the length of time being gone, but doth remember that he had been absent for several months, - some say that the drafted Militia were gone three months when again returned (3 Months do, Aug 6th, ordered out with the whole Brigade under Genl Herkimer, always understood that by her husband and others, that he had been engaged in that ever memorable Battle at Oriskany, against the Incendiaries, under the command of Genl - Seges(?) from Canada,- 15 days

1777 The claimant further saith, that from the early Part of Spring for and during fummer and fall feasons her husband often and frequently was ordered out with the Militia, impofsible to specify, but apparently, that he had been ordered away from home by his Superior officer, equal one half of the time from Spring until late in fall, in rendering United States Service -at least the length of 3 months. Total for and during faid year 6 months & 15 days

1778 Claimant further saith that the Indians and Tories have been more formidable in murdering, scalping and burning, than at any time. Previous ordered out at the time of the general conflagration at Springfield 8 days Ordered out at the time of the general conflagration, ---German Flats and Herkimer opposite on the north sides of the Mohawk river - 3 weeks.

Ordered out at the time of the --Mafsacre and do-tation at Cherry Valley on 11th November, said year 2 weeks Claimant states that during the course of this year her husband has been ordered out often and frequently in consequence being alarmed by the Incendiaries. Apparently, as if he had been ordered out on United States Service most of his time from Spring until late in fall, during faid period, it occurs that her mind that he was ordered out twice by Regt once to B--Creek and once to Palatine Church each tour at least 10 days , both-- 20 days

And so many other tours which rendering it impracticable for claimant to specify, exclusive of the foregoing. Claimant says that fhe verily? belief that he husband has and did at least render the length of additional United States Service of two months and fifteen days, -- 2 months and 15 days

1779 Ordered out by Regt. at the time of general d-clation, --part of German Flats and fall hill, fought fifteen days at least --- 15 days

Claimant further saith that her husband hath been ordered out at various other tours but impossible to recollect or specify, but that at least inclusive of the foregoing did render United States Service of 2 months and 15 days.

1780 May 22d at the time of the general conflagration around Caughnawaga viz South of the Village of Johnstown, including the Village of Caughnawaga and at a distance about ten miles from tribes hill up along the Mohawk and the neighborhood on and around the Sand Flats, when taken on surprise, When the house and barns and all buildings with all contained therein, almost left naked all consumed to ashes, and in consequence this disastreous situation at least 1 month, 1 month

Again at the time of the general desolation on the 19th day of October same year, at the time of Col --Battle at Stonearabia, where all was made desolate from Caughnawaga, up along the Mohawk river distance of twenty miles, not omitting or suffering to escape, those two fertile old settlements of Stonearabia and Oswegage?, all burnt and destroyed, and Col Brown killed besides forty four Militia & -- several --at which time then the company under the command of Capt -----Veeder with the Regt commanded by Col. Volkert Veeder were ordered out together but not engaged in battle fought of service 8 days

1780 Claimant fays that this has been a precarious feason from the early part in Spring until late in fall - - Scouts, often and frequently alarmed, drafted and ordered to wactch in doing Garrison duty at the Fort around the Jaol, at Johnstown, and and during the course from Spring until late in fall apparently almost continually Embarrased in consequence of the incursions of the Incendiaries from Canada, impofsible to specify, that her memory doth not -- for fuch length of time, but do say that according to her recollection and the best other belief, that her husband did not once omit any one tour or when ordered out by his Superiors, but to the contrary that he was ready at all times when called upon; alike a true friend to the American cause for liberty and Independence, and fush he has inhibited from the commencement of the Revolution, until the formulation of the Revolutionary War, and that exclusive of his service mentioned in the foregoing, he at least did render the length of service of Three months and fifteen days, thus 3 mo & 15 days

1781 Ordered out under the command of Capt Abram (?)Veeder at the time of Turlough Battle, but not engaged in Battle, too late, ---, 8 days forepart in July.

Oct 25th Ordered out under Col Willet, Engaged in Johnstown Battle as always understood by her husband, against Majr. Rofs Witt his Incendiaries from Canada. Service rendered eight days, thus 8 days Claiment further saith that her husband hath been ordered out during the course of this year, at various and different times, and that he actually did go out at each and every time when thereto --with his arms and acquipments, impofsible to say the number of tours -particular length of time being on Service, but safely do say that exclusive of the Service rendered to the United States as aforesaid in said year, her husband has and did render the length of Service to the United States, at least three months and fifteen days. 3 months 15 days

1782 Has about 5 lines completely crossed out.

Claimant further (crossed out) faith, and declare, that the inhabitants composed, within the bounds of Col Volkert Veeders Reg. Were not fo much embarrassed in consequence of the Indians from Canada than the two Regiments next adjoining--viz the one commanded by Col Jacob Klock, & the other, by Col Saml Clyde, as always understood, that those two Regts, were almost continually alarmed, from the early part in Spring until late in fall, and in consequence of the frequent incursions in the adjacent town, the Militia in Col Veeders Regt, were often alarmed and have shared in past of rendering United States Service, during the course of said year, that fhe believing, that her husband did at least render one month & 15 days Service to the United States, from Spring until late in fall,

Claimant further declares that fhe was married to the faid George Dackstsader on the 9th day of June, in the year of our Lord 1765, by the Rev. Abram Rosegrantz, that her husband the aforesaid George Dachstader died on the 8th day of September in the year one thousand Eight hundred and Eight, and that fhe has remained a widow ever fince that period, as will more fully appear, by reference to this proof hereto annexed.

Sworn to and fubscribed on the 18th May day and year above written before me
D. F. --Judge of Montgomery
County Courts
Baraba x Dockstader
(her mark)
State of New York

Montgomery County, I do certify that I am personally acquainted with the above mentioned applicant & that she is reputable & her declaration is entitled to full credit and that she is aged & from bodily infirmity is unable to attend court to make her declaration - May 18, 1837
D. F. ---Judge
Of Montgomery County Courts

Additional pages are affidavits confirming that they knew George Dachstader and Barbara his wife.

Abraham Philips, Thomas Sammons, John Dockstader

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