Three Rivers
History From America's Most Famous Valleys

Brief Sketch of the First Settlement
of the
County of Schoharie
by the Germans.
Being an Asnwer to a Circular Letter, Addressed to the Author, by "The Historical and Philosophical Society of the State of New York"
by John M. Brown. Printed for the Author by L. Cuthbert 1823

Who was THIS John Brown?

Old Schoharie's beloved Judge John M. Brown was at his death our best-known citizen.

In this part of the world, at least, he was first in war, first in peace and first in the hearts of his countrymen, Well, maybe not. first in war!

Johannes Matthias Braun (John M, Brown)-

Was an orphan Palatine German boy raised by his qrandfather.

As An aged man wrote our first history of the county at the request of Governor Clinton.
This is that eyewitness book.
As a young man helped build the Reformed church that became The Old Stone Fort (1772).

Walked the fourteen miles from his Carlisle
(New Rhinebeck) fam to worship there.
Was at the Lower Fort (Old Stone Fort) on October 17 ; 1780 when the British burned the valley in the Johnson-Brant raid.

Climbed into the wagon his wife had hitched up and rode away with her when she refused to remain in the fort!!

Was a blessed peacemaker for the many honest former loyalists who remained in the valley after the war was over...some of my relatives!

Sat as county judge for much of his later life. Very likely Was a frequent visitor of the Bull's Head Inn in Cobuskill, since it
then also served as a town hall. Do read his Comment and Conclusion--the voice of Experience.

May I wish each reader of this book a life as long as his and as filled with deeds of love for God and your fellow men.

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