Three Rivers
History From America's Most Famous Valleys

The Frontiersmen of New York
by Jeptha R. Simms
Albany, NY 1883

Volume II, Page 113 A Roster of Oriskany.--As my Revolutionary investigations have revealed not a few of the names of actors in the Oriskany conflict, I here record a list of the men in the battle, making use of the roster prepared for the Utica Herald, of July 27, 1877, supposing that in the main to have been correct, although the sources from whence some of the names were derived I know not. Some are found in different books, and many have been treasured in the memory of relatives and friends. Perfection cannot be obtained, and it were better to record a few not actually there, than to omit any believed to have been there. Before the names are inscribed on the monument, a rigid effort should be made to gather all, if possible, and subject them to the scrutiny of a committee of the Oneida Historical Society, appointed for that especial purpose.

One obstacle in the way of perfection in this matter, is the confusion of Christian names and middle letters in them, while another is found in the titles attached to some, which were obtained years after that battle. For convenience, I arrange the names alphabetically. The mortally wounded, so far as known, are classed with the killed, and will be designated by the letter K in front of the name, the wounded and prisoners by the letters W and P. The supposed town or locality to which they belonged as the towns are now organized, will be recorded in connection with the names. Should any reader be able to name any individual whose name is not recorded in the following list, who is known to have been in the Oriaksny battle, they will please communicate such name to the author of this work, or to the Oneida Historical Society at Utica.