Three Rivers
History From America's Most Famous Valleys

The Frontiersmen of New York
by Jeptha R. Simms
Albany, NY 1883

Volume I, Page 529

General Organization of the Tryon County Militia. --This took place August 26, 1775, through the action of its vigilance committee, Majors and Quartermasters being added to the field officers September 19th following. completed,* they were as follows:


Colonel, Nicholas Herkimer, Esq.
Lieut. Col., Ebenezer Cox.
First Major, Robert Wells.
Second Major, William Seeber
Quartermaster, John Pickard.
Adjutant, Samuel Clyde.

1st Company
Capt. Samuel Clyde
1st Lieut., John Campbell, Jr.
2nd Lieut., James Cannon

2d Company
Capt., Michael Grass
1st Lieut., Robert Campbell
2d Lieut., Peter Bowman

3d Company Capt., Peter S. Dygert
1st Lieut., Henry Zimmerman
2d Lieut., Benj. Mackey

4th Company
Capt., Jacob W. Seeber
1st Lieut., Francis Ute
2d Lieut., Adam Lipe

5th Company
Capt., Henry Diefendorf
1st Lieut., Jacob Diefendorf

6th Company
Capt., Abraham Copeman
1st Lieut., Jost House
2d Lieut., Jacob Resner

7th Company
Capt., Reiner Van Evera
lst Lieut., Martin C. Van Alstine
2d Lieut., James Guinall

8th Company
Capt., jacob Miller
1st Lieut., Peter Sommer
2d Lieut., Matthias Brown

9th Company
Capt., Nicholas Weser
1st Lieut., Henry Bradt


Colonel, Jacob Clock
Lieut. Col., Peter Waggoner. +

*Calendar of Revolutionary Papers, Vol., 1 pp. 123, 149

+ A record of the Lutheran Church in Stone Arabia, copied for the family by Domine Wilhelm Domeier, says that John Peter Waggoner--known as Lieut Col. Peter Waggoner of the Revolution--was born January 18, 1722 and died May 23, 1813, in his 92d year. August 25, 1748, he was commissioned Second Lieutenant of a company of Albany County Militia under Capt. Barnt Wemp (Barent Wemple), in a regiment commanded by Col. William Johnson. He was also one of the Tryon County committee of vigilance, was an active partisan officer, and a prominent citizen of Montgomery County. A grandson, named Nicholas, was also a Colonel of militia.

First Major, Harmanus Van Slyck
Second Major, Henry Marckell, Jr.
Quartermaster, Jacob Ekert (now written Eacker).
Adjutant, Anthony Van Vechten.

1st Company
Campt. William Fox, Jr.
1st Lieut., John Hess
2d Lieut., Peter Waggoner, Jr.
Ensign, Matthew Wormuth

2d Company
Capt., Christoper P. Fox
1st Lieut., John Jas. Clock
2d Lieut., Jacob J. Clock

3d Company
Capt., Christopher W. Fox
1st Lieut., Peter Loucks
2d Lieut., Henry Miller
Ensign, Samuel Van Etten

4th Company
Capt., John Kayser, Jr.
1st Lieut., Andreas Dillenbeck
2d Lieut., Severinus Cook
Ensign, Richard Coppernoll

5th Company
Capt., John Breadbake
1st Lieut., John Sieley
2d Lieut., Jacob Ekert

6th Company
Capt., Nicholas Rechter
1st Lieut., John Williams

2d Lieut., George Smith
Ensign, John Sholl

7th Company
Capt., Christian House
1st Lieut., John Zimmerman
2d Lieut., John Bellinger, Jr.


Colonel, Frederick Visscher
Lieut. Col., Adam Fonda
First Major John Bliven
Second Major, John Newkirk
Quartermaster, Abraham Van Horne
Adjutant, Robert Yates

1st Company
Capt. John Gardinier
1st Lieut., Abm. D. Quackinbush
2d Lieut., William Hall
Ensign, Gideon Marlatt

2d Company
Capt., John Davis
1st Lieut., Abraham Vedder
2d Lieut., Jacob Sammons

3d Company
Capt., Robert Yates
1st Lieut., Cobus Cromwell
2d Lieutl, Peter Yates
Ensign, Hendrick Lewis

4th Company
Capt., John Visscher
1st Lieut., John Wemple
2d Lieut., M. W. Quackinbush
Ensign, Garret Van Brockler

5th Company Capt., Samuel Pettingill
Lieut., Thomas Caine
Ensign, Smauel Barnhart, Jr.

6th Company
Capt., Abner French
Lieut., David McMaster
Ensign, Peter Vander Lenden

7th Company
Capt., Lewis Groat
1st Lieut., Jeremiah Swarts
2d Lieut., Christian Earnest

8th Company
Capt., Abraham Hodges
1st Lieut., Joseph Yeomans
2d Lieut., Abel Hunt
Ensign, Amos Bennett


Colonel, Hanyost (Han Jost - John Joseph) Herkimer
Lieut., Col., Peter Bellinger
First Major, Han Jost Shoemaker
Second Major, John Eisenlord
Quartermaster, Rudolph D. Staley

Adjutant, John Demooth.

1st Company
Capt., Joh Eisenlord
1st Lieut., John Keyser
2d Lieut., Adam Bellinger
Ensign, John Smith

2d Company
Capt., John Petry
1st Lieut., Han Jost Mx. Petry
2d Lieut., Han Jost H. Petry
Ensign, William Empie

3d Company
Capt., Daniel Petry
1st Lieut., Peter Volts
2d Lieut., Marx Raspach

4th Company
Capt., Frederick Bellinger
1st Lieut., Henry Harter
2d Lieut., John Demooth
Ensign, Peter Js. Weaver

5th Company
Capt., Peter Bellinger
1st Lieut., Jacob Basehaust
2d Lieut., Nicholas Staring
Ensign, John P. Bellinger

6th Company
Capt., Han Jost Herkimer
1st Lieut., Frederick Ahrendorf
2d Lieut., Tinus (Martin) Clapsaddle

7th Company
Capt., Rudolph Shoemaker
1st Lieut., Died'ick Stale (Staley)
2d Lieut., Frederick Shoemaker

8th Company
Capt., George Herkimer
1st Lieut., Frederick Fox
2d Lieut., Archibald Armstrong
Ensign, Han Jost Dygert

9th Company
Capt., William Dygert
1st Lieut., Jacob Volts (now Folts)
2d Lieut., George Wentz
Ensign, Frederick Frank

The Tryon County Committee, September 19, 1775, also sent the following as "Field officers of a battalion of minute-man:

George Herkimer, Colonel
Samuel Campbell, Lieutenant Colonel
John Fonda, Major
Jacob Jas. Clock, Major
Samuel Gray, Adjutant
John Frank, Quartermaster

By order, NICHOLAS HERKIMER, Chairman

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