Three Rivers
History From America's Most Famous Valleys

The History of Montgomery Classis, R.C.A.
by W.N.P. Dailey,
Recorder Press, Amsterdam, NY 1916
To which is added sketches of Mohawk Valley men and events of early days, the Iroquois, Palatines, Indian Missions, Tryon County, committee of Safety, Sir Wm. Johnson, Joseph Brant, Arendt Van Curler, Gen. Herkimer, Reformed Church in America, Doctrine and Progress, Revolutionary Residences, Etc.


The Second Reformed church of Syracuse was organized May 27, 1895, beginning with a charter membership of twenty-seven. The church was the direct outgrowth of a Sunday School work which had been carried on for some months by the young people of the First Reformed church while Rev. H. D. B. Mulford was the pastor. The first pastor called to the field was Rev. Charles Maar, who after two years at New Brunswick, took a third year at Auburn Seminary, and on his graduation in 1892, was ordained by Montgomery Classis and installed over the church at Owasco Outlet. After a second pastorate at Cobleskill, Rev. M. Maar took up the work at Second Syracuse in October, 1895, remaining until May, 1899. After pastorates at Upper Red Hook and Walkill, Mr. Maar entered the employ of the State of Albany, where he now resides. Within a short time the church called Charles G. Mallery who took up the work of his first pastorate on graduation from new Brunswick in 1899 and was ordained and installed over the church by the Classis. During his pastorate sixty-four were received into the church, the building erected, and the work progressed. Mr. Mallery resigned in 1904, going to Rhinebeck, N. Y. from which field he went to Bedminster, N. U. in 1914. Rev. Peter Edwin Huyler, a graduate of Auburn, next took up the work at Second Syracuse in the early summer of 195, and resigned in September, 1914, to follow Mr. Mallery in the Rhinebeck church. Rev. Alexander S. Van Dyck came to the pastorate from Philmont in January, 1915. He had served the denomination for twelve years in the foreign missionary work at Amoy, China. The Second Reformed church of Syracuse is in a fine field, a favored and growing residential section of the city, and is coming into its own in the influence upon the community. The first consistory of the church was made up of Elders John Boyd, and F. G. K. Betts, and Deacons E. F. Hammeken and Alexander Gee. The present consistory is composed of Elders W. A. Boyd, E. F. Hammeken, N. W. King, and H. H. Snyder, and Deacons E. E. Hull, C. W. Taylor, Oscar Hauptli, and G. C. Hutchings.

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