Compiled by Richard W. Hungerford, Jr.Call - 974.7 V28h, Volume 1

Page 15, 19 February 1852, New York Reformer

12 February 1852 - at Mr. Jacob Doxtater's in LaRoy - Mr. John Christler to Miss Angeline Davis by Rev. H. O. Tilden, both of Morristown.

Page 73, 18 February 1858, New York Reformer

At the parsonage in Rodman on 6 February 1858 by Rev. H. O. Tilden, Mr. Peter B. Doxtater of Adams to Miss Maria N. Stevens of the former place.

Page 136, 14 February 1861, New York Reformer

In Chaumont, 9 February 1861 by Rev. J. A. Canfield, Mr. Abner Getman of Lyme and Miss Alothea Vincent of Clayton.

Page 21, 16 November 1854, New York Reformer

In Chaumont, 19 October 1854 by Rev. J. A. Canfield, Mr. Henry Getman, to Miss Eunice Barnes, both of Point Peninsula

Page 63, 1 October 1857, New York Reformer

In 3 Mile Bay, 24 September 1857 by Rev. D. D. Dye, Mr. Jacob C. Getman, of Alexandria to Mrs. Sarah Dixon of Lafargeville

Page 55, 5 March 1857, New York Reformer

25 February 1857 at the Davis' House in Evans Mills, by William P. Decker, Mr. Lyman P. Getman to Miss Mary C. Putnam both of Alexandria

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